BH (QT) 123 – The President (23 – Extra 1)

Chapter 123 – The President (23 – Extra 1)

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At first, when Yan Jing Ze spent all day with Jian Yunxiu and did not work properly, Yan Guoqi was very dissatisfied.

He earned so much money and eventually must be given to his son, but if his son only knows how to play, can he keep the family business?

Also, his son likes men, so he won’t have a grandson! So, what’s the use of making so much money?

But he had a bad relationship with his son, and he didn’t dare to criticize his son, so he could only get anxious, and by the way, make complaints with those old friends who are about the same value and status as him.

Friends of Yan Guoqi all comforted Yan Guoqi, saying that the management company can find professional managers, as for not having children… Isn’t it possible to go abroad for surrogacy now?

And everyone is more or less the same. Although their children are a little better than Yan Jing Ze and don’t like men, they still refuse to get married when they are already in their 30s…

Yan Guoqi can only sigh: “Alas, the child matter, I am planning to let him surrogate. But he only knows how to run after a man. How can we live in the future when we have no money?”

“How can there be no money, you leave more money for the child. The interest alone, he will not be able to spend it!” Yan Guoqi’s friends said one after another, but their hearts are a little proud – although their children have many shortcomings, but at least they are better than Yan Jing Ze and have a bright future!

However, a few years passed in the blink of an eye…

Ha ha!

Yan Guoqi complained all day long. His son who supposedly only knows how to fall in love and doesn’t care about the company, has made the company much bigger!

They heard that he only goes to the office for two or three hours every morning!

In just two or three hours, he was able to read the documents while having meetings and still handle everything perfectly… Yan Guoqi was actually not complaining about his son, but showing off his son, right?

Everyone was feeling sour and suddenly discovered that a powerful foreign investor who had risen suddenly in abroad turned out to be Yan Jing Ze.

His speed of making money is as fast as a wild horse!

Well, they also wanted to use a better adjective than “wild horse”, but they were uncomfortable… In fact, at first, they wanted to use “wild dog” to describe Yan Jing Ze.

Those people who had once comforted Yan Guoqi, now when they see Yan Guoqi, each and every one of them “ha ha ha ha” constantly.

Hearing Yan Guoqi complain about his son’s refusal to manage Qisheng, they were even a bit tempted to have a fight with Yan Guoqi.

This old man is too ungrateful! There is such a good son and is still not satisfied!

As for Yan Jing Ze liking men… their children still refuse to get married!

So, when Yan Guoqi wanted to discuss the education of children with people outside, he found that no one was willing to talk to him about this.

He can only go home and talk to his wife.

Over the years, Yan Guoqi did not cheat less. But he is not unable to control himself, he just doesn’t want to worry and purely just wants to enjoy.

But he is a sober person and he has a brain.

For example, he knows clearly that it was for money that he went to court his father-in-law and married his wife. These people have nothing to be sorry for him, but rather kind to him.

So, over the years, he has been very respectful of his old man, he is also very respectful of his wife. He is willing to give whatever they want and also stay humble when at home.

It is also because of this that Mother Yan has no intention of getting a divorce.

The old man is getting old and she doesn’t want to sleep with him anymore, so just do whatever you like! Of course, divorce is impossible. In the future, the old man’s property will have to be given to her son.

Mother Yan doesn’t live with Father Yan now, she lives her own life. Occasionally, the old man comes back to have a good chat with her.

Now when it comes to his son’s unwillingness to manage Qi Sheng…

Mother Yan said: “Chao Chao is only thirty years old, some people at this age are still studying! What are you in such a hurry for?”

Father Yan said: “You don’t know how smart Jing Ze is! I think if he takes charge of the company, he might take the company to the next level.”

However, Mother Yan did not eat this set: “He is still young! He’s already tired of managing his own company and making investments, how dare you put him in charge of Qi Sheng?”

Father Yan was thunderstruck by Mother Yan’s phrase ‘He is still young’.

What made him even more speechless was that Mother Yan had just finished saying that her son was still young when she said, “I think the most important thing now is to let Chao Chao have a baby!”

Your son is still young, why do you let him have a baby?

