Chapter 16 – The Demon’s enchantment is so terrible…

After the whole screen went black, what appeared next was: “Original Author: Hans Christian Andersen”

Then it was: “Filming Location: Lower Realm, Endless Sea.”

Olivia and Eri looked at each other, and they both saw each other’s astonishment: Did this actually happen in the lower realm? Is this a real thing? Or is it just a story? That poor siren princess…ooh…damn prince…

Then there’s the cast list.

Olivia looked fiercely at the “human prince” followed by “Gore” and thought, “I curse you from the bottom of my heart! Prince!

The death knight Goldnia, who was dealing with official duties in the lower realm, sneezed and wondered what was going on. Since becoming a death knight, he has not been sick for decades.

At the end of the subtitle, a line appears in big letters.

“Stay tuned for the next one – ‘The Overbearing Demon King Fell in Love with Me’

The psychedelic love story of a human girl and a demon king!”

After seeing this line, Olivia instantly remembered the mournful gaze of the Demon King when he picked up the sharp knife at the end of the movie just now. …wow, is the next movie about his story? He, he is so handsome… and is it the story of him and a human girl?! So looking forward to it!

But right now… the story of the siren princess is so sad…wuwuwu….

The mental activities of Eri on the side are similar to those of Olivia, but she is an adult after all, so she can barely restrain herself. The two women sat in the bedroom without saying a word, crying silently.

At this moment, there was a rough knock on the door, “Olivia, what’s the matter with you? What are you so late?” A slightly rude male voice rang.

It is Olivia’s elder brother, Jeffrey Jackson, who has joined the army and participated in the war.

Jeffrey Jackson is a very typical military man, but his noble background also allows him to do a qualified etiquette in social parties… At least he can barely do it, his too hot and straightforward character let him have a lot of enemies, but also let him have a lot of friends. Olivia knew that although he spoke coldly many times, he was actually good in his heart and loved his sister very much.

Olivia sniffed and yelled aggrievedly, “Brother.”

Jeffrey Jackson slammed the door open when he heard his sister’s crying voice and then he saw his sister sitting with a famous socialite in Magnolia City. He was stunned for an instant: “You, what are you doing? What’s wrong with you?”

Olivia looked at him with tears and said, “This movie…”

“What is a movie?” Jeffrey asked, he saw the projection stone and the instrument used by the projection stone over there.

“A new form of opera, there are demons in it, the siren princess…” Olivia thought of the tragic siren princess and her tears couldn’t stop. “It’s so sad, brother, why is the siren princess so pitiful? I hate these humans!”

Jeffrey was stunned when he heard Olivia’s words.

Has his sister been bewitched by the demons? Why did she suddenly say such “human traitorous” words? He looked over at the projection stone with hostility: “Is this the thing? It’s dangerous, Olivia.”

“No, brother, listen to me, this is…”

“I think you might need to calm down,” Jeffrey said coldly, and he nodded at Eri slightly, “Mrs. Dall, it’s getting late. I think you should go back. Forgive me for not seeing you off.” After speaking, Jeffrey went pass the two ladies and walked over to get the projection stone.

“Wait, brother, it’s not what you think!” Olivia said quickly.

“I need to hand in this thing. It’s very dangerous.” Jeffrey said. “You should reflect on yourself. First, you missed the whole banquet, and then you said these incomprehensible things. You are too spoiled, Olivia!”

“Brother! I have never hated you like I do now!”

But Jeffrey had already gone out and ordered his servant to guard Olivia.

As a member of the warrior faction, Jeffrey has encountered all sorts of trouble in recent days. He and his father, Duke Jackson, were actually opposed to it when the humans jointly attacked the lower realm.

Is there a contradiction between demons and humans? Have.

Some demons will go to the human world to do some illegal activities like murder and arson, but rumors that the demons eat humans are fake, because humans are not tasty. Well, as to why the demons have such a record, which, for the sake of future peace between the two communities, let’s not think about that.

There are also some demons who can’t live in the lower realm anymore, so they will also run into the human world. Some of them live in the territory of the Dark Church, and some of them hide their identities to live in the human world, but that is not easy, because generally, only the high-level demons have the ability to morph, and the high-level demons will not be in the lower realm.

In fact, the friction between demons and humans is the same as the friction between one race and another, and the former is not even as much as the latter.

The Magnolia Empire itself suffered from internal and external troubles. Inside, hot-blooded youths like Jeffrey were not promoted, and they were severely oppressed by the Oitin Empire, and Emperor Magnolia was still in a dream, thinking that he was still the strongest monarch in the mainland… When the Oitin Empire proposed to attack the Lower Realm together, Emperor Magnolia listened to some compliments saying “the strongest empire of mankind should take the lead in commending”, Emperor Magnolia then immediately decided to participate in this war.

The Jackson family is a warrior faction, but it is not the kind of mindless warrior. He certainly understands that launching a war when the political situation is unstable is also a means, but it must be based on the preservation of the spoils of the battle. The human army is now led by the Church of Light, and the Church of Light will clearly support the Oitin Empire… The distribution of the spoils can also be imagined.

And this war may not be victorious.

But helplessly, the emperor had already issued this order, so the Jackson family had no choice but to bite the bullet. Jeffrey had a conversation with the old duke before he set out. The old duke used family power and let him command the supply army. Although Jeffrey was a passionate young man, he knew the priorities, so he reluctantly agreed for the future of the empire… and then he was ridiculed by some other hot-blooded colleagues.

The final outcome is that those people will either die or be possessed by angels.

Jeffrey was kneeling on the desolate land of the Lower Realm, looking at the corpse of his colleague, his heart was full of sorrow.

The colleagues who were possessed by angels would immediately fall to the ground after the angels left. Their lives were drained by the angels. The corpses were skinny, their eyes widened, there were no pupils, they were all white, and they were still bubbling ghostly white foam… It’s terrible, it’s like being cursed…

Jeffrey didn’t know whether to hate the demons or the Church of Light.

Finally, the war ended and he returned to the Magnolia Empire exhaustedly. The Emperor Magnolia was still dreaming of the strongest empire. As expected, most of the battle results were taken away by the Oitin Empire, and Jeffrey was furious for a while.

Then, there was the matter of his sister being bewitched by the demons…


After Jeffrey handled the family affairs, he sat alone in the bedroom for a while. His hair was white and his skin was bronze, which was inherited from his grandfather’s appearance. He closed his eyes and thought quietly for a while, then opened his eyes and saw the projection stone taken from his sister casually thrown on the table.

Bewitched by the demons?

He was a little curious and walked over to hold the projection stone in his hand.

It’s boring anyway, he’ll take a look.

He is a person who has fought against the demons and will not be easily deceived.

Thinking so, he injected magic power into the projection stone, and then watched the projection stone release light.


One and a half magic hours later.

Jeffrey looked at the end tearfully, and choked with thought: Evil, the demon’s enchantment is so terrible…

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