BH (QT) 160 – Mine Owner (9)

Chapter 160 – Mine Owner (9)

Fu Fei didn’t know why he came here.

In the past, he waited for Xia Zixiu all night, but Xia Zixiu didn’t come, and he didn’t say a word, as if he was teasing him. Later, he kept thinking that one day he would make Xia Zixiu regret it.

And he did do it.

It turned out that his biological father was Cossack, the Commander of the Eighth Legion. He was originally just a talented orphan, and suddenly became the top existence in all aspects of the younger generation of the Galactic Alliance.

Not only that, there are also S-level auxiliary masters who like him.

He was so proud of himself and he really saw that Xia Zixiu regretted it.

Xia Zixiu, who never took the initiative to contact him before, began to take the initiative to contact him on the pretext of looking for his father.

He felt that he had been blinded in the past and had fallen in love with someone like Xia Zixiu who disliked the poor and loved the rich…

He laughed at Xia Zixiu and indulged the people around him to trouble Xia Zixiu. He and Xia Qiqi were the right pair… He thought he would forget Xia Zixiu.

But Xia Zixiu always found a way to get his attention.

Xia Zixiu went to do the work of guiding the warriors’ mental power, met him by chance in the Xia family, and looked for Qiqi in private…

He felt that Xia Zixiu was just a dog-skin plaster and he was stalking him.

Therefore, after learning that the Xia family planned to marry Xia Zixiu to the mine owner of the remote galaxy who had a marriage contract with Qiqi, he directly helped the two of them to register their marriage.

Didn’t Xia Zixiu always want to marry a powerful person? Now let him marry a mine owner from the countryside, he will definitely be miserable!

He was especially looking forward to Xia Zixiu’s reaction and wanted to meet him then – he should be able to see Xia Zixiu crying for a divorce?

But that country mine owner will probably not want to divorce.

Xia Zixiu is, after all, a beautiful, noble-born auxiliary master.

He was excited at the thought of it, yet after waiting for a day, he was surprised to learn that Xia Zixiu’s father had returned.

After Xia Zixiu’s father’s accident, he went to inquire about it and knew that Xia Zixiu’s father was mostly dead.

In fact, every year, many people disappear in the universe. They can’t be found and no one is looking for them. That’s why he feels that Xia Zixiu is an excuse to find someone and deliberately pester him.

Is not it?

His mood was extremely complicated, and with such a complicated mood, he followed the Xia family to Xia Zixiu’s house.

His heart had been in turmoil until Xia Zixiu came in from outside holding a man, he came to his senses, and then anger took over his entire mind.

Who is this man? Why is Xia Zixiu holding him?

“Zixiu, this is… Yan Jing Ze?” Xia Zixiu’s mother asked.

Mrs. Xia looks a bit similar to Xia Zixiu’s, equally beautiful, but she is older and she has raised two more children. There is a maternal tenderness that neutralizes this beauty, not as striking as the beauty of Xia Zixiu.

At this moment, when she looked at Yan Jing Ze, her eyes were also soft.

As soon as Xia Zixiu came in, he was a little unhappy to see the Xia family. Now that he saw his mother, he became happy, and his eyes were happy: “Mom, he is Yan Jing Ze, my partner.”

“Mom, hello, my name is Yan Jing Ze!” Yan Jing Ze followed closely. Xia Zixiu introduced him as a partner! It’s really great!

When Mrs. Xia contacted her son before, she already knew about her son’s marriage, and she also knew from her son what Yan Jing Ze would come over.

Although her son’s sudden marriage surprised her, she believed in her son’s vision, and her impression of Yan Jing Ze was just not bad.

It’s just… this Yan Jing Ze is probably from a remote galaxy, he was obviously wearing very expensive clothes but it just looks very rustic.

Mrs. Xia looked at Yan Jing Ze and smiled: “Hello, would you like something to drink?”

Except for Xia Qiqi from the Xia family, all of them were Xia Zixiu’s elders. Before, they sat one by one, waiting for Xia Zixiu to greet them.

As a result, Xia Zixiu didn’t say a word.

They were a little unhappy. Now that Xia Zixiu brought Yan Jing Ze and came over, Xia Zixiu’s grandfather couldn’t help but said, “What did you bring him here for?”

Now that his son Xia Weicheng is back, his grandson Xia Zixiu can find a better match even if he has a bad reputation. There is no need to be with this Yan Jing Ze.

“He is my partner.” Xia Zixiu said.

Fu Fei didn’t realize who Yan Jing Ze was just now, but now he realized that this was the person Xia Zixiu had just “married”. Did Xia Zixiu deliberately bring this person over to make him angry?

