BH (QT) 164 – Mine Owner (13)

Chapter 164 – Mine Owner (13)

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Yan Jing Ze had read Xia Zixiu’s materials and knew that because of Fu Fei, many people had targeted Xia Zixiu, but he didn’t expect that people would pick a fight when they came to buy something!

Yan Jing Ze was instantly on fire and his mental power stretched out…

It’s just that as soon as his mental power stretched out, he was caught by Xia Zixiu’s mental power.

While holding on to Yan Jing Ze’s mental power, Xia Zixiu looked at the opposite person disdainfully: “It’s okay if you like to find a gold master, but please don’t think of others as nasty as you.”

The father of the auxiliary master in front of him is also a nobleman and the father of the warrior is a lieutenant general. Both of them are not low in status and are not easy to provoke. Xia Zixiu is afraid that Yan Jing Ze will irritate them, this time, he used his mental power to appease Yan Jing Zze.

But he himself spoke in a very rude way.

What do you mean “such a person”? Yan Jing Ze is so good!

And this person actually slandered him, saying that he was looking for a gold master in front of Yan Jing Ze! It’s so hateful!

Yan Jing Ze could feel Xia Zixiu’s anger and immediately turned around to appease Xia Zixiu. The mental powers of the two were entangled together again.

Originally, Xia Zixiu felt embarrassed because their mental powers were too difficult to separate, so they took their mental powers back before getting off the car, but now… it’s exposed again!

Yan Jing Ze and the two people opposite Xia Zixiu were both taken aback. The auxiliary master looked at Xia Zixiu in shock: “Have you formed a bond with him?”

“Didn’t you feel it?” Xia Zixiu said.

“You…” This auxiliary master is dumbfounded. Although Xia Zixiu has done some silly things this year, even so, Xia Zixiu is still an excellent auxiliary master with noble status. How could he suddenly form a bond with an ordinary warrior?

He knows all the outstanding warriors of the Capital Star and this one in front of him is not one of them.

And look at what this man is wearing… Although this man is wearing clothes that are luxury goods in the eyes of ordinary people, this brand of clothes is relying on advertising to coax those people in remote planets!

In the eyes of the nobles of Capital Star, this kind of brand with no background is worn only by the nouveau riche. They would rather not wear luxury goods than wear this brand.

Not to mention that this person’s matching style is too messy!

And then there is this person’s skin.

Everyone has different preferences and Capital Star has people who like darker skin tones. But no one’s face is this rough, like it’s never been taken care of!

So, Xia Zixiu formed a bond with a nouveau riche from another planet?

“Xia Zixiu!” The warrior also looked at Xia Zixiu in surprise. He once liked Xia Zixiu, but now seeing Xia Zixiu form a bond with someone who can’t compare with him, he is really in a complicated mood.

However, Xia Zixiu didn’t care about them at all and had already dragged Yan Jing Ze away.

He shouldn’t waste time on these two people!

It’s just… Since the mental power has been released, he will not take it back.

Xia Zixiu blushed. He and Yan Jing Ze held hands with their mental powers entangled and went shopping.

Behind them, the auxiliary master quickly took photos of Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze, and sent them to the school forum: “Xia Zixiu has formed a bond with someone!”

This photo and this sentence immediately attracted the attention of countless people: “What? Xia Zixiu formed a bond with someone?”

“Who is this?”

“How could Xia Zixiu suddenly form a bond with someone?”

When asked by these people, this auxiliary master told them about his encounter with Xia Zixiu, and he was gloating when he said it.

After listening to him, someone said: “I heard Xia Qiqi say that when she hadn’t awakened twice before, she had a marriage contract to a mine owner from a remote galaxy… Now she wanted to retire after her second awakening. But Xia Zixiu was short of money and wanted the marriage contract.”

“So, this partner of Xia Zixiu is a mine owner from a remote galaxy?”

“Xia Qiqi’s previous marriage contract…this…”

“I understand that Xia Zixiu stays with him for money. The mine owners of some remote galaxies are quite rich, but why do they have to form a bond?”

The people in Xia Zixiu’s school are actually very sensitive about Xia Zixiu.

Many warriors liked Xia Zixiu and many auxiliary masters were jealous of Xia Zixiu.

Before, Xia Zixiu had a bad reputation, some warriors who liked Xia Zixiu were ashamed that they liked Xia Zixiu, they slandered Xia Zixiu in the forum, and some auxiliary masters added fuel to it… Xia Zixiu never read the school forum again.