Mother Yan said again: “Isn’t it just your 60th birthday in a few days? We’ll make it big, then Chao Chao will certainly come over, we will ask him… I want to hold a grandson! Alas, Ah Li’s side, we also need to ask!” What she is most worried about now is that her son and daughter are childless!

Her daughter still doesn’t even have a boyfriend!

Father Yan agreed.

Yan Guoqi’s 60th birthday was spent in a special clubhouse, and many people were invited, and of course Yan Jing Ze and Jian Yunxiu had to come over.

Jian Yunxiu and Yan Jing Ze have been together for two years. Probably because their lives are really comfortable so Jian Yunxiu’s obsession with cleanliness has become lighter.

He still has to change clothes and stuff when he goes out and comes home, but it’s much better at home, and he won’t have to wash his hands once to touch the same thing.

His habit of cleanliness has a certain psychological factor. According to the psychologist, even if it does not get better, it is not difficult to relieve symptoms.

However, although the habit of cleanliness has improved, Jian Yunxiu’s personality is still too simple.

Yan Jing Ze is always worried that he will be bullied.

But in fact…with him, who would dare to bully Jian Yunxiu?

Yan Guoqi’s birthday banquet is in the evening, but people came over in the afternoon, and by the time the evening came, there were even more people in the banquet hall.

Gao Bohao came with his father.

In these two years, Gao Bohao’s company is doing quite well, but he is not in the limelight at all, because there is someone better than him, Yan Jing Ze.

Standing on the banquet floor with a glass of wine, Gao Bohao was in a complicated mood.

At the time Dong Qinglin was with him and still remembered Yan Jing Ze, it made him very shocked. But even though he was shocked at the time, he still had a feeling of contempt in his heart. He felt that Dong Qinglin did not like him because Dong Qinglin had a bad vision. He thought he was more outstanding than Yan Jing Ze.

And yet, he wasn’t.

The fact that Yan Jing Ze was better than him in every way made him suffer another blow.

Now, he doesn’t even have his earlier vigor and sharpness.

“When Yan Jing Ze comes out later, you can have a good chat with him, you are the same age, you can become friends.” Gao Bohao’s father said to Gao Bohao. He knew that his son had conflicts with Yan Jing Ze because of that Dong Qinglin, but it’s been two years. His son did not do anything to Yan Jing Ze, so it should not be a problem.

Gao Bohao nodded with a bitter smile.

Gao Bohao actually wanted to talk to Yan Jing Ze, but he didn’t find the opportunity.

He has been talking to some people who are the same age as his father and have the same status.

He could not squeeze up, so he could only watch from the side.

Suddenly, a melodious piano sounded.

Gao Bohao raised his head and saw Jian Yunxiu playing in front of the piano, and Yan Jing Ze had already come to Jian Yunxiu.

Jian Yunxiu looked at Yan Jing Ze while playing the piano, his eyes were full of love.

The two stood together indescribably well-matched and Jian Yunxiu’s piano was more like a heavenly music.

Gao Bohao has a wealthy family and has studied music since he was young. He liked Dong Qinglin at first, one reason is that Dong Qinglin played the piano well.

But now seeing Jian Yunxiu… he suddenly discovered that the difference between Dong Qinglin and Jian Yunxiu was almost the difference between a duck and a swan.

How did he fall in love with Dong Qinglin in the first place?

Gao Bohao suddenly didn’t want to go and talk to Yan Jing Ze.

The birthday banquet of Yan Guoqi was successfully completed.

But after the birthday banquet, when the guests have left, the Yan family is not very satisfied.

Today, everyone in the family is here, and Yan Guoqi asked Yan Jing Ze to find someone to conceive a child. As a result, Yan Jing Ze refused: “No.”

“Chao Chao, you can rest assured that when your surrogacy is complete, we will help you take care of the mother of the child. You can also ask Yunxiu to conceive a child.” Mother Yan said. It is unfair to only let her son surrogate the child, so Jian Yunxiu can also have a surrogate! Their family can afford it anyway!

“No, we don’t want children,” Yan Jing Ze said. He doesn’t want children, he doesn’t want them at all.

