Chapter 32 – …I really didn’t see it

Hill, who was far in the lower realm, saw Mrs. Lestat’s film review, and his first real reaction was extreme guilt.

He really just wanted to make a brainless domineering president drama. Why did someone suddenly give such a film review? It’s really too scary and too embarrassing… This kind of feeling is like when you sneezed and wiped your nose in front of everyone, and then one of them suddenly coming over to you personally say ‘wow, the way you wipe your nose is so handsome!’ Although this example is a bit disgusting, it has such a strong sense of substitution.

‘I’m sorry that my movie is not worthy of your film review.’ Hill thought guiltily.

What should he do after his guilty conscience is over… He then looked at the film reviews and thought of a good idea.

Some famous film critics will be invited to watch the premiere of some movies on Earth. If they can get their unanimous affirmation, then this movie is not far from success. Hill doesn’t know if this is true, anyway, some movie entertainment novels are written like this, Hill thinks it makes sense.

Of course, there are no film critics in this world, but Hill can come up with a few.

For example, this is Helen Lestat.

So, he sent a letter to Joan Baker asking about this lady, and Joan Baker responded quickly. The first sentence was:

“You may not know, that lady is already married.”

When Hill saw this sentence, the corners of his mouth twitched twice. Hey, aren’t you thinking too much?

The second sentence: “Of course, for the demons, the human matters witnessed by the God of Light can not cause any obstruction.”

Hill touched his forehead, you really see the demon race as what kind of existence ah. Although we have killed people and may kill innocent people indiscriminately, we still have some sense of morality… right.

The third sentence: “Of course, of course, this is also nothing to the viscountess.”

Hmm… This sentence is a bit more informative.

After reading this letter carefully twice, Hill had a general understanding of this Helen Lestat, he felt that her identity was really quite good. But now there is no need to take the initiative to contact her, wait until she takes the initiative to contact him…Hill thought. If the other party is interested in movies and expects this to be the future trend of Magnolia City, then she will definitely find a connection to investigate the background of the movie theater. Joan Baker made only a simple cover-up and most of those in the upper echelons already knew he was the owner of the cinema.

Speaking of socialites, Hill remembered another socialite that he had come into contact with before, the Duchess Eri Dalle, who was a beautiful widow. At that time, Hill asked the death knight Goldnia to tease her. She hesitated and missed the opportunity to cooperate in the movie, and now must be remorseful…

To be honest, Hill did it on purpose, he never intended to hand over the movie to that Eri Dalle in the first place. He did that to impress her first, so that he could work with her more smoothly the next time he wanted to.

He has to admit that this is quite cunning of him.

Regarding how to deal with Eri Dalle, Hill intends to open a restaurant in the human world after Irvine has recruited the fire element spirits. If nothing else, the catering partner will be Eri Dalle.

Throwing the letter paper into the flame, the flame rose up, and the letter was sent to the library. Hill looked at the fireplace: “What are you doing?”

“Ah? My King?” Irvine was confused, “Didn’t you throw this into the fire to let me put it to the library?”

“…No, I just want to burn the letter paper.” Hill said, “You think too much.”

Well, Irvine is now too proficient.

“Occasionally, you need to play the original role of fire.” Hill shook his head.

Irvine immediately said respectfully: “I understand, My King.”

As a result, the next time Hill stepped into the flame and wanted to teleport to the dark elf, he was directly burned by the fire… He came out of the fire silently and asked with difficulty: “What are you doing…”

Irvine said with a trembling voice: “Ah, am I not supposed to play the original role of the flame?”

Hill looked at the sky speechlessly, “Well, I didn’t make it clear.”

It seems that the tacit understanding between the Demon King and his personal subordinates still needs to be honed more.


Hill went to the library and sent the letters to the flames to burn, then turned around and saw the ghost Binns of the five elders, who was writing at his desk.

Binns was wearing a double-breasted black trench coat today, with a bowler hat and a monocle on the bridge of his nose. Hill felt that Klein and Amon had merged by looking at his outfit. Binns was quite concentrated and he didn’t respond until Hill walked up to him, “My King,” he said.

Hill glanced at the content on the parchment and found that he was planning a photocopier.

“Are you busy?” Hill said.

“I’m trying to be busy, but I don’t have a clue, so I can’t get busy,” Binns answered honestly.

There was an inexplicable sense of cuteness in this answer, Hill couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips, “Where is there no clue?”

“If in accordance with your orders, My King, the parchment to be copied first need to be infused with magic power, so that the magic power copies evenly arranged on it, and then through the special ink, it will be converted into a message recorded in the magic crystal, and the role of the special ink is to block the magic molecules and the formation of a magic-free vacuum on the parchment, which forms the first condition of imaging…” Binns spoke eloquently.

Hill struggled to understand Binns’ words, “So what is the problem you are having?”

