BH (QT) 166 – Mine Owner (15)

Chapter 166 – Mine Owner (15)

The currency of the Galactic Alliance is generally referred to as credit points.

In the Capital Star, a fast-food meal with meat and vegetables costs only 10 credit points, and in remote galaxies, prices are even cheaper.

100 million credit points is a huge sum of money for a major general like Xia Weicheng. Although he drives a spacecraft worth tens of billions, his personal assets are far less than 100 million.

Now, someone gave him 100 million and asked him to give pocket money to his son.

Xia Weicheng: “…”

Seven Legion Commanders: “…”

The commander of the First Legion rubbed his eyes, suspecting that he had made a mistake.

He thought that Lord Marshal’s message to Xia Weicheng at this time was actually giving them instructions.

The result… it is such a message?

Also, is this really Lord Marshal? Why did he call Xia Weicheng “Dad”?

The other legion commanders were as puzzled as the First Legion Commander and they all looked at Xia Weicheng.

At the same time, they also remembered one thing—Xia Weicheng’s eldest son grew up very outstanding and… just got married?

Xia Weicheng’s son in law… is it the Lord Marshal?

Although the seven legion commanders had reduced their mental power, they still brought tremendous pressure to people.

Under such pressure… Xia Weicheng’s mental power suddenly broke through.

Xia Weicheng took the “refreshing pill” given by Yan Jing Ze previously that night. He also coaxed his wife and said that it was a medicine for nourishing the body, so that his wife would also take it.

It is better to place something like this in your own stomach, so you can feel at ease.

This kind of pill is very mild and will slowly increase a person’s mental power. According to Xia Weicheng’s speculation, he should be promoted in a few days.

But the pressure was too great at this time, he was promoted directly.

The seven legion commanders looked at each other and quickly helped Xia Weicheng stabilize his mental power.

It usually takes a long time for people to advance from A+ to S-rank, but Xia Weicheng had the help of seven SS-rank powerhouses, so it took only less than ten minutes to safely advance.

Xia Weicheng felt that his state was better than ever. He wanted to stretch out his mental power and feel the world comfortably. However, as soon as his thought came up, he felt the powerful seven mental powers around him.

Xia Weicheng silently took back the mental power that he had just poked out a bit.

The Commander of the First Legion smiled stiffly at Xia Weicheng: “Hurry up and transfer your son’s pocket money!”

The Commander of the Second Legion smiled kindly at Xia Weicheng: “It was the Lord Marshal who sent you the message, right? Congratulations… haha.”

Commander of the Third Legion: “Let your son spend more money on the Lord Marshal.”

Commander of the Fourth Legion: “If you have any requirements from the Lord Marshal in the future, if you can’t complete it, come to me.”

Commander of the Fifth Legion: “Your mental power has improved. If you feel uncomfortable in any place, you can find me to learn how to use your mental power.”

Xia Weicheng felt flattered.

Several legion commanders did not ask Xia Weicheng more, but after Xia Weicheng left, they started investigating Xia Zixiu.

And this investigation… they soon saw the photos of Xia Zixiu and Yan Jing Ze visiting the Central Shopping Center.

Although the skin is darker and the skin is rougher, the person accompanying the beautiful son of Xia Weicheng is indeed the Lord Marshal…

Seven Legion Commanders: “…”

What is their Lord Marshal trying to accomplish here?

When the legion commanders were feeling puzzled, Xia Weicheng had already told Yan Jing Ze what he had encountered, and at the same time, transferred one million credits to his son.

Transferring one hundred million directly… He will be scared, let alone his son.

However, even if it was one million, Xia Zixiu was taken aback.

He was originally entangled with Yan Jing Ze’s mental power, and suddenly he straightened.

“What’s wrong?” Yan Jing Ze asked.

“My Dad suddenly gave me one million, saying it was pocket money.” Xia Zixiu’s face was incredulous: “Did he hit two more zeros?”

His father loves him very much, the prices in the Capital Star are not cheap, and before his father disappeared, he used to give him 10,000 a month for living expenses.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” He only has the memory of the original owner. For the original owner, one million is really very little…

“I’ll ask him at home later and give him back the money. Actually, I have an income now, so I don’t need him to give me money.” Xia Zixiu said, looked at Yan Jing Ze and smiled, “And I’m already married.”

He is already married and has his own family. He can’t take his father’s money anymore; he feels that he can support his family.

Yan Jing Ze said: “!!!” Yes, he actually forgot about the fact that he and Xia Zixiu were already married!

Married people are allowed to have a communal account to put joint property in!

Yan Jing Ze took the contact terminal and continued to operate.

He put all the property he bought from the mine owner, which belonged to the original owner, into this joint account.

Then Xia Zixiu received the message: “Hello, your partner transferred three mines to the common account, one Kamil Planet Manor, one real estate… and 796518497 credit points.”

Xia Zixiu: “…”

Xia Zixiu always knew that Yan Jing Ze should be rich, but he never expected that Yan Jing Ze was so rich.

These assets add up to billions, right?!

The point is… With so much money, Yan Jing Ze actually put all of it in the joint account. Yan Jing Ze is not afraid that he will spend the money?

“What’s mine is yours,” Yan Jing Ze sensed Xia Zixiu’s thoughts and said immediately.

Xia Zixiu felt that Yan Jing Ze was a bit silly but he was also happy that Yan Jing Ze believed in him so much.

