Sacrifice to the Devil 15

Chapter 15 – After school, remember to go home

Ying Chen’s voice was exactly the same as the man’s voice in his memory.

Wen Yu first noticed that this familiar voice was almost carved into the bones of his soul.

He lifted his eyes to Ying Chen in shock, looking at the extremely handsome and repressed shadowy face in front of him, and wanted to recall more memories.

But the chaotic memory that seemed to be opened, as the soul of the evil spirit dissipated, the ethereal smoke disappeared immediately with it, and the distant memory plunged into a pale blank again.

Ying Chen’s fingertips touched the corners of his red eyes, his tone worried and anxious: “What’s the matter with you? Did you get bitten by that thing?”

The slightly cool touch of the fingertips glided across the thin skin of the corners of the eyes, Wen Yu was agitated, and his body hid behind: “I… I’m fine.”

Only then did he realize that he and Ying Chen’s hands were still clasped together, and because of his instability, he pressed the weight of his body into Ying Chen’s arms.

It was the gesture of being embraced.

The teenager, who had never been so close to anyone in his memories of growing up in this life, was embarrassed.

He quickly released his hand, pushed Ying Chen away, and stood firmly on his feet.

Ying Chen’s fingertips slid over the back of his hand as the young man’s hand was released until the young man stood two steps away from him, his palm rested in the air as if to linger on the last touch of the teenager’s warmth.

“Really alright?” he asked in a low voice.

“I’m okay.” Wen Yu looked away and asked as if looking for a topic: “What is going on with the resentful spirit just now? He seems to be attracted by your clothes.”

Ying Chen looked down at his coat on the ground, and said, “I was careless. Forgetting that the current you, bringing something tainted with my breath, is easy to attract such low-level evil spirits. Don’t worry, I will think of another way to protect you.”

Wen Yu nodded, holding the clothes that he had deliberately held in his hands. It has nothing to do with Ying Chen.

“Why leave without breakfast?” Ying Chen asked suddenly.

“I don’t want to eat food cooked by someone I don’t know.” Wen Yu ignored him, lowered his head, and picked up his schoolbag on his back.

“Have you forgotten even him,” Ying Chen smiled bitterly and explained: “He is Lin An, your servant. He died to save you in the last life.

“You once begged me to let me resurrect him and give him a new life. But I couldn’t find his soul, so I had to maintain his body for you for a thousand years.”

A thousand years!

Wen Yu was secretly surprised: The body of the boy named Lin An was a human body a thousand years ago, still died to save himself.

“Then who is in his body now?”

Ying Chen: “A body without a soul can’t last for three days. Over the years, I have had to find all kinds of souls to inject into his body.

“The person currently in his body is your servant from now on, you can use him with peace of mind. His life and death are also under your control.”

Ying Chen said these words because he could see Wen Yu’s guard against him and the people around him, which made Wen Yu feel a little guilty.

He really does not trust that Lin An, but now, it seems that he is thinking too much.

“Fortunately, just now… I came in time.”

His low voice concealed his lingering fears. He wanted to reach out to touch the strangulation marks on the boy’s neck, his hand lifted and then lowered after seeing the teenager’s vigilant posture.

“Don’t be afraid, no one will dare to move you in the future.”

“Just now, thank you.” Wen Yu turned his gaze uncomfortably: “I, can I go to school.”

“I’ll send you.”

“No need!”

Ying Chen looked down at him: “So reluctant to be with me? Afraid of me?”

Wen Yu held the schoolbag straps with both hands, pursing his lips without saying a word.

“…never mind.” He smiled bitterly and slowly stretched out his hand towards the teenager, the tip of his slender index finger nudged the teenager’s forehead not too lightly: “Don’t forget what you promised me. After school, remember to go home.”

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