BH (QT) 121 – The President (21)

Chapter 121 – The President (21)

The fact that Yan Jing Ze himself had crossed over made him more receptive to such strange things. Now that he had heard Jian Yunxiu’s words, it occurred to him that there might be someone who had traversed like him.

He crossed over with no memory of the time before he crossed over, but the person may have crossed over with his memory, or maybe even jumped from the future and traveled to the past.

Wait, this shouldn’t be called crossing over but… rebirth?

Yan Jing Ze looked at Jian Yunxiu and suddenly asked, “Yunxiu, when you and Mom went shopping before, did you meet Dong Qinglin? Dong Qinglin also mentioned Wang Shengchao in front of you?”

“How do you know?” Jian Yunxiu put his chin on Yan Jing Ze’s chest dissatisfied and “poked” Yan Jing Ze with his chin.

He didn’t want to mention Dong Qinglin in front of Yan Jing Ze, so he didn’t tell Yan Jing Ze about it.

“Mom said it.” Yan Jing Ze raised his head and kissed him—with this face lying in front of him, he couldn’t help but want to kiss!

Jian Yunxiu hummed twice from his nose: “He did it… What’s the matter?”

“You tell me about the situation at that time,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Jian Yunxiu took another bite of Yan Jing Ze, and then reluctantly began to speak. After speaking, he said: “You are not allowed to see him, you can’t talk to him.”

Jian Yunxiu’s jealous look is so cute!

Yan Jing Ze suppressed him and kissed him.

He probably knew what was going on, Dong Qinglin was reborn!

He has been looking for the person who targeted Jian Yunxiu but he couldn’t find it before. Now he thinks… that person should be Dong Qinglin!

When he traversed, Dong Qinglin should have been reborn for three months… Only because of the rebirth, Dong Qinglin’s attitude towards the original owner has changed drastically.

Before Dong Qinglin was reborn, he was probably wronged by the original owner and Jian Yunxiu, so he would not have a good attitude in front of the original owner. As for Jian Yunxiu…

Dong Qinglin sent the text message that made Jian Yunxiu appear in the Heaven on Earth, right?

Those “indecent photos” were also bought by Dong Qinglin and then planted on Jane Yunxiu, right?

As for the plagiarism incident this time, it must be Dong Qinglin’s plan too!

Is this person sick?

But now he didn’t have time to care about Dong Qinglin.

He and Jian Yunxiu didn’t wear any clothes after taking a bath and Jian Yunxiu still bit his body. If he could endure it, he would be a god!

As for the online thing, to hell with that!

Anyway, in Jian Yunxiu’s new album, there is not a single song from that Twitter.

Yan Jing Ze took Jian Yunxiu and fell asleep happily, but the netizens were still arguing, and things got worse.

Because several insiders broke the news, saying that Jian Yunxiu’s new album has songs from that Twitter.

“What kind of insiders are this! There are no such songs in that album!” Lu Yuxiao got the news and looked on the Internet. After listening to the beginning of a few songs, he was furious.

Someone said that Jian Yunxiu was plagiarizing!

Jian Yunxiu’s songs are full of liveliness and sweetness, he almost lost his teeth listening to them. It is absolutely impossible to plagiarize them.

More importantly, these songs in Twitter are not in the album at all!

“Mr. Lu, there is a water army behind this matter.” The person in the PR department of the company told Lu Yuxiao about this matter and said, “Those so-called insiders are actually also water army.”

Lu Yuxiao also noticed it with a solemn expression: “What should we do about this?” He is not good at handling this kind of things, so it is better to ask professionals.

The man said, “Mr. Lu, since you said that the album does not have these songs, then my advice is not to bother with this matter.” This person is in the PR department and is only responsible for this part of the work. When Jian Yunxiu’s album is being produced, the secrecy measures were so good that he hadn’t heard the album yet, so he hurried to find Lu Yuxiao.

Since the album doesn’t have these songs at all, then don’t bother with it. These people can just help Jian Yunxiu with the promotion!

Wait, the people behind the scenes invited the water army to make such a huge “Jian Yunxiu plagiarism” thing, isn’t it just to promote Jian Yunxiu? In this circle, isn’t there a kind of propaganda called self-hacking?

“Then leave them alone!” Lu Yuxiao said, after he finished speaking, he clicked on another song: “The songs posted on Twitter are really nice… Wait, this piece was released when “Lights” was released. Er, Jian Yunxiu played it to me before. He said at the time that he wanted to put this song into the new album “Waning”, but then he fell in love with Yan Jing Ze and changed his mind…”

“Is there anything else?”

“Yes! I heard him play this section and I still liked it at the time!” Lu Yuxiao thoughtfully and thought of something: “When the album was made before, Yan Jing Ze followed the whole process and also raised the level of confidentiality. He was worried all day that the music will be leaked. Is it because Jian Yunxiu’s music has been leaked before?”

At that time, Yan Jing Ze stared very tightly. He even slandered him in his heart. He felt that Yan Jing Ze was thinking too much. But now that he thinks about it, Yan Jing Ze, this person who doesn’t know anything about music and albums, held so much importance in confidentiality, then it must have been leaked before!

