Sacrifice to the Devil 11

Chapter 11 – Home

Originally, Wen Yu looked handsome and cold, but when he raised the corner of his lips, it brought the untamed wildness and arrogance of the young man.

The slightly raised angular jawline was like that of the stern and extremely handsome teenager in the manga.

And the lean and tough figure that was unique to youth in the teenage period has the taste of tender green lemon.

People want to taste this youthfulness, want to enjoy the thrill of conquering the untamed.

Zhou Xing stared at the boy’s thin, pale lips, his smile deepened: “Yes.”

He stretched out his hand and gestured to the assistant and bodyguard in the courtyard. The two men immediately understood, turned around, walked out of the courtyard, and got into the car to wait.

Wen Yu walked into the house with the man and locked the door, the old living room was closed.

A man in a high-end suit and a teenager in a clean white short-sleeved shirt and jeans with a schoolbag on his back were alone together, the atmosphere suddenly became covertly ambiguous.

At least in Zhou Xing’s eyes.

He took a step closer to the teenager and asked with a smile in his eyes: “Did you figure it out clearly?”

Wen Yu asked him quietly: “Tell me first, how many contacts do you have? If you commit a crime, will you be punished like ordinary people?”

Zhou Xing thought that the boy was inquiring about his background and laughed contemptuously.

His status and the resources he possesses are simply bigger than the sky for this ignorant young man who has no money, no support, and no worldly experience.

This child who doesn’t know the depth of power can be led away obediently by himself as long as he is slightly frightened.

“For example,” The man leaned close to the boy’s ear and said in a faint voice: “I can let my people take you away, and put you in my villa where you can never escape. Do you see this power appealing?”

The boy constricted his eyes and glanced at the man with cold eyes.

Zhou Xing smiled again and stretched out the back of his index finger to rub the soft and white cheek of the teenager gently: “Just kidding, I’m not that kind of person.

“I will get your consent for this kind of thing, and I will also agree to your terms and conditions to exchange with you in equal measure. As long as you are willing to follow me, I will not let you suffer. But first,”

The man’s voice became slow and secret. He moved his index finger from the boy’s cheek to the boy’s angular chin, and gently lifted it: “I have to let you know what our relationship is first.”

Wen Yu looked up at the man and sneered: “You’d better be really as powerful as you say.”

The clear eyes suddenly condensed, flashing a hint of hostility at the same time, the young man suddenly stretched out his hand to hold the man’s wrist.


The man’s hand on the teenager’s jaw skewed in a direction that could not be bent, and the sudden sharp pain made him cry out in shock.

Only before this scream reached the ears of the bodyguards and assistants waiting in the car outside the courtyard, the teenager’s bony, tough fist came smashing hard with a strong wind toward the man’s nose.


The remaining half of Zhou Xing’s scream was smashed back down and swallowed in silence.

Wen Yu’s shot was so fast that he didn’t even give him a chance to scream. He lifted his knee to the lower abdomen of the man and hit it hard.


The man hadn’t covered the broken nasal bridge, and was immediately forced to bend over in pain, dry heaving, and falling heavily to the floor.

He didn’t know that the young man would have such skilled fighting skills. In just a second, he was completely subdued, and his whole body was so painful that he convulsed, lying on the ground embarrassedly, and constantly sucking in cold air.

Zhou Xing was angry and gasped, “You motherf*cker, you don’t want to live anymore, I ugh!”

The teenager gathered his hostility, pursed his thin lips, raised the long and strong legs, and kicked the man’s abdomen, once, twice…


Zhou Xing’s face was distorted in pain, his cursing was drowned out in his low groan.

When a person suffers severe pain from a sudden attack, it is impossible to make a cry of struggle.

Outside the door, Zhou Xing’s two bodyguards were clearly standing there, but he allowed a teenager to continuously beat him up.

In addition to being attacked continuously, the severe pain and convulsions in his body put him in a passive position. He also clearly realized that the teenager was not doing this for self-defense, but more like venting his anger.

Five minutes later, the boy finally stopped his unilateral attack. The hostility in his eyes gradually faded and he looked at the man on the ground with a slight grin and said:

“Didn’t you say you can lock me up? Just let me see if you have this ability.”

The man’s brain was buzzing and he couldn’t hear what the boy was saying. He was in a mess, spitting blood from his mouth, lying on the ground, and groaning in pain. His white shirt was covered with dust, and a fast bruising red lump on the face drove the appalling blood.

He stared at the young man in hatred with the last of his strength, struggling with humiliation, and intending to intimidate him.

Wen Yu sneered, took out his mobile phone, and called the police, calmly talking to the operator: “A man named Zhou Xing brought two bodyguards to break into my house illegally and tried to molest me.”

He looked down at the man on the ground and said: “Someone was injured at the scene. Please bring an ambulance. The address is…”

The teenager is trying to find a breakthrough.

Now, he belongs to Ying Chen in a sense. If Zhou Xing wanted to retaliate against himself, he had to pass through Ying Chen first.

He wanted to see if Zhou Xing had the ability to retaliate against him during Ying Chen’s control over him.

If he did, then it would be best—

The police came faster than expected, followed by a black luxury car.

Wen Yu still didn’t see anything in the living room, but his body had a sense of awareness, keenly perceiving the strongly suppressed cold air.

It was the kind of breath that made him tremble all over last night.

Is Ying Chen here?

The boy stood in the living room, his feet kept moving back: How could Ying Chen come with the police?

