BH (QT) 163 – Mine Owner (12)

Chapter 163 – Mine Owner (12)

Yan Jing Ze directly acted on the Commander of the Eighth Legion, it was also for the purpose of killing chickens to warn the monkeys.

Cossack, the Legion Commander, is the youngest of the Eight Legion Commanders, and also the most ambitious and the one with the most small movements… More importantly, he has always condoned the people under his hands to do some illegal things.

His men smuggled and were even involved in human trafficking.

They will go to remote planets and say that Capital Star or a certain big planet needs to recruit workers, and then deceive a group of young and beautiful young boys and girls who yearn for the Capital Star. After that, where exactly these people went, no one knows.

The universe is so big, it’s inconvenient to even connect in the universe, it’s too simple to hide certain sins.

Although Cossack himself did not do this kind of thing, some of his subordinated did. He collected the money and began to condone these people. Xia Weicheng’s sudden attack and “disappearance” was also related to this matter.

Before the “disappearance”, Xia Weicheng led his men to seize a ship involved in smuggling and rescued some people. He was going to report this matter after returning to the Capital Star.

As a result, he was attacked before he returned to Capital Star.

The smuggling ship belonged to a General of the Eighth Legion and there were soldiers under this General on the ship. This General was worried that Xia Weicheng would find out something, and was not happy that Xia Weicheng would stir up this matter, so he simply let Xia Weicheng not return to the Capital Star.

And as he wished, Xia Weicheng also almost couldn’t return to the Capital Star.

In the hall on the top floor of the empty military headquarters.

Yan Jing Ze was sitting on the chair, Cossack was in a coma, and the remaining seven commanders stood in front of him respectfully.

Yan Jing Ze said things one by one.

Cossack condoned things like this in order to win over the people under his hands and also to accumulate wealth. The commander of the Eighth Legion cannot stay. In addition, the entire Eighth Legion must be cleaned up. All those people involved in this matter must be given a heavy sentence!

In addition, the other seven legions, too, are more or less not in order.

The Marshal has a monitoring organization in his hand. Before, the original owner was in poor health, this organization was completely useless. But with Yan Jing Ze’s strong return… Everything that needs to be cleaned up must be cleaned up.

Yan Jing Ze spoke without hurry and looked at the information in his hand from time to time, but the seven legion commanders listened with cold sweat.

They were all very afraid.

There were rumors that the Marshal was seriously ill and will die soon, so it was fake. The person in front of them probably set up a trap, intending to use such false information to take out the people who are restless among them.

They really shouldn’t be against Master Marshal!

Yan Jing Ze didn’t know what the seven commanders thought.

Cossack could no longer be the commander of the legion. The Eighth Legion was temporarily taken over by the Commander of the First Legion. In addition, the commanders of the Third and Fourth Legions were also demoted, but the legion is still under their control for the time being.

When Yan Jing Ze finished all this, he added, “By the way, I will stay in the Capital Star from now on and watch over you guys.”

When he finished, he smiled slightly towards those Legion Commanders, and his mental power swept over these people.

The backs of these Legion Commanders were soaked, and they hung their heads firmly, and did not dare to raise their heads at all.

“Heh…” Yan Jing Ze chuckled and turned to leave.

After walking a few steps, he stopped again: “By the way, Xia Weicheng of the Eighth Army… you guys be polite to him.”

After saying this, Yan Jing Ze really left.

Only after he was gone for a while, could the seven legion commanders breathe a sigh of relief, yet inexplicably felt the pressure multiply.

Their future days, probably, will not be as good as before.

“What about Cossack…?” someone asked.

“Call his family and ask someone to pick him up,” the First Legion Commander said.

Previously, Yan Jing Ze talked about the mess of the Eighth Legion, now that they are looking at Cossack, they feel a little sick.

People like them dare not say that they are great people who never do wrong, but they will never accept such money!

After Cossack was resolved, they looked at each other and were a little puzzled: “What’s the matter with that Xia Weicheng?”

Xia Weicheng, the others knew that it was the Major General of the Eighth Army who had disappeared and returned recently.

There is nothing surprising about this person, why did the Lord Marshal mention him specifically?

The commanders of these legions immediately sent people to investigate, and this investigation…

Xia Weicheng’s youngest son was taken in by “Lola”.

