BH (QT) 152 – Mine Owner (1)

Chapter 152 – Mine Owner (1)

Yan Jing Ze felt a sharp pain in his head as if it was about to explode. At the same time, there are some noisy sounds around him constantly, making him even more irritable.

Fortunately, the waves of severe pain slowly disappeared, and he could finally hear the sounds around him clearly.

“My lord’s mental power has stopped declining, it has become stronger!”

“Mental power is improving! God! It’s already SSS!”

“God! The mental strength tester is broken! The mental strength must have surpassed the SSS!”

“My Lord, is this the second mental awakening ?”

“Will this make the lord’s situation worse?”

“My lord’s mental power has calmed down! It’s really great!”

What Lord? What mental power? Yan Jing Ze felt a little uncomfortable and didn’t want to hear such a sound…

Almost as soon as this thought rose in his mind, a powerful mental force spread out from his body.

The people around him were all immobilized under the suppression of this mental power. At the same time, all the equipment used to detect mental power in the room was instantly destroyed by the violent mental power.

The expensive equipment was destroyed, and they themselves were injured, but those who gathered around Yan Jing Ze were still filled with ecstasy.

What a powerful and smooth mental power this is!

Their Lord had a mental power riot before, so his life is not long, and even had to hide, but now, their Lord’s mental power has mutated, not only has it become stronger, but it’s also not violent!

Such a powerful and smooth mental power is a treasure for any warrior. Their Lord will be the veritable king of the night again!

Under mental suppression, these people bent deeply and trembled their bodies with excitement.

The surrounding sounds disappeared, Yan Jing Ze felt a little more comfortable, and the whole person was awake. He finally opened his eyes and the mental power he spread out automatically withdrew.

He found himself lying in a… coffin?

No, this should not be a coffin but some research equipment.

Yan Jing Ze looked around vigilantly, no, not looking… He didn’t need to use his eyes to perceive everything around him.

He found himself wearing a thin suit of some unknown material and was being soaked in a rectangular glass box filled with a viscous liquid and connected to many tubes.

His entire body was submerged in the liquid, but it did not affect his breathing, and outside the glass enclosure, there were all sorts of strange apparatus, and there were more than a dozen people standing there, looking very excited.

Did he traverse as a laboratory subject used for experiments?

Yan Jing Ze didn’t have the memory of himself before traversing, and he didn’t have the memory of this body, but he naturally knew some things, for example, his name was Yan Jing Ze.

At this moment, his heart was extremely alert.

Just when Yan Jing Ze was considering whether to continue to stay in this glass “coffin” and wait for an opportunity to act, or rush out to find trouble with people outside, those who were standing by the wall came over.

In turn, Yan Jing Ze subconsciously looked over, his face full of innocence, his eyes clear, pretending not to know anything.

Then he heard a blond, blue-eyed, forty-year-old man walking in the front in surprise, saying, “My Lord is awake!”

Immediately afterwards, other people came over: “My lord, it’s great that you’re awake!”

“Congratulations, My Lord, your mental power has become stronger!”

“My Lord! Your light will shine throughout the galaxy!”

Yan Jing Ze: “…” The eyes of these people looking at him are really too numbing, and he can still feel the mental power of these people full of joy, awe, and obedience.

So, these people are not the villains who captured him for experiments, but his subordinates?

But now this situation…what happened to him? Or what happened to the original owner?

Yan Jing Ze tried to sit up.

As soon as he moved, the lid of the glass “coffin” opened automatically.

When he sat up with a body full of liquid, the sticky clear liquid also quickly rolled off him, giving him a feeling of relief all over.

But he didn’t dare to relax, after all, he didn’t know where this was, or who these people were.

Yan Jing Ze found it difficult not to show his feet, and finally asked, “Who are you?”

He might as well pretend to have amnesia!

Yan Jing Ze was very worried, afraid that these people in front of him would doubt him. He didn’t expect that these people would not doubt at all. The blond and blue-eyed middle-aged man at the front gave him a reason: “My Lord, you don’t remember us? Don’t worry, it should be because of the second development of mental power, so you lost your memory for a short time.”

Others also looked concerned: “My Lord, are you still uncomfortable?”

“Do you want to do another detailed examination?”

“Don’t worry, everything will be fine when you adapt to your mental power.”

Yan Jing Ze secretly breathed a sigh of relief and looked at these people: “So… who am I and where is this place?”

After Yan Jing Ze asked this question, the blond, blue-eyed middle-aged man began to explain to him his identity, or should he say, the identity of the original owner.

The original owner is a very powerful person. Well, it’s not that the original owner is powerful, but the original owner’s father.

The world he traveled through was an interstellar world and the place he was in was the Galactic Alliance.

In the entire galaxy, there are a total of 98 habitable planets that have been developed and inhabited by humans. Although the regimes on these planets are different, they form the Galactic Alliance together to fight against all kinds of terrible creatures in the universe or other races other than humans.

