BH (QT) 156 – Mine Owner (5)

Chapter 156 – Mine Owner (5)

When Yan Jing Ze saw Xia Zixiu, Xia Zixiu also saw Yan Jing Ze.

The remote galaxy where Yan Jing Ze is located is too far away from the capital star, and there is no way to contact him directly with the contact terminal. Therefore, the Xia family doesn’t know much about Yan Jing Ze, and there are no photos in the information given to him.

But the manors on the planet Kamil are very large and there is little communication with each other, so the man who appears at the door of the manor must be Yan Jing Ze who came over to say hello to him.

As soon as the hover car stopped, Xia Zixiu put on a polite smile, but when he saw Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, his smile was a bit hard to maintain.

This person… Why does he look like he wants to hang luxury all over his body and has to let everyone know that what he has on is luxury goods in a stupid way?

In fact, if only a single piece of these things is worn, it does not necessarily look bad. But after this person’s messy match, it is really as ugly as it can be.

Xia Zixiu is not a person who pays attention to dressing up. He is too good-looking and can already cause a lot of trouble if he doesn’t dress up, what more if he dresses up?

But even if he doesn’t like to dress up and doesn’t know how to dress up, he still feels that the person in front of him is really too spicy in the eyes.

However, he didn’t know what was going on, he looked at this spicy-looking person, and he surprisingly felt…he quite likes him?

Xia Zixiu looked at the person in front of him and showed some awkward smile, however his heart was beating like crazy.

He actually had many suitors in the past.

He grew up as a B-level auxiliary master with high hopes of becoming an A-level auxiliary master in the future. In addition, his father is a Major General… and has even had S-level warriors show their favor to him!

But he didn’t like any of those people.

He always thought that he didn’t like those people because he had to fulfill his dream first, but now he knows that it is not.

He doesn’t like those people… probably it’s not for ideals, but for his aesthetic abnormality.

He actually likes this style of spicy look!

Xia Zixiu was stunned, feeling extremely complicated.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze had only one word in his heart—regret.

Why would he want a divorce?

Even if he wants to get a divorce… Why didn’t he look at the information of his marriage partner before divorcing?

If he had seen this person’s picture earlier, he would definitely not want to divorce!

So, what should he do now?

Is it too late for him to immediately say he’s not getting a divorce…?

Wait, there’s one more thing!

He dressed himself up as a gonzo!

A damn gonzo!

He looks like this, Xia Zixiu will definitely hate him and want to divorce him!

Had he known that he would fall in love at first sight, he would have made the most handsome appearance and would have let the image designer design a perfect image for himself!

Yan Jing Ze regretfully wanted to thump his chest.

The two just kept looking at each other, no one moved, no one spoke, and finally it was Allen, who had reduced his mental power and pretended to be an ordinary butler, who spoke out in confusion: “My Lord?”

It was only then that Yan Jing Ze came back to his senses: “Hmm?”

“I have sent the divorce application to your contact terminal and you can get divorced after you fill it out…” Allen smiled.

Xia Zixiu’s awkward smile stiffened on his face, he no longer wanted a divorce.

Chatting with Yan Jing Ze that day, he discovered that he was a very calm person, not so grave and egotistical like some warriors in Capital Star.

Seeing people now…he fell in love at first sight.

Can they not divorce?

Yan Jing Ze wanted to beat Allen even more, he didn’t want to get divorced at all! It is best that no one mention this matter!

How is he going to avoid divorce in this situation now? Is it too late to go online and ask for help right away? Or should he pretend to be sick?

As soon as this thought flashed through his mind, Yan Jing Ze felt a little dizzy and his head was very uncomfortable.

“I’m not feeling well…” Yan Jing Ze fell directly to Allen.

Allen was anxious: “My Lord? What’s the matter with you?”

Yan Jing Ze pretended to be weak: “I’m fine, I just need to take a break…”

Hearing what Yan Jing Ze said, Allen hurriedly helped Yan Jing Ze walk into the house.