Xia Zixiu’s grandfather doesn’t like Yan Jing Ze and wants to say that he can get a divorce, but he hasn’t spoken yet, Yan Jing Ze said first: “You are from the Xia family? You have borrowed so much money from me over the years. When do you plan to pay back?”

Grandpa Xia: “…” He actually doesn’t like Yan Jing Ze. After all, his son is a Major General, and his granddaughter is about to marry Fu Fei!

But when Yan Jing Ze said these words…

Yan Jing Ze still won’t let go: “Even if I get married to Zixiu, you can’t owe money and not pay. And since my marriage partner is Zixiu, shouldn’t the bride price I gave you guys before also be given to Zixiu? That was a gift from me to my partner, not to you! You guys aren’t married to me!”

Grandpa Xia was so angry that his face turned red, but Xia Zixiu couldn’t hold back and laughed “pfft”.

Fu Fei looked stunned.

Xia Qiqi is a great beauty, with a unique magnetic field that can always be the focus of the crowd, but as long as Xia Zixiu is there, everyone’s attention will not be only on her.

People always pay attention to Xia Zixiu.

Xia Qiqi looked at Xia Zixiu and bit her lip – is this the protagonist halo?

“Mr. Yan, I’m really sorry about the marriage contract…” Xia Qiqi said to Yan Jing Ze.

“Who are you?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Xia Qiqi said, “I am Xia Qiqi.”

“So you are Xia Qiqi… Fortunately, I didn’t marry you. You look like…” Yan Jing Ze sighed and shook his head, as if Xia Qiqi was ugly.

Xia Qiqi: “…”

Xia Qiqi’s face was as ugly as Grandpa Xia.

When Fu Fei saw that Xia Qiqi was aggrieved, he also became dissatisfied: “Yan Jing Ze, my girlfriend, is not someone you can criticize!” He said, his mental power also directly pressed towards Yan Jing Ze, wanting to attack Yan Jing Ze.

He was an S-level warrior, while Yan Jing Ze, according to the information, was only A-level.

A-level, such qualification is not bad, but in the capital star, it’s nothing much. In the Capital Star, A+ warriors are tens of thousands.

Now, he wanted to make this eyesore Yan Jing Ze lose face and be crushed by his mental power.

As soon as Fu Fei made a move, Yan Jing Ze found out about it.

He began to think about how he would end up after beating Fu Fei…

However, before he could hit Fu Fei, Xia Zixiu stood in front of him and shielded him with mental strength.

Yan Jing Ze was taken aback for a moment, and his mental power was immediately used, and then the mental powers of the two naturally merged together.

Xia Zixiu’s mental power has already reached A+. Although he is not as good as Fu Fei’s S-level, he is an auxiliary master and focuses on defense, and is able to block Fu Fei.

After Yan Jing Ze’s mental power came out… even if Yan Jing Ze only released A+ level mental power, he and Xia Zixiu have already formed a bond, and their mental powers are well matched. Their mental powers are like one person…

Fu Fei’s mental power hit them and was repelled.

However, Fu Fei did not continue to attack. He retracted his mental power and looked at Xia Zixiu in shock: “You have formed a bond with him!?”

“This has nothing to do with you.” Xia Zixiu disgustedly Fu Fei: “Fu Fei, even if you have a father who is a commander, you can’t act recklessly!” This man actually tried to attack Yan Jing Ze! If his mental power was a little stronger, he would have smoked this man to death!

Yan Jing Ze who felt Xia Zixiu’s thoughts: “…” The feeling of being protected… is pretty good.

But this Fu Fei…

Yan Jing Ze looked at Fu Fei and suddenly remembered what Allen had said before.

Allen seemed to say, even Fu Fei was rejected by Xia Zixiu?

Later, when Xia Zixiu mentioned Fu Fei, he didn’t say anything about it, and he thought Allen was mistaken, was he not?

“Xia Zixiu, I didn’t expect you to form a bond with such a person…” Fu Fei looked at Xia Zixiu with a face full of incredulity: “Didn’t you always want to find a big nobleman?”

When Xia Qiqi heard Fu Fei’s questioning, her heart ‘thudded’. After all, in the original book, after Fu Fei knew that Xia Zixiu was not a person who disliked the poor and loved the rich, he liked Xia Zixiu again.

In that moment, she even wanted to use her mental power to make Xia Zixiu unable to say anything.

But she was not skilled enough in using her mental power, and once she panicked, she couldn’t use it.

Xia Zixiu had already spoken, “Since when did I want a big nobleman?”

