BH (QT) 158 – Mine Owner (7)

Chapter 158 – Mine Owner (7)

His own father is back? Xia Zixiu’s hand trembled, he accidentally turned off the contact terminal and dialed back in a hurry.

Then, he learned the specific situation from his mother.

His father disappeared more than a year ago, he did not die, but was stranded on a dangerous planet. And just recently, someone passed near that dangerous planet and rescued his father.

When his father disappeared, it was actually a major event in the Galactic Alliance, because it was not only his father who was missing, but also more than 3,000 Alliance warriors.

But for some reason, the Eighth Legion suppressed the news. After investigating, they only said that his father’s warship had encountered a special cosmic phenomenon and disappeared, they did not look for it.

His mother was probably bound to his father’s mental powers, and because of perception, she always believed that his father was still alive. So he looked for people everywhere and wanted people to find his father.

Unfortunately, no one helped him at all.

More than a year later, he, like everyone else, felt that his father might have really passed away. When he talked about his family with Yan Jing Ze before, he only said that his father was missing, but he did not want to believe that his father had died.

Now, his father is back?

Xia Zixiu was a bit confused and his mother on the other side of the contact terminal was already sobbing uncontrollably.

But his mother still told the whole story.

It turned out that after his father was rescued, he was taken to the vicinity of the Capital Star. The person who saved his father also gave his father a drift cabin for short voyages.

His father, then, landed on a planet near the Capital Star.

At that time, his father’s contact terminal had long been destroyed, and he could only borrow someone else’s contact terminal to try to contact them.

However, he was often harassed lately and refused communication from strangers, so his father could not contact him.

But his mother was different. His mother had been waiting for news from his father, and the contact terminal was kept open, so she got in touch.

Xia Zixiu was so excited and overwhelmed that he immediately looked at Yan Jing Ze, “I want to go to the Capital Star.”

Yan Jing Ze said, “I’ll go with you!”

Xia Zixiu’s emotions were shared with him and he was just as excited as Xia Zixiu right now.

Of course, he was also vaguely worried – he was not too polite to Xia Zixiu’s father before!

The emotions of Yan Jing Ze, of course, Xia Zixiu also felt, but he only took it as Yan Jing Ze was afraid that his father would not accept him, so he reassured: “Do not worry, my father is very reasonable…” Well, this is not something he himself believes – his father has been very unfriendly to those young warriors who appeared next to him.

“Hmm.” Yan Jing Ze smiled towards Xia Zixiu, “Wait for me, I’ll go prepare the ship, then we’ll go to the Capital Star right away.”

Xia Zixiu nodded and saw his mother calling again.

He quickly picked it up, talked to his mother, and comforted each other. At this time, Yan Jing Ze had already come outside and found Allen: “Allen, prepare a spaceship, I’m going to the Capital Star… Right now, Major General Xia’s safety must be guaranteed and we must also find out what happened to him.”

“Yes! My Lord!” Allen said, “My Lord, there is something I have to ask you for.”

“What is it?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“My Lord, the information I found out related to Young Master Xia previously is wrong.” Allen said, “Young Master Xia is clean and of high moral character, he is not a social flower at all. It was someone who was jealous of him that slandered him as having a chaotic private life.”

Allen found out that those warriors who said they had a relationship with Xia Zixiu actually had nothing to do with Xia Zixiu, at most they had pursued Xia Zixiu but had not caught it.

As for Xia Zixiu’s mental power guidance to many warriors… He didn’t care about it at all.

His master had a mental riot in the past, and he needed to find an auxiliary master to help comb it, but some auxiliary masters refused for this reason… Heh, he had beaten someone’s warrior at the time.

What’s more, Xia Zixiu has already formed a bond with his own master. The two will become more and more intimate if there is no accident, in this case, of course he has to say good things about Xia Zixiu: “My Lord, Young Master Xia has rejected even that illegitimate son, Fu Fei, found by the Commander of the Eighth Legion, but likes you, it is definitely true love!”

His master is now a country mine owner, but also has this spicy look, Young Master Xia still likes him, there is definitely an aesthetic problem.

But it can also be said that it is true love.

“I also really love him. The first time I saw him, I really liked him.” Yan Jing Ze was full of sweetness.

Xia Zixiu didn’t have an ex-boyfriend before him. He was very happy but he didn’t really care too much… As long as Xia Zixiu was his alone in the future, it would be fine!

