Sacrifice to the Devil 12

Chapter 12 – Is it okay for just a moment?

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Wen Yu was too nervous, he didn’t understand Ying Chen’s meaning for a while, and didn’t know how to react.

He only heard the last sentence: Come home with me.

Ying Chen’s words are equivalent to an irresistible order for him now.

He had no choice but to think coldly in his heart that Ying Chen probably wanted to settle accounts with him in his territory.

Wen Yu lived alone in this home and didn’t have many things of his own.

In addition, he didn’t regard that villa as a place where he would live in the future, so he only put a few simple clothes and documents in the suitcase and prepared to go downstairs and leave.

As he passed by the small living room on the second floor, he saw his drawing board.

And the unfinished picture of the landscape on the drawing board.

He hesitated for a while and finally found a piece of cloth to cover the drawing board, blocking the landscape in the painting.

After going downstairs, Ying Chen was no longer in the room. There was a black car parked outside the courtyard, the same car that Ying Chen had walked down in.

Wen Yu walked over with his suitcase. After opening the door, he found out that Ying Chen was not in the car.

Sitting in the driving seat was a young boy, who looked almost as young as himself, just recently reached adulthood.

The boy saw Wen Yu and immediately got down from the car and reached out to take the suitcase: “Hello Young Master Wen, I am Lin An. Master Ying asked me to take care of you.”

The movements are steady and the tone is mature, completely inconsistent with his seeming age.

It is not surprising how strange people appear around Ying Chen. Wen Yu asked him: “Where is Ying Chen?”

The boy put the suitcase in the car and politely opened the door for Wen Yu and asked him to go in: “Master Ying hasn’t finished his business yet, so he left first.”

Wen Yu’s eyes darkened and did not speak.

Just after getting inside the car, he suddenly felt a strange feeling: Something was staring at him and something very dangerous.

The boy looked out the car window vigilantly. The outside of the driving vehicle was no different from the street he usually saw. It was still like a high-traffic road with many pedestrians. And Wen Yu clearly noticed something was closely following the car.

“It’s a resentful spirit.” Lin An, who was driving, frowned and said, “It should be the breath of Mr. Ying on you that has attracted it. For this kind of resentful spirit, Master’s spiritual power is the best nourishment.”

Resentful spirit? After hearing this word for the first time, Wen Yu felt a sense of trance. It turned out that there was such a thing.

But Ying Chen’s breath?

Wen Yu thought of Ying Chen’s jacket in his schoolbag. He randomly unzipped the backpack and pulled out Ying Chen’s black jacket.

At the same time, when the large black coat was pulled out, a yellow paper talisman fluttered out of it. It was from the Taoist priest he saw in the afternoon, it accidentally got stuffed inside the clothes when he folded it.

Unexpectedly, when Wen Yu held the paper talisman in his hand, he noticed that the dangerous aura of the evil spirit suddenly weakened. Wen Yu couldn’t see those things, but he could feel that the evil spirits following the vehicle began to feel afraid.

Wenyu: ?!

Is that Taoist’s demon-expelling talisman really useful?

Lin An drove in front. He didn’t see what Wen Yu was holding in his hand. He just breathed a sigh of relief when the resentful spirit weakened: “Young Master Wen, don’t be afraid. I will report this to Master Ying when he comes back.”

Wen Yu gave a hum and quietly stuffed Ying Chen’s clothes and the yellow paper talisman into the schoolbag again.

In the large, empty villa, Ying Chen’s figure was still nowhere to be seen.

The boy brought Wen Yu’s suitcase to a room on the second floor: “Young Master Wen, this will be your bedroom from now on.”

Wen Yu was stunned.

The room in front of him is the only room in this house that has a bed, it was the bed he made last night.

He thought it was Ying Chen’s room.

Or, is this his room with Ying Chen? Does it mean that they have to sleep together?

A chill went through Wen Yu’s body.

The room was still the same as last night. The bed he had made was not touched and the cold gray bedding was neatly laid out on the wide bed.

The room was still cold, but because of Ying Chen’s absence, the depressive gloomy atmosphere was gone.

