BH (QT) 153 – Mine Owner (2)

Chapter 153 – Mine Owner (2)

Although Yan Jing Ze did not have the memory of the original owner, he was speechless when he heard this.

The Xia family’s lie is so absurd… Do they think others are stupid?

A young master of the Xia family took a fancy to this marriage and snatched the marriage from the young lady of Xia family? This is impossible!

The S-level auxiliary masters are too precious. There are no more than 60 S-grade auxiliary masters in the entire Galactic Alliance. There are less than ten young and beautiful like Xia Qiqi who have not yet made a bond with anyone.

Such a person is probably held as a treasure in the Xia family. Who can snatch her marriage?

Of course, the Xia family did not disclose her S-level auxiliary master identity, saying that she was only A-level. Her true level was discovered in private by the people on the original owner’s side, but even the A-level auxiliary master was very precious.

The Xia family probably was reluctant to marry their daughter, so another son was brought over. This son is probably not talented.

“This Xia family…heh!” Butler Allen sneered and a cold light flashed in his very submissive eyes when facing Yan Jing Ze.

“I can’t blame them. If I were the Xia family, I wouldn’t be willing to marry off such a talented daughter. But now, is it possible to send that Young Master Xia back directly?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

The original owner died shortly due to physical reasons. The eight legions under his hand wanted to be independent and some people wanted to kill the original owner… So, the original owner replaced the fiancé of Miss Xia, a mine owner to propose marriage.

Although the owner of this mine is rich and an A-level warrior, he is definitely not a big deal compared to the top young people of Capital Star.

After all, the number of S-level warriors are much more than that of S-level auxiliary masters. There are hundreds of them, and there are at least twenty of them who are close to Xia Qiqi’s age and haven’t formed a bond yet. And these people basically still have a family history that far exceeds the Xia family.

With Xia Qiqi’s talent, he can marry an S-rank warrior.

Both the original owner and Allen were prepared for the Xia family’s disapproval, they actually just wanted to use this identity to get in touch with the Xia family.

After getting in touch with the Xia family, they will give the Xia family a little gift, throwing them a few planets, they believe that the Xia family will agree.

After all, the Xia family is now quite short of money.

However, because of a sudden problem with Yan Jing Ze’s mental power, although Butler Allen has asked someone to talk about the marriage, he has not had time to contact the Xia family.

It was the Xia family who agreed to the marriage and took the initiative to send people to the door. At first, they didn’t tell them that the one sent was actually the young master of the Xia family, not that Xia Qiqi.

“My Lord, you can’t let the Xia family go easily,” Butler Allen said. When he first learned that the Xia family sent people, he still thought that the Xia family was pretty good, but now he is disgusted with the Xia family: “The Xia family owes us a lot of money.”

The Xia family is a big family with aristocratic status and has many auxiliary masters, but most of the Xia family’s warriors are not promising, and they have been “making money” by marrying their auxiliary masters off these years.

Oh, not all of the warriors of the Xia family were hopeless. A few years ago, a powerful A-level soldier came out of the Xia family, and he sat all the way to the position of major general, but it was a pity that he suddenly disappeared more than a year ago.

The mine owner who was engaged to Xia Qiqi lives on a remote planet. Although there is a mine at home, he is very, very rich, but in the eyes of the capital star, he is a rich man in the countryside. They actually look down on this mine owner.

But the mine owner felt that a nobleman like the Xia family was very noble.

Xia Qiqi was awakened for the second time and became an S-level auxiliary master. At the beginning, she was actually an E-grade waste auxiliary master.

The Xia family relied on the fact that the auxiliary master was more precious, and the aristocratic status of the Xia family made Xia Qiqi, who was only an E-level auxiliary master at that time, engaged to the mine owner. Over the years, they have successively borrowed a lot of money from the mine owner’s home.

Now, the original owner has even bought the identity of the mine owner, and of course these IOUs are in their hands.

In addition, they actually brought a lot of things with them before they went to propose. It is estimated that the Xia family just wanted those things, and they were reluctant to give out their baby girl, so they found a fake to send.

“You handle it,” Yan Jing Ze said, suddenly thinking of something: “This young master of the Xia family is also a victim, don’t hurt others.”

“Yes, My Lord.” Butler Allen said: “You are really a kind person.” When he said that, Allen glanced at Yan Jing Ze with emotion.

