BH (QT) 159 – Mine Owner (8)

Chapter 159 – Mine Owner (8)

The planet Kamil is very close to the Capital Star, Allen prepared a small but fast ship, so in only half a day, they arrived at the Capital Star.

While on the spaceship, Xia Zixiu was always excited, and even Yan Jing Ze was as excited as him. In order to appease Xia Zixiu’s emotions, Yan Jing Ze talked to Xia Zixiu about his father.

According to Xia Zixiu’s description, Xia Weicheng treated him very well and loved him very much. When Xia Weicheng was still there, Xia Zixiu hardly suffered any grievances, but since Xia Weicheng’s disappearance, Xia Zixiu was under tremendous pressure for a year.

Perhaps now that there is someone to rely on, Xia Zixiu, who never complained to anyone before, couldn’t help but say, “That bastard Fu Fei, I don’t know what’s up with him, he’s always giving me trouble!”

Xia Zixiu actually wanted to curse, but also in order to leave a good impression on Yan Jing Ze, he just held back.

But his mental power still clearly expressed his disgust towards Fu Fei.

In fact, his recent notoriety was almost entirely caused by Fu Fei.

Fu Fei is an S-level warrior and the only son of the Commander of the Eighth Legion. Don’t know how many people want to please him.

Fu Fei hated him, saying that he worshipped money, vain, and flirtatious. Others echoed Fu Fei’s words. Others, after discovering that Fu Fei hated him, deliberately targeted him in order to please Fu Fei.

It was not just him that was affected, even his mother and younger brother were affected, and Xia Zixiu hated Fu Fei to death.

It’s a pity that Fu Fei’s status is too high, so he can’t do anything to Fu Fei. Even when he met Fu Fei in the Xia family before, he had to smile at Fu Fei, which was really disgusting to him.

What makes him sick is that Fu Fei even said he was seducing people, and accused him of being “unclean” for giving those warriors mental guidance.

Even if the only warrior left in this world was Fu Fei, he would not seduce someone like Fu Fei!

“Don’t worry, I will help you take revenge!” Yan Jing Ze said.

Of the eight legion commanders under his hand, a few are still very honest, but the commander of the Eighth Legion, Cossack, is ambitious and has a lot of small actions.

Of course, this is also because Cossack himself is a bit capable. If something happens to him, the possibility of this man becoming a Marshal is very high.

In the original plot, didn’t this person take his son to kill the original owner? At that time, the original owner did die. The final outcome was that everyone died together. The main reason was that the original owner went crazy after discovering that the S-level auxiliary master Xia Qiqi could not cure his mental riot at all—the original owner detonated his mecha God of War.

There are weapons of mass destruction in this mech and it is no problem to kill a planet. Cossack and the others will naturally not survive, and the people on the original owner’s side will also die a clean death.

Of course, everything has changed now.

It’s getting cold, it’s time to change the Eighth Legion’s commander!

“Don’t, let’s not mess with Fu Fei in the future.” Xia Zixiu said: “He’s a psychopath, whoever messes with him gets unlucky.”

“I listen to you,” Yan Jing Ze smiled. He knew that Xia Zixiu was afraid that he would not be able to deal with Fu Fei, so he said so… Waiting for him to solve Fu Fei’s father before saying anything else.

“After talking to you, I’m much happier.” Xia Zixiu laughed: “What he did wasn’t all bad… The two of us getting married should have been done by him and it kind of helped us get connected.”

“Yeah.” Yan Jing Ze quietly suppressed his desire to kill—if he didn’t traverse, Fu Fei’s actions would kill Xia Zixiu!

Yan Jing Ze discovered that it was probably because his mental power was much stronger than Xia Zixiu’s, that he could hide part of his mental power and emotions.

Of course, he cannot hide his emotions towards Xia Zixiu, but his emotions towards other people can be hidden.

This is quite convenient.

Besides… After making a bond with him, Xia Zixiu’s mental power has become stronger!

Before, Xia Zixiu’s mental power level was B+, it was actually very close to A, there was an opportunity to break through. But after forming a bond with him, Xia Zixiu’s mental power directly increased from B+ to A+, and there is still a chance to reach S level.

But Xia Zixiu himself hadn’t noticed yet.

Yan Jing Ze felt that this was not a big deal, so he didn’t mention it—they had already arrived in the Capital Star and were about to get off the spaceship.

Before getting off the spaceship, Xia Zixiu grabbed Yan Jing Ze’s hand: “Wait!”

“What’s the matter?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“My mother doesn’t like too many things on men… you take the accessories off your body and don’t wear the bag,” Xia Zixiu said.

Yan Jing Ze’s clothes, he saw more and got used to it, but his mother may not be able to stand it…

It’s better to adjust it a bit!

Yan Jing Ze has no opinion at all!

He has no shortage of watches and necklaces in order to be a rich man, but to be honest, he doesn’t like wearing them.