“Lola” is a team made only for the Marshal. The medical team that the Lord Marshal spent money to raise doesn’t even treat others. Now they treat Xia Weicheng’s youngest son…

“Lord Marshal seems to attach great importance to Xia Weicheng?”

“How is this possible?”

“Xia Weicheng has an elder son who looks very good…but he is already married.”

They couldn’t think of the reason for the time being, and in the end, they had to let go.

But one thing is certain, Xia Weicheng’s warship was attacked, more than two thousand soldiers died because of a member of their own troops. The Military Headquarters must give a clear account of this matter!

The entire Military Headquarters is running.

And at this time, the news that the Lord Marshal descended on the Military Headquarters has long been spread on the Internet.

Xia Weicheng went to the hospital to meet his youngest son. He heard the news on the way home. After learning about it, he looked at his eldest son: “Today, the Marshal has arrived at the Military Headquarters today.”

“Really?” Xia Zixiu was a little excited: “Dad, is there really a Marshal? Have you seen the Marshal? What does he look like?”

Xia Zixiu had always wanted to enter the army and was very curious about the mysterious Marshal.

Xia Weicheng stared at his son for a while, then said, “Lord Marshal is very powerful and handsome… Much more handsome than Yan Jing Ze.”

His Dad has an opinion on Yan Jing Ze? Xia Zixiu said, “Dad, don’t compare others with Yan Jing Ze, he is really good…I think he is the most handsome in the world!”

Xia Weicheng: “His taste…”

Xia Zixiu: “Dad, I like him just like that!”

Xia Weicheng: “……” No way, his son’s taste is so strange?

Could it be that his son was always being chased but never liked any man because he had aesthetic problems?

The Lord Marshal dressed that way, could it be that he still wants to accommodate his son’s aesthetics?

When Xia Weicheng and others came home, Yan Jing Ze was already at home, and Allen even prepared a snack.

“Dad, Mom, you’re hungry from your trip to the hospital, aren’t you? I asked Allen to prepare some food,” Yan Jing Ze smiled and his mental power moved towards Xia Zixiu.

Xia Zixiu glared at him, his parents are still there!

Yan Jing Ze was full of innocence—Xia Zixiu’s parents were also entangled in their mental power!

Although Xia Zixiu was a little shy, Yan Jing Ze’s mental power was jumping around him… He finally couldn’t help letting out his mental power and the mental power’s threads carefully hooked Yan Jing Ze.

Then, he was surrounded by the overflowing love of Yan Jing Ze again.

This feeling is too good, Xia Zixiu is a little giddy, looking at Yan Jing Ze, his gaze became more and more hot.

Xia Weicheng and Mrs. Xia: “…” They used to show affection in front of their two sons, but they did not expect that one day their son would show affection in front of them.

Mrs. Xia glanced at how Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu wanted to stick together, then went to look at her husband, only to find that her husband turned a blind eye to this situation…

Mrs. Xia drew her husband with mental energy, and looked at her son: “Zixiu, Mom knows that you are in a good relationship, but this is really too sudden… Mom wants to talk to you.”

Mrs. Xia took Xia Zixiu away, leaving behind Xia Weicheng and Yan Jing Ze. When she left the person behind, her mental power still tapped Xia Weicheng’s mental power twice.

Xia Weicheng knew that his wife wanted him to explore the bottom of Yan Jing Ze, but…

When his wife and son left, Xia Weicheng looked at Yan Jing Ze: “Lord Marshal?”

“Dad, you can just call me Jing Ze.” Yan Jing Ze smiled towards Xia Weicheng.

Xia Weicheng: “……”

“Dad, I am sincere to Zixiu. He is my chosen lover to spend my life together. From now on, I will be Zixiu’s,” Yan Jing Ze said again, talking while taking out two boxes: “Dad, this is my meeting gift for you and mom.”

Xia Weicheng didn’t touch the two meeting gifts but Yan Jing Ze opened it up.

In one of the boxes, there was a title certificate.

Whether it is buying a house or buying land, there will be a title certificate, but this title certificate is a certificate of ownership of the planet.

Xia Weicheng knew there was such a thing, but it was the first time he saw it.

As for the other box, it contained two pills which emitted a good smell. Xia Weicheng’s mental energy could not help wrapping around it.