His Lordship probably had too much mental power so he had physical discomfort. He had a bad temper since he was a child. After a mental riot a few years ago, he became even more moody… If he was like before, he would definitely not make the young master of the Xia family feel better.

Now that the adult’s mental strength has improved, the whole person is also peaceful… His Lordship is really a gentle person.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know Allen’s thoughts.

After a long conversation with Allen, he was hungry, and at this moment, someone delivered delicious food.

He is actually on a spaceship right now, heading for the capital star.

When ordinary people get on the spaceship and enter the vast universe, there is no way to communicate with people on the planet, but the original owner’s spaceship is different, which allowed him to learn about the news in his estate located near the capital star.

Not only that, because he was rich enough, he didn’t need to eat those convenient portable nutritious foods during the cosmic voyage – his chef cooked extra delicious food for him.

The white dew mushrooms that grow on the white roots of the snowy mountains of the planet Havel, the red eels that can only be found on the planet Kekasi, a thousand dollars’ worth of spiced pork cooked with truffles…

Yan Jing Ze found it very delicious. After asking about the types of ingredients, he was stunned.

This meal of his cost at least a regular house in the capital star.

The life of the original owner is really extravagant.

However, the original owner should indeed be more extravagant, he is the only one in his family, and he has more money than he can spend.

The expensive spaceship turned on the cloaking mode, originally it was flying forward, but because of the good mental power of Yan Jing Ze, it drove forward slowly, and also under the guidance of Allen, it changed to a scenic route – Yan Jing Ze likes to enjoy the scenery of the universe.

Yan Jing Ze is very satisfied.

As a result, halfway through, the spacecraft received a distress signal.

The original owner did a full set of the show. A few days ago, he went to the mine owner’s planet to get his identity certificate. The name on the identity certificate was the same as him, called Yan Jing Ze.

And they are now rushing to the direction of the capital star from the planet that the mine owner owns—the mineral star.

The mineral star is far away from the capital star and is relatively remote. Nowadays, most people will not come to the place where they are. And such a weak distress signal, if not for the original owner’s advanced spacecraft, they’d probably not be able to receive it.

“Contact them and let’s go save the people,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Allen praised Yan Jing Ze again, saying that Yan Jing Ze was kind.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He only saw someone asking for help and intended to save them, it’s not exactly kindness, right? However, judging from the attitude of the people around him… the original owner doesn’t seem to have a good temper.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t think too much. In this world, the role of mental power is too strong. With strong mental power, he has strong combat power. With his current mental power… he doesn’t need to be afraid of anyone.

It was a planet marked “Dangerous” on the map and the number was WA865.

Ordinary people can only see that it has a high level of danger, but Yan Jing Ze is different, Allen directly gave him the information of this planet: “Lord, this planet is a planet with life, but the creatures on it are too dangerous, and there are many very rare viruses and various toxic substances in it, so it was marked as dangerous.”

“Will we be affected if we go to save people?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“No,” Allen said confidently.

Then it’s okay…

The spacecraft slowly approached the planet, a splendid world then appeared in front of Yan Jing Ze through the spacecraft’s exploration instruments.

The plants on this planet are all colorful, and in the middle of these colorful plants, there are some huge black creatures weaving in and out of them.

These are some very powerful creatures.

Yan Jing Ze looked at those creatures and a strong battle intent rose up in his body.

He wants to go down and fight! By the way, also use his mental power!

Mental power is what he has now to save his life, he can’t always not use it.

WA865 planet, a certain tree several dozen meters high.

Major General Xia Weicheng of the Eighth Legion looked at the signal instrument in his hand that had completely lost its energy, and his expression turned ugly.

He and his men had been trapped on this planet for more than a year.

More than a year ago, he was ordered to patrol the area, and as a result, the warship he was on was suddenly attacked, and then he landed on this planet.

He was an A-class warrior and he had several A-class warriors under him. The warship had a lot of supplies, so they were able to last so long on this planet, but now, they were close to not being able to hold on.

After all, the animals and plants on this planet contain toxins, they can’t eat them at all, and the food and water they brought to this planet are about to run out.

If it weren’t for that, he wouldn’t have used up his last chance to call for help.

“Major General, what do we do now?” One of Xia Weicheng’s men asked Xia Weicheng.

“Maybe someone will come to rescue us soon.” Xia Wei Cheng licked his dry and cracked lips and smiled at his men.