Fu Fei almost wanted to blurt out – you don’t want to find a great nobleman, why did you reject me?

But being rejected by Xia Zixiu was a very humiliating thing for him, and even made him feel inferior in front of Xia Zixiu, so he didn’t want to mention it.

Fu Fei’s voice became louder: “Why on earth did you form a bond with him?” He went to look at Yan Jing Ze again.

The mine owner from this remote galaxy had dark and rough skin, and wore unconventional… clothes on his body. Where can he be compared to him?

Even if he was once an orphan, he felt he was no worse than this man.

He was already A+ in mental power and could break through to S-class at any time. He also had good grades and could get into the best military schools, and would have a bright future in the army…

“Of course, it’s because I like him.” After Xia Zixiu’s mental power became entangled with Yan Jing Ze’s, he was surrounded by Yan Jing Ze’s overflowing love.

His face inevitably flushes and looks brighter and brighter.

And Yan Jing Ze, at this time, looked sympathetically at Fu Fei. He has realized that this Fu Fei… likes Xia Zixiu.

This person is also very stupid to hurt the person he likes. But fortunately, Fu Fei is stupid enough, Xia Zixiu became his!

Later, he’ll go set a sack to beat Fu Fei. Consider it as gratitude!

Fu Fei looked at Xia Zixiu, who was full of happiness, suddenly couldn’t stay, turned around and left.

He thought Xia Zixiu would be angry after knowing about the marriage. He would be angry and would want a divorce, he was all set to see the joke.

But he never thought that Xia Zixiu would fall in love with Yan Jing Ze.

How could someone like Xia Zixiu fall in love with a mine owner from the countryside?

Since Xia Zixiu would fall in love with a mine owner from the countryside, then, is he not the person he imagined him to be?

Just like, he always thought that Xia Zixiu was looking for his father for just one reason, but in fact, Xia Zixiu’s father did not die.

Fu Fei was confused and walked fast. Xia Qiqi hurriedly followed after seeing this.

Xia Qiqi is now in a state of confusion, so she only rejoices for one thing – Xia Zixiu has already formed a bond with someone else!

Since Xia Zixiu has already made a contract with others, then Fu Fei will be hers sooner or later.

When Fu Fei and Xia Qiqi left, the rest of the Xia family couldn’t sit down.

Xia mother looked at them and smiled gently: “Weicheng has gone to the military headquarters, I am afraid he won’t be back until tomorrow.”

The Xia family couldn’t stay here all the time. They wanted to know what happened to Fu Fei’s sudden departure. Hearing this, they left.

When they were all gone, Mrs. Xia looked at Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze: “How can you two make a contract?”

Xia Zixiu suddenly became nervous.

Yan Jing Ze comforted Xia Zixiu and smiled at Mrs. Xia: “Mom, we both fell in love at first sight. After talking, we felt that the three views were very consistent, so we decided to be together. Don’t worry, I will treat Zixiu well!

“Mrs. Xia, my Young Master and Young Master Xia should have a very high mental power match. They are destined to be together,” Allen added at this time.

Hearing Allen’s words, Yan Jing Ze realized that Allen had been following him.

He had forgotten this person before…

Yan Jing Ze said: “Yes, Zixiu and I are a match made in heaven!”

Mrs. Xia: “…”

“What ‘match made in heaven’?” A voice sounded and Xia Weicheng strode in.

Mrs. Xia told the Xia family that Xia Weicheng would not be back until tomorrow, but it was just her attempt to send the Xia family off on a wild goose chase.

In fact, Xia Weicheng will be able to go home after undergoing an inspection—he is not a criminal!

It’s just that now this situation…

Mrs. Xia felt a little tricky.

She still respects her son, but she’s afraid her husband can’t accept that their son suddenly got married and also suddenly formed a bond. She’s also worried that her husband will clash with Yan Jing Ze.

No, it shouldn’t be too… The two children have formed a bond. They seem to be unable to do anything other than giving them their blessings, they can’t break them up.

Thinking so, Mrs. Xia relaxed a lot, and at this time, Xia Weicheng also felt the entangled mental powers of Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu.

His son actually formed a bond with someone? Who is it?

Xia Weicheng looked at Yan Jing Ze, and when he saw Yan Jing Ze’s face clearly, he was completely stunned.

This face is a bit familiar.

This person… looks like Lord Marshal, but a bit darker and the clothes are a bit poor.

As Xia Weicheng was thinking about this, he saw Allen who was standing beside Yan Jing Ze respectfully.

Not only did this person look very similar to Lord Marshal, but the people around him looked exactly the same as those around Lord Marshal.

Xia Weicheng: “…”

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