Transferring all of his possessions into the joint account as well, Xia Zixiu said, “I’m a little short on money right now, but I’ll work hard to make money!”

“Me too,” Yan Jing Ze said.

The two looked at each other and their mental powers were involuntarily entwined again.

They actually only met yesterday and have only been together for a day now, but Yan Jing Ze always felt that they had been together for a long, long time and always hated to be separated.

Xia Zixiu’s classmates who learned that Xia Zixiu was shopping at the Central Mall and came over specifically to see if Xia Zixiu had really formed the bond: “……”

Their mental power is really hard to separate.

Xia Zixiu’s previously unbelievably bad reputation suddenly turned better. Those warriors who had previously claimed that they had slept with Xia Zixiu were even scolded – such people who slander others with rumors are really disgusting.

Cossack’s house.

Fu Fei forcefully took Xia Qiqi home and asked Xia Qiqi to sort out Cossack’s mental strength.

Cossack is an SS-class warrior. After his mental power was injured by Yan Jing Ze, it began to riot. With his current situation, the sooner he can get a mental guidance, the better his recovery will be.

But his partner is unwilling to treat him with mental guidance, as for others…

The powerful auxiliary masters of Capital Star, all of them basically have warriors, and each of them has a high status. Fu Fei couldn’t find anyone to help for a while.

He can only ask Xia Qiqi for help.

Xia Qiqi saw Cossack who was lying on the bed, wrapped in a violent mental power, and was a little confused.

Xia Qiqi and Fu Fei have already discussed marriage. They met Cossack before. At that time, Cossack was very friendly to her. Xia Qiqi was also excited about meeting the Marshal Cossack, they got along pretty well.

But now, Cossack is dying.

What exactly is going on?

Cossack is the most powerful warrior, the Marshal of the Galactic Alliance! How could he be like this?

In the book, there are several legion commanders who refuse to listen to him, so he directly refused to give them military money and force them to subdue.

How could a person like him look like this?

Xia Qiqi still feels that this is a test.

In the book, Xia Zixiu has never known Cossack’s true identity. Even Fu Fei was shocked when he first learned that Cossack was the Marshal… So, Cossack is doing this now to see her ability?

Xia Qiqi became entangled.

If she wanted Cossack to have a good impression on her, she had to guide Cossack’s mental power, but if she did this… Will Fu Fei think of this in the future and feel complicated?

“Qiqi, please help my Dad with mental guidance,” Fu Fei said.

Xia Qiqi still hesitated.

Fu Fei said: “I was wrong before! My idea is wrong! Qiqi, you must help my Dad.”

Xia Qiqi said, “Fu Fei, I’ll agree. But this is what you asked me to do, so you can’t blame me in the future!”

When Fu Fei heard Xia Qiqi’s words, he was choked again. He couldn’t speak. For the first time, he was confused. Was he wrong before?

In fact, in the beginning, he also felt that it was not right for the nobleman to possess the auxiliary master, but since he liked Xia Zixiu, he did not want Xia Zixiu to have anything to do with others. And when he became a nobleman, he even felt that his auxiliary master should belong to him alone.

That’s what all the nobles around him think too, right?

But now…

Fu Fei rubbed his temples with his hands.

Xia Qiqi carefully went to channel the mental power of Cossack, and only then did Fu Fei have the time to pay attention to the various messages on his contact terminal.

When looking at the messages, he naturally also saw the chat records in the school forum, and once he saw those, Fu Fei just froze.

Some people in the forum regretted not going after Xia Zixiu back then and he regretted it too.

In fact, Fu Fei also liked Xia Qiqi after spending so much time with Xia Qiqi.

But Xia Zixiu is his first love, the one he could not ask for. He also discovered that he had misunderstood Xia Zixiu. As for Xia Qiqi? Xia Qiqi was the one who took the initiative to contact him…

Sometimes people are so cheap, what they can’t get is always better.

Fu Fei was having a hard time when he suddenly saw a new message pop up on his contact terminal.

The Eighth Legion’s Commander, Cossack, had abused his power and was removed from his position as the Eighth Legion’s Commander!

Seeing this news, Fu Fei’s face changed greatly.

He knew clearly what his father could bring to him as the legion commander.

If his father was not the legion commander anymore…

Fu Fei immediately contacted his father’s subordinates to find out the situation, but those people didn’t answer his communications at all. His face became more and more ugly, and he became more and more anxious…

“Fu Fei, I want to take a break first,” Xia Qiqi said to Fu Fei after a period of channeling.

Fu Fei looked at Xia Qiqi suddenly: “Qiqi, how is my father?”

“Don’t worry, he will be fine.” Xia Qiqi was very confident. Fu Fei’s father is a Marshal, how could something go wrong? He is like this, mostly because he is just pretending.

Hearing what Xia Qiqi said, Fu Fei thought that his father could be cured, and finally felt relieved.

At this time, Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu also knew about the news that the commander of the Eighth Army had been removed, and they also saw many comments on the Internet.

“The Lord Marshal’s sudden appearance before was just to remove Cossack from his position, right?”

“I heard people say that the Eighth Legion is a bit messy…”

“Didn’t the recent outburst that Major General Xia disappeared and no one went looking for him belong to the Eighth Legion?”

As everyone is talking, the whole story of Xia Weicheng’s incident has been made public.

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