BH (QT) 155 – Mine Owner (4)

Chapter 155 – Mine Owner (4)

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He actually saved that Young Master Xia’s father? Yan Jing Ze thinks this is a little too coincidental.

But the most urgent task now is to know why he is now married.

Nowadays, the people of the Galactic Alliance, will have a contact terminal similar to the ancient watch, which has all their information, but also has various functions. For example, when making a video call with a person, they can directly project the other party.

In addition, payments, etc., are also carried out using the contact terminal.

It can be said that no one in the Galactic Alliance can do without the contact terminal.

It is also because of the existence of the contact terminal that getting married is now much easier than before. After both parties fill in the form and upload it on the contact terminal, they can get married as long as they meet the requirements.

But the original owner… should not have filled out such a form?

“What is this all about?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Allen said, “It was someone from the Eighth Legion who moved it.”

“Do they know?” Yan Jing Ze asked. The original owner changed his identity for safety… Could it have been discovered?

Allen said: “No, they should just want to settle your marriage with that Young Master Xia.”

Allen has always been in contact with people on the Capital Star. He has a high level of authority in the interstellar network of the Galactic Alliance. He also investigated the young master of the Xia family after learning about the substitution of the Xia family, so he quickly told the specific situation to Yan Jing Ze.

“The commander of the Eighth Legion found his illegitimate son named Fu Fei more than a year ago. He was an A-level warrior at a young age and he has now reached the S-level and is expected to reach the SS-level in the future. He and Xia Qiqi are in love, he was afraid that Xia Zixiu’s marriage would affect Xia Qiqi, so he used the privilege to help you and that Young Master Xia do the marriage registration,” Allen said.

Under normal circumstances, as warriors and auxiliary masters grow older, their mental power can also increase, and they can become stronger by one or two levels.

Of course, like Xia Qiqi, it is still very rare to suddenly change from E-level to S-level.

It is equally rare for the mental power to jump from SS level to over SSS level in one go like their Lord.

It turned out that Xia Qiqi had already had someone… Yan Jing Ze frowned.

Allen added: “You can rest assured, My Lord, that we can discard this identity at any time, and the marriage will not affect you.”

“Then discard it…wait. Wait until the divorce is over before discarding it,” Yan Jing Ze suddenly thought. Although he would still be fine if he discards this identity, for that Young Master Xia who had just married, if his husband suddenly disappeared, it would be quite tragic. “By the way, what’s the matter with this Young Master Xia?”

“My Lord, who you saved earlier was Major General Xia of the Eighth Legion. Young Master Xia was his eldest son, named Xia Zixiu. He was a Grade B auxiliary master with outstanding appearance. But his reputation in the capital was not very good. It is said that he had affairs with different warriors, he is a famous social flower.”

“Why would he be willing to marry me?” Yan Jing Ze asked. He has a noble background, a B-level auxiliary master, good-looking, his father is also a major general, and he likes to “play”. Why would he be willing to marry him – a mine owner from a remote galaxy?

“It should be for his brother’s medical expenses,” Allen said about the situation of the Xia family.

That’s it…

Yan Jing Ze felt that the Xia family should not have taken his money. He would definitely get his money back. As for this Young Master Xia… Of course, it is necessary to divorce him right away!

After Yan Jing Ze talked with Allen, someone told him that Xia Weicheng wanted to see him.

He had learned about this Xia Weicheng through Allen. This person is still good. He is different from the people in the Xia family who scrounge for money everywhere. Even if the son of this person loves to play a little bit… Young Master Xia was not married at that time, it wouldn’t be right to accuse the other party.

But he doesn’t have a good feeling about Xia Wei Cheng either.

Of course, he would send Xia Wei Cheng back to the capital star properly, so that it would be easier to get a divorce: “Let him come over.”

Xia Wei Cheng was taken along and moved forward in this ship.

The outer appearance of this spacecraft is an ordinary cargo spacecraft, with the words XX Mineral Company printed on it. The entrance of the spacecraft is also quite ordinary, but when you enter the spacecraft, you will find the difference in this spacecraft.

The material used in this spacecraft is the cosmic pure red gold that the Eighth Legion’s top spacecraft can only use in a small amount!

These various high-tech products, he has never even seen so many!

Not to mention the people inside, he has never seen even one person weaker than him!

