BH (QT) 154 – Mine Owner (3)

Chapter 154 – Mine Owner (3)

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The capital star is inhabited by billions of talented people of the Galactic Alliance and these people consume a lot of food every day. The Capital Star itself cannot produce enough food to cover it. The vast majority of the vegetables and meat on the Capital Star are actually supplied by the planet Kamil, a moon-based planet of the capital.

Kamil is actually a habitable planet, warm and humid, with water and land, but the planet has no other resources, no good schools and jobs. Because of the proximity of the Capital Star, all the talented people also run to the Capital Star, over time, this has become a specialized planting planet.

There are many manors on this planet. The wealthy people in Capital Star like to buy manors here as an investment.

Xia Zixiu is now in a manor.

This manor is not big, it belongs to his husband, Yan Jing Ze, a mine owner from a remote galaxy.

Looking at the information about Yan Jing Ze given to him by the Xia family in the contact terminal, Xia Zixiu took a deep breath.

He didn’t expect that he would actually fall to this point.

Xia Zixiu was born in the Capital Star, also born in a noble family. Although the family is a bit big and also a bit messy, but his parents are very affectionate, they also love him very much. In addition, he is also a precious B-level auxiliary master, he has been very happy since he was a child.

He has high expectations of himself and likes to learn all kinds of things. He also set a goal from his childhood to get into the Central Military University and become a battlefield commander. He has been working hard towards this goal, even getting into the Central Military University two years ago as he wished.

However, more than a year ago, his father suddenly disappeared and his life took a turn.

His father was a Major General in the Eighth Legion of the Alliance and the best warrior in the Xia family. With his father, his life went smoothly and he had never encountered setbacks, but when his father disappeared, he began to suffer successive blows.

His mother was convinced that his father had not died, and she wanted to know the specifics, so she went to the Eighth Legion to ask for information, yet nothing could be found.

It just so happened that a big news broke at that time – Fu Fei, who grew up with him as a classmate, turned out to be the only son of the Eighth Legion Commander who had been lost for many years!

He had been in contact with Fu Fei before and had a good relationship, so he made an appointment with Fu Fei, wanting to ask him to find his father.

However, Fu Fei not only refused, but even scolded him for worshiping money, disliking the poor and loving the rich.

He was just asking Fu Fei to meet him at a cafe to ask about his father, and he was slapped with such a label?

But this has little impact on his life, and he can’t afford to offend Fu Fei, so he can only give up and think of another way.

He contacted many people one after another, but could not find out news about his father, and that’s not all, the Xia family is still dragging its feet.

There are many Xia family members and they are a little messy. His father and the Xia family have a bad relationship, so he moved out very early. But it is precisely because of this that every time they went back in the past, the Xia family is good to them, they did not put up defenses against the Xia family.

His third uncle said he could find mercenaries to find his father. His mother thought it was a good idea and gave his third uncle the family’s savings.

However, his third uncle didn’t look for the mercenaries, but instead left Capital Star with the money and squandered around. They went to his third aunt for money, and his third aunt blamed them for giving the money to his third uncle.

His mother almost got mad.

His younger brother is in poor health and has a rare genetic disease. He spends most of his time in the medical cabin, requiring huge medical expenses.

In addition, after his father moved out of the Xia family, he did not spend any money from the Xia family. Instead, he mortgaged a house by himself and got a mortgage every month.

Originally, his father’s income could cover his younger brother’s medical expenses and mortgage, and he could save part of it, but after his father disappeared, these expenses became a big problem.

He and his mother became strapped for cash and began to worry about money, but fortunately they were both auxiliary masters so it wasn’t hard to make money.

The number of auxiliary masters is much smaller than that of warriors. Many warriors can’t find a contract with auxiliary masters. For mental power problems, they either drink soothing medicine or spend money to ask auxiliary masters to help sort out.

If the auxiliary masters want to make extra money, they can help the warriors to sort out their mental power.

He went to do such a job.

At first things went well, but later, a soldier wanted to do something to him in the process of easing his mental power. After he called the police, the man still bit back, saying that he was the first to seduce people.

Fortunately, he was prepared for a long time, and recorded the specific situation with the contact terminal, so that he was not framed.

But for a long time, the nobles of Capital Star felt that the auxiliary masters could only sort out the mental power of the people who had a bond with him, and it was embarrassing to do this kind of work.

