BH (QT) 165 – Mine Owner (14)

Chapter 165 – Mine Owner (14)

Before Xia Qiqi transmigrated inside a book, she just graduated from high school, and she was almost an ordinary little girl in her previous life.

She doesn’t know how to read people’s faces, and even her S-level mental power, she’s not skilled in using it – she didn’t grow up in this place and get used to using mental power, she always forgets she has it.

After she crossed over, everything went smoothly.

The original owner is not favored in the Xia family, but since she traversed and showed her talent, her status in the Xia family has become higher and higher. Everyone in the Xia family is holding her in high regard.

When she came into contact with Fu Fei, Fu Fei had not been recognized by Cossack, he was still an orphan. Therefore, from the beginning, Fu Fei had a good impression of her. Although at first, she was treated a little cold, but later she was treated better and better.

As a result, Xia Qiqi retained a naivety and trusted the contents of the book very much.

Although there was an accident with Xia Weicheng not dying, there is nothing wrong with Fu Fei’s father being a marshal!

Xia Qiqi looked at Fu Fei affectionately.

Fu Fei’s expression froze.

When Xia Zixiu helped people to sort out their mental power, Fu Fei was very angry. Because of this, he said several times in front of Xia Qiqi that Xia Qiqi should not do this kind of thing.

When Xia Qiqi agreed, he was very satisfied, but now…

Fu Fei didn’t know how to react at this moment. Something happened to his father. If his father’s mental power level drops, can his father still be the commander of the Eighth Legion?

At this time, Fu Fei did not know that his father was no longer the commander of the Eighth Legion.

“Qiqi, I’m not kidding!” Fu Fei said, “You come back with me.”

Xia Qiqi smiled and said, “I’m not kidding either…”

“Pfft.” The laughter suddenly sounded.

Fu Fei and Xia Qiqi turned their heads together, and they saw Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu.

Before Xia Qiqi came over, Xia Zixiu didn’t want to run into Xia Qiqi, so he pulled Yan Jing Ze and hid. The two of them also reduced their mental power. As a result, when they were hiding, Fu Fei suddenly came, and they heard the dialogue between Fu Fei and Xia Qiqi.

Yan Jing Ze did not hold back and laughed.

He was a little curious about what Fu Fei was thinking at this time… hahahahaha!

When Fu Fei saw Yan Jing Ze, anger emerged from his eyes.

Knowing that Xia Zixiu hadn’t received his love letter back then, and that everything before was a misunderstanding, he had a different opinion about Xia Zixiu again, and he also looked down upon Xia Zixiu’s bond partner.

He’s just a mine owner from a remote planet, so why did he get Xia Zixiu?

Fu Fei’s anger was obvious and Xia Zixiu immediately stood in front of Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze, on the other hand, likes this approach of his beloved very much. As a warrior, he is taller than Xia Zixiu. At this moment, he slightly stood on tiptoe, and put his chin on Xia Zixiu’s head, and said to Fu Fei: “I heard that you can’t accept your auxiliary master to comb others’ mental power? It’s not easy to find such an auxiliary master to your liking, so you must keep the person well!”

Fu Fei’s face darkened as he glared at Yan Jing Ze and said, “Could you accept your own auxiliary master helping others channel their mental power? Do you know what disgusting things those warriors who received channeling were thinking?”

Yan Jing Ze was speechless: “You are nasty yourself, don’t think that others are as nasty as you, and… are you sure that you can live a lifetime without asking for help from other people’s auxiliary masters?”

Fu Fei’s expression changed, but Xia Qiqi said, “Of course, Fu Fei can never ask for help from someone else’s auxiliary master, I will take care of him! As for you, you know that when the auxiliary master helps people sort out their mental power, they can feel the emotions of the people he sorted out? It’s really too intimate!”

Yan Jing Ze then said, “Xia Qiqi, then do you know that when warriors fight each other with their mental powers, they can feel each other’s emotions? This is really too intimate, you’d better control your family’s Fu Fei, let him not fight with other warriors in the future!”

When he used his mental power to whip Fu Fei’s father yesterday, he was full of disgust and anger. Fu Fei’s father must have felt it and he also felt Fu Fei’s father’s fear…

But he really wasn’t intimate with Fu Fei’s father at all.

Fu Fei and Xia Qi Qi are quite famous, at first no one noticed, but at this time there are already people stopping to watch the show.

The words of Yan Jing Ze were spoken loudly, and even more people heard them, each of them holding back a laugh.

The vast majority of people still feel that there is no problem for their auxiliary masters to help other warriors channel the mental power. But those who consider themselves superior noble warriors will be overly possessive of their auxiliary master.

Xia Zixiu tried to resist it and didn’t laugh, but Yan Jing Ze, how is it… every word speaks to his heart!

It’s just that… he was a little uncomfortable with Yan Jing Ze’s chin against his head!

