Sacrifice to the Devil 13

Chapter 13 – Contents have been changed

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For just a moment.

There was a sense of helplessness in the man’s low voice.

The first time he saw Ying Chen that night, he gave Wen Yu too much fear.

Ying Chen’s tough attitude and the gloomy gesture of wanting to kill him made him feel uneasy.

And now, he suddenly lowered his posture.

Wen Yu pressed his lips tightly and didn’t struggle anymore, but he didn’t nod in agreement either.

The man’s lowered face had almost touched his face, his handsome features were more clearly defined at a close distance.

The deep, dark eyes reflected the color of his own panic, the high bridge of his nose gently rubbed the tip of his nose, and his breath surrounded the two of them.

Two people, as long as one person slightly takes the initiative to touch, they can feel the temperature of each other’s lips.

But Ying Chen seemed to be waiting for his consent.

Wen Yu resisted instinctively, but in Ying Chen’s fixed and stoic look, he saw what seemed to be thousands of years of suppressed pain that could not dissipate.

He suddenly wanted to cry.

He was flustered and at a loss, and closed his eyes tightly as if evading.

He thought, even if Ying Chen broke the agreement and kissed him

Then just let him kiss.

However, the cold breath surrounding his cheeks gradually faded away, and even with his eyes closed, he could feel the shadows pressing on him gradually dissipated.

Ying Chen got up from him and left the room.

When Wen Yu opened his eyes, the room was empty and silent. Only hearing his own heartbeat jumping extremely fast because of his nervousness—


Until he woke up in the morning, he still didn’t feel Ying Chen’s breath, and the quilt and pillow beside him had no trace of being touched.

It seems that Ying Chen is really willing to abide by the agreement between the two. Until he regains the memories of his previous life, he will not touch him again.

However, how can his memory be found?

When he got up to pack his schoolbag, Wen Yu saw Ying Chen’s coat and the yellow paper talisman in the schoolbag again. He suddenly remembered the resentful spirit he encountered in the car last night.
Taoist Huang He might really have some abilities. If his yellow paper talisman can deal with the resentful spirit, can it also deal with Ying Chen?

He jumped out of bed and pulled out a business card from his school bag.

Under the business card, it read: Master Huang He, a descendant of the Yi family, know Feng Shui, can see good and bad luck, engaging in various rituals, can exorcise evil spirits, and pray for blessings.

It was given to him by the Taoist priest he saw yesterday.

He didn’t believe that humans can do these things before, but after seeing the boy’s fear of the yellow paper talisman yesterday afternoon, he believed it.

Wen Yu picked up the phone and dialed the phone number written on it.

Master Huang’s voice didn’t sound like he just woke up: “Little brother, did something good happen so you called to thank me?”

Wen Yu was surprised: “How do you know it’s me?”

“Of course, I know it is you. Yesterday, when I saw you surrounded by purple energy and your face was shining with bright light, I knew that little brother had a good fortune recently. I feel like you have recently met a patron who can help you overcome disasters, break difficulties, and become rich and blessed.”

If Ying Chen is this patron…

Wen Yu sneered in his heart, interrupted the gushing Huang He, and said, “Master Huang, can you teach me how to use your yellow paper talisman to drive away evil spirits?”

“Hmm? Exorcism?”

Huang He tsked: “This child, why do you not believe me? There is no evil spirit around you.”

Wen Yu increased the tone of voice: “Master Huang, I am serious.”

Huang He: “I ask people five hundred yuan a minute to get rid of evil spirits. If I teach others how to make money, how can I still make a living?”

Wen Yu: “I’ll pay your tuition.”

His mobile phone still has a record of the transfer to Huang He yesterday. So, while discussing with Huang He, he opened the payment and pressed the transfer without hesitation.

“Twenty thousand, is it enough? I’ll transfer more to you if it’s not enough.”

Huang He should have received the transfer reminder. He was taken aback and hurriedly said, “No, little brother, do you think it is so easy to enter the teacher’s door?”

Wen Yu’s tone was calm: “Since the master has accepted my money, I can take the transfer records to sue you for falsification and deception.”

“Ha! You little rascal, you.” Huang He was speechless: “This is not something that can be taught just by talking about it. First of all, it depends on whether you have the qualifications. Let me ask you, can you see things that normal people can’t see?”

What can’t be seen normally?

Wen Yu choked for a moment.

“I can’t.”

Huang He snorted: “Even if you can see it, it will take years of sincerity and abstinence practice, or even decades, to get the grandmaster’s mana reward.

“That yellow paper talisman, in my hand, can kill demons and monsters, but it is just a piece of waste paper in your hand.

“You think what I’m humming in my mouth is just all pretense about gods and ghosts. It’s all for borrowing power from the grandmaster.”

Wen Yu hurriedly asked: “What grandmaster?”

Huang He painstakingly persuaded: “Child, if you do not believe in these, do not ask so many questions. Your money, I will give it back. And I also advise you not to touch porcelain to people like me, child, beware of the backlash.” And then he hung up the phone.

Wen Yu pinched the yellow talisman in his hands and pondered: Huang He said the yellow paper talisman in his hands is a waste of paper.

But yesterday, why did the resentful spirit seem scared?

Could it be…

He vaguely speculated about a possibility, and carefully stuffed the paper talisman into his school bag, and walked out of the room with it on his back.

