Chapter 17 – “Lord Demon King!!! What are you doing!!!”

In the Magnolia City of the Magnolia Empire, what happened to the siblings, Jefferson and Olivia, have also happened in many places in the past few days. However, there are also cases where the projection stone is thrown aside when it is delivered.

That night was certainly painful for Olivia. First, she was tortured by the siren princess movie, and then severely reprimanded by her brother, and the projection stone was taken away. What would Jefferson do with it? Will he destroy it? Or is it really handed over to the Church of Light? She was full of questions and couldn’t sleep for a long time.

Early the next morning, Olivia was not in good spirits, and she almost fainted when the maid gave her a familiar dress. The Jackson family is accustomed to having breakfast together. Olivia came to the restaurant sullenly, where the old Duke Jackson was already sitting and reading the newspaper. Olivia took a look at it and found that it showed a state of happiness and well-being for the people of our country and the people of foreign countries in dire straits. Oh, it sounds really good. Olivia thought sarcastically in her heart.

“You are late.” The old duke’s voice sounded. He is said to be an old duke, but he is not old, he has just turned fifty. If he wants to, he can still marry a young and beautiful duchess without being talked about. The seventy-year-old Viscount next door was still married to a sixteen-year-old girl.

“I’m sorry, father,” Olivia said as she lifted the hem of her skirt and gave a bow, her voice still lifeless. The authority of the old duke at home is not to be defied. She can act like a baby before the old duke has spoken, but after he has spoken, she understands that she can only listen to it. But it is of course impossible for Olivia to be so obedient. She glanced at the empty space on the table and deliberately said: “But it seems like I’m not the last one to arrive.”

The old duke put down the newspaper. There are some wrinkles on his face, but it is not obvious. His sea-blue pupils are not turbid like ordinary old people. Instead, they are full of rigid sharpness. He has the usual brilliant blonde hair of the Jackson family: “Eugene, call that boy out for me.”

“Yes, Lord Duke,” The servant next to him bowed and said.

Jeffrey appeared with Eugene soon and Olivia was taken aback because Jeffrey’s mental state was worse than her. He wore two dark circles under his eyes, his expression wilted, his face pale, and a little weak on his feet, as if he had been ravaged all night by some famous old and fat women on the Red Light District. Since Jeffrey himself was a knight with a very high level of training, this was even more surprising.

The old duke frowned: “What’s the matter with you?”

“I just lay on the bed thinking about Ariel, and then before I knew it, it was dawn…” Jeffrey said with eyes erratic.

Ariel? A woman’s name? The old duke frowned more deeply. The eldest son of the family actually ignored the major events and became obsessed with a woman?

But Olivia suddenly remembered that the siren princess was named Ariel! She completely forgot about etiquette, she stood up and screamed: “Brother! Have you watched that! How many times have you watched it?”

Jeffrey replied subconsciously: “Twice…”

Olivia almost fainted: “There’s a limit to that! There’s only a limit of five times—! Brother! I hate you!”

In the end, the two people who were making a lot of noise were both kicked out by the old duke who was unaware of the reason but had a headache from the noise.

The Lower Realm. Desert.

The first round of publicity for the film has been completed and the next step was to wait for it to ferment a bit. Hill didn’t plan to be idle during this time. He took the chef and kitchenware(?) Irvine, who was supposed to supervise the Paladin Monroe, who was suspected of dawdling, to go around other parts of the lower world.

Just as he was about to leave the tower, the Dark Church came and sent news that the Dark Pope wants to leave his position and quit.

Hill called the death knight Goldnia, who immediately knelt down, “Great Demon Lord, please rest your anger.”

“I’m not too angry.” Hill said, he is not the old Demon King after all. He doesn’t feel much about the Dark Pope’s leaving his stall, but the real leader of the Dark Church should be him. “After all, I plan to kill him,” he said.

The Dark Church’s messenger’s body shook tremendously.

Goldnia hung his head, “Your order is the highest command.”

“My order was originally the highest command for everyone in the lower realm.” Hill said naturally: “I am the Demon King, the Demon King is me. I am not interested in democracy.” His words, when on Earth, are quite wrong, but since he has become a demon, and in this situation, Hill has many ideas to implement. Some ideas are destined to not be understood by people in this world—especially the demons, so he must be arrogant.

Goldnia couldn’t help but tremble after hearing Hill’s words—such domineering words, “Yes, Lord Demon King,” he said.

Hill looked at the messenger of the Dark Church: “So, does the Dark Pope really want to leave his position and quit? Or did he send you here to make a gesture to me? But the latter is just as bad as the former, no, worse in my opinion.”

The messenger raised his head, he had hawk-like gray eyes, and he said, “He told me the former, but as far as I can see it is the latter, Lord Demon King.”

Hill thought that this messenger had good qualifications, but he didn’t say it directly. He thought about it and said to Goldnia: “Grab the Dark Pope and lock it up. During this time, the Dark Church will be handed over to you first, and you will stay in the human realm.”

