BH (QT) 122 – The President (22 – End)

Chapter 122 – The President (22)

There was a riot all night last night and the water army swore one by one. Many netizens thought that Jian Yunxiu’s plagiarism was a real one, but now looking at it, it’s all false!

The dirty water was splashed and splashed unscrupulously.

However, there were also people who were holding on to the fact that the songs in “Lights” were released three months in advance. They felt that even if Jian Yunxiu hadn’t copied songs for the new album, “Lights” might have been copied.

But for Jian Yunxiu to make “Lights”, it is impossible to start preparing the songs three months before the album’s release, and copy them without changing a single note, right?

How can Jian Yunxiu be so stupid?

If the owner of that Twitter can’t produce other evidence, who is he to say that Jian Yunxiu plagiarized?

Yan Jing Ze knew that the man could not produce evidence.

The owner of this Twitter didn’t even dare to stand up and confront Jian Yunxiu.

Because he has no evidence at all!

In the memory of the original owner, after something like this happened, Jian Yunxiu wanted to file a lawsuit and also wanted to contact the owner of that Twitter. But the owner of that Twitter sent a post to condemn Jian Yunxiu for plagiarism, and said that he was only composing music as a hobby, purely for self-entertainment. Moreover, the foreign country is too far away, so he won’t go to court with Jian Yunxiu.

After that, he remained silent.

This matter is very troublesome to deal with. In addition, the original owner caused a lot of trouble for Jian Yunxiu and prevented him from hiring a lawyer. The public opinion on the Internet intensified, and Jian Yunxiu’s residence was surrounded…

Jian Yunxiu finally couldn’t bear it and chose to commit suicide.

As a result, he was finally rescued and some people still said sarcastically that he was unwilling to admit his mistakes, so he pretended to commit suicide.

Fortunately, the original owner is gone and he is here!

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath and went upstairs with breakfast.

He entered the room and saw Jian Yunxiu brushing his teeth, so he leaned in and kissed him.

“Why are you doing this…” Jian Yunxiu said with a little dissatisfaction, but his eyes were full of smiles.

“One day if I’m not like this anymore, you should be upset!” Yan Jing Ze laughed: “Who was jealous last night?”

Jian Yunxiu continued to brush his teeth and ignored him.

Yan Jing Ze said: “I brought breakfast for you, brush your teeth and remember to eat.”

“You don’t have to serve it to me, I can go downstairs to eat,” Jian Yunxiu muttered.

“I like to serve it to you.” Yan Jing Ze kissed him again.

Even when Jian Yunxiu was brushing his teeth, the corners of his mouth couldn’t help but bend.

He felt that his heart was filled with honey, desserts, cakes, and other sweet things, and it was about to overflow…

While brushing his teeth, Jian Yunxiu tapped his fingers on the ceramic toothbrush cup.

This toothbrush cup tapping sounds so good!

As for what someone said last night that he was plagiarizing… Jian Yunxiu had forgotten it a long time ago!

But Yan Jing Ze still remembers.

Yan Jing Ze opened his Weibo and found that under his Weibo, those comments saying that Jian Yunxiu plagiarized have been suppressed, but there are quite a few people who are confessing to Jian Yunxiu.

He took a picture of Jian Yunxiu who just finished brushing his teeth, drinking a sip of water and rinsing his mouth, and posted it: “I only found out this morning when I got up that Yunxiu had been framed by someone. The person who framed Yunxiu and stole Yunxiu’s song, you just wait, I’m not finished with you! PS: Don’t confess to Yunxiu, he is mine!”

As soon as Yan Jing Ze posted this Weibo, netizens immediately uttered: “Ahhhhh! How can Yunxiu be so cute!”

“I just want to confess! I love you, I love you the most, Yunxiu, I love you!”

“In the photos taken by a straight man like Mr. Yan, Yunxiu is still so good-looking. Love Love Love!”

“Who is this cutie with a toothbrush!”

“That’s so cute!”

“Yunxiu looks so happy!”

“I’m jealous!”

