Sacrifice to the Devil 17

Chapter 17 Pretend to sleep again to fool me… I’ll kiss you

Huang He shouted anxiously and began to chant some unknown spells in his mouth, ready to suppress the evil spirit at any time.

But he saw the young man still calmly pinching a yellow talisman, pressing his fingertips on the vibrating wooden box, lightly shouting: “Be quiet.”

In an instant, the wooden box that was shaking with excitement calmed down, and even the yin qi that rushed into the surrounding suddenly dissipated.

He opened his mouth wide in astonishment and stared at the teenager with wide eyes.

He can feel how much yin qi is exposed in the wooden box, and naturally knows how much mana is needed to suppress it. And this young man, who had no cultivation, had so effortlessly calmed the evil spirit inside.

Huang He no longer obstructed, and just watched the teenager quietly without moving.

He has an important duty in this life, which is to live in this Taoist temple to guard this sealed evil spirit.

There are many people in this world who do not believe him, saying that he is pretending to be a god, scolding him for cheating people for money, he laughed it off.

As long as he can keep the evil spirits from fleeing to harm the world, it is his life’s accumulated virtue and good deeds. For this reason, he has already made the consciousness of staying in this shabby Taoist temple all his life.

And today, maybe… this young man can help him to complete this responsibility.

In addition to the seal on the wooden box used to suppress evil spirits, there is also an old-fashioned iron lock. Wen Yu gently tore open the seal, unscrewed the rusty iron lock, and slowly opened the lid.

Inside is a small brown porcelain pot with a yellow cloth stuffed on the mouth of the pot. It was also the last layer of sealing pressure, and inside it was probably the evil spirit Huang He said.

He picked up the porcelain pot and shook it, there was no sound. The evil spirit stayed inside quietly.

But Wen Yu could feel that the quiet evil spirit was fearful of himself. Just like the evil spirit kneeling at Ying Chen’s feet in the morning, completely submissive to the breath of people whose strength far exceeds it.

Sure enough, he can use the talisman paper drawn by Huang He.

He looked at the Great Grandmaster’s tablet on the table, and smiled at Huang He beside him, who was so nervous that his hand was shaking holding the yellow talisman.

Then with a ‘peng’ sound, he pulled out the yellow cloth blocking the brown porcelain vase.

Immediately, a shrill and trembling female voice came from inside: “…No, no, please don’t kill me.”

Just like Wen Yu who felt the yin qi, the evil spirit can also sense his powerful breath and feared him.

It also tried to confuse the young man: “I can be your slave and be at your disposal. Humans can’t see me, so I can do a lot of things you want to do for you. Keep me, you will definitely get the benefit, please keep me.”

Before Wen Yu could speak, Huang He next to him took the talisman paper in his hand and hurriedly stopped: “You can’t keep her. My master said that she was a terrible ghost with deep resentment and great harm. Countless people were killed by her back then…”

“What are you! How can a useless broken Taoist priest suppress me for so many years?! Hateful, I hate you!!!” the evil spirit was enraged.

A sharp, harsh, ear-piercing mournful sound filled the surrounding, shaking and stinging the eardrums.

The yin qi also rose suddenly, and the evil spirit squeezed in the small porcelain pot suddenly swelled out, and the uncomfortable cold air pressure pounced on Wen Yu and Huang He in the hall.

Wen Yu was forced to take two steps back by the strong air pressure.

Huang He was obviously not as relaxed as Wen Yu. He clutched his chest and breathed hard, holding the yellow talisman with trembling hands, pointing to a place, and said: “She, she’s coming out, hurry… hurry!”

Obviously, Huang He could see the evil spirit’s real state, but Wen Yu still couldn’t.

The evil spirit went crazy which was too terrifying, it was much stronger than in the beginning. After all, Ying Chen wasn’t there, so Wen Yu felt nervous and flustered.

He actually wondered: If he can’t hold this ghost, will Ying Chen sense that he is in danger and rush to help him?

Wen Yu tried hard to concentrate on his mind, thinking of the method Ying Chen had told him, twisted a yellow talisman and cast it in the direction of Huang He’s fingers, shouting: “Scatter!”

“No, don’t!”

The sharp and miserable evil spirit immediately changed its aura, it was filled with hatred in horror: “Ahhhhh, you dare to get rid of me, I curse—!”

Just halfway through shouting, it suddenly disappeared.

Just like when Ying Chen shook his hand in the morning to dissipate the evil spirit, all the yin qi disappeared instantly.

