Sacrifice to the Devil 16

Chapter 16 – Who is he?

Wen Yu walked out and hurriedly called a taxi on the street. Instead of going to school, he went directly to the Taoist temple to find Huang He.

Maybe he can use Ying Chen’s power to disperse evil spirits. But the talisman paper drawn by Huang He himself works as well.

What he cares more about is, why can he remember some memories of his past life when the evil spirit dissipates? Could this be his way of retrieving memories about Ying Chen?

And then there is Lin An.

The more he thinks about this name, the more warmth he feels in his heart. He seemed to be his closest relative who could not be forgotten.

After more than an hour, he rushed to the Taoist temple.

When he saw the slightly dusty green brick wall of the Taoist Temple again, his mood was completely different from when he first came. Even with a sense of awe, he cautiously knocked on the wooden door with old New Year posters.

Huang He opened a crack in the door, and when he saw the teenager standing outside the door, he immediately wanted to close the door: “Tsk, why are you here again? Haven’t I already refunded your money? I warn you ah, don’t think just because you are a child, you can touch porcelain with me.”

Wen Yu put away the indifference from the last time, and said sincerely and politely: “Master Huang, I am here this time to buy your paper talisman.”

Huang He: “It’s useless if you buy it. That thing is just a pile of waste paper in your hand.”

Wen Yu: “It’s useful!”

Huang He speechlessly pointed to his head, “Little brother, you don’t really have a problem here, do you? I recommend you to meet my friend in the neurology department.”

Wen Yu: “I’m serious. If you don’t believe me, you can test me?”

The young man was handsome and clean, tall and thin, that people couldn’t help but get close to him. And those sharp eyes make people put off guard especially when speaking seriously.

Huang He looked at such a young man and became puzzled. He deliberately asked: “Okay, let me ask you. What else can you see by my side?”

Without the help of Ying Chen’s hand, he was just an ordinary person. Naturally, he couldn’t see any ghosts and spirits that humans thought shouldn’t exist in the world.

There is only Huang He in front of him.

But since he asked so…

Wen Yu breathed steadily, trying to feel the surrounding breath.

These days, he can feel the kind of oppressive and powerful aura that belongs to Ying Chen when he appears. He can also feel the cold and sinister aura around the evil spirit.

Now, the fragrant incense and candles were now lit in the empty courtyard behind the Taoist priest, and on the roof was the clear sound of birdsong, the atmosphere was peaceful and quiet.

After a long time, Wen Yu shook his head and replied seriously: “Nothing.”

Huang He was startled and smiled.

He opened two wooden doors and let Wen Yu in: “There is indeed nothing here. But since you said you want me to try you, wait for a while and I will take something out. Don’t be so scared that you cry and call your father and mother.”

In this world, there is probably nothing more terrifying than Ying Chen. Wen Yu followed behind Huang He and walked into the green brick-paved courtyard of the Taoist temple, thinking silently in his heart.

It looks like a Taoist temple outside, but here, it’s more like Huang He’s home. In the main hall of the home, the wall is plastered with Bagua diagrams, and a tablet for worship is placed on the mahogany table in front of the diagram.

The tablet was written with characters that Wen Yu could not understand, which were somewhat similar to the words on the talisman drawn by Huang He.

Huang He pointed to the tablet and said: “This is our Great Grandmaster who is enshrined. Since you have come in, whether you are a disciple under our sect or not, you must first worship the Great Grandmaster. Come, follow me and do it.”

After Huang He finished speaking, he picked up a piece of incense on the table, lit it and held it over his head with both hands, then closed his eyes and muttered a few vague words in his mouth, and then respectfully bowed three times.

Then, he inserted the burning incense in his hand into the incense burner in front of the memorial tablet, raised his gray Taoist robe, and knelt on the mat in front of the table with his hands on the ground, and kowtowed respectfully. One, two, three.

After doing this, he stood up and said to Wen Yu with a serious face, “See the set of salutations I performed just now? You have to do the same. You should know that disrespect in front of the Great Grandmaster is to invite retribution.”

Wen Yu had to accept the incense that Huang He handed over.

If it hadn’t been for seeing the evil spirit, he would never believe this, let alone do what he thought was rotten and ridiculous.

And now, the teenager stood in front of the memorial tablet and imitated Huang He’s actions just now, holding the incense in both hands and raising it above his head, and when he was about to bend down and bow.

‘Thud’ with a crisp sound, the tablet that was firmly placed suddenly fell on the table inexplicably.

Wen Yu: ! !

“What happened?” Huang He was taken aback, and hurriedly stepped forward and raised the tablet, “You, you do it again.”

Wen Yu raised his hands above his head again, this time his eyes were not closed yet, there was a ‘thud, and the tablet fell again.

Wen Yu: …

Huang He changed his face and looked towards the teenager in shock: “You, you what did you do?”

Wen Yu frowned, he did nothing.

This time, he set the memorial tablet with his own hands, and once again held up the burning incense, ready to raise his hands and ready to bow.

But he saw with his own eyes that the wooden tablet, which had been placed securely, swayed incredibly in his direction the moment he raised the burning incense and fell over.

With a ‘thud’, it was the third time it fell solidly on the mahogany table.

Huang He hurried over to pick up the wooden tablet, staring at Wen Yu with wide eyes in horror, and asked: “Who on Earth are you?!”

