BH (QT) 157 – Mine Owner (6)

Chapter 157 – Mine Owner (6)

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After discovering that he had made a bond with Xia Zixiu, Yan Jing Ze was overjoyed. His mental power danced quickly, like a flower dance. Of course, he also sent all his joy and love to Xia Zixiu.

Every single one of his mental thread was expressing the emotions of “I love you” and “I like you” to Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu’s face had already turned red.

He always thought that if he wanted to make a bond, he would be very careful and get to know each other first for ten years. He never thought that in a moment of enthusiasm, he would simply form a bond…

He didn’t even know what was going on, was it so easy to make a bond? He thought people had to receive special counseling first and then form the bond in the Auxiliary Masters Association?

Although his stomach was full of doubts, Xia Zixiu was still very happy.

He was even smashed with that strong affection.

At the same time, in the case of a permanent bond, his emotions can not be hidden. The mental threads are so entangled with the mental power of Yan Jing Ze, with a situation of not letting go until death, he also conveyed the same emotions to Yan Jing Ze.

The two looked at each other like that, their faces flushed.

Allen: “…”

Butler Allen is already dumbfounded, no, dumbfounded is not enough to describe him, he is now completely dumb.

Didn’t his master come to talk about divorce? Why did he make a bond with someone as soon as they met?

Is it that easy to set a bond?

Warriors and auxiliary masters must completely trust each other and let go of their mental powers in order to successfully make the bond.

To put it bluntly, it means that the relationship must be deep enough to make the bond. Usually, you have to ask other auxiliary masters to watch a little on the side to avoid accidents.

And once the bond is made, all the emotions between the warrior and the auxiliary master is shared, and such shared emotions will make them incredibly close while being greatly affected by each other, especially when they are together.

For example, an emotionally indifferent warrior and an emotionally rich auxiliary master made a bond; when separated, the warrior is still emotionally indifferent, but when together, the warrior’s emotions will inevitably be affected, and even become sentimental like his auxiliary master.

Therefore, after the bond is made, warriors and auxiliary masters will generally become closer and closer and become each other’s only partner, so much so that legally, the bond is above marriage.

If an already married warrior or auxiliary master makes a bond with another person, their original marriage will automatically be invalidated and they will automatically marry the person they made the bond with.

And as long as they don’t unbind mentally, then they have no way to divorce.

As for the release of the permanent bond? No one in their right mind would do that, because that would do a lot of damage to both of their mental powers, or at least drop a level!

Because of this reason, in fact, many warriors and auxiliary masters married and divorced many times, but will not set a permanent bond with someone for life.

But now, Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu have made a bond with each other!

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu were obsessed with communicating with each other with mental power, they didn’t care about Allen at all. Allen didn’t dare to disturb them and quietly walked out of the room.

But as soon as he left the room, this butler immediately grabbed his two sons with his hands in spite of his image: “What exactly is the origin of this Xia Zixiu? Why did His Excellency make a contract with him as soon as he met him?”

Allen’s two sons: “…” They don’t know either!

There will be a distinctive magnetic field between the two people who have made the bond. Their mental power will be fused together, unless deliberately concealed, the surrounding warriors and auxiliary masters are able to feel it.

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu didn’t mean to cover up at all, they naturally felt it, and after feeling it…the three of them are now together in a daze.

In the end, it was Allen, who had experienced great storms, who first came back to his senses and let go of his son: “You find people to re-investigate Xia Zixiu, don’t let go of any details… and get a detector to test the matching degree of mental power.”

Allen’s two sons obeyed the orders, and soon, an instrument for testing the matching degree of mental power was sent.

If Galactic Alliance warriors and auxiliary masters want to test their mental power match with their partners, they must go to the Auxiliary Masters’ Association in the big cities. Because the testing instruments are expensive and not popular, only the Auxiliary Masters’ Association in the big cities have them.

But for Allen, he can get a tester back anytime, anywhere. After all, this tester is actually produced by the company under Yan Jing Ze.

It just so happens that the mental powers of Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu were radiating unrestrainedly, so Allen directly tested it.


It turned out to be 99.99%!

This matching degree is simply unprecedented!

If it hadn’t been for this instrument to set the highest matching degree to this number, it is estimated that it would still be able to make a 100%.