Wen Yu still hadn’t recovered from the tension, breathing quickly and staring around blankly.

Suddenly, ethereal smoke rose around when the evil spirit dissipated, and the smoke of this spirit seemed to collide with his own soul, stirring up memories that he had forgotten from his previous life.

There was a distant sound from the chaotic and blank memory in the trance.

[Skinny, so thin and still a picky eater. It’s really hard to feed you. Eat well and get fat.]

It was Ying Chen’s voice. It was mellow and low, but not as dark and cold as it is now.

But he was very scared and asked anxiously: [Then… will you eat me when I get fat?]

[I, I will clean the hall for you. I will read you a picture book, don’t eat me… Okay?]

Ying Chen sneered in disgust and said: [Who wants to eat such an ugly kid?]

He was very displeased. He was the first-born young master of the Wen family, his status was noble, his looks were clean and handsome. But surprisingly, he was disliked by an unknown demon and said he was ugly.

The displeased mood even affected the current Wen Yu.

He frowned and thought: In Ying Chen’s eyes, is he ugly?

Is the aesthetics of demons different from ordinary people?

“It’s gone, the evil spirit is really gone!”

An excited voice awakened the teenager who was stuck in memory.

Huang He looked at the clear light around him, opened his arms, and laughed wildly: “The evil spirit that I have been guarding with Master for almost a hundred years have just been scattered. My mission is completed, and I am finally free!”

“I can finally leave here!”

“Thank you!”

He held Wen Yu’s hand tightly, and his little goatee was trembling with excitement: “Since you can use the talisman I drew, we must be from the same sect. You are so powerful, which master did you inherit from?”

Wen Yu pulled out the hand that was held tightly: “I don’t know why I have this ability.”

Instead, he asked Huang He: “When dispelling the soul of the evil spirit, it reminds me of some memories of my previous life. Do you know why this is?”

“You have memories of your past life!” Huang He panicked and backed away, wanting to kneel down and worship: “You, are you the reincarnation of our Great Grandmaster?”


Wen Yu shook his head. From the memory he had just received, he got the identity information of his last life.

He is an ordinary person, born in a family of officials, and his father is in a high position. It’s just that he was framed by a traitor in the struggle for power in the dynasty.

His father was killed, his family members were either exiled or demoted to official slaves.

As the eldest son of the Wen family, he was sent to Ying Chen as a human sacrifice.

Ying Chen has his own hall and is enshrined by others, that is no ordinary demon.

Is he a god?

Wen Yu thought: How can there be such a scary god, he must be a demon.

He asked Huang He, “Do you often take orders to eliminate evil spirits? You will call me again next time, let me do it.”

Huang He now looks at Wen Yu with awe in his eyes, and he hastily agreed to his words. “Yes, I will definitely look for you when it becomes available.”


Wen Yu was sincerely retained by Huang He, and personally made lunch and invited Wen Yu to eat. During the meal, he also told Wen Yu a lot of knowledge about Yin Qi and Yang Qi.

He enlightened Wen Yu, who had never touched this aspect. By the time he left the Taoist temple, it was already afternoon.

He clutched his schoolbag and thought of Ying Chen, who told him to remember to go home after school.

Now that he understands his relationship with Ying Chen, Wen Yu is even more discouraged.

It turned out that in Ying Chen’s eyes, he was a sacrifice.

So, it’s not a relationship where he can do whatever he wants?

Really… Want to escape but cannot escape.

The boy kicked a small stone on the side of the road and beckoned to stop a taxi.

Standing in front of the three-story villa, Wen Yu felt Ying Chen’s breath at home.

He stood in front of the door and paused for a few seconds before taking a long breath.

After pushing the door and entering, Ying Chen’s gaze swept straight towards him.

Wenyu glanced at him, and immediately lowered his head.

“After school?” Ying Chen sat on the sofa and asked.

“…Um.” Wen Yu replied with a guilty conscience, taking off his shoes, changing into slippers, and entering the house without looking at Ying Chen all the way.

However, from when he walked into the house and walked through the living room, Ying Chen’s gaze kept chasing himself along the way.

He seemed to have something he wanted to say.

Wen Yu pretended not to see and walked into his room.

“Young Master Wen, you’re out of school.”

The boy named Lin An made his way out of the kitchen to greet him. Standing beside Wen Yu, with his hands hanging down, his attitude was respectful, and he politely said, “Will you be eating dinner at home?”