It was as if the hot weather outside at the end of May was not a part of the time and space, like a naturally airconditioned room.

Wen Yu could not figure out what Ying Chen meant.

Obviously, he was asked to clean up the hall and make the bed and quilt for him, but now he got a low-level demon to take care of his daily life.

What happened between him and Ying Chen?

Wen Yu frowned, sitting in front of the bed and thinking hard about the man named Ying Chen.

But like this quiet and gloomy room, there is still a blank in the brain. Perhaps it was the bumpy car ride, the time and space in the car, and running around all day that made him exhausted.

The teenager lay on his back in front of the bed and gradually fell asleep.

At some point, when he was asleep, he was suddenly hugged by a pair of powerful arms.

At the same time, there was also a familiar, depressing cold breath.

It’s Ying Chen!

Ying Chen carried him up.

Wen Yu panicked and closed his eyes tightly, and continued to pretend to sleep.

The senses are especially sensitive when there is no vision. He could clearly feel that Ying Chen’s movements were very light, as if he was afraid of waking him up, he gently placed him on the bed and covered him with a quilt.

He was like a completely different person from the violent person he first met.

Wen Yu’s heartbeat became faster, but anxiety surged.

What will Ying Chen do to him, will he sleep next to him? Or will he settle the accounts with him for what happened during the day?

He continued to pretend to sleep. The room was extremely quiet and the man beside him hadn’t moved for a long time. If he hadn’t felt the chill, Wen Yu would have thought that Ying Chen had already left.

What is Ying Chen doing?

“Stop pretending.”

Ying Chen’s voice suddenly sounded, deep and cold: “Your heartbeat is so fast, you think I didn’t know you were awake.”

Wen Yu: !!!

He opened his eyes and saw the handsome face of the man.

The man sat on the edge of his bed and looked at him deeply.

Wen Yu moved, trying to leave the man’s reach, and asked in a low voice, “What are you going to do?”

Ying Chen pressed one palm against Wen Yu’s fast-beating heart, the back of his hand was cold white, the bones were prominent, and the veins of blood vessels were clear.

It looks very hard, but the pressure on the boy’s chest is very light, like trying to hold back the emotions that cannot break out, and like a young man who is nostalgic for a moment.

However, he saw the anxiety in the boy’s eyes and sighed: “Still so afraid? Don’t be so scared.” He retracted his palm, and whispered in a mellow and dark voice: “I didn’t do anything to you more than a thousand years ago and I don’t even think of doing anything now.”

He doesn’t know how, but Wen Yu heard a heavy heartache from these words, like the pain of aged brew with many memories.

Wen Yu thought for a while and asked softly: “Then what do you want me to do?”

Ying Chen: “I want you to think of me.”

Wen Yu pursed his lips and did not speak. No matter how hard he thought about it, he could not find any memory of the man in front of him, he did not have the slightest recollection of this man.

Ying Chen stretched out his hand again to touch the teenager’s red face from sleep: “I went everywhere these days to look for your memories, but unfortunately, I couldn’t find them anywhere.

“I guess it was your soul who chose to forget me when you were reincarnated. But obviously,” the man’s voice was dark and ethereal: “you provoked me first.”

Wen Yu didn’t know what the man was talking about and felt the coldness of the man’s fingertips on his cheek.

He was worried that this hand would continue to slide and touch other places.

He was even more afraid of saying something that would irritate the man who may become violent at any time. He tightly grasped the quilt with both hands and dared not move.

The back of Ying Chen’s forefinger lightly rubbed against the boy’s cheek, sliding to the jaw and gently lifting it, “I think…”

His voice darkened, and there was a trace of desire that couldn’t be hidden in his dark and deep eyes: “If we do something that we did in the previous life, it will let you get back the familiar feeling. I don’t know if this will make you remember me.”

Wen Yu anticipated what the man would do and resisted the struggle.

The man propped one hand next to his ear, his body bent down above the teenager, a little closer to the teenager’s panicked face, and asked softly, “Is it okay for just a moment?”

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