At first, everyone only paid attention to Jian Yunxiu’s photos, and then went to see the specific content that Yan Jing Ze posted: “What Mr. Yan means is that someone stole Yunxiu’s song?”

“That person’s song was really leaked out from Yunxiu’s side?”

“It’s too shameless to steal someone’s music and say they plagiarize it?”

“President Yan is so domineering! Must seek justice for Yunxiu ah!”


The people ‘you say one word, I say another’ were all standing on the side of Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu. Those water army were still talking about “Jian Yunxiu plagiarizing foreigners shamelessly” and the like.

Everyone saw this last night and they were really angry—Jian Yunxiu, this disgrace, has lost face abroad!

Looking at it now, the mentality is completely different: “What Jian Yunxiu is copying someone from abroad! It’s obviously that person who stole Jian Yunxiu’s song!”

“I was a fool yesterday and even comforted that person. Today I am going to scold him back!”

“The man didn’t even dare to show his face, obviously, you know there is something wrong!”

“How can he be unknown if he really has such talent?”

Public opinion on the Internet flipped in an instant.

Dong Qinglin looked at these, the whole person collapsed: “Impossible, this is impossible…”

All the money left on his body was used by him to invite the water army.

If Jian Yunxiu could be unlucky, he would feel that all this was worthwhile, but what is going on now?

Jian Yunxiu didn’t have any problem at all. He did so much, but in the end, he actually helped Jian Yunxiu promote the new album?

Dong Qinglin refreshed the various pages frantically and suddenly paused—he actually published the album “Waning”!

With trembling hands, he took the mouse and clicked on the album, letting out another short and painful scream.

This album, named “Waning”, contains various difficult piano pieces played by Jian Yunxiu, such as “Moonlight Sonata” and the like.

The little “hope” he had just raised was instantly shattered.

And that’s not all, at this moment, another news came out.

The production team of a highly anticipated foreign film that has finished filming and is in post-production actually @ the Twitter account who posted Jian Yunxiu’s songs, asking who he was and where those songs came from.

They bought the rights to use some songs from Jian Yunxiu, and now some people say that some of them involve plagiarism, they definitely want to ask for clarification!

Of course, they didn’t feel that Jian Yunxiu had plagiarized at all.

Although this Twitter released the songs three months earlier than the time Jian Yunxiu sold them, but Jian Yunxiu said at the beginning that these were all the songs he had composed before this year, or even a few years ago.

Also, the fact that you can compose such songs, you need to have a high level of musical literacy, so the composer can never be unknown.

They are more inclined that it is this person who stole Jian Yunxiu’s songs and posted it on the Internet after playing it.

Of course, the matter has not yet been decided, so they are now asking for clarification first.

It is normal for people who have been plagiarized to stand up at this time and show their own evidence out of righteous indignation, but now…

Dong Qinglin looked at this news and his whole body shivered.

It turns out that Jian Yunxiu also sold the rights to use these songs to a foreign film production?

He had never watched that movie in his previous life. He doesn’t know if Jian Yunxiu’s music was also used at that time. He doesn’t know when Jian Yunxiu gave the music to others. Under such circumstances, how dare he use the identity of a victim and stand out?

Furthermore, in order not to be discovered that the person behind the tweet is him, after tweeting in the early hours of the morning when there are few people online, he has destroyed the phone he used to log in that Twitter, and now he does not dare to use other devices to log in!

No matter how many people ask or question, there is no movement on that Twitter.

On the original historical trajectory, netizens think that this is because people don’t care about others, now…

“That person is disgusting!”

“It turns out that those songs were all from Jian Yunxiu.”

“Distressed for Jian Yunxiu!”

“Fortunately, Jian Yunxiu’s inspiration broke out. The new album uses all new songs, otherwise he may still be scolded!”


Then… more and more people came to confess their feelings under Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu’s Weibo.

Yan Jing Ze: “……”

Yan Jing Ze told Jian Yun Xiu about what happened online.

Jian Yunxiu responded, looking at Yan Jing Ze with his eyes shining brightly: “Do you want to listen to my new song?”

