BH (QT) 120 – The President (20)

Chapter 120 – The President (20)

Standing far away, Dong Qinglin saw Mother Yan who had bought various things for Jian Yunxiu, and also saw Jian Yunxiu calling the Mother Yan “Mom.”

Jealousy rushed out of his heart, making his expression distorted.

When he was trying to please Mother Yan, she still didn’t like him. How come when it’s Jian Yunxiu’s turn… It has only been a short time and Mother Yan already allowed Jian Yunxiu to call her “Mom”?

At that time, this woman was not happy to see that he had something a little more expensive and always said that he was vain, because he came for Yan Jing Ze’s money. Now what? This person bought Jian Yunxiu things and let Jian Yunxiu get money from Yan Jing Ze?

He was with Yan Jing Ze and did take the money from Yan Jing Ze, but the money was nothing to Yan Jing Ze. Yan Jing Ze gave him 100,000 yuan a month. But whenever Yan Jing Ze went to the club with his friends, he will open a few more bottles of wine, they can consume more than 100,000 yuan in one night!

Yan Jing Ze’s car even cost tens of millions.

Even the musical instruments that Yan Jing Ze prepared for Jian Yunxiu cost millions!

The money he took is not worth mentioning!

Dong Qinglin had been very paranoid in his previous life and the situation worsened after he died once.

If Jian Yunxiu is not doing well now, he may be able to slowly get better, but Jian Yunxiu is getting better and better.

He can’t accept that he is reborn and still can’t be compared to Jian Yunxiu.

After taking a few deep breaths, Dong Qinglin walked towards Mother Yan and Jian Yunxiu.

Mother Yan knew Dong Qinglin’s existence and she had also seen Dong Qinglin’s photos. Seeing Dong Qinglin coming over, her heart jumped and she immediately looked at Jian Yunxiu.

The person her son had previously raised came to the door, and it looked like it was ill-intended, would Jian Yunxiu be unhappy?

Speaking of which, her son really owes a beating! She had asked her son before and learned that this guy had not gone to Jian Yunxiu because he misunderstood that he liked someone else… He didn’t even know how to investigate properly?

He even looked for a substitute!

Mother Yan was inexplicably helpless, but Jian Yunxiu was quite calm.

He is not afraid of Dong Qinglin.

Yan Jing Ze’s technique is very poor, obviously he has no experience before.

And… now he is pestering Yan Jing Ze every night, Yan Jing Ze has absolutely no time to find others.

After a faint glance at Dong Qinglin, Jian Yunxiu stopped looking at this person.

Even if he thought Dong Qinglin was not enough to be feared, he would still be upset at the sight of Dong Qinglin and would stop looking.

“Jian Yunxiu, long time no see.” Dong Qinglin smiled and looked at Jian Yunxiu with some gloating in his eyes.

Jian Yunxiu did not say anything.

Dong Qinglin was annoyed by his attitude and didn’t beat around the bush and directly said: “I heard that you have been looking for a person named Wang Shengchao. Is that person your unforgettable first love?”

Mother Yan attaches great importance to Yan Jing Ze and the requirements of the other half of Yan Jing Ze are very high. Jian Yunxiu has an unforgettable first love, Mother Yan will definitely not be happy if she knows it.

He doesn’t know how Jian Yunxiu would defend.

Jian Yunxiu did not argue, he directly nodded his head and responded, “Yes.”

The mocking expression on Dong Qinglin’s face froze. This development was different from what he thought… Why would Jian Yunxiu admit it?

It’s fine if Jian Yunxiu admits it but Dong Qinglin even saw Mother Yan distressedly say to Jian Yunxiu: “You are really… Why are you so persistent? You’ve only been together for a few months in junior high school and you’ve been thinking about him for so many years.”

Jian Yunxiu arched his eyebrows: “He is really good, very, very good.” After many years, after he and Yan Jing Ze met again, he would not think of Wang Shengchao anymore, and only Yan Jing Ze was in his heart and mind.

But Wang Shengchao is certainly a very good person! That’s right!

How good is Yan Jing Ze!

