BH (QT) 161 – Mine Owner (10)

Chapter 161 – Mine Owner (10)

Xia Weicheng looked at Yan Jing Ze, then at Allen, his expression froze.

He suspected that he was dreaming.

What exactly is going on? Why did his son suddenly form a bond? Why is this man whose mental power is entangled with his son’s mental power…the Marshal?

That’s right, Xia Weicheng had already confirmed that this a lot darker and a lot rougher rustic person was the one he had seen on the spaceship before, the very noble Lord Marshal.

In fact, if there is only this person here today, he would definitely not dare to recognize it. He would think that they are only similar, but the butler Allen next to him… Even if the two people have a similarity, but not so similar as this, even the clothes are the same!

It’s just that the attitude has changed so much.

He remembered that when the Butler Allen sent them off the spaceship, he looked high and warned them not to talk about the Marshal’s affairs. It’s almost like looking at people with his chin.

But now, this S-level powerhouse not only smiled at him, but also bowed silently at him and saluted.

Xia Weicheng’s expression is not only stiff, but his face is almost twitching.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze even greeted Xia Weicheng with a smile, “Dad, how are you?”

Yan Jing Ze was a little embarrassed.

He didn’t know he would fall in love with Xia Zixiu. After he found out about his marriage to Xia Zixiu, he didn’t even treat Xia Weicheng that well, and didn’t even bother with Xia Weicheng…

He really regrets it now.

If he had known that this would happen, he must have had a good relationship with Xia Weicheng on the spacecraft!

Yan Jing Ze’s “Dad” came out and Xia Weicheng felt his heart trembled.

This is the Lord Marshal!

The high and mighty Lord Marshal!

Although the Lord Marshal did not put them in the eyes, but they all feel that this is normal, and even very grateful to the Lord Marshal. But now, the Lord Marshal, who is so far away from him, came to his house and called him “Dad”!

Xia Weicheng admitted that he had always felt that his son was excellent, the best in the world, and had always felt that no one was worthy of his son, but this was the Lord Marshal.

He really has no face to say that Lord Marshal is not worthy of his son.

What should he do now…?

The living room was extraordinarily quiet for a while.

Xia Zixiu stepped forward and smiled shyly towards Xia Weicheng, “Dad, this is Yan Jing Ze, my warrior.”

“Hmm.” Xia Weicheng dizzily responded, not knowing what to say.

The good thing was, he soon didn’t have to dwell on this matter.

After seeing her husband, Mrs. Xia froze, and then finally reacted and jumped into her husband’s arms: “Weicheng!”

Xia Weicheng hugged his wife and the mental strength of the two was tightly entangled. Mrs. Xia started crying first, Xia Weicheng was infected by his wife’s emotions and couldn’t hold back the tears.

At this moment, he could not care less about Yan Jing Ze.

When Yan Jing Ze saw them crying, his tension eased a lot.

In addition, Xia Zixiu had been comforting him… Yan Jing Ze’s mental power was entangled with Xia Zixiu’s mental power, and he was not afraid of anything for a while.

In fact, he had nothing to fear, he had already made bond with Xia Zixiu, and Xia Weicheng could never let them unbind.

And no matter what, he also saved Xia Weicheng, he was Xia Weicheng’s lifesaver.

Yan Jing Ze is more relaxed now.

At this time, Mrs. Xia’s mood finally calmed down. After being interrupted by Mrs. Xia, Xia Weicheng became calmer.

Before, the Lord Marshal repeatedly stressed, pretend not to know him in the future, then he will pretend not to know that this is the Lord Marshal.

However, he had thought about it countless times before. If his son finds a partner in the future, he must find his son’s partner to fight.

Now… Can he fight? Does he dare to fight?

Can he beat him?

Xia Weicheng’s emotions tumbled endlessly.

“Weicheng, what’s the matter with you?” Mrs. Xia asked puzzledly. She could feel that her husband’s emotions were very unstable, but because it was not aimed at her, she didn’t know why.

“I’m fine…” Xia Weicheng said.

And as soon as he finished speaking, Xia Zixiu said: “Mom, Dad just came back, let Dad rest and eat something.”

Mrs. Xia hurriedly said: “Yes, let’s eat something first. I have prepared a lot of food…”

Mrs. Xia hurriedly took the food. Xia Zixiu looked at his father, “Dad… welcome back.”

Xia Weicheng said, “Zixiu, you have been working hard these days.” He has been in contact with his wife and has roughly known what happened this year, but he doesn’t know how his son suddenly married the Marshal.

After thinking about it, Xia Weicheng asked after all, “Zixiu, how did you get married?”

Xia Zixiu didn’t hide, so he told the story.

After hearing this, Xia Weicheng only felt fire in his heart.

For so many years before, he had never wronged the Xia family, but the Xia family was so good and even pitted his son.

Just, that is obviously the Lord Marshal, how did he become the owner of a mine on a remote planet?

Xia Weicheng looked at Yan Jing Ze in confusion, and then met with Yan Jing Ze’s big smile.

Xia Weicheng: “……”

Xia Weicheng felt uncomfortable, but at this time, Butler Allen also began to help Mrs. Xia serve dishes.

“No, I’ll do it,” Mrs. Xia said.