Goldnia was stunned, “The defensive force of the lower realm…”

“I’ve lost the battle. Even the army is gone. What defensive force is needed,” Hill shrugged and said lightly. “Keep the Dark Pope locked up, let him come out and have a look after the power of our movie comes out. Then give him a choice, either drink the water of river of sorrow or die. Do you have an opinion?”

“No. Lord Demon King,” Goldnia lowered his head again and answered.

There was obviously a feeling of fear in him. Hill thought for a while and said: “My sentence ‘Do you have an opinion?‘ is not a threat but a real question. Because you also know my attitude towards the Dark Church in the past, so I can’t hold it against the Dark Pope. You have always been responsible for that, so I am consulting you.”

“I think it’s okay, Lord Demon King.” Goldnia thought for a moment and said, “But I can’t stay in the human realm for long, so the Dark Pope will still have to return to his position, no matter who it is.”

“I know that the impact of our film will spread very quickly,” Hill said briskly, he is still confident in this regard.

Hill has no pressure to deal with such a major event. The reason is very simple. The lower realm has been completely destroyed. The current demons have reached a low level, so he is really barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes. Another reason is that although he identifies with the lower world and the demon race, he still lacks a sense of empathy for the life of this world, so he just seems to be playing a game and casually says, “Kill.” This word.

In fact, sometimes when he sleeps at night, Hill also thinks about which lives he has destroyed during the day. He feels a bit complicated, but he knows that his current state is actually good for the revitalization of the lower realm.

“Well, I’m about to go out and I was delayed by this trivial thing,” Hill said casually.

Spike, the envoy of the Dark Church over there, once again trembled greatly. They, they really underestimated the Demon King. So, this thing, in the eyes of Lord Demon King, is just something trivial?!

In fact, this matter is not a trivial matter even in the lower realm. Hill said this because he temporarily focused his attention on what he wanted to do, and everything else was trivial. And he also knew that if the forces in the lower realm could succeed, the lower realm wouldn’t be so miserable now.

Among other things, even if the Dark Pope of the Dark Church suddenly gained a tiger body as if he was possessed by the male protagonist of a YY novel, and then suddenly expanded the Dark Church’s power to occupy half of the Magnolia Continent… What will happen if the angels of the Church of Light descend again? This move alone will not work for them.

That’s why Hill thought of cultural invasion, to shake them up ideologically…

And also, to keep the angels from coming!


One day, Hill asked Monroe inadvertently, “Speaking of which, you are very lucky that you were not possessed by an angel.”

Monroe was taken aback, and after a second of silence, he said, “…Hmm.”

“But for believers like you, being possessed by an angel should be a gift.” Hill said with a rather heartless smile: “Otherwise, you might not be able to kill a high-level demon with your lifetime of effort.”

There was a little anger in Monroe’s eyes, but he remained silent in the end.

“You really believe in the God of Light,” Hill said.

“Of course!” Monroe didn’t hesitate.

“Really?” Hill asked with a sudden low laugh.

Monroe was startled, “Of course—are you insulting the faith of a paladin?”

“Not really.” Hill said. “It is to consider a certain possibility… that you also love the Church without reservation?”

Monroe was silent for two seconds, “…Yes.”

Hill smiled and left. He got most of the answers he needed then.

Known information 1: Monroe and the Church of Light have some unspeakable past, he has doubts about the Church of Light.

Known information 2: The angel tried to possess Monroe but failed. As for the reason, please refer to Known Information 1.

So why let Monroe follow him every time, why also let Monroe hear some news.

Because this way, he can be used to the fullest.

When he left the Blackrock Tower for the desert, Hill, as usual, asked Monroe to follow.

Monroe unobtrusively surveyed the Dark Church messenger Spike, and accurately identified his identity – one of the five messengers of the Dark Church back then, after the end of the war between the demons and humans, only two of the five messengers survived.

Hill walked in the front and said casually: “Ah, I seem to have to report to you, Monroe, the news he brought is that our Dark Pope has decided to leave his position, so I am going to kill him.”

As soon as these words were spoken, the corners of Irvine’s mouth twitched. Hey Lord Demon King, can you not be so honest? Although this information will eventually spread out, but you’re too casual to say that, right?!

Monroe was stunned and had the urge to report this information to the Church of Light immediately—this is the most valuable information he has received since coming to the lower world!

Then Monroe heard Hill’s next sentence:

“Why don’t you transfer to the Dark Knight and become the Pope of the Dark Church? I’ll open the back door for you.”

Monroe: …

Irvine: …

Irvine puffed out a small volcanic eruption in shock:

“Lord Demon King!!! What are you doing!!!”

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Barefoot and not afraid of wearing shoes – Someone who has nothing is not afraid of losing to someone who has everything since he won’t lose anything in the end

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