Chapter 15 – Watching the Movie “Daughter of the Sea”

The beautiful underwater world continued, and when Olivia and Eri still hadn’t admired enough, the siren princess floated to the surface.

“Why is she going up to the surface? I haven’t seen enough,” Olivia complained.

This is exactly the effect that Hill wants, to make the pace of the movie fast, and give the audience a feeling of unfulfillment—he has seen many movies in previous lives and understands that the most important thing in commercial films is the pace.

The scenery above the sea is also very beautiful, the clouds are glowing like roses and gold, but Olivia and Eri have also seen this scenery, so they are not very interested. There was a ship parked on the sea and the siren princess swam to the side of the ship. She saw a handsome prince. Through the dialogue between the characters, she learned that today is also the prince’s birthday.

The sailors danced on the deck. When the prince walked out, more than a hundred fireworks were shot into the sky, fireworks bloomed in the air, the ship was illuminated, and the young prince looked more handsome and beautiful.

Then a seagull flew by, and the camera followed the seagull across the sea, across the deck, and then into the cabin of the ship. The seagull was frightened by the people in the cabin, and then a kind maid opened the window and let the seagull out. Then the camera came to a bird’s-eye view of the beautiful ship, and the frozen siren princess who looked up at the prince in front of the ship.

Olivia said with some surprise: “No way…”

Eri was also a little surprised: “This siren princess really seems to like the human prince.”

Olivia became happy: “What will happen to them? Will they be together?” Young girls always have a beautiful yearning for love stories, and Olivia was originally a rebellious girl, this kind of love between demons and humans, made her yearn for it very much.

Eri shook her head. She has experienced a lot of things and of course she has different opinions on it. But this is just a movie. It should be like an opera. Generally, this kind of story has a happy ending. If it is in reality… she doesn’t want to think too much. Because although the movie has not been played for long, the image of the siren princess has deeply entered their hearts, and it is deeper than the protagonist of the famous play “Princess Rose” of the Blue Sky Theater… After all, this is completely different from the performance of the opera, and in just a few minutes, Hill directly showed the innocence and beauty of the siren princess from all angles.

At this time, the picture suddenly changed, and a sea storm was coming. The storm was quite terrible, the sea was raging, with lightning and thunder. Olivia’s face couldn’t help becoming pale, after all, the picture in front of her was really terrifying. Of course, how can the magic of the Lich himself not be terrifying?

When Olivia saw that the siren princess rescued the prince after the ship was broken, she said confidently: “The human prince will be grateful, then they will be together.”

Eri shook her head, “After all, she’s a siren…”

Next is the period of the siren princess’ unrequited love. She swam to the prince’s palace and looked at the prince from a distance. When the prince was sitting alone on the edge of the palace, she was with him on the marble balcony below him to accompany him. She became lonely and isolated, and began to feel frustrated under the water by herself.

Olivia looked rather uncomfortable.

Eri let out a slow sigh.

Then the sirens held a dance party, which was a very magnificent scene. The singing and dancing of the siren princess won the applause of everyone. Olivia couldn’t help but cheer up. But immediately afterwards, the siren princess walked out of the palace alone and forlornly to her little garden, where she sat and looked out at the sea and murmured: “I love him more than my father and mother; he – I miss him every moment; I want to put the happiness of my life in his hands. I want to sacrifice everything to win him. While my sisters are dancing in my father’s official hall, I am going to visit the Lord Demon King. I have always been very afraid of him, but he may be able to teach me some ways and help me.”

Olivia’s eyes widened again.

Lord Demon King!

At this moment, she temporarily put aside the sorrow of the siren princess… Is it the Lord Demon King? Is it really the current Demon King of the demon race? Wow?!

The answer is yes, and yes, the one who appears in the next scene is the Demon King Hill himself.

The siren princess came to the Demon King’s palace. After a series of rather dark images, the noble Lord Demon King appeared in the middle of the picture. He leaned lazily on the couch, his luxurious fur resting on his body, his blood-colored pupils looked demonic and evil, he hooked his lips and smiled at the siren princess, “You’re here.”

Olivia’s heart pounded suddenly.

This Demon King is so handsome!!!

The next plot is no different from the original. The siren princess had her tongue cut off first in exchange for her legs. She endured so much and after that, she was finally with the prince together. Olivia saw tears in her eyes, Eri was also sour in her heart. She understood that true love does have to bear many, many things…

But that’s not the end of it.

The prince is going to marry the princess of a neighboring country, and he said: “The best thing I never dared to hope for has now become a reality. You will be happy for my happiness, right, because you are the one who likes me the most out of all people!”

Olivia was almost poisoned to death after hearing this sentence.

What kind of shit prince is this? Didn’t you just say that you like the siren princess the most? Why are you marrying a princess in a blink of an eye?! You still say ‘the best thing you never dared to hope for’, the siren princess is the best this ah!!! She growled like this in her brain.

Eri clenched her feather fan fiercely and said, “Men are all the same.”

Then came the wedding ceremony, the siren princess trailing the bride’s draped veil and appeared as a bridesmaid. Olivia watched with a knife in her heart, she remembered the siren princess’s thoughts about her family, remembered that she surrendered her beautiful voice, remembered that she endured the pain of stabbing her feet with the tip of a knife every day. He didn’t know it at all, and didn’t seem to want to understand at all.

In the middle of the night after the wedding, the siren princess sat on the side of the boat, and then her sisters showed up and told her that they had exchanged their beautiful hair with the Demon King for a knife, saying that if she used this knife to kill the prince and let his blood flow on her feet, she will return to her original form…

Olivia said bitterly: “I hope the siren princess can kill that prince.” At this point she had completely forgotten about the other party being a demon and the prince being a human.

Eri sighed silently, she thought she had seen the end coming.

Sure enough, the siren princess did not make a move. She turned into a bubble.

Olivia’s tears fell in big drops. This story is really too realistic and too cruel.

Although Eri was also uncomfortable, she did not cry. As a famous socialite in Magnolia City, she has experienced a lot of feelings, she has a relatively strong tolerance for this aspect.

On the screen, the last phantom of the siren princess flew to the side of the prince and the princess. Eri thought she would kiss the prince, but to her surprise, she kissed the princess on the forehead and said, “Thank you for continuing to watch over him.”

Eri finally couldn’t stand… the tears came out of her eyes.

Next is some melodramatic paragraphs, such as how sad her sisters and grandmother were after the death of siren princess, which made these two ladies unable to stop tears. After the emotional incitement, the picture suddenly turned to the surface of the sea.

The sharp knife was randomly thrown on the beach, radiating light in the sun.

One hand picked it up.

It’s the Demon King himself.

The Demon King was standing on the seashore in the evening wearing a black cloak. He looked down at the knife in his hand and his cold face revealed a little loneliness: “You are not the only girl who can’t do it,” he said.

The wind blew and his cloak fluttered up, revealing an obvious scar on his bare and sturdy chest.

He closed his eyes.

The movie ends.

Olivia stared in awe.

So, the Demon King is also a sad person?

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I suddenly remembered how I was so traumatized by this book when I was a child. I was just blankly staring at the wall for like 20 minutes wondering what the heck did I just read? That’s not how it was in the movie! LOL XD

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  1. It really is a terrible story. I was so upset the first time I read it. I like the Demon King using it this way though. Grab the hearts of the women folk and you’ve got a good start. XD

  2. Yeah… that story was supposed to mirror Hans Christen Anderson’s own experience and longing for his male friend. It really is sad to think about how he lived his life with that unrequited love and how he could only express it through this story.

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