Allen: “……” He always felt that it was impossible to match the mental power of a warrior and an auxiliary master to 100 percent, but now he’s not sure…

Speaking of it, the most common matching degree of most auxiliary masters and warriors is 70% or 80%, which is very high. As for the matching degree of 90%… throughout the ages, there are not many.

Allen was instantly excited.

It is often pointless for a low-level auxiliary master to do mental guidance on a high-level warrior, which is why he initially refused Xia Zixiu to do mental guidance on Yan Jing Ze.

But if the two people have a high degree of mental powers matching, it will be different!

As long as the match is high enough, the auxiliary master’s mental power level is not a matter, at most the speed of combing the mental power is a little slower!

His master can find an auxiliary master with such a high degree of match, so he won’t have to worry about mental power riots in the future!

Allen, who had an opinion about Xia Zixiu before, is already full of positive opinions for Xia Zixiu.

“Has Xia Zixiu’s situation been investigated? Forget it, I’ll go check it out myself!” Allen said.

His master and Xia Zixiu just formed a bond, after the fusion of mental power, they may want to do something, he will not bother. First, he needs to investigate Xia Zixiu’s situation clearly – before, he did not put Xia Zixiu in mind, only let people check it out briefly.

Allen left quietly, and Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu got closer and closer, finally sat on a sofa, and unconsciously held hands.

At this moment, Xia Zixiu blushed and said, “Hello, I’m Xia Zixiu.”

“Hello, I’m Yan Jing Ze,” Yan Jing Ze immediately said.

Xia Zixiu coughed dryly twice: “I don’t know why the bond was suddenly formed… Why do you like me?”

“I fell in love with you at first sight. You are the best-looking person I have ever seen,” Yan Jing Ze said. After speaking, he realized that it was not very good that he only mentioned that Xia Zixiu’s appearance, so he added: “Of course, I also like your inner self.”

Xia Zixiu: “…” It’s better not to make up the last sentence. They just met and don’t understand each other’s inner self at all.

However, upon hearing Yan Jing Ze’s words, he thanked God for the first time for giving him such a look.

Before, this appearance has brought him more trouble than good. There are always people who see his appearance and have prejudice against him or want to have a relationship with him. He was always surrounded by suitors who were only interested in his looks which annoyed him.

He used to hate those who liked him because of his looks, but now …… he doesn’t hate the person in front of him.

Probably because Yan Jing Ze’s feelings are too sincere.

He could feel that this person really loved him to the bone.

Even if this love begins with looks, so what?

He also fell in love with this man at first sight and it also began with his appearance.

Although Xia Zixiu did not speak, Xia Zixiu’s mental power did not convey unhappy emotions, but was quite happy. Yan Jing Ze asked, “Why do you like me?”

Xia Zixiu can feel some apprehension and some caution from Yan Jing Ze…

Xia Zixiu smiled and said, “I also fell in love with you at first sight, you are the best-looking person I have ever seen.”

Although the clothes of Yan Jing Ze is a bit spicy, the skin is a bit too rough and very dark, but his features are really good-looking!

The more Xia Zixiu looks at him, the more he likes him.

Yan Jing Ze could feel that Xia Zixiu was very sincere when he said this.

So… Xia Zixiu likes him this way? Yan Jing Ze coughed: “There are many people who do not like the way I dress…”

Xia Zixiu could feel that Yan Jing Ze was a bit depressed and torn, and immediately comforted him: “You do not need to care about others, I think you are very handsome! The aesthetics of people in this world are different, just be happy with yourself, there is no need to please others.”

Yan Jing Ze knows that Xia Zixiu is telling the truth, so… Actually, Xia Zixiu’s aesthetic is different from ordinary people?

He felt before that his dress was really a bit ugly, but if Xia Zixiu liked it, then it was the best dress!

Speaking of which, could it be that Xia Zixiu liked him because his dress matched his strange aesthetic?

If this is the case… There is no person more important in this world than Xia Zixiu. Clothing is nothing but something outside of the body. Whatever Xia Zixiu likes, he can wear it!

With this thought, Yan Jing Ze relaxed and became happy again.

Xia Zixiu felt that Yan Jing Ze was happy again and felt that his comfort was right.

Even if Yan Jing Ze’s dress is a bit spicy and his eyes are a bit irritated, so what, Yan Jing Ze likes it! He should support Yan Jing Ze’s preferences!