Of course, Yan Jing Ze wanted to listen to it.

But while listening, he was also a bit worried.

Jian Yunxiu doesn’t care about being framed at all, he is too pure and easy to be bullied!

Fortunately, he has his protection!

Yan Jing Ze took a deep breath, and continued to pour money, sending someone to investigate Dong Qinglin.

Dong Qinglin, a reborn person, has been targeting Jian Yunxiu. He is definitely going to get rid of this person!

In any case, Dong Qinglin used other people’s indecent photos to slander Jian Yunxiu, and framed Jian Yunxiu for plagiarism. If this matter was made serious by a lawyer, it would definitely make Dong Qinglin carry a huge debt and go to jail for another two years!

Of course, you must call the police first and find evidence to arrest Dong Qinglin.

In this case, Yan Jing Ze asked others to do it.

In the past, Yan Jing Ze did not investigate Dong Qinglin because he is not a police officer. Many things were not so convenient to check, and he had no clue, so it was difficult to check.

But it’s different now!

He has now more or less found some evidence and then called the police and informed them that the person who posted Jian Yunxiu’s indecent photos on the Internet was Dong Qinglin. The police began to investigate and follow Dong Qinglin’s side to check…

It’s quite easy to find out where Dong Qinglin”s money goes. Soon it was found out that he had bought the water army several times to ruin Jian Yunxiu, and those photos were indeed bought and spread by him.

The evidence was conclusive, Dong Qinglin was arrested.

But Dong Qinglin did not go to jail because the police found that Dong Qinglin has mental problems.

“This Dong Qinglin is in a bad state of mind. He has always insisted that Mr. Yan is his, Jian Yunxiu is a third party, and that he is reborn… It is preliminarily determined that he should be crazy.” When the police talked to Yan Jing Ze, they sympathetically looked at Yan Jing Ze.

At first, when they found out that Dong Qinglin’s money was given by Yan Jing Ze, they thought Yan Jing Ze was a scumbag, but they looked into it again…

When Yan Jing Ze was still giving Dong Qinglin money, Dong Qinglin was already dating with Gao Bohao.

When they investigated why Dong Qinglin wanted to kill Jian Yunxiu, they also saw an email from Gao Bohao that Yan Jing Ze sent to Gao Bohao.

If they are not mistaken, it should be that Yan Jing Ze, in order to listen to Dong Qinglin playing the piano, he decided to raise Dong Qinglin for a period of time. Later, after confirming the relationship with Jian Yunxiu, he no longer needed him. As a result, Dong Qinglin was probably dumped by Gao Bohao and wanted to return to Yan Jing Ze so he began to deal with Jian Yunxiu.

He tried every means possible to deal with Jian Yunxiu, he ended up becoming crazy.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Dong Qinglin is the one who turned crazy, why should they look at him with sympathy?

The police also realized that it was wrong—why should they sympathize with Yan Jing Ze? Yan Jing Ze is a person who can take out so many wallets casually, no need for their sympathy!

The most important question now is… What should be done with Dong Qinglin?

What else can be done? Of course, he was sent to a psychiatric hospital. Don’t let him out if he is still aggressive.

Yan Jing Ze thinks this is good.

He did not know what Dong Qinglin had experienced in his previous life and was not interested in knowing. But if Dong Qinglin had been so paranoid in his previous life, it would be normal for him to have a bad life.

When Yan Jing Ze finished dealing with Dong Qinglin’s affairs, he happily went to accompany Jian Yunxiu.

Because Dong Qinglin paid using his own money and spared no effort to “promote”, Jian Yunxiu’s new albums are selling very well and his fans have grown a lot.

Jian Yunxiu doesn’t like interacting with people and rarely posts Weibo, it is logically impossible to keep fans. But he cannot stop Yan Jing Ze from doing so.

Yan Jing Ze only went to the company to work for two or three hours a day and spent the rest of the time with Jian Yunxiu. He watched so many people on the Internet confessing to Jian Yunxiu and he always wanted to show off—Jian Yunxiu was his!