But soon, Yan Jing Ze’s expression cooled down, and his voice became a bit low: “Allen, you can make an appointment with those people for me. All the stupid guys who were about to move, taking advantage of my condition before…heh, I want to make them look good.”

The expression of Yan Jing Ze was a bit grim and Allen froze at the sight: “My Lord, you have recovered your memory?”

“Yes,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Allen became more respectful and put Xia Zixiu’s status higher.

For their Lord to regain his memory, it must have something to do with Xia Zixiu.

When Allen and Yan Jing Ze talked about Xia Zixiu, Xia Zixiu also talked about Yan Jing Ze to his own mother.

Mrs. Xia called this time to tell Xia Zixiu that since Xia Weicheng had returned, Xia Zixiu would no longer need to contact Yan Jing Ze.

Xia Zixiu said, “Mom, I like him very much. We are already married.”

“What?” Mrs. Xia was stunned. “Didn’t we say we’d get in touch first?”

“I like him very much, so I got married.” Xia Zixiu emphasized, “I really like him.”

Mrs. Xia has always known that her son is a very thoughtful person. Now that Xia Zixiu says this, she doesn’t persuade him: “Then you bring the person back and show us.”

“Okay,” Xia Zixiu agreed.

Xia Zixiu had just ended the call with his mother when Yan Jing Ze came in, “Zixiu, the spaceship is ready, we can go back to the Capital Star right away.”

Xia Zixiu hurriedly stood up and followed Yan Jing Ze out the door.

Allen followed behind them, while his two sons had gone back to the Capital Star first.

Xia Weicheng and the others had been attacked before, there was an inside story here, and they had to protect Xia Weicheng.

Of course, they didn’t need to do much.

Xia Weicheng is very smart, after returning to the capital star, he contacted many people, and many people already know the news of his return. In this way, his safety could also be guaranteed.

There are indeed many people who know about Xia Weicheng returning to Capital Star alive, including the Xia family.

The current head of the Xia family is Xia Weicheng’s grandfather. He was taken aback when he heard the news and then asked, “Where is Qiqi?”

For Xia Qiqi’s sake, they let Xia Zixiu marry the mine owner… If this matter is known to Xia Weicheng, Xia Weicheng, who attaches great importance to Xia Zixiu, will definitely be furious.

Fortunately, Xia Qiqi’s boyfriend is Fu Fei.

The Commander of the Eighth Legion has been doing genetic breeding all these years, wanting children, but has been unsuccessful. This Fu Fei who was suddenly found is his only son. He attaches great importance to Fu Fei!

Fu Fei is basically his only heir.

Xia Qiqi was quickly found.

In the fourth generation of the Xia family, Xia Qiqi ranks seventh and is only nineteen years old this year.

She used to have a low mental power level and her looks were ordinary, she was not remarkable at all. But two years ago, she suddenly changed little by little.

Her mental power is getting stronger and stronger, and her appearance is getting more and more dazzling.

Now, when Xia Qiqi came in from outside, the whole room seemed to glow a bit.

Grandpa Xia saw her perfect face, and he felt a sense of joy from the bottom of his heart, and felt that his mental power had become a lot smoother.

This is the magic of the S-level auxiliary master?

Grandpa Xia looked at Xia Qiqi gently and talked about Xia Weicheng’s return.

Xia Qiqi was dumbfounded: “Second Uncle is back? How could it be possible?!”

After all, Xia Weicheng is the grandson that Grandpa Xia values the most, and Xia Qiqi is the one who wants to marry out. Hearing Xia Qiqi say this, it seems that he doesn’t want Xia Weicheng to live, and Grandpa Xia is a little unhappy.

But he didn’t show it, he just told Xia Qiqi to say something in advance to Fu Fei and explain to Xia Weicheng about Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze.

In fact, if Xia Zixiu didn’t marry Yan Jing Ze, he would call Xia Zixiu back right away, and the Xia family could just send another person. But Xia Zixiu was already married to Yan Jing Ze, so this would be difficult to handle.

But this matter was done by Fu Fei and it was not their business.

Grandpa Xia shrugged off the responsibility but Xia Qiqi was still in a daze at this time.