Taking these off now, and then throwing away the golden bag, his image is much better—and his clothes, it’s not like no one wears these, even though they’re the kind with big logos on them, right?

Xia Zixiu took Yan Jing Ze into the hover car, thought about it, and brushed Yan Jing Ze’s hairstyle with his hand.

Yan Jing Ze’s original hairstyle is really not good…

Now that there are no messy accessories, and after the hairstyle is fixed, Yan Jing Ze looks more pleasing to the eye, of course, he’s still a bit hillbilly.

But it’s nothing, he likes it!

The more Xia Zixiu looked at Yan Jing Ze, the more he liked him, and couldn’t help but leaned over and kissed Yan Jing Ze.

These mental powers also radiated a meaning—one more kiss.

Xia Zixiu leaned over and kissed Yan Jing Ze again, and at the same time was a little dissatisfied—why should he kiss Yan Jing Ze first? Why didn’t Yan Jing Ze come to kiss him?

Yan Jing Ze immediately felt Xia Zixiu’s emotions and immediately leaned in to kiss Xia Zixiu.

The mental powers of the two of them were entangled together, and they didn’t speak, so they ‘you kissed me and I kissed you‘.

Butler Allen sitting in the front row of the car: “…” It’s nice to be young!

This Young Master Xia Zixiu is definitely a love brain. Look how he affected their master?

The spaceship moved forward quickly and it didn’t take long before it came to the door of Xia Zixiu’s house.

This home is certainly not the Xia family but the house Xia Weicheng bought.

Xia Zixiu has been living here all these years, he was reluctant to sell it, so they kept it.

Of course, there is another reason why he does not sell the house.

If they sold the house, the Xia family would definitely disagree with them renting a house outside for the sake of face, then they would have to force them to return to the Xia family… In fact, the Xia family had always hoped that they could live back.

But he did not want to go back at all.

Seeing the familiar house now, Xia Zixiu’s heart suddenly felt a sense of relief.

“This is my house,” Xia Zixiu said, pointing to the house.

“The garden is beautiful,” Yan Jing Ze said. The house was a bit shabby in the opinion of him who had the memories of the original owner, but the garden was very charming.

“Yes, my mother likes to grow flowers!” Xia Zixiu smiled again, his eyes sparkling.

His mother was actually very uncomfortable the other day.

His mother, like him, had to earn money doing the work of helping warriors sort out their mental powers, and she had to take care of his brother and think about his father even more.

Her whole being was falling apart.

But later, his mother would surely be happy again.

Xia Zixiu thought so and suddenly found his own mental power is still entangled with the mental power of Yan Jing Ze.

Such behavior is actually similar to kissing in public. If this is seen by his mother…

Xia Zixiu withdrew his mental energy and took Yan Jing Ze’s hand, “Let’s go in.”

Don’t “kiss” in front of his mother, just hold hands first!

After Xia Zixiu’s mental power was recovered, Yan Jing Ze felt a sense of sorrow, and could only withdraw his own mental power with a loss.

Unexpectedly, Xia Zixiu quickly took his hand again.

This is great too!

Xia Zixiu’s hand was soft, when he held it and he didn’t want to let go!

Yan Jing Ze began to observe Xia Zixiu’s hand with mental power, wrapping it in its entirety.

Xia Zixiu: “…” Is Yan Jing Ze using mental power to take advantage of him?

Allen following them: “…” He felt that he had been completely forgotten by the two people in front of him.

Unexpectedly, his master would have a day of holding hands with others and showing affection anytime and anywhere!

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu entered the Xia family home sweetly, however, just after they entered, their brows furrowed.

The Xia family home is a small two-story building with a small garden. The house is not big, but it is beautiful, and the interior is also very warm. However, at this moment, in the warmly decorated living room, there are a few people who disgusted Xia Zixiu.

Several members of the Xia family, together with Fu Fei, were in the living room of his house.

In the Xia family, there are Xia Zixiu’s grandparents, several people from his father’s generation, and even a Xia Qiqi who is leaning on Fu Fei and looking at him warily.

Xia Zixiu now hates Xia Qiqi too.

When Xia Qiqi suddenly became beautiful and her mental power improved, he was very happy. He also gave Xia Qiqi a gift, and wanted to take Xia Qiqi out to meet other higher-level auxiliary masters—at that time, his father was still around, he had a lot of free time.

But Xia Qiqi didn’t want to contact him, so he could just forget it.

Of course, he didn’t hate Xia Qiqi at that time. He disliked Xia Qiqi just recently.

Before, he asked Xia Qiqi to ask Fu Fei about his father’s situation. Xia Qiqi didn’t want to let him go, and always looked at him vigilantly, as if he had an ulterior motive for Fu Fei…which is too disgusting!

Xia Zixiu saw these people, and these people naturally saw him, as well as the people he was holding.

Seeing Xia Zixiu holding a strange man with a happy look on his face, Fu Fei’s face turned ugly.

Xia Zixiu… is really still so shameless!

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