Xia Weicheng walked forward cautiously and finally came to the door of a room.

The door of the room opened automatically, and then a luxurious world was revealed in front of Xia Weicheng.

If Xia Weicheng was not a bit knowledgeable, he would not even be able to realize that the things here were luxurious.

The floor beneath his feet, if he was not mistaken, should be paved with the best ink stone of the Dasan Star, a stone that has the effect of isolating mental energy.

The surrounding walls were made of another stone that was even more precious than inkstone, a stone that could even pacify mental power!

The seemingly ordinary table was even made from the Flan tree, which has a great calming effect on mental power!

Previously, when his superior, the General of the Eighth Legion, got a bracelet made from a string of Fran tree, he flaunted it for a whole year and it never left his body.

But now, someone used a flan tree to make a table!

Xia Weicheng only casually glanced at it and felt his poverty, and now he didn’t dare to think what all those small ornaments he didn’t recognize were.

The Lord Marshal who controls the Eight Legions is really mysterious and unpredictable.

“Lord Marshal, thank you for saving us.” Xia Weicheng bowed to Yan Jing Ze.

“Hmm.” Yan Jing Ze sat on the sofa and answered indifferently, his gaze sweeping over them.

Xia Weicheng and the others suddenly felt that they had been locked in, and the other party could take their lives with just one thought.

This is really too powerful… Lord Marshal is a SSS-level warrior?

Xia Weicheng and the others didn’t dare to move a muscle, at that moment, Yan Jing Ze spoke, “None of you can say anything outside about seeing me, and in the future, if you see me again, pretend that you don’t know me.”

“Yes, Lord Marshal,” Xia Weicheng and the others all agreed.

“Go,” Yan Jing Ze casually waved his hand.

Xia Weicheng and the others actually wanted to say thank you, but Yan Jing Ze was like this, so they didn’t dare to say it, and finally retired respectfully.

Yan Jing Ze pretended in front of these people, and when they left, he stood up: “I’ll go play mecha for a while… Allen, let the spacecraft speed up!”

He desperately wants to get a divorce!

The spaceship activated its cloaking device and flew forward in the dark universe.

Two days later, Yan Jing Ze was told that he had arrived within the signal range of the capital star.

“My Lord, I have sent Xia Weicheng and the others away and warned them not to tell anyone about you, now let’s go to the planet Kamil first?”

“Hmm.” Yan Jing Ze responded, at the same time, his contact terminal rang.

After coming within the signal range of the Capital Star, there will be a network, and their spacecraft must also pretend to be ordinary cargo spacecraft and move forward slowly.

“When you get to the Capital Star, My Lord, you don’t have to be afraid of anything.” Allen said: “You will also be able to change back to your usual ship.” With their Lord’s current spiritual power, they believed that those Eight Legion commanders would not dare to make the slightest small move.

And those who had small movements before… might as well just change it!

At this time, even Allen looks a little cold.

Yan Jing Ze nodded, opened his own contact terminal that kept ringing, and then found himself receiving a lot of information.

In it, there was a welcome to the capital star, a congratulation on his marriage sent to him by the main brain, and a text message from his marriage partner two days ago, “Hello, this is Xia Zixiu, I found out that we did a marriage registration, and I want to talk to you.”

Yan Jing Ze pretended to be an ordinary mine owner: “I just arrived near the Capital Star and only just connected to the star network and saw our marriage information… How come we are now married?”

After his message was sent, Xia Zixiu quickly sent a message explaining what was going on with their marriage, “It’s like this, my cousin Xia Qiqi and the only son of the Eighth Legion’s commander, Fu Fei, are in love, so the Xia family wants to marry me and you instead. Our marriage registration, it should also be related to Fu Fei…”

Xia Zixiu said about his affairs on the planet Kamil and apologized for the Xia family. Finally, he asked: “This is the situation now. I’m really sorry, but I didn’t expect this to happen… I don’t know what you have in mind?”

Yan Jing Ze replied: “I want to get a divorce, can I?”

Xia Zixiu agreed: “There is no problem. This incident was originally our fault. Don’t worry, I will pay you back your betrothal gift.”

Seeing Xia Zixiu promised to divorce, Yan Jing Ze’s impression of him immediately improved.

