BH (QT) 167 – Mine Owner (16)

Chapter 167 – Mine Owner (16)

All the criminal acts committed by some people in the Eighth Legion were made public by the Military Headquarters without any hint of secrecy.

Smuggling, human trafficking, murder of fellow officers…

The fact that Xia Weicheng disappeared and returned has aroused heated discussion on the Internet in the past two days. Some people have picked up the Eighth Legion’s inaction after the disappearance of Xia Weicheng and the soldiers under his hands.

But the general public never thought that so many things were involved.

It turns out that Xia Weicheng’s disappearance was because he discovered that his colleague had violated the law and was tragically silenced!

Xia Weicheng and his 3,000 soldiers, only a dozen people came back alive in the end… Those people are all elite warriors of the Alliance!

Previously, the general public didn’t know the specific reason and only thought that Xia Weicheng’s disappearance was due to an accident in the universe. But now, they were suddenly informed that such a thing happened, they all exploded.

“Those people are simply beasts!”

“It’s horrible, I didn’t think such things would still happen in this day and age!”

“The culprits must be executed!”

“No wonder the Lord Marshal suddenly appeared and Cossack was removed from office, it was because of this!”


The information released by the Military Headquarters was investigated by Allen since a long time ago. The content is very detailed and it is especially infuriating. However, the anger of the people is directed at the criminals, not at others.

And there is a reason for that.

First of all, along with this crime information, there was also an apology letter jointly signed by seven legion commanders except Cossack.

The commanders from the first to the seventh all repented in their letters, and they also said that they would remove such a scourge. They have repeatedly assured that the Alliance Army will be the army of all the people.

In this way, everyone will have no ill feelings towards Legions other than the Eighth Legion. As for the Eighth Legion itself…

The Eighth Legion is a unit. Although only a few people do such things, the people don’t know it. It is logically easy to hate the whole legion… However, the Eighth Army has Xia Weicheng.

Xia Weicheng also belonged to the Eighth Legion, but was not in collusion, and was almost silenced. Under such circumstances, the people wouldn’t be able to knock down the entire Eighth Legion in one stroke.

Moreover, because the military headquarters disclosed some of the experiences of Xia Weicheng and others on that dangerous planet, Xia Weicheng still has a group of fans, and some people think that the Alliance Army is still worthy of trust.

In short, this incident became the biggest news in Capital Star in a very short time, and countless people paid attention to it. Meanwhile, in the school Xia Zixiu attended, those who used to bully Xia Zixiu were already dumbfounded.

Some of them, in fact, are from ordinary families. They squeezed and discredited Xia Zixiu just to please Fu Fei.

But now, Fu Fei’s father is in an accident, but Xia Zixiu’s father…

According to the news released by the military headquarters, after Xia Zixiu’s father experienced this ordeal, his mental power level has risen to S level, and he will be appointed as a Lieutenant General.

Xia Weicheng is still young, with this incident ahead, his future will definitely be bright. Sooner or later, he will become a General… They offended Xia Zixiu, they don’t know if they will be retaliated.

Especially those who had claimed that they had slept with Xia Zixiu were as pale as a sheet.

Xia Zixiu is different.

Seeing this news, he was dumbfounded.

He had always been afraid of Fu Fei, and as a result, Fu Fei’s father… just had an accident?

Also, his father became a Lieutenant General?

It’s all really very nice! Of course, it doesn’t seem to affect him much…

He feels that he has been a bit dazed since he met Yan Jing Ze. Now, he actually just wants to be sweet and happy with Yan Jing Ze every day.

After dinner, Xia Zixiu took Yan Jing Ze and went out, and began to introduce the Capital Star to Yan Jing Ze.

“There is an amusement park over there. When I was a kid, my Dad often took me to play!”

“The food over here is especially delicious!”

“There is a museum over there. I used to go there once in a while on weekends to play…”

Xia Zixiu excitedly introduced various things to Yan Jing Ze.

Yan Jing Ze listened attentively, and occasionally his mental power swept through the crowd, and he would whip some people who looked unsightly.

The Commander of the dignified army unexpectedly came to see him on a date!

The commander of the army who was whipped: “…” Lord Marshal is worthy of being Lord Marshal. He made what he thought was a perfect disguise but he never thought he would still be recognized at a glance.

While Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu were shopping together, Cossack was at home.

Xia Qiqi would take a break after helping Cossack comb his mental power for some time, and when she took another break, she noticed that Fu Fei’s face looked very ugly.

“Fu Fei, what’s the matter?” Xia Qiqi asked.

“Qiqi, my father was dismissed…” Fu Fei said and he showed Xia Qiqi the news on the Internet.

Xia Qiqi will know these things sooner or later.

Xia Qiqi stopped reading after a few glances and said to Fu Fei, “Fu Fei, don’t worry, everything will pass!” She vaguely felt something was wrong, but when she thought of the setting in the book, she relaxed again.

In the book, the position of Marshal has been handed down from generation to generation, accompanied by a huge amount of wealth… Cossack probably wanted to experience a bit before, so he went to be the commander of the Eighth Legion. Now that something has happened to the Eighth Legion, it’s normal that he doesn’t want to be the Legion Commander anymore.