There are many planets, and the resources of each planet are different, and the gap between the rich and the poor in the Galactic Alliance is also very wide.

On some planets, land is cheap and no one wants to buy it, and some planets have expensive land; in some places, high-tech products are everywhere in science and technology, and in other places, the level of science and technology is similar to when humans did not enter the era of the universe; some people can drive spaceships throughout the galaxy to run around, and there are many people have no opportunity to leave their own planet.

Of course, although the gap between the rich and the poor is large, abundant resources can make everyone eat and wear clothes. Coupled with the control of information, all the people feel that they live in a free and equal society.

But in fact, it’s not.

Those in power with huge possessions, spaceships, and powerful armed forces can explore new planets and find new resources, and they will unsurprisingly get richer and richer.

The resources are gradually concentrated, and in the end, they will eventually fall into the hands of a few people, or even into the hands of one person… the original owner is that person.

The ancestor of the original owner was the marshal who led mankind to the universe, and he left several resource stars for his descendants at that time.

His descendants are also very smart, using the resources on these planets to support some armed forces.

Later, when the times changed, the regime of the Galactic Alliance changed and changed, but the original owner’s family stood firm. Even after thousands of years of exploration, he possessed more resource planets, and even have several undisclosed, habitable private planets, their family feeds an increasingly large armed forces…

Since two hundred years ago, the original owner’s family has become the most powerful family in the Galactic Alliance.

The military armed forces of the Galactic Alliance are the eight major legions, and these eight legions are inextricably related to the original owner’s family, and all accept the support of the original owner family. Among them, several legions are completely obedient to the original owner’s family.

The Patriarch of the original owner’s family will also automatically become the marshal in charge of the eight legions.

But ordinary people don’t even know the existence of the original owner’s family. The original owner’s family is also very low-key, not only does not harm ordinary people, but is also very friendly to them-after all, these people have worked hard all their lives to create for their family’s wealth.

It’s just that people who are too rich and have everything in their lives may feel bored because they don’t know what to pursue.

The original owner’s grandfather was addicted to interstellar exploration, and then disappeared to who knows where.

The original owner’s father was also addicted to interstellar exploration and also disappeared.

In the end, the original owner became the patriarch at a young age, and the only marshal of the Galactic Alliance.

This is a person who has stood at the end since he was born, but the original owner had an unpleasant life.

This starts with the original owner’s “warrior” status.

The Galactic Alliance was once attacked by a terrible creature in the interstellar, and the ancestors of the original owners were the ones who took control of the power and became richer and richer in the battle between humans and that creature.

In the hundreds of years of confrontation, some people have evolved, and they have begun to possess a powerful force—mental power.

Such people were called galactic warriors at the time, and later everyone referred to them as warriors for short. The first warrior recorded in history happened to be the ancestor of the original owner.

Warriors have strong mental powers, but there is a weakness, that is, their overly powerful and aggressive mental powers are sometimes out of their control.

In the war at that time, many powerful warriors died because their mental power was out of control.

It is also at this time that humans have evolved another kind of person. This kind of person also has mental power, but unlike warriors, after awakening mental power, they can naturally have strong bodies, their bodies have always been soft, their mental power is also very calm.

Such peaceful mental power cannot be used in combat, but it can help warriors sort out the violent mental power and protect them from the pain of mental power riots.

These people are called auxiliary masters.

It is the emergence of warriors and auxiliary masters that allow humans to occupy the entire galaxy.

The warrior and the auxiliary master can also merge the mental power, and this is called a bond. Generally speaking, as long as the warrior can combine with an auxiliary master with a higher matching degree with him, he will no longer have to worry about his mental power getting out of control!

In the current Galactic Alliance, the mental power levels of warriors are classified from low to high as F, E, D, C, B, A, S, SS and the strongest SSS.

Now in the entire Galactic Alliance, there is not a single SSS-level warrior, but there are a few SS-level warriors, all of which are the commanders of the eight legions. Even the S-level warriors, there are only a few hundred soldiers.

As for auxiliary masters, their mental power levels are divided the same as warriors, but are generally lower than warrior levels. The strongest today is the S-class and there are only a few dozen of them.

The original owner’s family genes are undoubtedly the best in the entire Galactic Alliance, and several SSS-class warriors have come out of his ancestors, and the original owner has had SS-class mental power since birth.

This is a good thing and a bad thing.

The original owner’s mental power was too powerful and aggressive that it became uncontrollable, so much so that in the early years, he was nearly killed because of mental power riots.

Moreover, since the original owner’s mental power had a problem, he couldn’t manage the powerful commercial “empire” under his hand, as well as the Eight Legions.

People with strong mental power will also have strong fighting and learning abilities. A SS-ranked warrior, even at a young age, can be a very good person in power.

But people who have had a mental power riot cannot do it.