His mental power has been reduced, and the Butler Allen, who behaved like an ordinary person, said: ” Madam, please go and eat. Let me do this kind of work… I have taken care of the young master since he was a child and I am accustomed to doing it.”


“Madam, you sit down quickly,” Butler Allen told Mrs. Xia to sit down and went to the kitchen by himself.

If he didn’t know that Allen was actually an S-level powerhouse, Xia Weicheng would find nothing wrong with this scene, but now…

He was really a bit uncomfortable.

However, the fact that he was uncomfortable with it didn’t stop Allen from bringing the meal to him…

The atmosphere in the Xia family was very strange, but fortunately this situation did not last long – after the meal, Xia Weicheng intended to go and see his youngest son.

His youngest son suffers from a genetic disease and has recently become seriously ill and is being treated in the hospital.

Xia Weicheng was going, and Mrs. Xia and Xia Zixiu were of course going, but Yan Jing Ze was not going: “Zixiu, someone asked me to meet, so I won’t go to the hospital.”

He has learned about Xia Zian’s situation, the child has been in a coma recently. Even if he wants to go see, there is no hurry at this moment.

More importantly, he had something to do.

Xia Zixiu agreed. After thinking about it, he gave Yan Jing Ze’s contact terminal the permission to enter and leave the Xia family’s house, so that Yan Jing could rely on the contact terminal to enter and leave the Xia family’s house.

“I’ll definitely be back tonight,” Yan Jing Ze said joyfully.

Xia Zixiu blushed: “Who wants you to come back!”

Even though he said that, his mental power was tightly entangled with Yan Jing Ze’s mental power, and he didn’t let go…

Yan Jing Ze said: “I must be back soon.”

Xia Zixiu blushed even more.

Xia Weicheng: “…” Ha ha.

The mental powers of both Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu could not let go of each other, and they were entangled for a long time before they finally separated.

After the separation, Xia Zixiu followed his father in a hover car.

Yan Jing Ze was gone and Xia Weicheng finally asked, “Zixiu, do you really like that Yan Jing Ze?”

“Dad, we’ve formed a bond!” If he didn’t like Yan Jing Ze, how could he have formed a bond with Yan Jing Ze?

Xia Weicheng added: “Do you know his identity? He…”

Xia Zixu’s brow furrowed, looking a bit disapproving. Xia Zixu said: “Dad, although Jing Ze was born on a remote planet, he’s really nice and has a very positive outlook! You shouldn’t be prejudiced against him.”

Xia Weicheng: “……” He really has no prejudice. How could he dare to have prejudice against the Lord Marshal?

Xia Weicheng is a man of his word. He promised before not to tell the identity of the Lord Marshal, so it would be hard to speak now… He began to wonder if he should remind his son.

As a result, the hospital called just as the thought rose in his mind.

The hospital director was on the other end of the phone. The hospital director who was unmoved in the face of many dignitaries is now extremely excited: “Major General Xia! The top medical team of the Galactic Alliance, ‘Lola’, has selected your son! Your son can receive the top treatment provided by ‘Lola’! It’s Lola! Lola! That Lola who can cure the genetic disease! Major General Xia, your son is really lucky!”

The hospital director spoke incoherently.

Mrs. Xia and Xia Zixiu were also excited when they heard the director’s words.

They all know that there is a “Lola” who has published a lot of medical research and knows that it is the top medical team in the entire Galactic Alliance.

Lola has always been in a position of supremacy, even those admirals, those army commanders, Lola does not give much face them, and now surprisingly, they are willing to treat Xia Zian…

How exciting is that?

Xia Zian’s genetic disease is indeed difficult to treat, but it is not the most difficult to treat. If Lola is willing to treat him, Xia Zian has a great chance of being cured!

This is really so gratifying!

Mrs. Xia hugged her husband tightly, and she cried all of a sudden, and her mental power kept rolling in Xia Weicheng’s mental power to vent her excitement.

Xia Weicheng was still stable at first, but soon, his mental power rolled with Mrs. Xia.

Xia Zixiu glanced at them and immediately sent a message to Yan Jing Ze. His hands were shaking so much that he couldn’t send text messages. Finally, he sent a voice message: “Jing Ze, Lola is willing to help my brother with his treatment! “

Xia Weicheng was excited, and suddenly heard the voice of his son sending a message, and suddenly remembered something.

He had asked his superior about “Lola” because of his youngest son’s illness.

His boss told him not to waste his efforts, saying that even the army commander could not invite “Lola”.

He wondered at the time, asking his boss who could have hired Lola, and what made Lola, a team that had published countless medical research results, profitable and why it existed.

His superior said at that time, “Probably the Lord Marshal can invite? As for who ‘Lola’ exists for… who knows?”

The “Lola” team is likely to belong to the Lord Marshal, so… his youngest son actually got the chance of treatment because of the Lord Marshal, right?

The marshal saved him, saved his youngest son, and was sincere to his oldest son…

Xia Weicheng suddenly felt that there was no need for him to dwell on it.

Anyway, it’s useless for him to dwell on it.

The Xia family excitedly went to the hospital, while at this time, Yan Jing Ze had already changed a set of clothes and a hover car, and went directly to the military headquarters.

He was going to see the commander of the Eighth Legion.

Those who popped their heads up when the original owner’s body had a problem should be beaten.

The person who served as a backer for Fu Fei should also fall.

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