Chapter 177 – Fu’s Scenes (2)

Bai Mengyun really could do it.

She really committed s**cide.

However, she was still taken to the hospital and saved.

The Bai family also learned about Bai Mengyun and Fu Zhixu’s affair, putting pressure on the Fu family, feeling that Fu Zhixu had to take responsibility for what he did to Bai Mengyun.

Otherwise, their relationship would also break apart.

Under such dual pressure,

Fu Zhixu had no choice but to marry Bai Mengyun.

Actually, if Fu Zhixu were still the male protagonist at this time, possessing the protagonist’s halo, perhaps under the protagonist’s halo, he could have found another way.

But there was no way, the current Fu Zhixu didn’t have the protagonist’s halo, so he could only choose to compromise.

However, even after marriage, Fu Zhixu still refused to touch Bai Mengyun or sleep in the same bed with her.

The Fu family and the Bai family were considered prominent families in Beijing, and the marriage between the two families made it to the newspapers in Beijing directly.

Mother Fu directly sent a newspaper to Xu Ru.

This led to Xu Ru showing the newspaper to the heavily pregnant Xu Ci later on, triggering her premature birth of twins.

Upon hearing the news of Xu Ci’s premature birth and death, Mother Fu was naturally delighted.

Although it was a pity for the dragon and phoenix twins in Xu Ci’s belly, losing one of them was ominous.

So, she didn’t want the surviving girl, even though she was her granddaughter.

Fu Zhixu remained unaware of Xu Ci’s death and the baby’s death inside her belly.

At that time, Fu Zhixu took the college entrance examination and successfully entered Beijing University.

Before going to study, Fu Zhixu finally found the opportunity to visit Qinghe Production Brigade.

The news he received, however, was that Xu Ci and one of her children in her belly had died.

For Fu Zhixu, this was a massive blow, and he felt like his heart turned to ashes in an instant.

That night, Fu Zhixu stayed by Xu Ci and the child’s grave all night. By the time he descended the mountain the next night, his hair had turned white.

Yes, Fu Zhixu turned white-haired overnight.

The remaining daughter, who Fu Zhixu should have taken with him, it’s unclear whether it was because Fu Zhixu not only lost his protagonist halo but also because he encountered Xu Ru, this female protagonist who made him less intelligent.

He actually didn’t take his daughter with him. Instead, he asked Xu Ru to help raise his daughter and promised to send supplies regularly.

Xu Ru agreed happily. She had originally decided to keep this child as a bond between herself and Fu Zhixu.

But after Fu Zhixu left for studies, Xu Ru went to Haishi for university. As for the child, she left her with her parents to take care of her as they pleased.

Uncle and Aunt Xu, seeing that Fu Zhixu would send things every month, agreed to take care of her.

Xu Ru only finished primary school, although she also took the college entrance examination, she didn’t get into university.

The acceptance letter from Hashi University was originally meant for Xu Ci.

It was Xu Ci who, with a big belly, went to take the college entrance exam and got accepted.

Unfortunately, Xu Ci died.

Now, her chance to go to university was taken over by Xu Ru.

From then on, Xu Ru changed her name to Xu Ci and went to study in Haishi.

Xu Ru, studying at Haishi University, embarked on a journey with the female protagonist halo, sailing smoothly, even rising to the top, establishing her own harem, having ambiguous relationships with elites and big shots from various industries.

Of course, that’s not even the most melodramatic part. The most melodramatic part is that later on, Xu Ru actually got plastic surgery!

Not only did she get plastic surgery, but in her middle age, the divorced Xu Ru also married Fu Zhixu, who was also divorced.

Xu Ru’s divorce was, of course, due to her husband’s betrayal, while Fu Zhixu’s divorce happened many years later when Bai Mengyun also realized that Fu Zhixu didn’t love her, so she chose to divorce and let go.

Actually, at this point, when Xu Jinning saw this, she was very puzzled. Wasn’t Bai Mengyun deeply in love with Fu Zhixu and also a somewhat obsessive person? Initially, she even conspired with Mother Fu to marry Fu Zhixu. After failing, Bai Mengyun even attempted s**cide. How could she possibly let go now?

Later on, when she saw Fu Zhixu marrying Xu Ru, she finally understood.

It was the female protagonist halo at work again.

Because Xu Ru had to marry Fu Zhixu, so everyone else had to step back.

Does Xu Ru love Fu Zhixu? Naturally, she doesn’t.

Especially after so many years, going through ups and downs in society, Xu Ru had seen many men, many of whom were no worse than Fu Zhixu.

So why, in her middle age, did Xu Ru still want to marry Fu Zhixu? Perhaps it was because of her obsession from her youth, the desire to surpass Xu Ci and marry Fu Zhixu.

The most crucial thing is that Fu Zhixu actually married Xu Ru.

The book explains the reasons behind Fu Zhixu marrying Xu Ru.

One reason is because Xu Ru had her appearance changed to look like Xu Ci, and Fu Zhixu had been in love with Xu Ci all these years. So, when he saw Xu Ru looking almost identical to Xu Ci, he couldn’t resist.

Another reason is to show gratitude to Xu Ru for helping raise his and Xu Ci’s daughter.

Wow, that’s quite a dramatic plot twist! Xu Jinning really struggled with the rationale behind Fu Zhixu’s actions and felt that his character development was severely compromised.

It’s understandable why Xu Jinning would feel that way. How could Fu Zhixu, who loved Xu Ci so much, replace her with someone else? Even if that person resembled Xu Ci, they were not Xu Ci.

Moreover, couldn’t Fu Zhixu see that their daughter, the one he shared with Xu Ci, was mistreated by Uncle Xu’s family, raised to be submissive, and married off early?

It’s truly unbelievable how far the storyline goes just to fulfill Xu Ru’s obsession as the female protagonist. The character development is indeed compromised.

Xu Jinning’s perception of Fu Zhixu being intellectually impaired stems from his death five years after marrying Xu Ru. The shocking part is that Xu Ru accidentally k*lled Fu Zhixu, who had planned to k*ll her first.

Xu Jinning speculates that Fu Zhixu might have awakened from his stupor at some point, stopped being intellectually impaired, and uncovered some truths, such as why his mother knew about his marriage to Xu Ci, why Xu Ci died prematurely, and how their daughter was abandoned by Xu Ru and mistreated by Uncle Xu’s family.

Fu Zhixu realized that Xu Ru was the cause of everything and couldn’t forgive himself. He also wanted revenge for Xu Ci and their children!

However, being a supporting character against Xu Ru, who possessed the protagonist halo and was a major female protagonist, Fu Zhixu’s attempt to k*ll Xu Ru resulted in his own death.

Even with Fu Zhixu’s death, Xu Ru continued unscathed, continuing on her path as the powerful female protagonist in her indulgent story!

The scene gradually faded.

But Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci remained immersed in the scene, unable to snap out of it for a long time.

“Let the feast begin!” It wasn’t until the announcement of the feast that they managed to come back to their senses reluctantly.

After dealing with everything at the feast, they returned to their room, finally finding time to sort through their thoughts and process the images they had just seen.

On what should have been a joyous day for their marriage, the two of them sat on the bed, their faces not looking good, both somewhat pale.

“Brother Fu, will we live like this in the future?” Xu Ci asked, lost in confusion.

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