So what if there are many people scolding Cossack online now? When the time comes, his identity will be revealed… Xia Qiqi feels excited just thinking about that scene.

She immediately appeased Fu Fei.

Fu Fei was a little guilty for a while, Xia Qiqi was really good to him. He should cherish her, but in his heart, there was Xia Zixiu…

Military Headquarters.

Seren is still registering visitors.

He saw the Lord Marshal a few days ago… No, Lord Marshal’s car, which made him more passionate about his work. Even if the Eighth Legion’s affairs came out today and countless people came to visit, he was full of energy and smiled at everyone.

Coincidentally, he saw the Prime Minister from a remote planet again.

“Hello!” Seren greeted this man with a smile. They saw the Lord Marshal’s car together before and he thought they had a good connection.

“Hello,” the Prime Minister said, his voice was actually choked with a sob.

Seren was dumbfounded: “What’s the matter with you?”

“On my planet, there are many young people who go out to work and never come back. I came here for this. I…” The Prime Minister couldn’t cry.

He came to the Military Headquarters just hoping to know what was going on and now he knows it.

“The criminals will be brought to justice!” Seren said, helping him fill out the form.

“Yes.” The Prime Minister wiped away his tears with a handkerchief—at least there will be no more victims in the future, will there?

Time always passes very quickly when you are with someone you love, and as Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu strolled around, it got dark.

Xia Zixiu finally said, “We… it seems like it’s time to go back.”

“Yeah.” Yan Jing Ze said: “Let’s go back!”

When Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu returned, it was late, but the house was still brightly lit.

The Xia family never left and there were others who came.

Pulling strings, begging for mercy, and everything. At this moment, Allen turned out to be the one receiving them.

And when Yan Jing Ze and Xia Zixiu came in hand in hand…

“This is Young Master Xia? He looks really outstanding!”

“Zixiu, do you remember me? I even hugged you when you were young.”

“Master Xia, my son and you are classmates…”

These people were very enthusiastic when it came to Xia Zixiu, but not so much when it came to Yan Jing Ze.

They all know that this one is a mine owner from a remote planet.

Although this person is quite rich, but those powerful people in the Capital Star have several private ships worth hundreds of millions of credits in their hands. Compared to them, what is Yan Jing Ze?

However, Yan Jing Ze had already formed a bond with Xia Zixiu, and they wouldn’t be rude to Yan Jing Ze. They just regretted that they didn’t help Xia Zixiu when he was at the bottom before.

Xia Zixiu was stared at by these people with fiery eyes and didn’t know what to do.

Not to mention him, even Xia Weicheng and Mrs. Xia didn’t know how to deal with it. Fortunately, Allen was there.

Allen actually received everyone well, and said that after two days, the Xia family will hold a banquet, and then invite everyone to come… and then just send everyone away.

Seeing Allen dealt with everything with ease, Mrs. Xia was impressed: “Allen, you are so amazing!”

“I just did something I should do,” Allen said.

“This banquet…” Mrs. Xia looked at Allen. She was actually a commoner, so she was not treated well by the Xia family in those previous years. And although Xia Weicheng is a Lieutenant General, he does not have many social engagements, so she is not very good at these things.

“Madam, if you can rest assured, this matter can be completely left to me,” Allen said.

“Then I’ll trouble you!” Mrs. Xia said.

“It’s not troublesome, this was originally the duty of a butler,” Allen said.

Xia Weicheng: “…” It is surprising that he can also enjoy the treatment of an S-level warrior butler for himself…

Those people have finally left, and Yan Jing Ze can finally go to the room with Xia Zixiu to live the two-person world.

The two were unfamiliar with each other last night, so they only communicated with each other, and there was no physical contact…cough cough, is it okay tonight?

Yan Jing Ze inevitably thought of something.

Xia Zixiu’s face flushed suddenly, he could sense what Yan Jing Ze wanted to do… He kind of wanted to run, but couldn’t leave, this… this…

Okay, he actually wants to be with Yan Jing Ze.

The bond was already formed, what is there to be afraid of?

Speaking of it, the vast majority of warriors and auxiliary masters first fell in love like ordinary people and then formed a contract, but they are completely reversed…

Anyway, Yan Jing Ze had a very happy night.

The dual physical and mental pleasure made him want to stay entangled with Xia Zixiu and never separate for good.

Unfortunately, the dawn came.

When the sunlight entered the room through the gap in the curtains, Xia Zixiu pushed Yan Jing Ze away, withdrew all his mental power, and wrapped himself up with the quilt, revealing only a head: “You can’t touch me anymore and you can’t touch me with your mental power anymore! I want to sleep!”

A few days ago, he was worried about his future and did not sleep well, and then talked with Yan Jing Ze the night before and did not sleep all night, not to mention last night!

He can’t stand it anymore!

It is necessary to separate from Yan Jing Ze, he cannot let Yan Jing Ze seduce him again!

Xia Zixiu thought so, and a little bit wanted to touch Yan Jing Ze, a small mental power thread protruded from his spiritual sea, hooking Yan Jing Ze’s mental power.

Yan Jing Ze: “…” Don’t let me touch you but you came to touch me…

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