Was it because he just went to a Taoist and tried to do something to him with the demon-expelling talisman, and came to settle accounts with himself?

When the man lying on the ground heard the sound of the police and ambulance, he knew he was saved.

His weak voice scolded Wen Yu hatefully: “Bastard, you are an adult, right? Do you know that if you deliberately hurt people, you are criminally responsible?

“And you say I broke into a house and threatened you? Do you know who the fuck I am? You think you can make the police believe you just by saying that.

“Boy, you don’t know how high the sky is. Wait until you squat in jail, I’ll let people f*ck you to death in there every day!”

“You better not let me down.” Wen Yu stared sullenly and said in a low voice: “It’s better to get me in today and put me in jail for the rest of my life.”

Zhou Xing looked at the teenager in astonishment.

This child was different from what he had encountered before. He thought it would be easy to get him because he was young age, but now, he looks like a lunatic.

Intentionally hurting others and still being confident that he won’t be sanctioned after beating him.

Rather, he deliberately beat him up, intentionally committing a crime and deliberately causing trouble.

He really wanted to be taken away by the police and be retaliated by himself.

He walked by the river for so many years and he actually fell into the hands of a lunatic child, Zhou Xing gritted his teeth: “Okay, you wait for me, I promise to let you die in prison.”

Wen Yu sneered and provoked: “Let me see if you are as powerful as your mouth says.” With that, he kicked Zhou Xing fiercely in the face.


The man screamed again, and the nosebleed that had stopped flowing came out again.

However, Wen Yu did not get what he wanted.

After the police came in, as if they already knew the whole story a long time ago, they directly handcuffed Zhou Xing and carried him on the ambulance stretcher.

They also consoled Wen Yu, who was safe, saying: “It’s okay, child, just leave the rest to us. You and Mr. Ying can leave first, Mr. Ying will protect you.”

Mr. Ying!

After hearing the police’s words, Wen Yu’s heart was hit hard and sank heavily. Standing on the ground with unsteady legs and swayed back a step.

It was clearly him who called the police, but Ying Chen was able to come with the police and take Zhou Xing directly without asking the reason.

It shows that Zhou Xing is not Ying Chen’s opponent at all, not even a rival.

Overcast by a depressing breath like stormy clouds in winter, it once again struck Wen Yu, his heartbeat was beating restlessly and he couldn’t breathe.

After running around for a day, he still did not find a breakthrough to escape.

Zhou Xing didn’t know the inside story at all, lying on the stretcher, he kept shouting: “What are you doing?! Why are you arresting me? I am the victim.  It was him, it was him who started the fight!”

Outside the door, when his two bodyguards saw the police and ambulance coming, they thought it was their boss who played too hard.

When they were worrying that it would affect the reputation of the boss and the company, they saw that it was their boss who was pulled out and covered in injuries.

They hurriedly jumped out of the car in a panic and kept trying to negotiate with the policemen carrying Zhou Xing.

Wen Yu looked at the chaos outside through the open door, whispering to himself:

Useless! Not even as good as a ghost.

After the police car and the ambulance left, the noisy old courtyard finally fell into silence.

Wen Yu was still standing in the living room and saw through the window that the door of the black car parked outside opened.

As soon as the man in the car showed his shoulder in a black shirt, the boy recognized who the man was.

It was Ying Chen, he really came.

Coming to him to settle the accounts.

The boy’s feet seemed to be nailed to the floor, motionless. Looking at the tall, shadowy figure of the man approaching step by step, he even forgot to flee, forgot to think, and there was only a lot of anxiety in his heart.

The wooden door of the house was automatically opened, making a ‘squeak’, and a man appeared at the door

So handsome that he looked unreal and so gloomy that he seemed to be wrapped in a storm of heavy stormy clouds.

The deep eyes seemed to reach the place where the boy was standing before entering the house, staring straight at the boy.

The room without the air conditioning was instantly swept in by a strong cold air. The sweat beads on the young man’s forehead and back gradually became cold and chilly.

His nerves tensed all over, watching the man approaching him step by step and backing away uncontrollably, ‘thump’ his back hit the wall, and was forced to stop.

He was in nowhere to retreat. And Ying Chen is still walking towards him.

The room was extremely quiet, with only the sound of the two men’s breathing clearly surrounding them.

The teenager seems to be waiting for a death sentence, no, this approaching feeling is even more frightening than death.

He previously thought that Zhou Xing was a bit like Ying Chen, but now, with his breath being suppressed like this, they are actually worlds apart.

Wen Yu has never felt afraid of anything, but now, he is really afraid.

Ying Chen didn’t do anything, said nothing, and yet the young man’s slender and cold fingertips shivered uncontrollably.

Ying Chen stopped one meter away from Wen Yu. His gloomy eyes looked at the teenager’s body, and asked in a low voice: “Now, you know how to be afraid?”

Wen Yu pursed his lips and said nothing. Ying Chen said last night that as long as he was as obedient like before, he would treat him well.

And today, he tried to report him at the police station, went to the Taoist temple to find someone to perform an exorcism, and even deliberately led Zhou Xing to the house to deliberately injure him, all in order to leave the man.

Wen Yu doesn’t know what this man will do to him again?

He just stared at him closely, fully guarded and vigilant.

Ying Chen sighed without leaving a trace, with some helplessness in his voice, he said: “It’s really just like the old days when you left me and was bullied by others.”

He looked around at Wen Yu’s house, his eyes became darker, and he said solemnly: “Pack your things and come home with me.”

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