Nowadays, science and technology are advanced. As long as you have the genes of two people, you can nurture children. Therefore, men and women, men and men, and women and women can get married freely. The bond between a warrior and an auxiliary master is equivalent to marriage, even better than a marriage certificate. It has a more legal effect, because once the bond is settled, they can perceive all the emotions of the other half, which is a more intimate relationship than a physical relationship.

And warriors and auxiliary masters need to be completely undefended from each other, fusing their mental powers together in order to set the bond, and once the bond is set, it can’t be easily undone – if you want to undo it, both parties’ mental power levels will drop.

Therefore, the bond between the warrior and the auxiliary master is equivalent to getting married.

And the auxiliary masters can comb the mental power of the warriors in the case of an indefinite contact. Although not all emotions are shared like a fixed bond, they can also perceive some emotions with each other, so many warriors will ask their own auxiliary masters not to sort out other warriors’ mental power.

What’s more, some warriors are directly reluctant to set a bond with those auxiliary masters who have done mental combing for many warriors.

Of course, those who do this are basically nobles or strong warriors. For ordinary warriors… they simply cannot find auxiliary masters at all.

For this very reason, when it was publicized that he and his mother depended on this way to earn money, the noble students who were in the same school as him began to look at him with different eyes.

Some people approached him directly, saying that they were willing to give him money as long as he provided “services.”

For a while, his reputation became surprisingly bad in the Capital Star, and some warriors swore that he was selling his body.

He was a B-level auxiliary master, and there were always many warriors around to pursue him, but now, all his original suitors have disappeared. Some of them have started to tarnish his reputation, and many of them even bragged to people that they had paid to sleep with him.

All these things made him laugh in anger.

He was annoyed beyond belief, and as a result, at this time, his brother had an accident and turned out to be seriously ill.

He needed a large sum of money and could only ask the Xia family for help, and as a result, the Xia family asked him to marry Yan Jing Ze.

He didn’t want to betray himself and get married, he didn’t want to agree, but his brother must get medical expenses right away… The Xia family also said that he can get along with Yan Jing Ze first, and then decide whether to get married. He also agreed and came to this manor, waiting for the arrival of Yan Jing Ze.

Here, in addition to him, there are only two staff members. The two of them basically don’t have contact with him but they make him quite comfortable. He also started to consider the pros and cons of marrying Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze is the mine owner of a remote galaxy. He should not have messy requirements for auxiliary masters like the nobles of the Capital Star. Maybe he will agree to let him continue his education.

Moreover, this man is very rich. By marrying him, his economic crisis can be relieved…

Actually, getting married is also good.

Xia Zixiu laughed at himself thinking of this.

He didn’t expect that he would have such a day.

In fact, he can discuss with Yan Jing Ze, borrow some money from Yan Jing Ze, and then slowly return it to Yan Jing Ze in the future?

Xia Zixiu thought so, when his contact terminal suddenly rang, and a message was sent over.

“Congratulations, you and Yan Jing Ze have completed your marriage registration today! I wish you a happy life!”

Xia Zixiu was stunned all at once—he was married?

He and Yan Jing Ze registered for marriage?

How could he get married without his own consent and without his own application?

Did someone use their privilege? Was it the Xia family? Or maybe… was it Fu Fei?

After he failed to ask Fu Fei for help and was scolded by Fu Fei for worshipping gold, Fu Fei got together with his cousin Xia Qiqi. He congratulated them at the time, but both Fu Fei and his cousin Xia Qiqi, for some reason, had a big problem with him.

He wanted to ask Fu Fei about his father, Fu Fei not only avoided, his cousin also told him to respect himself.

The marriage was originally his cousin’s, Fu Fei wanted him to get married quickly, so that his cousin could get rid of the marriage completely is normal.

The father of Fu Fei is the head of the Eighth Legion and does have privileges.

Xia Zixiu had always been calm and self-contained, but at this time he couldn’t help feeling angry. He strode out of his room and wanted to go to Capital Star to ask about the situation.

But as soon as he left his room, he met two staff members in the manor.

The two were ordinary people, but when he saw them, he always felt a little weird. At this time, the two smiled and asked him: “Young Master Xia, do you need anything?”