However, this Xia Zixiu is a famous social flower, what if when he sees him handsome and rich, and don’t want to leave?

He has to admit that the original owner is really handsome after genetic optimization from generation to generation!

Yan Jing Ze thought for a while and asked Allen to find him a costume that fits the identity of the mine owner of a remote galaxy, and asked: “Is there a way to change my appearance?”

“Of course, there is a way, sir, the beauty instrument can make you change your appearance in a short time, of course, the change can’t be too big,” Allen said.

“It doesn’t need to be changed too much, just change the skin tone and skin,” Yan Jing Ze asked Allen to use the beauty equipment to toss up his new image.

At the same time, on the planet Kamil, Xia Zixiu frowned.

He originally wanted to get along well with Yan Jing Ze. If they can get along, they could get married, but now, Fu Fei disregarded their will to get a marriage, it’s not easy to do this.

After he gets divorced, he’ll go get a job right away, and then pay back the money that Yan Jing Ze gave to the Xia family – the bride price that Yan Jing Ze gave to the Xia family is now being used to treat his brother, and it is the money that he has to pay back.

However, Fu Fei is not easy to deal with… Xia Zixiu thought for a while, and then sent a message to Yan Jing Ze, so that Yan Jing Ze would not be impulsive, so as not to anger Fu Fei.

Yan Jing Ze replied: “Don’t worry, I don’t want to marry Xia Qiqi and will not mess with him. But I have evidence that the Xia family has asked me for money for so many years and I will let them pay back.”

Xia Zixiu was taken aback: “Did the Xia family ask you for money all these years?”

As soon as he sent this message, he contacted the person on the other side of the terminal and sent him a bill.

When Xia Zixiu saw the bill, she was completely stunned.

The Xia family actually borrowed so much money from this mine owner? And his bride price is so generous? The money the Xia family used for his brother’s treatment was less than one-twentieth!

He had to pay all this betrothal gift and he certainly couldn’t afford it… Xia Zixiu immediately sent a record of the transfer from the Xia family to Yan Jing Ze, saying that he only got so much, and he would even pay back the interest, and the rest… He is powerless.

He and his mother still have to live.

Yan Jing Ze agreed and his impression of Young Master Xia was better.

This person is also quite pitiful… Although his private life is a bit messy, he is not a bad person.

After arriving within the signal range of the Capital Star, after a day, Yan Jing Ze arrived on the planet Kamil.

On this day, he and Xia Zixiu had some exchanges, and then he played a perfect role as the hillbilly mine owner.

In fact, he doesn’t have to play… he doesn’t have the memory of the original owner, and he doesn’t understand many things.

Seeing the planet Kamil, Yan Jing Ze immediately put on a full set of hillbilly costumes.

The logo is very conspicuous, he wears all the luxury goods that everybody knows, and they are matched incompatibly. He also has a golden bag that is said to be the favorite of the hillbilly bosses.

His hair was also changed a bit and he had a pack of cigarettes in his pocket.

Of course, the skin was also made very dark and rough with the beauty device.

Yan Jing Ze looked at himself in the mirror and just felt miserable.

Really ugly…

He guarantees that the Young Master Xia, who grew up on the Capital Star and was trained in fashion, will want to divorce him immediately when he sees him in such a state.

Thinking so, Yan Jing Ze got down the spaceship with satisfaction.

Some people around looked at him enviously and some looked at him contemptuously. He was unmoved and soon came to his manor.

He had already told Xia Zixiu about his arrival and Xia Zixiu was waiting for him at the door… Yan Jing Ze got down from the hover car and saw a young man standing at the door of his manor, smiling slightly towards him.

This person is really too good-looking! What is Xia Qiqi? She can’t even compare to a tenth of him!

Yan Jing Ze’s heart flashed through various descriptions of beauty, but he always felt that those descriptions that matched the person in front of him seemed inferior and somewhat inadequate.

This is indescribable beauty!

This person was so beautiful that even the strands of his hair were to his liking!

He fell in love at first sight!

He even felt that he had crossed over to this world just to find this person!

Yan Jing Ze’s heart beat faster and his whole body was dizzy. At the same time, he suddenly realized one thing.

This is his manor, so… this person waiting at the entrance of his manor is Xia Zixiu?

That Xia Zixiu whom he will soon divorce?!

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