Sacrifice to the Devil 14

Chapter 14 – Past Memories

Wen Yu couldn’t see Ying Chen’s expression.

But he could feel the evil spirit prostrate at Ying Chen’s feet in extreme fear, every word it said was blurred because of the extreme trembling.

What was Ying Chen doing to the evil spirit?

Why is it so afraid of him?

While he was thinking, Ying Chen slowly turned towards him.

Wenyu’s heart jumped and the body sitting on the ground moved backward instinctively.

But he saw the dissipating color of violence in Ying Chen’s eyes when he looked over. And when he directly met his gaze, the violence faded away completely, suddenly turning into a worried look.

“How are you?” he asked. There was slight dark anxiety in his voice.

Wen Yu couldn’t figure out Ying Chen’s attitude and instinctively replied: “I… I’m fine.”

“Sorry, I’m late, were you scared?”

Ying Chen walked beside the boy in two steps, slowly squatting down. The posture also allowed him to see a bruise and purple strangulation mark in the middle of Wen Yu’s white neck.

Violence suddenly surged in Ying Chen’s eyes again. And as if he was afraid of scaring the young man, he averted his sight slightly and asked quietly, “Will you dispose of it, or will I?”

“No, don’t… Don’t kill me. I was wrong, I was wrong… Please, please…” behind Ying Chen’s empty back, the evil spirit’s trembling voice pleaded.

Wen Yu was curious as to what exactly Ying Chen was doing to it that could make the evil spirit, which had just gone berserk and terrifying, tame and fearful in the blink of an eye.

His gaze crossed Ying Chen’s tall and wide shoulders, and landed on the floor where the sound was coming from, “But I can’t see it.”

Ying Chen: “Give me your hand.”

A short and simple sentence, deep and mellow. It seemed that it was carrying an irresistible power, causing Wen Yu to unconsciously stretch out his hand towards the man.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, Ying Chen took it and held it tightly.

The cold touch of the man’s palm passed into the back of his hand, which also made Wen Yu suddenly sober.

He wanted to take it back instantly, but as soon as he tried to pull it, Ying Chen’s palm followed him and held his hand tighter: “Didn’t you want to see it and deal with it yourself?” Ying Chen pulled the young man’s hand and asked in a low voice.

Wen Yu was confused: “Can I see it like this?”

“This is how you can see it.”

Ying Chen loosened his palm slightly, he spread his five fingers and interlaced them with the young man’s fingers. Two hands holding turned into a ten-finger interlocking gesture.

Suddenly, it was as if a barrier suddenly opened, the boy’s vision became clearer.

He saw the kneeling and trembling evil spirit on the originally empty floor, with the appearance of a middle-aged man.

But when the evil spirit was looked at by him, Wen Yu saw his head hanging on the floor submissively slowly lifted up and looked towards him.

It looked up and took a close look at him, and Wen Yu immediately felt a gloomy chill and resistance.

The evil spirit’s face was as gray as ash with a hideous look of fear. Seeing the emotions in the young man’s eyes, Ying Chen slightly lifted his finger.

With a sound of ‘peng’, the evil spirit’s head knocked heavily on the floor again, and his body shook even more: “…please, please…don’t kill me…”

Ying Chen shook his interlocked fingers and asked again, “Will you do it, or will I?”

Wenyu: “Is there a difference?”

“If I do it… He will die more miserably.” His cold voice suppressed a few violent bursts.

The evil spirit seemed to have heard the final judgment, kneeling on the ground and making the last struggle for mercy, looking up at Ying Chen pleadingly: “Please spare me, I will become your faithful servant, and listen to you for eternity… “

The man begging for mercy suddenly seemed to have been put under a silencing spell and closed his mouth tightly. The panic and despair in his eyes were even worse.

He suddenly looked at Wen Yu, as if he had found a lifeline, he kept kowtowing to Wen Yu. Then he crawled forward on his knees, trying to hold Wen Yu’s feet for help.

Just when his hand was about to touch Wen Yu’s ankle, Ying Chen suddenly waved his other hand, and a cold, harsh light flashed out.


The evil spirit screamed miserably, his body seemed to be hit by a hurricane head-on and slammed towards the wall, and fell heavily to the ground.

Ying Chen didn’t stop and waved his hand again.

The evil spirit seemed to be attacked by severe pain, curled up on the floor, struggling with pain, with an extremely distorted and hideous expression. And the miserable and sharp cry rushed around, stinging the eardrums.

It is extremely uncomfortable to hear.

Wenyu finally understood why Ying Chen would say that the evil spirit would die more miserably.

He frowned and said, “…I’ll do it. But what am I supposed to do?”

As soon as the words left his mouth, Ying Chen paused.

“I’ve taught you that.” He looked at the boy and said with a helpless sigh in his tone: “Even if you don’t have my mark, your soul has been contaminated with my breath… As long as you think carefully about what you want to do with him, you can do it.”

Just like when he held the talisman paper and pointed it to the evil spirit, what he thought back then was to scatter the evil spirit, and the evil spirit almost scattered.

Wen Yu finally understood the reason why he could use Taoist Huang He’s paper talisman. It turned out that Ying Chen’s spiritual power already existed in his soul.

The funny thing is that in the morning, he still thought about how to use the yellow talisman to get rid of evil spirits.

The evil spirit on the ground was dying and panting, with the expression of extreme fear and the last struggle for survival before facing death. “I was wrong, I’ll never do it again… I beg you to give me a chance. Don’t let my soul scatter, please…”

Scatter the soul?

Is this a spell to kill an evil spirit?

Wen Yu’s eyes condensed slightly, he watched the evil spirit on the ground and said this word in his mind.

Suddenly, a sharp light suddenly emitted from the palm of his and Ying Chen’s interlaced hands, shooting out toward the evil spirit.

The evil spirit shuddered in horror and shouted: “No, no!”

The light in his palm disappeared, and at the same time, the man’s shrill voice was silenced as if it had been cut off.

The body of the resentful evil spirit slowly drifted around like mist.

Wen Yu was shocked: Is this how you scatter evil spirits? It turned out to be so simple.

And the mist gradually faded into smoke, as if cutting through his chaotic blank memories.

Some voices clearly penetrated through his scratched memory:

[This is my altar. Everything on it belongs to me, and so do you.]

[Little devil, you’ve been abandoned by your own kind too, right? Come with me if you have no place to go.]

It’s Ying Chen’s voice, it’s his own memory!

Wen Yu suddenly widened his eyes.

Then, he heard another call: [Little devil, where are you going?]

It was different from the slightly cheerful tone in the previous ones, with a feeble and low tone, and anxious worry mixed in the middle.

After this call, a strong feeling of sorrow suddenly rushed to his heart, blocked his chest, and crushed him, making him unable to breathe.

Wen Yu’s eyes immediately reddened, and his body staggered and swayed as if he could not stand.

Ying Chen’s arms tightly wrapped around his waist, and anxiously asked: “Little devil, what’s wrong with you?”

It was the same mellow, deep, low, and anxious voice he heard in his memory.

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