Xia Qiqi could not imagine that Xia Weicheng did not die. Later in the book, they went to investigate Xia Weicheng’s situation. Didn’t it say that Xia Weicheng’s disappearance was due to the discovery of a fellow officer’s secret and was killed by a fellow officer? He should have died a long time ago…

That’s right, in the book.

Xia Qiqi transmigrated inside a book.

She was an ordinary high school girl in her previous life. After the college entrance examination, she let herself go. She woke up and read novels greedily every day, and when she woke up one day, she suddenly found herself crossing.

What she wore was still a novel about wife chasing that she had read the night before.

The protagonists of this novel are Xia Zixiu and Fu Fei.

Xia Zixiu was born in a complicated Xia family with a lot of scum members, but he was doted by his parents, so he never lived in the Xia family since he was a child.

When he was tested for the first time when he was a child, he was found to be a B-level auxiliary master. In addition to his outstanding appearance, he has been sought after by warriors of the same age.

Of course, because he was so incredibly beautiful, while many warriors pursued him, there were also many who hated him.

But he was unmoved and kept working towards his goal.

During this period, one of his middle school classmates, Fu Fei, fell in love with him and asked someone to send him a love letter, asking him to meet him one night.

Fu Fei had not been retrieved by his father at the time. He was just an orphan with outstanding talent, but there were still many people who liked him. The people who helped him send love letters to Xia Zixiu liked him, so they didn’t give them to Xia Zixiu.

Fu Fei waited all night without seeing Xia Zixiu and did not get a word from Xia Zixiu.

He was very inferior at the time and didn’t dare to ask Xia Zixiu. He only dared to ask the person who sent his love letter. The man said something bad about Xia Zixiu, saying that Xia Zixiu had a high vision and looked down on orphans like Fu Fei.

Fu Fei was hit hard and he never contacted Xia Zixiu again.

As a result, a year later, Fu Fei was recognized by the commander of the Eighth Legion. At the same time, Xia Zixiu’s father suddenly disappeared during a mission.

Xia Zixiu’s mother felt that Xia Zixiu’s father was still alive, so she asked Xia Zixiu to find someone for help. Xia Zixiu asked Fu Fei for help, but was misunderstood by Fu Fei.

Fu Fei thought that he was no longer an orphan but had a prominent family so Xia Zixiu wanted to be with him and would contact himself under the pretext of looking for his father.

Fu Fei angrily scolded Xia Zi for worshipping gold.

He was the son of the Commander of the Eighth Legion, surrounded by many people. Seeing that he had a bad attitude towards Xia Zixiu, they all targeted Xia Zixiu, and Xia Zixiu’s life suddenly became difficult.

Even because of Fu Fei’s attitude, those who originally planned to help Xia Zixiu were afraid to help.

Xia Zixiu had nowhere to ask for help and the money was cheated by the Xia family. He had a sick younger brother who needed a lot of money for treatment. In order to make money for his younger brother, he could only do a part-time job to help the warriors.

Fu Fei felt that Xia Zixiu was shameless and that Xia Zixiu wanted to use such things to attract his attention. He was indeed mad with jealousy, so he went to the place where Xia Zixiu worked and grabbed Xia Zixiu. He even tried to imprison Xia Zixiu and even made a move on Xia Zixiu.

But Xia Zixiu fought to the death, and it was during this process that Fu Fei learned that Xia Zixiu simply did not know that he had pursued him and had not received that love letter at all.

Fu Fei taught the person who cheated him a lesson and also found himself deeply in love with Xia Zixiu. Even if Xia Zixiu has done mental guidance for so many people, he could not let go of Xia Zixiu, and began to pursue Xia Zixiu again…

Next, is the essence of this book, the wife chasing.

The Fu Fei in the book is particularly distressing. He has done a lot for Xia Zixiu but Xia Zixiu is unmoved.

He paid Xia Zixiu’s brother for medical expenses and Xia Zixiu repaid him.

He found a job for Xia Zixiu but Xia Zixiu didn’t go at all.

During this period, Fu Fei also helped Xia Zixiu’s father to get revenge, so that the person who had harmed Xia Zixiu’s father got the punishment he deserved. Xia Zixiu thanked him but still refused to be with him.

Fu Fei was helpless, and it was at this time, the terrifying cosmic creatures, the Zerg, who had fought with the humans of the Galactic Alliance for many years, once again appeared within the scope of the Galactic Alliance.