He felt that he was more than likely going to die on this planet…

His hunch was very accurate. Just as he thought he would die here, he saw a few monsters suddenly running towards them.

There are many huge black monsters that are tens of meters high on this planet. These black monsters look like dinosaurs. They eat grass and have no wisdom. But he doesn’t know why, they are very repulsive to people like them, and whenever they see them, they will attack them and even eat them.

They have several comrades who have died in the mouth of such monsters.

Normally, they actually hide underground so that this black monster can’t find them, but today, in order to better get the signal out, they climbed up a tree.

No, they were discovered by this black monster!

But it’s okay, they basically can’t go back, it’s better to die happily in the battle!

Unfortunately, their mecha’s energy has long been depleted, so if they go straight to fight like this, they probably can’t even kill one monster.

Xia Wei Cheng smiled bitterly, gripped the weapon in his hand, leapt down from the tree and rushed towards the black monster running at the front.

As a result, he had just jumped on the black monster when a mecha suddenly fell from the sky…

Xia Weicheng reacted quickly, jumped to the side, and successfully dodged… In fact, he didn’t rely on his own jump to escape, it was the huge mental power that grabbed him and threw him aside.

Xia Weicheng was just thrown so much that he fell headlong into the fallen leaves.

He finally got up and saw that the mecha had hit the terrible monster just now.

That creature that was hard for him to beat, with a strength of at least A-class, was just smashed to death by a mecha…?

Xia Weicheng gasped.

After he noticed the shape of the mecha, the whole person was even more excited and speechless.

He didn’t say anything, but his men who were still in the tree spoke up, “It’s the God of War! It’s the God of War!”

They all knew this mech! It was the God of War of the Galactic Alliance, a mecha that belonged exclusively to Lord Marshal!

The Lord Marshal is unpredictable, but every time the Alliance is in crisis, he will appear wearing the God of War!

Although Xia Weicheng was a major general, he never knew who the marshal was, and he had never seen the God of War in person. He suddenly saw it at this time and his excitement can be imagined.

However, he was also a little puzzled.

Why did the God of War, which was touted as the strongest mecha and had to have at least SS-rank mental power to be able to activate it, stop moving after smashing a black creature to death?

Yan Jing Ze inside the mecha: “…” This thing… he used it for the first time, he doesn’t know how operate it!

Yan Jing Ze studied how to use this mecha.

Then Xia Weicheng saw the God of War suddenly moved and seemed to want to stand up, but in the end, he only rolled and rolled to the side.

Xia Weicheng: “???”

The black monsters had already gone crazy because of the death of their companion and rushed directly towards the mecha.

“Be careful!” Xia Weicheng shouted, and at this moment, he saw the mecha’s hatch opened.

Then, a man who looked very young got out of the mecha.

Xia Wei Cheng’s heart “thumped”, worried – could it be that the one who came was not the Lord Marshal? This person does not know how to operate the mecha, so he came out of the mecha?

These monsters are too powerful, if there is no mecha, the average person with bare hands and fists, certainly cannot beat them…

Xia Weicheng was worried, and suddenly felt a powerful, almost limitless mental power. At the same time, the young man stretched out a fist, and the fist wrapped in powerful mental power knocked out a black monster.

This…is really too powerful!

Xia Weicheng was stunned.

The man, however, was still fighting, and the monsters that they could not even defeat using their mechas before were easily beaten under the hands of this man.

“Major General, is that the Lord Marshal?” One of Xia Weicheng ‘s men asked.

“That should be him!” Xia Weicheng said, looking at the man without blinking his eyes – this man’s mental power is at least SSS level!

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already beaten down several of the nearby black monsters.

He felt that his muscles and bones were still stiff, but that was all he could do for the time being… Yan Jing Ze turned his head and looked at the few people who were wearing military uniforms but were already similar to the savages: “Alliance soldiers? Which regiment?”

“Xia Weicheng of the Eighth Legion reports to you!” Xia Weicheng said, with a choked voice, “You are Lord Marshal?”

“Yes,” Yan Jing Ze acknowledged.

Xia Wei Cheng is already in his fifties, although he is relatively young nowadays when the average life expectancy of a warrior is two hundred years, he has experienced a lot and has long since become mature and stable.

But now, this mature man knelt on the ground and cried directly: “Lord Marshal…”

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