Xia Weicheng drew a cold breath, if he was not mistaken, this pill is the legendary “refreshment pill” that only the “Lola” medical team can produce.

Don’t think that such a common name is not a good thing, but this refreshing pill is made of various expensive medicinal materials, which can improve people’s mental power.

Generally speaking, people who have reached the apex of a certain level of mental power but cannot break through will definitely be able to break through after taking this refreshing pill.

Xia Weicheng’s current mental power level is A+ and Mrs. Xia’s mental power level is B+. If they take the refreshing pills, there is a high possibility that they can upgrade.

These two meeting gifts are really extraordinarily expensive.

Xia Weicheng felt his poverty deeply.

He had previously had the preparation that his son might marry a powerful warrior. He planned it out, even if their family might not be as good as his son’s partner’s family, he would give his son something more to give him confidence, but now…

“Zixiu is B+, if he can eat this…”

“Dad, Zixiu is already A+.” Yan Jing Ze smiled: “My mental power level is above SSS, Zixiu formed a bond with me and his mental power level will increase in the future.”

He and Xia Zixiu’s mental powers are almost as if they are one, so with him, Xia Zixiu’s mental powers can definitely be improved.

Above SSS level? This is really too powerful!

Xia Weicheng even wanted to fall down and worship, there were no more words to say.

And at this time, Xia Zixiu came down from upstairs.

Yan Jing Ze quickly closed the two boxes.

When Xia Zixiu came over, he saw Yan Jing Ze and his own father sitting face to face, both sitting upright.

“Zixiu, why did you come down?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

Xia Zixiu: “I was afraid you wouldn’t know where my room was.”

When Yan Jing Ze heard Xia Zixiu’s words, his brain just heated up and his mental energy exploded – so he could have a room with Xia Zixiu?!

Xia Weicheng: “……” Son, you calm down!

Xia Zixiu was actually quite calm. He took Yan Jing Ze to his room, and the two lay together, hugged each other, and chatted under the covers.

The main reason for this is… the feeling of mental powers being entangled and chatting with each other is so good, they all forgot to do other things for a while.

Of course, there is another reason… They obviously didn’t talk that long but the sky was suddenly bright!

Moreover, after dawn, the Xia family came to the door again!

Yan Jing Ze’s mental power is too strong so the situation downstairs is clear… He kissed Xia Zixiu, “Shall we go down and have a look?”

Xia Zixiu nodded, he was afraid that his mother would suffer and wanted to go downstairs to watch.

But when he got downstairs, Xia Zixiu realized that he had thought too much. His father was there, his mother would never suffer.

So, when Mrs. Xia saw her son and Yan Jing Ze, she said, “Zixiu, Jing Ze just came to Capital Star, take him out for a stroll and buy some clothes.”

As Mrs. Xia said this, she glanced at the clothes that Yan Jing Ze wore when he came yesterday.

This style is really…not good-looking!

Yesterday, Mrs. Xia asked her husband to talk to Yan Jing Ze. Later, her husband said that Yan Jing Ze was okay. She was relieved, but felt that her husband was weird—her husband’s emotions were happy for a while and lost for a while, always changing!

But those emotions weren’t directed at her, and her husband had just come back from the dead, so she didn’t think much of it.

When Mrs. Xia said so, Yan Jing Ze took Xia Zixiu away from the Xia family and went to the commercial center of Capital Star.

On the way, Xia Zixiu asked Yan Jing Ze: “Jing Ze, what kind of clothes do you like?”

“I’m free, as long as you like it!” Yan Jing Ze said, as long as Xia Zixiu likes it, it doesn’t matter what he wears!

Xia Zixiu felt Yan Jing Ze’s emotions and was much more relaxed.

If Yan Jing Ze doesn’t particularly like this style, then he can change his style…

The commercial center of Capital Star is very prosperous and very large.

Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu got out of the hover car and were considering where to buy clothes. They didn’t expect to meet someone Xia Zixiu knew.

That was Xia Zixiu’s former suitor, a young A-level warrior, and a male auxiliary master who had been seriously at odds with Xia Zixiu. The two are holding hands, they should be together already.

Seeing the appearance of Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze being intimate, the warrior was taken aback, and the auxiliary master became alert and stood in front of his warrior and said, “Xia Zixiu, long time no see ah… You can’t find a gold master now? Surprisingly, you’re with such a person.”

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