They will fall into boundless pain and have no energy to do anything else.

The original owner’s grandfather and father have disappeared, and his mental power has gone wrong again. Now in the Eight Legions, several army commanders are ready to move, coveting the original master’s position.

Yan Jing Ze learned about the original owner in a very short time and felt a little sympathetic to the original owner.

The original owner was born as the proud son of heaven, but unfortunately, because of the mental power riot, he was gone so early not accomplishing anything.

Although he doesn’t know who he was before crossing, he’s really good at choosing who to wear! He surprisingly wore a man standing on top of the world!

With this status, he basically can do whatever he wants to do, eat whatever he wants to eat, and don’t need to be afraid of anything.

Of course, he himself is also great.

If he doesn’t have the ability, even if he wore this person, he will probably be ousted, and he may even die without a burial place, but he has the ability.

He is a genius! Possessing a mental power far beyond ordinary people, his mental power even surpasses the strongest in the history of the Galactic Alliance!

The people around the original owner were actually worried that the original owner would be killed by those legion commanders, but now, they don’t have to worry at all.

After all, he is so powerful!

“My Lord, now that you have such a strong mental power, you don’t need to be afraid of anything. Your whereabouts don’t need to be covered anymore and your wedding can be carried out in a fair manner…” The blond middle-aged man said.

“What? Wedding?” Yan Jing Ze was stunned. The original owner is going to get married? Was he going to be married to a stranger? He refuse!

“Sorry, My Lord, I forgot to tell you… You chose an auxiliary master for yourself as your marriage partner,” the blond middle-aged man said again. He is the butler of the original owner, named Allen, who is a powerful S-rank warrior.

The S-class warrior has a lofty status in the Galactic Alliance, but he is respectful in front of Yan Jing Ze, and his mental power even exudes subservience from the inside out.

These loyal men who are ready to die for the original owner are what the original owner’s father left for him.

Yan Jing Ze learned from Allen what the original owner’s marriage was all about.

After the mental power riots of the original owner, he naturally wanted to find an auxiliary master with soft mental power to appease his mental power. But the original owner not only has strong mental power, but also has a low matching degree with the auxiliary masters. Almost no auxiliary master can exceed 30% match with him.

The original owner couldn’t find a suitable auxiliary master, so he could only wait to die. As a result, at this time, the Xia family, who was famous in the capital and had many auxiliary masters, suddenly awakened an S-level female auxiliary master.

The original owner went to see her once in disguise and found that this female auxiliary master had a 50% match with him!

Only at this time, the original owner’s physical condition is already very bad and the Eighth Legion keeps making small movements. There are also people from the Eighth Legion around this female auxiliary master…

The original owner and his subordinates planned to secretly get this female auxiliary master out.

It just so happened that they learned that this female auxiliary master had a marriage contract from a young age to a wealthy mine owner, so they bought that person’s mine and identity directly, and then went to the Capital Star to ask for marriage.

They also knew that the Xia family was not necessarily willing, and they were even ready to force the Xia family if they didn’t agree, or to show the Xia family a little bit of preparation, but they didn’t expect the Xia family to agree with it all.

However, before they sent someone to pick up that Miss Xia, the original owner’s mental power rioted again…

For a while, no one cared about that Miss Xia anymore, but… he got news that the Xia family took the initiative to send people there.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yan Jing Ze took out his contact terminal and checked the situation of Miss Xia on the Internet.

The original owner’s marriage partner is named Xia Qiqi, who ranks seventh in the Xia family. She is a very, very beautiful woman. Reading the news on the Internet, she also has many admirers.

But there is no news on the Internet that she is going to get married.

“She really agreed to get married?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“Agreed, the Xia family’s spacecraft is coming to our manor,” Butler Allen said.

“I don’t want to marry her, I don’t like her,” Yan Jing Ze said without hesitation. He faintly felt that he came to this place to find someone but who he was looking for was definitely not this woman.

“My Lord, although your mental power has improved now, it is still too strong. You need a suitable auxiliary master…” Butler Allen said.

“I will find one myself!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Butler Allen looked at Yan Jing Ze worriedly and persuaded: “My Lord, Miss Xia is already the most suitable auxiliary master we can find.”

“There must be better. In fact, I don’t think I need an auxiliary master.” Yan Jing Ze can feel that his mental power is very peaceful, there is no problem at all, and there is no need for an auxiliary master at all.

“But the Xia family has already sent Miss Xia…you should meet her anyway. She is a very beautiful lady; I believe you will like her.”

Yan Jing Ze was really not interested in seeing that Miss Xia, he rejected it from the bottom of his heart.

At this moment, someone came in again: “My Lord, there is news from the manor.”

“What news?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“The Xia family did not send Miss Xia… It is said that a young master of the Xia family took a fancy to this marriage and snatched the marriage from Miss Xia.”

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

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