Xia Zixiu and Fu Fei went to the battlefield together, and everyone knew that the commander of the Eighth Legion, Fu Fei’s father, was the most mysterious Marshal of the Galactic Alliance!

Lord Marshal owns countless industries, controls the entire Galactic Alliance’s military, and has a high status. Fu Fei, as his heir, will also be the Marshal in the future, the most noble person in the entire Galactic Alliance!

But Xia Zixiu still rejected him.

Fu Fei was injured on the battlefield and his mental power rioted. Xia Zixiu was willing to help him comb his mental power, but he was unwilling to form a bond with him.

The story ends here with an open ending.

Although Xia Qiqi felt sorry for Xia Zixiu at the beginning, afterwards, she only felt sorry for the Fu Fei who had been paying for Xia Zixiu.

She didn’t understand, Fu Fei had done so much, why did Xia Zixiu still refuse.

Fu Fei is the future Marshal of the Alliance! By the end of the story, he was already an SS-level warrior, what about Xia Zixiu? Although Xia Zixiu has become stronger throughout the book, reaching S-level, his family background is far inferior to Fu Fei.

How come he’s not with Fu Fei?

Seeing the end of the book, Xia Zixiu helped other people to comb their mental power, while Fu Fei could only watch by the side, going crazy with jealousy… Xia Qiqi cried distressedly.

Probably because she was too angry when she read the book, Xia Qiqi traversed and became an inconspicuous little supporting actor in this book. When she became an adult, she married a certain mine owner, and the seventh young lady, Xia Qiqi, of the Xia family was never mentioned in the book.

Even if she traversed, Xia Qiqi has golden fingers! As soon as she came through, her mental power reached S-level and she is getting more and more beautiful…

In this book, her favorite is Fu Fei, and when she crossed over, Xia Zixiu’s father had not yet died, and Fu Fei had already sent a love letter to Xia Zixiu and misunderstood him.

She didn’t dare to spoil the plot, so she didn’t remind Xia Weicheng, but contacted Fu Fei secretly, and Fu Fei was finally moved by her and stayed with her.

They have not formed the bond yet, but they are already discussing marriage. At this time, her fiancé, who is the owner of the mine, suddenly appeared…

She thought of Xia Zixiu at the time.

Although the mine owner is far inferior to Fu Fei, he is rich!

Because Xia Zixiu sorted out the mental power of many people, he couldn’t find a good marriage partner in Capital Star. In this case, wouldn’t it be good to marry the mine owner?

Xia Zixiu married the mine owner as she wished. Fu Fei never knew the truth and hated Xia Zixiu very much, and directly registered the marriage for the two of them.

She was happy, but at this time, Xia Weicheng actually came back?

Shouldn’t he be dead? Why is he coming back?

Xia Qiqi always felt that in the book, Xia Zixiu was stupid to run around for the missing father, because she thought that Xia Zixiu’s father had already died… but Xia Zixiu’s father did not die.

In the book, it seems that after Xia Weicheng disappeared for more than a year and Xia Zixiu was imprisoned by Fu Fei and escaped, Xia Zixiu’s mother told Xia Zixiu not to find his father, saying that Xia Zixiu’s father was dead… Could it be that Xia Zixiu’s father really died at that time?

So, was Fu Fei wrong in refusing to help Xia Zixiu find someone before?

No, things can’t be said that way, Fu Fei did not know that Xia Zixiu’s father was not dead!

Xia Qiqi quickly recovered.

No matter what, she was already with Fu Fei, and she would never let it go.

She is an S-level auxiliary master and Fu Fei will become an SS-level warrior in the future. They are a match made in heaven.

More importantly, Fu Fei will become the most powerful and mysterious Marshal of the Galactic Alliance in the future, so she will be the Marshal’s wife!

“Qiqi, otherwise, would you let Fu Fei cancel Zixiu’s marriage record?” Grandpa Xia proposed again.

Xia Qiqi said, “Grandpa, if cousin doesn’t want to get married, it is possible to get a divorce.”

In the interstellar, divorce is so easy! There is no need for Fu Fei to do this.

In fact, she didn’t want Fu Fei to be close to Xia Zixiu because she was afraid that Fu Fei’s old love for Xia Zixiu would rekindle.

Xia Zixiu… is really too good looking!

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