No wonder Jian Yunxiu has to change all the songs!

The more Lu Yuxiao thinks about it, the more he feels that this is the case: “The person behind the scenes is after Jian Yunxiu! Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze was prepared! This time, they are going to want a bamboo basket to fetch water!”

“Not only is the bamboo basket empty, but it will also help us to do advertising,” the person from the public relations department said.

Even after Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze came out, the popularity was high, but it was not too high. After all, many people would not pay attention to the pianist at all.

Fewer people follow Jian Yunxiu’s album… This kind of genuine album is worth a lot of money. Even if many people eat the melons of Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze on the Internet, they won’t pay attention to Jian Yunxiu’s album.

But now, more and more people are paying attention to this album!

This is a good thing!

Of course, although it is a good thing, still need to keep an eye on it, lest something else happen.

The PR department was called up overnight to work overtime, at this time, the water army is also working overtime.

“This is the little prince of piano that you are touting? The works are plagiarized!”

“Jian Yunxiu get out of the music circle!”

“Jian Yunxiu is quite clever. He plagiarizes songs that no one knows abroad, packs them up and sells them in China.”

“It simply loses the face of our country!”

“I have already gone to the original author! He can sue Jian Yunxiu!”

The water army flew around brushing various comments.

A portion of netizens were also affected: “I didn’t expect Jian Yunxiu to be like this.”

“His reputation as a musical genius is all packaged, right?”

“Don’t they all rely on packaging and marketing these days?”


The crowd continued to ‘you say a word and I say a word’, seeing Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu not responding at all, they became more vigorous!

Of course, there are still some people who firmly believe that Jian Yunxiu will not do such a thing.

“I’m a piano student. Jian Yunxiu is really soulful. I don’t believe he will copy.”

“Jian Yunxiu can be recognized by Yan Jing Ze’s family and has money. Does he still need to plagiarize?”

“I believe in Jian Yunxiu!”


There are even people who said, “My family runs a music store. There was a delivery of Jian Yunxiu’s album during the day, I specially unwrapped one to listen to, they are completely different!”

However, at night, many people had already fallen asleep, so there were not many people who spoke for Jian Yunxiu, and he was finally overwhelmed by the water army.

It’s finally dawn.

Yan Jing Ze woke up early in the morning and turned on the phone first.

There were many messages in his mobile phone, all of which came to ask him about the matter last night, but Yan Jing Ze did not reply one by one, and only posted one in his circle of friends: “Everything is fine!”

When Yan Jing Ze posted this circle of friends, the online noise became even worse.

Because the person who posted the songs sent a tweet. It probably means that the songs he posted before were written for self-entertainment in his spare time. Now he heard that someone had plagiarized. He was very angry and hoped the person who plagiarized can give him an explanation.

As soon as this person’s tweet came out, more people talked about Jian Yunxiu on the Internet.

Many people who went to bed early last night and never heard of this incident also learned of this incident. There were many questions under Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu’s Weibo.

Dong Qinglin looked at these, the corners of his mouth hooked upwards in pleasure.

Back then, Yan Jing Ze forced him to play all the songs that Jian Yunxiu had played. Now… he is getting his retribution, right?

Sometimes Dong Qinglin doesn’t know why he was reborn.

But when he thought about it, he felt that he would be reborn just to get revenge.

He must make Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu look good!

In the dimly lit rental room, Dong Qinglin looked at the computer screen with red eyes.

He was refreshing the official website of the company that created Jian Yunxiu’s album.

Jian Yunxiu’s album can be ordered on the official website and a demo version will be available at that time.

But… after such a thing, the album would probably not be sold on the official website.

Dong Qinglin smiled.

It was also at this time that an album went up on the official website.

They even dared to put on Jian Yunxiu’s album? Dong Qinglin sneered and looked over.

Seeing that album, he was stunned.

Why not “Waning”? Why is this album called “Night and Day”?

What the hell is going on?

Dong Qinglin subconsciously opened the half of the song demo for people to listen to.

There are many people, like Dong Qinglin, waiting for the album to be released on the official website, and now as soon as the album went online, they, like Dong Qinglin, also clicked on the demo version.

The lively music came out immediately.

This tune makes people feel happy when they listen to it, very different from the style of the tune that Jian Yunxiu used to do, and completely different from the tune that Jian Yunxiu is said to have copied.

Dong Qinglin was like having a bucket of ice water poured on him, his whole body was cold from head to toe.

Could it be that Jian Yunxiu has released an album completely different from “Waning”?

No, this is impossible. There are some songs in “Waning” that were made before “Lights” was released. Jian Yunxiu wants to release a new album; it is impossible not to put it in—he can’t have composed ten new songs in just a few months!

Perhaps, this one is the only demo version that is different!

He is going to buy an album and listen to it!

Dong Qinglin thought so and rushed out of the house.

At the same time, many people went to buy albums.

Zhou Ang is a teacher who teaches music at a certain art university and is also a pianist.

