BH (QT) 162 – Mine Owner (11)

Chapter 162 – Mine Owner (11)

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Capital Star, Galactic Alliance Military Headquarters.

The Galactic Alliance actually has many regimes, many planets are autonomous, but the Galactic Alliance has only one military headquarters.

The Eight Legions together form the Galactic Alliance’s military headquarters, which is a place that countless people in the Galactic Alliance aspire to and want to enter, but most people simply can’t get in.

But Seren was one of the lucky ones, he worked at the Galactic Alliance’s Military Headquarters. Although his job was just to check in visitors at the entrance to the military headquarters, it was decent enough. There is no telling how many people envy him.

You know, the people who enter and leave the military headquarters are all big shots. There is no visitor who comes to the military department without a noble status. How can he not be envied when he has access to such people every day?

Today, Seren is registering people again.

In front of him is the Prime Minister from a remote planet. Although this is a Prime Minister, because he is from a remote planet, he is always a little restrained in the face of the Capital Star. When facing Seren, he is also very friendly.

But Seren didn’t treat him differently for his friendliness, and still pointed out the mistakes he made when filling in the information and told him to correct them.

And just as the Prime Minister was making corrections, a hover car came flying from a distance.

Seren saw the hover car and frowned.

The military headquarters occupies a large area, but hover cars are not allowed to enter.

Even the legion commanders, after arriving near the military headquarters in a hover car, they have to get off and enter through the military headquarters gate. After entering the military headquarters, then take other means of transportation inside.

Because there is a protective shield enveloping the entire military headquarters, something like a hover car, once it touches this shield, will be shot down.

No one in the entire Galactic Alliance doesn’t know about this matter.

Seren didn’t think the hovercar would dare to rush into military headquarters, but he was still upset to see it – even a military commander wouldn’t approach the military headquarters without slowing down!

Does this guy want to make a sudden brake to show off his handsomeness? Don’t know where this idiot came from! He’ll be arrested and fined for defying the military!

While Seren was thinking this, the soldiers guarding the entrance to the military headquarters were already on alert, staring at the hover car, which had also approached them.

However, when all of them thought the hover car would brake sharply, the car actually rushed towards the military…


The front is the protective cover of the military headquarters. This car rushes straight past like this… Are they trying to commit suicide? Or is the car broken?

The military headquarters’ protective shield is the highest technological crystallization of the entire Galactic Alliance. Even the most powerful warships can be blocked, not to mention such a small hover car!

Seren thought he would see the hover car instantly obliterated, however this was not the case.

This hover car actually went through the shield and just flew in!

What the hell is going on here?

Seren had been stunned, and the people around him, too, were frozen.

“Did the protective shield fail?” someone asked.

“The protective shield can’t have failed!” Seren said.

The protective shield of the military headquarters is absolutely impossible to fail, so they don’t know why that suspended vehicle can enter unimpeded.

This is really too strange!

Seren was baffled and the others were just as puzzled: “This is the first time I’ve seen a hover car enter the military headquarters.”

“Then who the hell is it?”

“What the hell is going on here?”


There was a lot of discussion and some people actually threw a sword they were holding towards the shield.

The sword was silently obliterated on the shield.

“My sword! It is made of red gold!” The man screamed—a sword made of universe pure red gold is not cheap!

However, it was this red gold sword that made everyone understand that there was no problem with the protective cover.

But… if there is no problem with the protective cover, why can someone get in?

Seren was still puzzled when the Prime Minister from the remote galaxy in front of him suddenly said, “Is that the Lord Marshal? I’ve read in books that the military headquarters is unobstructed for the Lord Marshal.”

Seren was startled and everyone around him went quiet.

Yes! It was indeed a possibility! That person should be the Lord Marshal, that’s why he was able to enter the military headquarters in a hover car!

It’s just that, although the Capital Star has always had the legend of the Lord Marshal, but people have never seen the Lord Marshal, and even suspect that the Lord Marshal does not exist… Could that really be the Lord Marshal?

The one who came was indeed Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t even know that the military headquarters had such a regulation. His suspension vehicle was prepared by Allen. He entered the military headquarters directly after sitting and didn’t think much about it.