His Lord had always had mental power problems before, and now he is finally healed, but there may be sequelae, so he dare not neglect it at all.

Yan Jing Ze was helped by Allen to walk in, and at this time, the memory of the original owner appeared in his mind.

After Yan Jing Ze accepted these memories, the whole person was dumbfounded.

The original owner, this scum, is too abominable!

Yan Jing Ze can’t wait to kill the original owner… Well, he is here now so the original owner should be dead.

Thinking so, Yan Jing Ze smashed his head with his fist.

“My Lord, are you uncomfortable? Do you need a medicament?” Allen was anxious.

“No need,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Allen gritted his teeth and didn’t mention the soothing potion anymore. In fact, his master’s mental power was too strong, the soothing potion was useless for him.

Allen put Yan Jing Ze on the sofa, and Yan Jing Ze closed his eyes, completely absorbing the memory of the original owner.

Allen is very loyal and didn’t lie to him before. The life of the original owner was the same as Allen said.

But Allen glorified the original owner.

The pain caused by mental power made the original owner irritable since he was a child. He often attacked others and he also liked to see the pain of others…Fortunately, he was young at that time and he did not do anything big under the restraint of Allen and others. When he grew up later… the mental power riots directly made him useless and he didn’t have the energy to do anything at all.

And this time, he was going to marry Xia Qiqi as a mine owner, in fact, the original owner has another idea, that is, he hopes that Xia Qiqi will like him instead of his wealth.

However, Xia Qiqi didn’t like him at all.

In the original historical trajectory, he did not cross over, and the original owner fell into a coma due to a mental power riot. When he woke up, they were already near the planet Kamil, and the original owner also immediately learned that his new identity had been married to Xia Zixiu.

The original owner was furious, went directly to the manor, and although out of control after the riot, he used his more aggressive mental power to attack Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu is a B-level auxiliary master, about to be upgraded to A-level. Among the auxiliary masters, he is highly talented, but he can’t stand the mental power attack of an SS-level warrior…

His spiritual sea was completely destroyed and he died immediately.

The original owner, this bastard, actually killed Xia Zixiu!

Although Xia Zixiu liked to play a little bit and his private life was a little messy, he did nothing wrong. Why did the original owner kill him?

Speaking of Xia Zixiu’s previous private life… Yan Jing Ze was sad when he thought of it, and felt that Xia Zixiu could not be blamed—Xia Zixiu was so good-looking and it was normal for others to like him.

He regretted that he didn’t come here earlier and didn’t know Xia Zixiu earlier.

If he had known Xia Zixiu before Xia Zixiu was born, he would be bound to him as soon as he was born…

Okay, it’s useless to think about it. He doesn’t care about Xia Zixiu’s things before, as long as Xia Zixiu is his in the future.

Wait, Xia Zixiu won’t necessarily belong to him in the future. They said they would get a divorce!

Yan Jing Ze was so angry that he felt uncomfortable in his chest. After taking a deep breath, he returned to the memory of the original owner.

He was still very satisfied with the end of the original owner.

The original owner killed Xia Zixiu and didn’t take it seriously, he was furious and he immediately sent someone to catch Xia Qiqi.

The original owner’s subordinates were still very strong, and he actually caught Xia Qiqi, but Xia Qiqi hated the original owner and didn’t want to be with the original owner at all. The original owner also discovered that Xia Qiqi could not manage his mental power so he killed Xia Qiqi too.

Xia Zixiu and Xia Qiqi both died at the hands of the original owner. Xia Qiqi’s boyfriend Fu Fei and his father, the commander of the Eighth Legion, were angry, and brought people together to find trouble with the original owner.

The original owner knew that he was not going to live long, so he led his subordinates to fight these people desperately. In the battle, his riotous mental power destroyed his spiritual sea, and he died that way.

And his subordinates, Fu Fei, the commander of the Eighth Legion, and others, all died.

This is an ending that makes people wonder what to say.