Mother Yan’s eyes were bent with laughter, she was definitely happy when Jian Yunxiu complimented her son: “What’s so good about that guy!”

“He’s really good to me.”

“You ah… you look like this, you will be bullied to death by him!” Mother Yan smiled.

Dong Qinglin was dumbfounded, what the hell is going on here?

“You… He likes Wang Shengchao, aren’t you angry?” Dong Qinglin looked at Mother Yan. Could it be that Jian Yunxiu is the real mother and son? Otherwise, why would Mother Yan do this?

“He likes my son, why should I be angry?” Mother Yan asked back.

“Your son?” Dong Qinglin stared at Mother Yan in a daze.

“Isn’t Wang Shengchao Jing Ze’s previous name?” Mother Yan sneered.

Dong Qinglin’s eyes widened suddenly.

It suddenly occurred to him that in his previous life, after Jian Yunxiu said that he liked Wang Shengchao, Yan Jing Ze suddenly dropped him and went to find Jian Yunxiu.

He always felt that Yan Jing Ze was cheap, Jian Yunxiu liked others and he eagerly stuck to him.

As a result… these two people are actually the same?

The fact that Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze were suddenly together in advance, Dong Qinglin felt it was very strange, and even suspected that Jian Yunxiu or Yan Jing Ze was reborn like him.

But if Jian Yunxiu was reborn, he would not have turned a blind eye to him, and if Yan Jing Ze was reborn, he would not have treated him that way.

So, these two people are not reborn? Could it be that when he used the person “Wang Shengchao” to deceive Jian Yunxiu to go to Heaven on Earth, he changed history?

The more Dong Qinglin thought about it, the more he felt that this was the case, and the more he thought about it, the less reconciled he became.

However, Jian Yunxiu and Mother Yan were too lazy to pay attention to him and left.

Looking at Jian Yunxiu’s back, Dong Qinglin burst into sweat.

He always felt that he was better than Jian Yunxiu, and apart from anything else, his original feelings for Yan Jing Ze were absolutely sincere, but Jian Yunxiu didn’t like Yan Jing Ze.

The results of it? Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze already had feelings for each other more than ten years ago?

The two of them were childhood sweethearts, so why did they still drag him along and make him cannon fodder?

“Dong Qinglin, what are you doing?” Dong Qinglin’s classmate called Dong Qinglin, and then saw Dong Qinglin turn his head.

Dong Qinglin’s eyes were especially red, and there was a deep hatred blazing in his eyes, which shocked his classmates.

After Jian Yunxiu and Mother Yan had been shopping for a while, Yan Jing Ze came to find them.

When he came, Yan Jing Ze was a little worried, afraid that Jian Yunxiu would not be used to shopping with Mother Yan and felt unhappy.

But after he found them, he found that these two people were talking and laughing. They looked very close. What’s even more amazing was that his mother, who always regarded him as a treasure, actually glared at him and scolded him. Telling him to treat Jian Yunxiu better in the future.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He was scolded for Jian Yunxiu, and he must get it back from Jian Yunxiu at night!

So that night…

Yan Jing Ze: “Yunxiu, I’ve made a lot of sacrifices to make Mom like you, shouldn’t you compensate me for that?”

Jian Yunxiu was a little uneasy: “How to compensate?”

“Come up and move by yourself!” Yan Jing Ze’s eyes gleamed.

Jian Yunxiu: “…”

Since Yan Jing Ze helped Jian Yunxiu clarify the indecent photos, he has stopped going to Weibo. Not to mention, Jian Yunxiu has been so happy recently and completely forgot about Weibo.

The CP fans of the two of them cried bitterly and were sad that they could not eat some sweets.

Fortunately, not long ago, because Jian Yunxiu’s new album was about to be released, the two people interacted again—Jian Yunxiu just posted a promotion on Weibo, only a minute later, Yan Jing Ze forwarded the lottery one-stop service.

“Yan Jing Ze is really attentive to Jian Yunxiu! He forwarded it in seconds!”