“First, the material; according to this, a piece of paper even needs to be replaced by a magic crystal. Second; the magic crystals with engraved runes need to take turns to replace…”

“Then design another array to let the magic crystal automatically replace ah.” Hill said naturally, “then also have to design a formation to automatically change the paper.”

Bins was stunned, “This, is this a complex magical apparatus?”

Hill also froze for a moment and then he understood Binns’ thoughts. In this world, many apparatuses have only one single function, so these magicians can’t change their way of thinking, but on Earth, everyone has become accustomed to one device having multiple functions. And because of the development of technology, it has also developed this thinking of using other existing technologies to solve other problems that arise when you want to use one technology.

Hill could not help but feel a bit emotional. He found that, as Marx said, matter and consciousness promote each other, and material progress can also promote the development of thinking. But this point also has to be noted, the modern Earth’s thinking fully applied to this other world may not be a good thing.

But…well… Because he is the Demon King, the problem is not too big.

Hill and the ghost Binns discussed for a while. Binns had a new inspiration and the whole person was happy. Hill saw the color of ghost Binns’ body become brighter, “My King, you are really very powerful. This subordinate’s mind suddenly became clear… Oh, My King, why does your body smell a little burnt?”

The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, he was burned by Irvine, he said helplessly: “What do you think this is called academically?” He made a joke.

Binns pondered for a while, pushed down the monocle, and said tentatively: “Academically it’s called… desire, a body burning with desire?”

Hill: …

I didn’t expect you with thick eyebrows and big eyes to also drive a car.

The library in the lower realm is magnificent and quiet, with various books neatly placed on the shelves. Binns, wearing a monocle, sits in a large gilt seat. His attire makes him look like an ascetic but handsome old-school gentleman.

Then match his sentence just now.

…I really didn’t see it.

Hill thought with an expressionless face.

What is the matter with all of you in the lower world?


Then Hill went to the territory of the dark elves. They lived in a forest that shades the sky. They like the night. They have an ancient and mysterious civilization. There are towering old trees and a faint purple mist floating in the forest. All kinds of rare and exotic plants are everywhere, the scenery is very beautiful.

The trees in the dark elf residence are also very beautiful, many of their houses are built directly on the trees. Some are built on the canopy, with green and light brown stairs spiraling upward; some are directly hollowed out from the core of the tree and built inside the tree.

However, the rivers here are all red. This is mainly because the blood pool is on the outer layer of the forest. If it is a human being drinking this kind of water, they surely die quickly, but the dark elves have lived there for generations so they have antibodies.

Hill looked at such a beautiful landscape, dispelling one purpose of coming this time.

To be honest, he came here this time to see if the dark elves can raise sheep and cattle… but he feels a sense of guilt about putting these livestock into this environment…

The second purpose is to see the processing plant.

The jewelry and handicrafts produced by the dark elves were naturally well received in the human world, but because Hill had not yet begun to publicize them, they were made entirely in accordance with the movie’s accessories, so the impact they caused was still relatively small.

In Hill’s plan, fashion magazines will be published in the future. These jewels and even future clothing will gradually break away from the identity of movie accessories and create their own new world.

This time, Hill came over and planned to talk to the patriarch of the clan about expanding the scale of production.

“In addition, there are rewards. For such a pendant, the producer can get… um… a magic crystal?” Hill said tentatively.

“A magic crystal!” The patriarch of the dark elves raised his voice.

Hill is a little guilty. Such pendants have been sold for hundreds of gold coins in the human world. Is he too avaricious?

Then the patriarch of the dark elves said, “This, this price is too high… My King, you are really kind to the dark elf clan!”

…Hill is even more guilty.

This, if someone buys it at that price, then he sells it…

After Hill left, the patriarch of the dark elf clan—the father of Albrecht Darkmoon of the five elders—called Albrecht over and asked seriously: “Al, what did you do for the Lord Demon King? What is the price in exchange for the Lord Demon King’s preferential treatment to our clan?”

Albrecht was at a loss: “I just did my best, father.”

Seeing that the patriarch of the dark elves couldn’t get anything from his son, he used some personal connections. He contacted the demon king’s closest subordinate, Irvine, and asked Irvine to reveal some information.

Irvine thought for a moment and said: “My King went to the library before coming to you. I didn’t intend to eavesdrop on the conversation between My King and Elder Binns, but I overheard them talking about ‘a body burning with desire’.”

Dark Elf Patriarch: !!!

Therefore, the thoughts are connected together, the Lord Demon King is burning with desire, Albrecht did his due diligence, and then the Lord Demon King gave special preferential treatment to the dark elves…

After returning to the territory, the dark elf patriarch looked heavily at his son and for the first time felt that he had really grown up.

For the sake of this clan, Al seems to have paid too much…

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You with thick eyebrows and big eyes – it is used to describe people with divine eyebrows; good-looking

To drive a car – (internet slang) to talk about porn (because Binns just called him horny lol)

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