Of course, this ending is impossible now, after all, he has traversed here.

He himself will not die and he will definitely not let Xia Zixiu die!

The most important thing now is not to divorce.

How not to get a good divorce…

Yan Jing Ze was thinking about it and he heard Xia Zixiu ask Allen: “Is he having a mental problem? Do you need me to help him?”

Allen simply could not look at Xia Zixiu, whose mental power level was only B, and immediately refused: “No need.”

However, almost at the same time as Allen, Yan Jing Ze spoke up: “Need!”

Allen looked at Yan Jing Ze in surprise.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t look at Allen at all, but smiled at Xia Zixiu, “I’m sorry to trouble you.”

Yan Jing Ze thought so and immediately began to use his mental power.

The original owner was an A-level warrior, so he put away the vast majority of his mental power, leaving only the same amount of mental power out there as an A-level warrior.

He also deliberately let his mental power a little chaotic, waiting for Xia Zixiu’s “help”!

Xia Zixiu’s mental power level is actually not low, but it is nothing compared to Yan Jing Ze’s, so that he did not feel Yan Jing Ze’s small movements at all.

He has given many warriors mental power guidance and he is still very experienced. At this time, he used his soft mental power to touch the mental power of Yan Jing Ze.

When doing this, Xia Zixiu was actually a little worried, afraid that Yan Jing Ze would feel bad emotions and would make him feel uncomfortable.

In the past, he helped those warriors to do mental guidance, and often felt their emotions, especially those people’s emotions against him.

Some people are okay and their emotions are positive, but there are others who are particularly negative and he can even feel those who want to hurt him and possess him.

This makes him uncomfortable.

Now, he hopes that Yan Jing Ze’s emotions are positive.

It is the first time that he likes a person and he hopes that the person he likes is not the one he hates.

Xia Zixiu plucked up the courage and started to do mental power guidance, and found that although Yan Jing Ze’s mental power was a bit chaotic, it was like it had tied itself in knots instead of going wrong – this mental power did not feel the least bit uncontrollable, and was even smooth.

Of course, this is not the point.

The point is that just as his mental power passed, all of Yan Jing Ze’s mental power wrapped up and grabbed his mental power and wouldn’t let go.

Not only that, but this mental power has been conveying affection to him all the time.

Generally, he can only feel part of the emotions of the people he has guided, and sometimes he can’t even feel it, but Yan Jing Ze’s emotions are too full, it’s almost as if they are going to overflow, he feels it especially clearly!

He even felt more detailed emotions!

Yan Jing Ze seems to… think he looks good?

Xia Zixiu’s mental power was tightly entangled by Yan Jing Ze’s mental power, and his intense affection completely wrapped him, and countless praises were thrown towards his mental power, making him dizzy.

Xia Zixiu was very reserved before, but at this time he couldn’t help letting go of his mental power, and began to express the same emotions like Yan Jing Ze.

He also likes this person very much and thinks this person is very good-looking.

At this moment, Xia Zixiu does not remember that he thinks Yan Jing Ze looks spicy. He just felt that Yan Jing Ze was perfect and there was no place that did not meet his desire.

Seeing Yan Jing Ze, he even felt like he had found his home.

The mental power of the two is me in you, you in me. They are completely entangled together and they are inseparable.

Yan Jing Ze felt that Xia Zixiu was destined to belong to him. Didn’t he see that Xia Zixiu’s mental power was actually similar to his?

Xia Zixiu felt even more dizzy right now. He felt that his mental power was much stronger. No, it was not his mental power that was stronger, but the mental power of Yan Jing Ze. As if it has been fused with him, it can also obey his command.

His perception of Yan Jing Ze’s emotions has become clearer and the two seem to have connected with each other.

Xia Zixiu suddenly realized that something was wrong—he had made a bond with Yan Jing Ze?

Yan Jing Ze also realized at the same time—he and Xia Zixiu had made a bond!

This is great! They can’t get a divorce!

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