Chapter 178 – A Chance

“How is it possible, how could we have ended up like that, Aci? I absolutely wouldn’t have done those things,” Fu Zhixu hurriedly denied.

Xu Ci stared at him blankly, not saying a word.

Xu Ci admitted that she had loved Fu Zhixu, but at the same time, she had also loved herself.

And the Fu Zhixu she saw in that image gave her a completely unfamiliar feeling.

The Fu Zhixu in the image was easily compromised, weak, sometimes even foolish, and he even boasted of deep affection while having a substitute. This made Xu Ci feel disgusted.

The Fu Zhixu in the image was really different from the one she knew now.

Xu Ci didn’t understand why she and Fu Zhixu had heard the inner thoughts of the Xu family girl and seen such scenes on this important day of their marriage.

It was mysterious and unbelievable, but Xu Ci couldn’t shake the feeling that if she and Fu Zhixu didn’t make changes or know about the image, their future selves might really end up like that.

“Aci, I know the me in that image is really terrible, and I admit it.”

The self in that image made Fu Zhixu want to rush in and pick him up, giving him a good beating, to wake him up.

How could he be so foolish, so easily manipulated?

How could he stay away for so long without contacting Xu Ci at all?

How could he compromise and marry another woman?

How could he leave his daughter to be raised by Xu Ru without any contact? Especially when knew about Xu Ci’s conflict with Xu Ru’s family?

And finally, how could he marry Xu Ru, who looked like Xu Ci, and claim it was out of love for Xu Ci, as a way to repay Xu Ru for helping him raise his daughter?

Fu Zhixu felt that this was really far-fetched and completely overturned his understanding.

“Aci, I really feel that the me in that image is not me, it’s like someone wearing my face but with thoughts and actions controlled, that’s definitely not the real me. Do you understand what I mean?” Fu Zhixu tried to express himself earnestly.

Xu Ci actually understood Fu Zhixu’s meaning. The Fu Zhixu in the image was really different from the one she knew now.

However, she couldn’t deny the present Fu Zhixu just because of things that hadn’t happened yet or might not happen. That wouldn’t be fair to Fu Zhixu.

But Xu Ci also couldn’t act as if nothing had happened.

“I understand what you mean. But I think, since fate let us see these things that haven’t happened yet, it’s to give us a chance. Knowing these things in advance, if we want to continue together, we have to learn to change.”

“Yes, Aci, you’re right. I will keep it in mind and definitely prevent these things from happening.”

“Aci, please don’t give up on me just yet, you can take all this as a test for me, if I really do those things, really betray you, even if it’s forced, can you give up on me then?”

“Aci, you have to give me a chance. I will prove that person is not me, and those things are definitely not something I would do.”

If he really did such things, even if forced and even if with no other choice, that foolish, weak version of him wouldn’t deserve Xu Ci.

At that point, leaving him would be the right choice.

“Okay, I’ll give you a chance.” It’s also giving our relationship a chance.

Xu Ci felt that this might not only be an opportunity to test her and Fu Zhixu’s feelings but also a chance given by fate to change their destiny.

Opening up their hearts, the two, who had a somewhat tense atmosphere before, also relaxed a bit at this moment.

Fu Zhixu held Xu Ci’s slightly cold hand.

“Aci, you need to be on guard against your cousin.”

“Yeah, I never expected her to be able to dream, dreaming about things that haven’t happened yet…” And then later, she also assumed her identity to attend university, undergo plastic surgery, and live a smooth life.

As for how Xu Ru was doing, Xu Ci didn’t actually care. However, Xu Ci couldn’t tolerate Xu Ru’s actions of ruining and taking what belonged to her to make her own life better.

“She’s a dangerous person, we have to be cautious and reduce contact with her, or else we might unknowingly be manipulated by her,” Fu Zhixu reminded.

“Also, about that girl from the Xu family…”

Fu Zhixu paused when mentioning Xu Jinning.

They saw that image because they initially heard the inner thoughts of that young girl.

In fact, when they just made their vows, they heard that sentence in the silence, and Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci didn’t know who said it. They thought someone had spoken it out loud at that moment, as if deliberately jinxing them.

But soon, they realized that no one had spoken at that time.

In the girl’s subsequent words, they judged that it sounded more like someone’s inner thoughts.

It was like speaking from the heart.

It was also then that they confirmed the owner of those thoughts was Xu Aiguo’s youngest daughter, Xu Jinning.

And they also saw from the corner of their eyes that the little girl didn’t actually speak.

After that, through those thoughts, they saw the image.

After the vows and seeing the image, they wanted to find Xu Jinning and ask what was going on.

It was absolutely impossible for both of them to have a problem at the same time; the most likely person with a problem was Xu Jinning.

But just now, when they came to Xu Jinning’s table and wanted to talk to her, they found that they couldn’t utter a single word about the image and the inner thoughts, as if they were invisibly silenced.

In their subconscious, it seemed like a voice was telling them.

Don’t ask, and don’t delve too deeply.

This was because heaven couldn’t bear to see them end up like in the image, so it allowed them to see the image through Xu Jinning’s inner thoughts.

What they needed to do was to change their own destiny.

Realizing this, Fu Zhixu and Xu Ci stopped trying to ask questions and returned to their room.

“Aci, in a month, we’ll be able to verify if it’s true.”

If in a month, they received a letter about his mother’s serious illness, it would prove that what they saw in the image was real.

That would mean they essentially predicted the future and could change their original destiny.

“What if we receive it?” Xu Ci asked.

Fu Zhixu tightly held Xu Ci’s hand and said, “If we receive it, and since I know it is fake, then of course I won’t go back. I’ll stay here with you and we’ll go to college together.”

“Okay, but I have a thought.”

Xu Ci hesitated for a moment and said, “Our child…”

“I think we shouldn’t have a child for now. Let’s wait until we both finish college, get stable jobs, and if our relationship remains the same by then, we can have children.”

Xu Ci loves children. After her parents’ sacrifice and with her uncle’s family being the way they are, Xu Ci has grown up all alone for so many years.

She once thought about marrying someone she loves, having many children, and having a lively home filled with love and affection.

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  1. I like that both Fu Zhixu’s and Xu Ci’s reactions to the vision are to be cautious not only of others, but also of their marriage. It’s kind to not want to doubt your spouse just because of a future that may or may not happen, but it’s also wise to be reasonably skeptical just because the future is unknown.

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  2. Wouldn’t Xu Ru’s dream update from that couple’s changes and allow her to have other plots..?

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