He has always liked Jian Yunxiu and felt that Jian Yunxiu is very spiritual. When Jian Yunxiu’s indecent photos were taken out, he always said this: “These photos may be fake! Even if they are true, Jian Yunxiu is not married yet. He likes older women, I respect his choice! All I like is his music, I don’t pay attention to his private life!”

Later, Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze were together, and he sighed even more.

He doesn’t care about Jian Yunxiu’s sexuality, but he thinks that Jian Yunxiu should find someone who understands him, not someone who is rich but doesn’t understand music at all!

In short, he has always been on Jian Yunxiu’s side.

As a result, when he woke up early this morning, he heard that Jian Yunxiu was plagiarizing!

He didn’t want to believe it and immediately ran out to buy the album.

On the way, he also opened the audio that was being spread everywhere and listened to it.

Those thirty or so songs were in the same style, like they were composed by one person, but there were several songs in there that belonged to “Lights”.

What the hell is going on here?

Zhou Ang went all the way to a nearby store selling albums and saw his student Dong Qinglin.

Dong Qinglin didn’t even get his mobile phone when he went out, so he didn’t have any money at all, but he pestered the boss: “Boss, you give me an album, and I’ll send someone the money later!”

“Boss, please.”

“I won’t renege on the bill…”

However, the boss is unwilling—Dong Qinglin’s sloppy look and lack of energy, at first glance, it seems that he will renege on the bill…

“Then boss, can you open an album and let me listen to it?” Dong Qinglin asked again.

The boss still didn’t agree: “Young man, don’t pester me. I just opened the door and my things are not organized yet!”

The boss didn’t bother to pay attention to Dong Qinglin, but at this time, Zhou Ang came.

Zhou Ang said as soon as he came: “Boss, I’ll buy an album by Jian Yunxiu, play it for me to listen to.”

The guests bought the album and of course they can play and listen to it. The boss promised and started to unpack the album. Zhou Ang looked at Dong Qinglin: “Dong Qinglin! I remember you. You have the same taste as Jian Yunxiu, you also think Jian Yunxiu will not copy, right?”

Dong Qinglin ignored his teacher and stared at the boss instead.

The boss had already put the album into the playback device and the nice piano sound soon came out.

“This song is not… play the next one!” Dong Qinglin said excitedly.

The boss, however, looked at Zhou Ang – this album was bought by Zhou Ang!

“Change to the next one,” Zhou Ang said. This piece is very nice, he actually wants to listen to it, but now… he has to listen to it all once before he can rest assured.

The next song soon came out…

“No, change it again!”

“Next song, change to the next one!”

“Still not! Change!”

Dong Qinglin was so excited that the whole person could not restrain himself from trembling.

At first, Zhou Ang thought that he was a fan of Jian Yunxiu, just like himself, and had come to find evidence that Jian Yunxiu did not plagiarize. But now the more he looked at it, the more he felt that something was wrong.

This Dong Qinglin, what exactly is he doing here?

Dong Qinglin is here to find evidence of plagiarism by Jian Yunxiu.

However, he has listened to all the songs, and there is not even a single song in it which is the same as the song in the album called “Waning” by Jian Yunxiu in his previous life.

“This is definitely not Jian Yunxiu’s album!” Dong Qinglin said.

“Why isn’t this Jian Yunxiu’s album? I only sell genuine copies here! It just arrived yesterday!” the boss said.

Zhou Ang also said: “Although the style has changed a little, there is still a breath of Jian Yunxiu. This is Jian Yunxiu’s album. I didn’t expect him to make such a big progress and make a breakthrough!”

Zhou Ang was very happy and kept talking, but then he looked at Dong Qinglin: “Dong Qinglin, what the hell is going on with you today? Why do you look like this?”

He thought Dong Qinglin was a bit crazy but he was very educated and wouldn’t say that about people.

Dong Qinglin, however, ignored Zhou Ang and turned around and ran.

Zhou Ang: “……”

Zhou Ang turned his head and asked the boss to help him get two more albums.

He had one for his collection, one to listen to, and one to give away!

When Zhou Ang was sure that Jian Yunxiu did not plagiarize, many other people, too, were sure.

“Some people are really powerful, the album has not yet been released, and they say that someone plagiarized! It turns out that the songs on the album are completely different from the songs they say were copied! Don’t you think it’s funny?”

“I’ve listened to Jian Yunxiu’s album and none of it is the same as the one online.”

“Didn’t the insiders say the songs are the same? Where are they same!”


In addition to doubts, everyone also praised Jian Yunxiu: “Jian Yunxiu’s album this time makes people feel happy!”

“Sounds amazing!”

“Simply good to hear ah ah ah ah!”

“Jian Yunxiu, I love you!”

A large group of people confessed to Jian Yunxiu on the Internet, and at this time, Jian Yunxiu had just got up.

He shouldn’t have made a move on Yan Jing Ze last night… In the end, the one who suffered was him!

Fortunately, Yan Jing Ze’s skills are much better now. Not only is he not uncomfortable but also very comfortable…

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