Xia Zixiu calmed down when they heard their question.

The marriage is already closed and it will not help him to go to the Xia house now.

Xia Zixiu said, “It’s okay.”

He finished speaking, smiled at the two people, and went back to the room.

Maybe he should contact Yan Jing Ze?

He also wonders what this marriage partner of his is like.

Xia Zixiu returned to the room, and the two “staff” outside let out a long sigh of relief.

They are certainly not ordinary manor staff. In fact, both of them are the sons of Butler Allen, and they are both S-class warriors.

They originally stayed here to wait for their master’s arrival before they went to bring Xia Qiqi in.

As a result, the Xia family took the initiative to send people, and it was Xia Zixiu.

They are also a little worried now.

But while worrying, they couldn’t help but marvel.

The young master of the Xia family is really beautiful.

Xia Qiqi is very beautiful but it is the kind of beauty without power. The Young Master Xia in front of them is bright and lively, his beauty is full of power.

How to put it… As long as you see his face, it will remind you of the vixen in ancient legends.

No wonder he will become a well-known social flower in Capital Star.

At the same time, in WA865 planet.

The spacecraft slowly fell, overwhelming countless colorful towering trees, and stopped beside Yan Jing Ze.

Putting away the mecha that he didn’t know how to control, Yan Jing Ze looked at the “Savage” who was kneeling on the ground and crying: “Let’s go.”

Xia Weicheng stood up immediately, and he and his men looked at the spacecraft excitedly, and walked forward behind Yan Jing Ze.

Then, they saw many people standing at the entrance of the spacecraft, respectfully welcoming Yan Jing Ze into the spacecraft.

And these people…

These people did not hide their mental power and Xia Weicheng could feel that many of them had mental power above him!

He is an A-level warrior, and the mental power of these people is above him, which means that they are at least S-level!

S-level warriors can be lieutenant generals and even admirals in the army, and now, they are all around this young man with respectful expressions…

Of course, this is not surprising.

This is the mysterious and powerful Lord Marshal!

Xia Weicheng’s face was full of admiration. At this time, a blond, blue-eyed, very noble S-level warrior came to them, glanced and frowned at them, and then said indifferently: “Take them down to wash up.”

This person finished and left, not putting them in the eye at all.

But Xia Weicheng wasn’t angry at all.

After all, this was an S-level warrior! S-level!

It’s right to look down on him.

Xia Weicheng and his men were taken to a cabin to wash up.

When clean water spurted out of the shower head, the first thing they did was to open their mouths and gulp the water.

As they drank, all of them cried together.

“We’re saved! God, we’re actually saved!”

“This is all like a dream!”

“Could we be dreaming?”

“I can’t believe we even met the Lord Marshal…”

While talking, everyone also thought of their relatives at home.

They have been missing for so long and they don’t know what happened to the family…

And their comrades… There were several thousand people on the ship at the time, but many died in the battle, and many more died after falling on that planet, and now only a dozen of them are left.

Xia Weicheng wiped his face and said, “When we go back, we must get justice for the people who died.”

He really missed his family.

He didn’t know how his auxiliary master was doing now. Has his little son’s condition improved?

And his eldest son… His eldest son’s appearance is so outstanding, there have been many people coveting him, he is really worried about what trouble he will encounter if he is not here.

Xia Weicheng took a deep breath, washed quickly, and was taken by the robot for an inspection. Some people came to him and asked about his identity and the various situations they encountered.

Xia Weicheng said…

At this time, Yan Jing Ze was already sitting at the dining table. On his dining table, there was another “suite”.

When he was eating, some people went to collect the wreckage of the Alliance warriors’ spacecraft, and some people went to investigate the identities of those people.

By the time he was done eating, the ship had left the planet.

Yan Jing Ze went into the ship’s training room, intending to train properly and learn to use the mecha.

After he practiced for a few hours, he came out, and he saw Allen waiting at the door.

Seeing him, Allen bent down and saluted: “My Lord, there are two things to tell you.”

“What is it?” Yan Jing Ze asked. He had finally learned to use the mecha and was now in a pretty good mood.

“My Lord, you are now married with that Young Master Xia,” Allen’s face didn’t look too good.

Yan Jing Ze: “……and?”

Allen added: “Among the group of people you saved, there is that Young Master Xia’s father.”

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