“It’s not necessarily that Yan Jing Ze pays attention to Jian Yunxiu! Maybe it was Jian Yunxiu who reminded Yan Jing Ze!”

“Jian Yunxiu’s ability to remind Yan Jing Ze means that they have a good relationship, doesn’t it?”

People talked a lot and then they saw that Yan Jing Ze posted another Weibo: “Don’t think too much, it’s not that I am very attentive to Jian Yunxiu, nor is it that Jian Yunxiu reminded me… I posted Jian Yunxiu’s Weibo post myself!”

Netizens: “…”

Later, someone took pictures of Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze going to recording together. Yan Jing Ze followed Jian Yunxiu and also helped Jian Yunxiu hold his clothes…

Yan Jing Ze, a president, actually stepped forward to serve as an assistant to Jian Yunxiu, it’s definitely true love!

People on the Internet suddenly started to rejoice, and after they rejoiced, they were worried about Jian Yunxiu—what kind of family does Yan Jing Ze have? Can his family accept Jian Yunxiu?

“Jian Yunxiu also has money at home! He’s a good match with Yan Jing Ze!”

“Jian Yunxiu belongs to the Jian family? Why has he never interacted with the Jian family?”

“Anyway, I think Jian Yunxiu will definitely not be recognized by the Yan family.”

“Even if Jian Yunxiu belongs to the Jian family, the Yan family will not necessarily accept him. Moreover, he is not necessarily from the Jian family.”

While the big guy was talking, the news that Jian Yunxiu and Mother Yan were shopping together came out.

A clerk also said that Jian Yunxiu was calling Yan Jing Ze’s mother “Mom” at the time!

Netizens: “…” They were worried for nothing!

As for the CP fans, they are already excited at the moment, this pair is really good!

Taking advantage of this heat, Jian Yunxiu’s new album is in full swing.

“I must buy Yunxiu’s new album aaaaaaaaah! Although I may not understand it!”

“I want to buy it too! You can listen to it even if you don’t understand it!”

“I’m different from you guys, I’ve been studying piano since elementary school… Jian Yunxiu’s last album is especially great. This time I want to buy five! Two for collections, two to give away, and the remaining one to listen to!”

“This kind of high-end music, my parents won’t scold me when I buy it, it’s great!”

“Internal news, the new album was written by Jian Yunxiu to Yan Jing Ze!”

“CP fans must buy, buy, buy!”

Of course, no matter how many ordinary fans buy, they won’t buy so much like Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze posted a promotional Weibo post, saying that as long as they reposted his Weibo post and waited for Jian Yunxiu’s album to be released, he would draw two thousand people to give it away.

The album hasn’t been released yet, this one has directly ordered two thousand copies!

In any case, Jian Yunxiu’s new album has attracted much attention. In the first two days of its release, news of this album was everywhere on the Internet.

And by this time, all the albums have been made, the various offline stores have long since finished laying out their stock, and the official website has enough stock ready to ship to those who buy online tomorrow.

However, just the night before the album’s release, someone suddenly posted on the Internet: “A foreign tweet posted the song from Jian Yunxiu’s “Lights”, three months earlier than when Jian Yunxiu’s “Lights” was released… What exactly is going on?”

This post quickly became popular under the hype of interested people, and the link to that tweet was also released by the host.

It was a Twitter that had been registered for many years, but not much was posted, that is, three months before the launch of “Lights”, a lot of audio was posted at once.

Just such a tweet has not been paid attention to and the audio has not been listened to. Now, after the person posted the post, everyone discovered that the audio that was sent contains several songs from “Lights”.

How could the piano music from “Lights” be sent out three months in advance on a foreign Twitter feed?

“What the hell is going on here? The tune leaked when Jian Yunxiu’s album wasn’t out yet?”

“It should be leaked, right?”

“Who is this person…”

At first, everyone thought that these audios would appear because Jian Yunxiu’s songs were leaked ahead of time.

But suddenly someone said: “Is it that easy to leak?”

“It’s more than three months early, this person is still so well-versed with his playing. It can’t be that Jian Yunxiu plagiarized, right?”