Xia Zixiu thought so, but Yan Jing Ze immediately felt it, and quickly put his head down from Xia Zixiu’s head. He then poked his head out of Xia Zixiu’s shoulder and said to Fu Fei: “You guys must not attack us! As soon as you attack us, we can feel your emotions, and I don’t want to be intimate with you at all.”

Xia Zixiu was actually a bit afraid of Fu Fei. Fu Fei was not low in status. He was afraid that Fu Fei would trouble his father.

But this time… he still couldn’t help laughing.

He was already good-looking and his smile was even more dazzling. When people around saw him, they were all stunned.

Moreover, some people clapped their hands and laughed: “Yes! Yes! That’s it! Fu Fei, you should never fight with people in the future! And Xia Qiqi, no matter what you encounter in the future, you must not use your mental power to resist! Lest you get too close to people!”

Yan Jing Ze looked up and saw a tall woman who looked like a female warrior coming their way.

And now, the female soldier was laughing, looking very heroic.

“You…” Fu Fei said angrily.

The female warrior said: “Fu Fei, your father is still lying at home, and instead of taking care of him, you are dawdling here?”

The identity of this female warrior is similar to that of Fu Fei, the granddaughter of the commander of the Fifth Legion.

Fu Fei could not do anything with her, and now she was making fun of him, he grabbed Xia Qiqi and left.

Fu Fei was obviously angry when he left. Xia Zixiu did not hold back his laugh before and now he is worried.

“You guys don’t have to worry, something happened to Fu Fei’s father and the Commander of the Eighth Legion is going to be replaced,” the tall female warrior said to Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze.

Xia Zixiu showed a happy face. He had a bad impression of Fu Fei and he had an equally bad impression of Fu Fei’s father.

His father had disappeared with three thousand soldiers before, and the Eighth Legion did nothing!

Even so, after the disappearance of so many soldiers, the Eighth Legion neither compensated nor sent the soldiers’ wages to their families. Unless the families took the initiative to issue death certificates of their loved ones, only then will the soldier’s family receive the wages for those months and also compensation.

He didn’t want to issue his father’s death certificate, so in the end, he couldn’t get a penny.

However, when other regiments encounter this situation, they usually give the soldier’s family wages as usual, and they will also pay a sum of compensation immediately!

Now that something happened to Cossack, Xia Zixiu was a little gloating unkindly.

“Xia Zixiu, I didn’t like you much before, but now I’m starting to like you, but unfortunately it’s too late.” The female warrior looked at Xia Zixiu and sighed, and then glanced at Yan Jing Ze: “But your bond partner is quite good, I wish you happiness!”

The female soldier finished speaking and blew a whistle towards Xia Zixiu before leaving.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Seeing her gone, Yan Jing Ze took Xia Zixiu and said, “Zixiu, to celebrate Fu Fei’s dad…cough cough, I’ll buy you clothes.”

However, Xia Zixiu stopped him: “You have already bought it for me, no need, I will invite you to dinner!”

Xia Zixiu insisted on inviting Yan Jing Ze to dinner.

Yan Jing Ze: “…”

Yan Jing Ze took out the contact terminal and operated it.

Xia Weicheng’s contact terminal, who was receiving inquiries from the military department, suddenly rang.

It was the commander of the First Legion who was talking to Xia Weicheng. The other legion commanders were all hiding in the dark, looking at Xia Weicheng.

They wanted to know what was so strange about this Major General who was looked upon by Lord Marshal.

However, Xia Weicheng looked quite ordinary, only the experience of living on a dangerous planet was a bit different.

However, the Commander of the First Legion also discovered something—Xia Weicheng was a little bit different when he mentioned being saved. When he mentioned “Lord Marshal”, his mental power fluctuated… The one who rescued Xia Weicheng from the dangerous planet should be Lord Marshal.

Lord Marshal and Xia Weicheng arrived at the Capital Star right before or after each other, didn’t they?

The First Legion’s Commander and the other legion commanders guessed the answer and breathed a sigh of relief, but at that moment, Xia Weicheng’s contact terminal went off!

This room was isolated from communication, and Xia Weicheng could not contact the outside in this room, so why would his contact terminal ring?

The seven military commanders thought of one person almost simultaneously – Lord Marshal!

Only Lord Marshal’s communication could flow unimpeded in the military department.

The First Legion’s Commander hurriedly looked at Xia Weicheng’s contact terminal, and the other legion commanders who were hiding also immediately came out – the Lord Marshal contacted Xia Weicheng at this time, could it be because he knew Xia Weicheng was here with them and had something to say to them?

Otherwise, why would the Lord Marshal specifically contact a Major General like Xia Weicheng?

The seven legion commanders all stared at Xia Weicheng.

Xia Weicheng was confused when he saw the sudden appearance of several legion commanders who were hiding. After being surrounded by many legion commanders, he didn’t even dare to move.

“Look at the message!” several legion commanders said together.

Xia Weicheng, under the gesture of these people, clicked on the message sent by that strange number.

That number transferred 100 million credits to him with an accompanying sentence: “Dad, send more pocket money to Zixiu! Lest he has no money to spend on me!”

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