Under the control of Allen, his hover car was parked on the top of the highest building of the military headquarters, and here is also the highest place in the entire capital.

Yan Jing Ze got out of the car and stood on the top floor, but no one could see him clearly – the place was equipped with a special shield, and it was difficult for people outside to see the scene inside.

Yan Jing Ze was sent to an empty hall on this floor.

Yan Jing Ze had to admit that this scene made him look…extremely awesome.

Of course, he himself is also very awesome.

Since separating from Xia Zixiu, Yan Jing Ze has no smile on his face. At this time, he has released his mental power even more.

In this empty hall, the Eight Legion Commanders had been waiting for a long time.

When they got the news today and learned that the Lord Marshal wanted to see them, their hearts were all mixed up.

They basically got a little bit of news that today’s Lord Marshal is seriously ill and is dying.

All of them also have more or less ideas and there are even people who have already moved.

Who does not want to become the most honored person in the entire Galactic Alliance?

And now the Lord Marshal suddenly wants to see them, is it because he is having health problems and wants to choose an heir, or have their recent actions annoyed him and he is angry?

The Eight Legion Commanders were a little nervous, but no one flinched, everyone came.

They are all SS-level warriors and they are not afraid of the Lord Marshal.

Even if the Lord Marshal has any secret weapon in his hand, he won’t be able to use it in the military headquarters—there are protective shields everywhere!

These protective shields won’t stop the Lord Marshal, but if there is an explosion, they can stop it.

The Eight Legion Commanders waited for a while, but no one came, and were getting a little anxious. And then they saw a cold young man appeared in front of them, and behind this young man, there stood Allen, whom they were familiar with.

When they saw the young man, all Eight Legion Commanders were astonished.

This young man looks very outstanding, his body and features are perfect, and his fair skin is flawless.

Of course, in today’s increasingly convenient cosmetic surgery, there are many people with outstanding looks, so what gets people’s attention the most is not his looks, but his temperament, and that lingering power around his body, a formidable mental power.

What a powerful mental power that is!

This powerful mental power, all of them submitted!

The Eight Legion Commanders were all confused when they felt that mental power.

Didn’t they say that this person was going to die if his mental power flared up? Why was it like this?

Yan Jing Ze could feel their shock. He was not polite with these people, his mental power was directly pressed towards them.

In this world, the person with the strongest mental power who has appeared before is only at the SSS level. Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, can be sure that he is far above this level.

It is precisely because of this that there is no difference between the S-level powerhouse and the SS-level powerhouse in front of him.

Now pressed by his mental power, these SS-level powerhouses could no longer support themselves, so they all fell to their knees, each in a cold sweat.

They are also a bit regretful. Had they known that this person was simply fine, they would never have dared to make any moves.

So, was this person faking all that before?

Their hearts flashed with various thoughts, not even daring to move, while at this time, Yan Jing Ze put back his mental power.

“I am a person who likes democracy and freedom, and I don’t like others kneeling to me…you all get up,” Yan Jing Ze said.

Eight Legion Commanders: “…” You don’t like us kneeling, so why do you press us down?

Of course, they dare not say anything now, and after standing up, they all salute respectfully: “Your Excellency, Lord Marshal.”

“So, you all know that I am the Marshal…then why are there so many small movements?” Yan Jing Ze looked at them with a smile.

The Eight Legion Commanders dare not say a word.

Yan Jing Ze didn’t mean to spare them, his mental power condensed a huge whip and lashed it directly toward the Eighth Legion’s Commander—Cossack.

Cossack was lashed by him so strongly that he fell to the ground, holding his head and screaming in pain. The whip just now almost dissipated his mental power, and his current mental power has begun to riot, and began to collapse.

The expressions of the remaining seven Legion Commanders changed drastically for a time. They guessed that they would be punished a little bit but they really didn’t expect the punishment to be so heavy—after this, Cossack’s mental power level will have to fall below S-level!

What’s more frightening is that they have no ability to resist at all.

Yan Jing Ze was already sitting on the chair that Allen had prepared for him. With a smile, he said: “Now I am more comfortable… Well, we can start talking, I think…you should be obedient.”

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