“He has a lot of other songs with the same style here. If the songs in “Lights” were leaked during the production of the album, where did the other songs come from?”

There is even a small well-known professional who heard all the audio and said: “He has released nearly 30 songs in total, of which seven have collided with the songs in “Lights”, and the rest are all I haven’t heard before. But the style is similar to the music in “Lights”, like it was made by one person.”

“Those songs were also made by Jian Yunxiu?”

“Never heard of it!”

“What the hell is going on?”

Although everyone is puzzled, but all this only spread in a small area, until someone suddenly said: “I am an insider. I have heard Jian Yunxiu’s new album. Other than “Lights”, there are several of those tunes in Jian Yunxiu’s new album!”

When this so-called insider broke the news, everyone suddenly exploded, and at the same time, the matter was forwarded from this forum to other places.

“What’s going on with this foreign Twitter posting tunes in advance that Jian Yunxiu hadn’t posted?”

“Jian Yunxiu plagiarized?”

“I heard Jian Yunxiu plagiarized, who knows exactly?”

The internet was buzzing all of a sudden.

The tunes posted in Twitter were also posted everywhere.

“How can Jian Yunxiu plagiarize!”

“I think Jian Yunxiu is just unlucky that the tune was leaked in advance!”

“Is it too much to say that people plagiarize without evidence?”


But some people said: “Those songs were released more than eight months ago and “Lights” was released five months ago. Just like those songs, Jian Yunxiu cannot be said to have plagiarized, but if Jian Yunxiu’s new album’s songs also collide with others, then there is definitely a problem.”

“Insiders have said that the songs are from Jian Yunxiu’s new album… Isn’t Jian Yunxiu’s new album produced only these few months? It won’t be leaked eight months ago, right?”

“Didn’t they even say that the songs in the new album were made by Jian Yunxiu specifically for Yan Jing Ze? How long has he and Yan Jing Ze been together!”


The crowd continued to ‘you say one thing and I say another’.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze was holding Jian Yunxiu and was reading the information with his mobile phone.

When this happened, Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu had already taken a shower, and they were lying on the bed talking. While talking, Yan Jing Ze received a call and started to look at the phone and ignore Jian Yunxiu…

Jian Yunxiu took a bite on Yan Jing Ze’s body.

Yan Jing Ze was still looking at his phone.

Jian Yunxiu was not happy and climbed on top of Yan Jing Ze and rubbed him: “What are you looking at?” The phone is more attractive than him?

The breath of the Yan Jing Ze became rapid, the voice is also a little mute: “Stop…” This little ancestor, this is to kill him ah!

“What on earth are you looking at?” Jian Yunxiu leaned over to look at Yan Jing Ze’s phone and then he was dumbfounded: “I’m plagiarizing?”

“I don’t know much about music… Listen to these.” Yan Jing Ze opened an audio.

Jian Yunxiu’s brows frowned: “This is a piece I originally intended to put in “Waning”.”

“Listen to this again.” Yan Jing Ze clicked on another song.

The more Jian Yunxiu listened, the more surprised he became.

He listened to all of the thirty or so tunes that were tweeted out, seven of which were in “Lights”, eight of which he had intended to put in “Waning”. The remaining dozen or so, three of which were a bit like the ones he had previously scrapped and not published, but were more complete, and the rest, which he had not heard, were similar in style to his, and even made him think they were tunes he had dreamed up himself.

What on earth is going on here?

There are even songs that he composed before and after the album “Lights” was released, so why would someone send them out three months in advance?

Jian Yunxiu was puzzled.

When Yan Jing Ze heard what he said, he was also stunned: “Wait, you said that some of these tunes, you composed them after this account sent them out?”

“Yes.” Jian Yunxiu said: “His inspiration collided with mine? But even if it collides, it shouldn’t be so similar…”

Jian Yunxiu’s face was full of doubts but Yan Jing Ze had a guess at this time.

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Jian Yunxiu: Yan Jing Ze’s technique is very poor.

Pfft! (≧▽≦)

This arc has only 2 chaps left + 2 extras.

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