Now this thing comes out…

They know Xia Zixiu and of course they also know Xia Qiqi. Xia Qiqi was only an E-level auxiliary master before, or E-. In this life, it will be difficult for her to upgrade to D level. Her marriage partner is definitely not good. Xia Zixiu actually formed a bond with such a person?

“Is it because nobody wants him anymore, so he can only find such a person?” someone who had no good intentions said.

However, as soon as this person spoke, a person named “Lone Wolf” said: “Xia Zixiu is really the best auxiliary master I have ever seen. He is self-reliant and independent. Even if he is slandered by others, he can insist on being himself. I regret not pursuing him before and I should be very happy to be liked by him.”

Lone Wolf is one of the few S-level warriors in their school. It is said that he is related to the First Army but he usually stays alone and is very low-key.

But at this time, he finished speaking and left the forum directly.

Lone Wolf suddenly helped Xia Zixiu speak and everyone in the group was taken aback. At this time someone said: “No matter how rich the mine owners of remote galaxies are, they can’t go beyond that. Xia Zixiu is willing to form a bond with such a person. It means he’s not a gold-digging, vain person at all.”

“In fact, if Xia Zixiu really wants to, he won’t lack money at all.”

“In the past, when people gave Xia Zixiu gifts, he never accepted them.”


After the Lone Wolf, there were actually several people who helped Xia Zixiu speak, it’s just that these people were afraid of Fu Fei, so they all remained anonymous.

The auxiliary master who sent the photos of Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze to the group couldn’t sit still when seeing this situation: “Have you forgotten that Xia Zixiu did mental guidance for so many warriors?”

Another person said anonymously, “I don’t know what you nobles think, I’m just a commoner warrior, and all I’ve been exposed to since I was a kid are commoner warriors too. Many of us don’t have our own auxiliary masters. So, if there is a riot one day, should we just wait for death?”

“Had I known that Xia Zixiu’s vision was not so high, I would have gone after him.”

“He was vilified before and I didn’t say a word for him. Now, I dare not lift anonymity… I’m sorry.”

“I am an auxiliary master, I also think Xia Zixiu quite good.”

Later, there was even an A-level auxiliary master who directly said without anonymity: “Isn’t it the duty of the auxiliary master to help the warriors to comb their mental power? Why should the auxiliary masters who help the warriors to comb the mental power be labeled as ‘unclean’?”

This A-level auxiliary master also has a big family background. Of course, even if she was dissatisfied before, she would endure it because of Fu Fei. But now…her father said the Eighth Legion is finished!

The forum was suddenly lively. The auxiliary master who sent Xia Zixiu’s photo to the school forum was confused. He was trying to mock Xia Zixiu. Why is it like this?

At this time, when he looked up, he was surprised to see his warrior striding forward, or towards where Xia Zixiu was.

Xia Zixiu took Yan Jing Ze into a store where he used to go to buy clothes.

His father’s income is not low, but because his brother has to be treated, he has not been living well and buys his clothes from this inexpensive store.

He knows that Yan Jing Ze should be rich, but even if he is rich, he can’t spend it randomly…

“I buy clothes in this store. Would you like to wear the same clothes as me?” Xia Zixiu looked forward to it.

“Good!” Yan Jing Ze said, he likes couple clothes!

The mental powers of the two of them were sticky and affectionate, and Yan Jing Ze asked Xia Zixiu again: “Would you like to buy some clothes?”

“No.” Xia Zixiu said: “I have a lot of clothes.” His figure has not changed in the past few years and he can continue to wear the previous clothes.

With that said, Xia Zixiu had already chosen a set of clothes and pushed Yan Jing Ze into the dressing room.

But even though they were separated, their mental powers were still tightly entwined.

The clerk was an ordinary person and could not detect this at all, but the warrior who came after him could feel it.

He stood a short distance away and saw that Yan Jing Ze quickly changed his clothes and came out.

Yan Jing Ze, who changed his clothes, looked much more handsome. Xia Zixiu sorted out his clothes and took out a membership card, asked the clerk to discount the clothes, and asked the clerk to give him socks.

When Xia Zixiu did all this, it was very natural, unlike some auxiliary masters, not to mention asking for a discount, such a store simply will not go in.

The warrior standing at the door suddenly regretted it.

The auxiliary master who was with the warrior saw the warrior and left without saying anything. At first, he stood there and waited for the warrior to coax him. After waiting for a long time, no one came, he chased him. In the end, he saw this scene.

“What is the meaning of this?” the auxiliary master said angrily.

“It’s nothing… Let’s break up.” The warrior was extraordinarily calm.

“What did you say?” The auxiliary master was stunned.