As for Jian Yunxiu’s surrogacy…don’t even think about it! Jian Yunxiu is his alone!

“You don’t want children, what about the family’s assets from now on? Qi Sheng was promised to be given to you!” Yan Guoqi is anxious. He read that some people on the Internet said that if there is no throne in the family, it doesn’t matter whether they have children or not, but their family is different! Their family is so rich!

The thinking of Yan Guoqi is old school, otherwise he would not have had to let his son change his surname to “Yan”.

And when his son changed his surname, he said that in the future, the property of their old Yan family would be inherited by his son, and the property of the old Wang family, would be inherited by his daughter.

Of course, because the assets of his wife’s family are not as good as what he has, he will compensate his daughter for some properties.

“You can give it to sister,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Yan Guoqi disagreed: “No, her surname is Wang!”

Yan Jing Ze was speechless. He didn’t understand why Yan Guoqi cared about a surname: “Anyway, I don’t want to have children and I don’t want Qi Sheng.”

“You brat! You don’t even want Qi Sheng?!” Yan Guoqi even wanted to hit someone: “You’re not afraid that I’ll have another child and give it to someone else?” He may be sixty, but it’s not like he can’t have children! And there are plenty of people willing to give birth to him!

“Do you still want to have another child?” Mother Yan exploded. She must be unable to give birth. She is also not willing to give birth. This person wants to have an illegitimate child?

“Then what should he do? It’s all because you spoiled him!” Father Yan said. Back then, he pointed out that his wife could drive Jian Yunxiu away, but he didn’t know what was going on with his wife, and she was subdued by that Jian Yunxiu.

Mother Yan was unwilling to give the family property to others no matter what and immediately said: “Let Ah’Li give birth to two, one surnamed Yan, one surnamed Wang. The company will be given to Ah’Li’s children in the future!” Her daughter is the same as her, surely, she won’t not want the money!

Father Yan was immediately moved and went to see his daughter—he wanted a grandson with his surname. It didn’t matter whether he was born to a son or a daughter.

Yan Jing Ze also said: “Good idea. Sister, are you willing?”

Wang Yingli was a bit stunned: “Yan Jing Ze, are you crazy? So much money for me?”

“I have enough money to spend,” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Are you really sure?” Wang Yingli looked at her brother.

“Sure!” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Then I’ll go give birth right away!” Wang Yingli said. To have an extra child and get so much money in return, a fool wouldn’t want to! Her brother is a fool.

Yan Guoqi was stunned: “You will give birth soon?”

Yan Jing Ze is also a little stunned—isn’t her sister single? Because of this thing, his mother has been talking about it a lot.

Wang Yingli said: “I originally only planned to have one, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a few years later. Now I am planning to have two, so I have to start preparing soon!”

“What about the baby’s father?” Yan Guoqi was shocked: “You don’t plan to look for that… Sperm Bank, right?”

“I’ve found him a long time ago, just him.” Wang Yingli pointed to the male secretary who always followed her. This person is good-looking and has a high IQ. He is especially suitable for being her child’s father. She has chosen him a long time ago.

The always steady male secretary beside Wang Yingli showed an embarrassed smile at Father Yan: “Hello, uncle, I am Yingli’s boyfriend.”

Father Yan: “…” Okay… His daughter has a partner!

Yan Jing Ze: “…” The secretary that his sister takes with her every day is actually his brother-in-law? It’s really unexpected!

Father Yan suddenly thought of something and looked at Yan Jing Ze again: “Your sister is going to have a baby, she’s will be busy. Can you help manage the company?”

Yan Jing Ze refused again: “Dad, I’m still young!”

Yan Guoqi: “…” Are you still young? Then don’t “puppy love” if you have the ability!

Who is talking to me while playing with Jian Yunxiu’s hands?

It’s too hard for him! He wanted to give away such a big family business but his son didn’t want it!

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This chapter has become controversial so the author changed it. Surrogacy is illegal in China because there are already so many cases of human trafficking in their country. If they legalize it, many young girls will probably be kidnapped…

One more extra chap to go~ UwU

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