Lin An, the boy in charge of taking care of him, had already prepared breakfast for him and stood in the hall with his head down: “Young Master, you eat your breakfast first and I will send you to school later.”

“No need.” Wen Yu glanced at the plates and bowls with food placed on the dining table and walked straight to the entrance hall, “I’ll go to school to eat.”

“But… Young Master, if you don’t eat breakfast, Master will…” The boy was a little embarrassed, taking the car keys and following him out the door.

“You don’t need to send me, I will go to school by myself.”

Wen Yu glanced at him indifferently, his eyes were cold: “Ying Chen asked you to take care of me but did not let you control my freedom.”


Lin An looked awkward but didn’t dare to continue following. Watching the thin boy walked out the door of the villa with his schoolbag on his back.

Wen Yu used to take the bus to school, he stood on the crowded platform and soon noticed the strangeness.

Someone was staring at him.

Like the resentful spirit that followed him outside the car yesterday, the breath was cold and dangerous.

Wen Yu looked around and thought: In such a crowded place, will the resentful spirit directly attack him? If it really attacked him, what action would he make, would he look like a crazy person in the eyes of others?

He gripped the strap of his school bag tightly and braced himself.

The cold air suddenly thickened, a heavy resentment condensed and attacked him. The next moment, something choked his neck and made him unable to breathe.

Sure enough, it really did. A trace of panic appeared on Wen Yu’s face, but his hands quickly unloaded his school bag and tried to take out Ying Chen’s clothes.

“Give it to me, give it to me…”

A cold and sharp voice suddenly came to his ears, and then the environment in front of him changed drastically. The street platform disappeared and he crashed into a space full of chaotic blankness.

The surrounding area was white and nothing could be seen. Only the voice kept ringing in his ears, “Give it to me, I want to eat… Give it to me…”

Wen Yu was choked and almost suffocated, the lack of oxygen in the brain gave him a buzzing pain, the limbs also began to become numb.

He finally managed to open the zipper of his school bag and yank out Ying Chen’s clothes, the resentful spirit suddenly became excited: “Give me! Give it to me!”

Wen Yu threw away Ying Chen’s clothes decisively, then took out the yellow talisman from the inside and held it in his hand.

The sense of suffocation disappeared, and then he saw Ying Chen’s clothes floated in the air, which was probably held by the resentful spirit. And the resentful spirit was even more excited, “Ah, it’s pure divine and demonic spiritual power, such a good thing! Who are you, do you have more? Give it all to me, give it to me.”

Wen Yu calmly controlled his breathing, thinking about what spell the Taoist Huang He said, he only remembered him yelling a word ‘scatter’ at the end.

With the idea of giving it a try, he took the yellow paper talisman and pointed it to the floating clothes. The throat that was pinched by the resentful spirit until it could not make a sound struggled to shout the vague and hoarse word ‘scatter’.

For an instant, there seemed to be a flash of light falling into the yellow paper talisman. Suddenly, the flame flashed and the paper talisman was quickly ignited, and disappeared from his hand in the blink of an eye.

Wen Yu hadn’t reacted yet when he heard a miserable and sharp scream from the resentful spirit, “Ah—-“. And then Ying Chen’s clothes fell to the ground.

The strong impact also made Wen Yu unstable, he staggered two steps to maintain his balance and stand firm. But he kept dry heaving, coughing, and breathing heavily.

After a shrill cry, the resentful spirit gradually quieted down. But the breath is still there, only much weaker than before.

Did the paper talisman work?

Wen Yu looked at his hand and backed away confused.

Suddenly, a gust of cold wind rose around, hanging on the exposed skin, causing layers of goosebumps.

Wen Yu couldn’t see anything, but he could feel the breath of the resentful spirit suddenly strengthened. Why? When Wen Yu was puzzled, he saw Ying Chen’s clothes floating in the air.

Is the resentful spirit absorbing the spiritual power from Ying Chen’s clothes and gradually becoming stronger?!

How can this still happen?

Wen Yu was taken aback.

But now he no longer has the yellow paper talisman in his hand, what should he do?

Suddenly, the cold wind blew strongly around, Wen Yu raised his hand to block it, then heard “Ahhhh!!!”

A sharp and miserable cry suddenly sounded out of thin air, “What have you done, how dare a human being try to disperse me, I’ll kill you!!!”

The strong wind rushed towards the young man instantly, as if trying its best to press him down.


Wen Yu was violently thrown down on the ground, he could not see anything, he only felt the emotions of hatred suppressing every cell of his body.

He couldn’t struggle, couldn’t breathe, he tried his best to get up, but could only endure the resentful spirit’s curse motionlessly.

And just when he thought he was going to get killed just like that, an extremely cold and sinister aura suddenly appeared, a familiar breath that made him tremble.

Ying Chen is here.

In an instant, all the rattling sound suddenly disappeared, and the evil spirit suddenly calmed down.

The boy’s suppressed body regained its freedom. He sat up on the ground and saw Ying Chen standing with his back facing him.

Immediately afterward, a voice that was extremely terrified and trembling sounded at Ying Chen’s feet: “No, please don’t kill me.”

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Touching porcelain – it’s like playing the victim and then asking for compensation, like this one episode from Mob Psycho 100

I also had to re-do this chapter. I didn’t notice that the author made some great changes to the previous chap and this chap and the next chaps… But fortunately, I didn’t discover it too late. Please read the previous chap again because you probably missed something. I wouldn’t say it was a lot though. XD

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