“Let’s break up,” the warrior said. He used to like Xia Zixiu very much, and he also confessed, but Xia Zixiu refused. He was actually a little unhappy, so when others said bad things about Xia Zixiu a few days ago, he didn’t help Xia Zixiu speak, and he quickly found someone else.

But he really regretted it.

He knew that it was definitely impossible for him to be with Xia Zixiu, after all, Xia Zixiu had already formed a bond with someone. But he didn’t want to be with this auxiliary master who was always saying bad things about Xia Zixiu every day.

The warrior turned and left, and the auxiliary master behind him hurriedly chased him.

Yan Jing Ze glanced at the direction they were leaving and turned to Xia Zixiu: “Zixiu, you bought me clothes, I will buy you clothes too.”

“I don’t need it.”

“Then I want to buy it for you too. We are already married and I haven’t given you a wedding gift yet.” Yan Jing Ze looked at Xia Zixiu affectionately.

After changing his clothes, Yan Jing Ze was really handsome. Xia Zixiu felt that he was going to be dizzy from looking at him and simply could not refuse.

Yan Jing Ze took the dazed Xia Zixiu to buy clothes, and at this time, Fu Fei was already very irritable.

Yesterday, after leaving from the Xia family, Fu Fei had someone check out what happened at that time. Once he did, he found that Xia Zixiu may not have received his love letter at all.

According to what he found out, every time someone confesses his love, Xia Zixiu will refuse properly and will not tease people and deliberately make them wait all night.

As for what he later felt that Xia Zixiu saw that he was rich and found an excuse to approach him, it was something that is even more non-existent. During that time, Xia Zixiu asked many people to inquire about Xia Weicheng’s news, and he should really be looking for Xia Weicheng.

All this is really easy to check but he deliberately didn’t pay attention to it before.

Fu Fei wanted to find Xia Zixiu almost immediately, but it soon occurred to him that Xia Zixiu had already formed a bond.

It was still him who made it happen.

Fu Fei was so angry that he wanted to vomit blood, but at this moment, someone contacted him and said that something was wrong with his father.

His father’s spiritual sea was attacked and his mental power rioted!

Fu Fei immediately went to his father’s auxiliary master and wanted his father’s auxiliary master to help heal his father, but his father’s auxiliary master was not willing.

After forming the bond, the auxiliary master and the warrior are emotionally connected to each other’s hearts, but that doesn’t mean that these two won’t have conflicts.

Cossack’s auxiliary master had a good relationship with Cossack in the early years, but later he was dissatisfied with some things that Cossack did. The relationship with Cossack deteriorated. The two had separated many years ago.

When Cossack took Fu Fei home, he directly said that he never wanted to see Cossack again.

He and Cossack tried to breed children in their early years but failed because of some genetic problems of Cossack. His relationship with Cossack deteriorated since then and he was reluctant to breed children with Cossack. As a result, Cossack, who wanted to have a child, found a woman and also had a child with others…

Fu Fei was Cossack’s illegitimate son, and according to Fu Fei’s age, when Cossack was with Fu Fei’s mother, he and Cossack had a very good relationship.

Cossack’s auxiliary master was disgusted. Now Fu Fei asked him to help Cossack sort out his mental power, he said directly: “I will never sort out his mental power. It’s good enough that I didn’t unbind him at this time!”

In his anxiety, Fu Fei wanted to make a move against this auxiliary master. But this is the Capital Star, not a place where people can just make a move!

Not to mention that the auxiliary master of Cossack is still an A+ level.

Fu Fei didn’t get a good result at all. He was also educated by a security officer who came to the scene in response to a call.

In the end, Fu Fei had no choice but to go to Xia Qiqi.

Xia Qiqi is an S-level auxiliary master, even if she can’t help his father to sort out all his mental power, she can still make his father feel better.

By coincidence, Xia Qiqi was in the commercial center—she wanted to come and have a look when she learned that Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze were here.

As a result, before she found Xia Zixiu, Fu Fei found her.

“Qiqi, my father’s mental power has rioted, you come with me,” Fu Fei said.

Xia Qiqi was stunned: “Your father’s mental power rioted, what do you want me for?” Fu Fei’s father is a Marshal, how could he have a mental riot? Even if there is a mental riot, there will be an auxiliary master of his own to help him sort out… Is Fu Fei testing her?

“I would like to ask you to help my father to smooth out his mental power,” Fu Fei said.

Xia Qiqi thought of the Fu Fei in the book who was crazy and jealous of every person who had been guided by Xia Zixiu’s mental power. How dare she agree, so she instead smiled and assured: “Fu Fei, I will only help you with mental power.”

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