And his aesthetic may not be quite right too…

The two of them were just holding hands before, but now they are hugging each other.

Xia Zixiu said: “Let’s get to know each other… Who else is in your family?”

Yan Jing Ze said: “I’m the only one at home. What about your family?”

Xia Zixiu said: “My father is missing and my mother and brother are on the Capital Star…”

Xia Zixiu introduced his family’s situation, but only after he said the beginning, he felt that Yan Jing Ze’s emotions were not quite right.

Xia Zixiu asked, “What’s wrong with you?”

Yan Jing Ze said nothing, he was worried.

It suddenly occurred to him that this identity of his was a fake, and not only that, he had been very rude to Xia Zixiu’s father before…

Xia Zixiu’s father even knelt to him…

Should he confess now?

Yan Jing Ze wanted to confess, but this confession… As an Alliance Marshal, he replaced such a mine owner in order to marry Xia Qiqi. If Xia Zixiu knew about this, Xia Zixiu would be angry, right?

Xia Zixiu asked, “Are you very worried?” He could feel that Yan Jing Ze was very, very worried.

“I’m afraid your family doesn’t like me, I’m just a mine owner, and you’re perfectly capable of marrying a big nobleman…” Yan Jing Ze began to think about how he was going to explain his previous efforts to marry Xia Qiqi.

“My mother won’t dislike you, she always wanted me not to marry an aristocrat. And I don’t like those aristocrats, I just want to find someone from an ordinary family.” Xia Zixiu said.

The Xia family is too chaotic. When his mother first married his father, she suffered a lot of grievances in the Xia family.

Because of this, his parents hope that he will get married in the future, it is best to find a simple family partner, and do not make demands on the family background.

Yan Jing Ze could feel that Xia Zixiu was telling the truth at this moment.

So, should he say that he is actually the biggest nobleman?

“What I like is you as a person and it has nothing to do with your family.” Xia Zixiu said, “Actually, I am still worried that you have opinions on my family… My father has disappeared and my family is very short of money recently.” Although many people struggle all their lives for a noble identity, but for him, this identity is not very useful.

Xia Zixiu likes himself as a person! Yan Jing Ze was instantly happy again and completely forgot about anything else for a while.

Sensing that Xia Zixiu was a bit uneasy, he began to comfort Xia Zixiu again, “Don’t worry, I have money, you won’t be short of money in the future.”

Xia Zixiu could feel the sincerity of Yan Jing Ze and smiled: “I can’t keep spending your money either… I actually have a job helping people with their mental power.”

Xia Zixiu admits that during his work, he met some disgusting warriors, but there were also some who really needed help.

Soothing medicine requires a lot of precious materials and the price is very expensive. Many low-level warriors can’t afford it, and the effect of soothing medicine is not as good as finding an auxiliary master for specialized guiding.

When he was working before, he met some older warriors who were deeply suffering from mental riots. After he helped to guide them, they were very grateful to him and thanked him again and again… He was willing to help such people guide their mental powers.

Of course, he said this matter, mainly because he also wanted to see how Yan Jing Ze’s attitude towards this matter.

The nobles of the Capital Star do not allow their auxiliary masters to do such work.

” If you like this job, you can continue to do it. If you don’t like it, you can change your job or not work, I have money!” Yan Jing Ze said. He had the original master’s memories and knew that some people forbade their auxiliary masters to do mental guidance to warriors other than themselves, but the original owner felt those people were sick and he couldn’t understand those people’s thoughts.

Xia Zixiu was in a better mood when he heard Yan Jing Ze say that. His mental power bounced up and down on Yan Jing Ze’s mental power but his face only showed a light smile: “I really like this job.”

“Then you go ahead and do it! I’ll accompany you,” Yan Jing Ze said.

“Good.” Xia Zixiu smiled again, although he is aesthetically abnormal, but he has a really good eye for finding someone!

The two of them continued talking with their mental powers entangled and not separated until death. The more they talk, the happier they are and the more they get to know each other.

Their luck is really too good! It’s amazing that by mistake, they found such a perfect match!

Now, they are no longer just hugging each other, they are on the verge of kissing.

However, just at that moment, Xia Zixiu’s contact terminal suddenly rang.

It was Xia Zixiu’s mother who called, and her tone was particularly emotional, with a crying voice: “Zixiu! Zixiu! Your father is back! He’s back!”

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