Yan Jing Ze posted on Weibo which is like his daily routine: “Yunxiu is writing songs for me again.” Accompanied by a photo of Jian Yunxiu.

“Yunxiu made me dessert today.” The picture shows the biscuits he baked.

“Yunxiu said that he is willing to go to that music festival if I go, what should I do?” The picture is an invitation letter from a well-known music festival.

Netizens: “…” Ha ha! Don’t think we don’t know you are showing off!

Jian Yunxiu’s fans and CP fans of the two are all under Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo!

Looking at it, they also became fans of Yan Jing Ze.

Such a handsome, rich, and doting man is still worthy of fans!

It’s just that, the fans are still a little worried.

“Mr. Yan, you post on Weibo at home in the morning, Weibo at home at noon, and Weibo at home in the evening. Do you not have to work?”

“Mr. Yan, as soon as Jian Yunxiu has a job or activity, you will follow everywhere, don’t you have to work?”

“Mr. Yan, you show affection on Weibo every day, don’t you have to work?”

In the end, under Yan Jing Ze’s Weibo, it was all: “You don’t have to work?”

Yan Jing Ze specifically clarified: “Everyone, I still work! I work at least two hours a day!”

Work at least… two hours a day??

You let us work at least eight hours a day, even 996 people are so embarrassed!

“Is the president so self-willed?”

“It turns out that the kind of president in the president novels who just falls in love and ignores the company really does exist?”

“Mr. Yan, are you not afraid of the company going bankrupt?”

After people questioned this way, there was another speculation: “Mr. Yan probably relies on his father as the president and he doesn’t work at all.”

“President Yan went to the company for two hours, it is estimated that is to visit for a short time. He must have professional managers to help him take care of the company.”

“I’m afraid that the daily life of Mr. Yan is doing something else, doing Yunxiu.”

“The upstairs is too dirty, report!”

“It’s so cool to be a rich second generation!”

Almost everyone thinks that Yan Jing Ze is a rich second generation who is not doing his job properly, so the title of president is just for fun.

At this time, a certain rich man said in an interview: “Among the younger generation, who I admire most is Yan Jing Ze.”

Netizens: “???” What do you admire him for? Admire him for doing nothing?

After a while, another entrepreneur said: “If only my son had the ability of Yan Jing Ze, no, half of it would be fine.”

Netizens: “???” Isn’t your son working diligently all the time? Do you want him to play like Yan Jing Ze all day?

Finally, even foreign bigwigs came to join in the fun: “Among the young people in China, I like Yan Jing Ze the most. I have communicated with him and learned a lot.”

Netizens: “???” Is it possible that you are just like Jian Yunxiu and have been put under the spell of Yan Jing Ze? Jian Yunxiu boasted about Yan Jing Ze as soon as he had an interview, what are you praising him for, ah?

As a result, everyone was puzzled. They saw that Yan Jing Ze’s company that he only worked two hours a day to manage was getting bigger and bigger.

Not only that, someone suddenly revealed that Yan Jing Ze has been investing in many companies, and the money he makes from investment is even higher than the market value of his company.

There is no way, whoever made him a rich second-generation. Others need to accumulate original funds, but he can just ask his parents for it and the original funds will be there!

But even so, Yan Jing Ze can make so much money, which is very powerful!

This person who doesn’t seem to be doing his job properly is actually… very capable?

One day, even Yan Guoqi posted on Weibo: “@Yunxiu’s Jing Ze, brat, can you work two more hours a day and take care of Qi Sheng too?!!!”

Yan Jing Ze changed his usual enthusiasm when posting on Weibo to show affection and replied nonchalantly: “No!”

“Why?!!!” Yan Guoqi was angry. His son is so smart but he just won’t take over his job! Pissed him off!

Yan Jing Ze: “I want to accompany Yunxiu, I’m not free~”

This makes people feel the soul-crushing wave sign ah!

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996 people – People who work from 9am-9pm, 6 days a week

Wave sign – ~ (I just added here if you didn’t notice, so smol)

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