The Great Grandmaster’s memorial tablet fell to the ground inexplicably, either because they refused to accept the worship, or did not dare to accept it.

Huang He looked at Wen Yu’s eyes, no longer like looking at a child with a brain disease, but with puzzlement, surprise and even a little awe.

Wen Yu: …is it related to Ying Chen again? Is Ying Chen better than the Great Grandmaster Huang He worshipped?

Huang He narrowed his eyes, pondered for a moment, and suddenly asked, “Wait, I want to show you another thing.”

He went to the inner room, took out something wrapped in a yellow cloth, and placed it on the table, carefully explaining to Wen Yu: “There is an evil spirit sealed in it, and it is something that even my master can’t get rid of.

“Before opening, let me explain to you clearly. Once an ordinary person is infected with his Yin Qi, his vitality will be greatly injured, and in severe cases, it will even affect Yang Qi.

“Are you sure, still want to try?”

Wen Yu nodded and said, “Lend me a piece of your talisman paper first.”

“Let alone one, I will give you a dozen too.”

Huang He really pulled out a dozen talisman paper from his sleeve and stuffed it to Wen Yu, and then began to open the yellow cloth package.

Only after the yellow cloth was untied, there was still a layer of black cloth wrapped in it.

Huang He glanced at Wen Yu, as if observing the changes in the teenager. Seeing that he was not affected at all, he began to untie the black cloth.

Inside the black cloth is another layer of white cloth painted with black weird symbols. Just looking at it can make people creeped out.

Huang He observed the teenager again and asked: “Did you… Did you not perceive anything?”

Wen Yu asked him instead, “Is there anything showing up? I can’t see those things.”

Huang He dignifiedly looked at the nonchalant teenager in front of him and explained: “It’s normal not to see, it’s still sealed in the innermost. But…

“Back when my master unlocked the second layer for the first time and showed me this white cloth with symbols, I couldn’t bear it, I ran away and vomited.”

There are seven layers to suppress evil spirits, and the first two layers of cloth that seem to be ordinary when opened are actually enchanted with a spell.

Ordinary people who have not practiced, as long as they open the first two seals, will be hurt by the evil energy leaking from it.

Sure enough, this kid is different, who is he? Huang He suppressed the doubts in his heart and began to wrap the package again.

Wen Yu asked hurriedly, “Can’t this white cloth be unwrapped a little more? I want to see what’s inside.”

Huang He was startled and sneered: “I have not unwrapped any further. My current ability, not to mention getting rid of him, can’t even withstand the Yin Qi he releases. If I open the sealing cloth and let it run out, the consequences will be disastrous.”

Wen Yu thought for a while and said, “How do you know if you don’t try it, you open another layer and let me try.”

Huang He hesitated, then took a deep breath, gritted his teeth, and finally said, “…OK.”

He was too nervous and cautious, and with his fingers trembling a little, he untied the cloth filled with black characters. It was still wrapped in a layer of oil paper.

You can tell by the degree of fading that it is a very old thing.

The very moment the white cloth fell, Huang He suddenly had difficulty breathing.

He held a piece of yellow talisman paper tightly with his vigilant hands, but seeing Wen Yu who was still unaffected, he asked in surprise: “Don’t tell me, you still didn’t notice anything!”

Wen Yu: “…a little bit.”

There is indeed a faint cold air, leaking out a little bit through the oil paper.

Huang He: “A little bit!”

He felt that he could hardly breathe because of the heavy gloomy air. How could this kid say ‘a little bit’?

He clutched his chest and gasped with difficulty: “You really have given me some insight. Master said that when ordinary people open the third layer, it is equivalent to being pressed by a ghost and unable to move. Even I can be suppressed like this, but you are unharmed. Tell me, what exactly are you?!”

Yeah, who is he?

After seeing Huang He’s reaction, Wen Yu also realized the difference between himself and others for the first time.

He has experienced catastrophes several times since he was a child, but he has always been able to escape from death. Just like Grandpa said, he was someone that even the king of hell didn’t dare to accept.

Does all this have anything to do with Ying Chen?

Wen Yu’s eyes narrowed: “I don’t know what I am. I came to you just to know this.”

He could feel the Yin Qi here, and it was incomparable to the violent evil spirit earlier. He could use the yellow paper talisman to disperse the evil spirit, and he was more sure of this one in front of him.

Wen Yu wants to try now to see how much he can disperse evil spirits.

He even more faintly expects that when the soul of the evil spirit dissipates, he will no longer think of some memories of previous lives.

The teenager stretched out his hand and stroked the oil paper package and began to open the fourth layer of the seal with his own hands. With two clattering sounds, the oil paper was easily uncovered.

Inside was a wooden box with a cross-seal. The seal should be white, but it turned dark yellow because it was too old, and it was still painted with characters that Wen Yu couldn’t understand.

At this time, the things in the wooden box seemed to be awakened by the loosening of the seal and became extremely excited.

A strong cold air suddenly came out from inside and quickly filled the hall around.

Even the wooden box began to vibrate ‘thump thump thump’ beating on the table, and the iron lock bar on the wooden box hit the box with the vibration, making a metallic, crisp sound.

One can imagine how impatient the thing inside is to come out.

Huang He turned pale, grasping the yellow talisman in his hand, and wishing to do something, he couldn’t help shouting in terror: “Seal it up! Quick!”

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