Lin An.

Wen Yu looked at the young man in front of him again, his attitude, however, completely changed.

This is his personal servant who died for him.

Lin An was extremely courteous, reached out to take Wen Yu’s schoolbag, and said, “I’ll take the bag back to your room for you.”

“No, I’ll do it myself. Go ahead and do your work.” Wen Yu avoided Lin An’s hand, his voice was not as blunt as in the morning.

Lin An was very obedient: “Yes, Young Master.”

Ying Chen stood up from the sofa and walked towards him. There are some deep meanings hidden in his dark eyes: “The books in the schoolbag? Is there any other evil spirit that can be subdued in the school?”

Wen Yu: !!!

Why does Ying Chen know what he did today?

Could it be that the practice of exorcising spirits was sensed by Ying Chen?

Ying Chen… Will he be angry with him for lying and find him in trouble.

Wen Yu became vigilant, looking at Ying Chen who was approaching step by step, thinking about how to explain this matter.

Ying Chen had already stood in front of him, the tall figure brought a shadow, and also put invisible pressure on him, making the teenager’s eyes fall down with guilty conscience, drifting from side to side.

“Want to get rid of me?” The dark voice of the man rang from above.

“No.” Wen Yu blurted out and looked up at Ying Chen: “No!”

For the first time since entering the house, he seriously locked eyes with Ying Chen. He saw the incomparable gloom and helplessness that was suppressed under the man’s eyes.

Again, he saw Ying Chen raise his hand and reach for himself.

The cold fingertips touched his cheeks, picked up the strands of hair next to the side of his ear, and slowly hung them behind his ears.

He was very skilled in his movements as if he used to tidy up the hair of the teenager in the same way before, putting the strands of long hair that was blocking his cheeks behind his ears.

But now, the boy has short fine hair. The hair that hung behind the ear bounced back to fall at the side again as Ying Chen’s fingertips left.

“Don’t be so afraid of me.”

Ying Chen saw the teenager’s nervousness, and again raised his hand to gently fiddle with the strands of hair, and said in a low voice: “You really want to get rid of me, what else can I do with you.”

Wen Yu was nervous, not because he resisted the man touching his hair.

Instead, he wanted to avoid Ying Chen’s eyes that were extremely close to him.

He was actually thinking: In Ying Chen’s eyes, is he ugly? Is the aesthetics of demons really different from humans?

Ying Chen didn’t know what the teenager was thinking, the slender and cold white fingertips still fiddled with the hair of the teenager, as if he couldn’t put it down. It’s also like an emotion that has been suppressed for too long and can’t be let go, and get a little comfort through simple touch.

Wen Yu didn’t move at first. After a long time, he frowned and tilted his head to avoid him.

“Do you hate it?” Ying Chen’s hand stopped in the air, and he was only a finger away from the cheek of the teenager who turned his head away.

“Itchy,” Wen Yu said uncomfortably.

Ying Chen chuckles: “Will you also go to school tomorrow?”

The word ‘also’ rises slightly, which means it’s self-evident.

“…go.” Wen Yu averted his gaze and emphasized: “I’ll go to school.”

Ying Chen’s palm fell on the top of the young man’s head, and he rubbed it slowly, and said, “Tomorrow, remember to go home too.”

After speaking, he withdrew his hand and opened the distance between him and the teenager.

It seems that Ying Chen will not pursue his visit to the Taoist temple today. This matter is over. Wen Yu thought, trying to turn upstairs.

As expected, Ying Chen didn’t say anything, but just followed his figure and kept watching him to the second floor.

Until Wen Yu walked to the corner of the stairs on the second floor and couldn’t feel Ying Chen’s gaze, he suddenly realized that Ying Chen’s breath suddenly disappeared.

He paused and quietly turned around to peek.

Ying Chen’s figure, who was originally standing in the living room, really disappeared.

Ying Chen left?

Where did he go? Why did he leave in such a hurry?

For a moment, Ying Chen’s gaze when he had just entered the door appeared in his mind.

At that time, Ying Chen was sitting on the sofa in the living room facing the entrance, and the look in his eyes… It was as if he was waiting for him to come home.


Wen Yu had not been in his room for long when Lin An, holding a dinner containing a delicate and still hot aroma, knocked on his bedroom door.

“Young Master Wen, I’ve come to bring you dinner.”

Lin An’s body looks like an eighteen or nineteen-year-old boy. Putting aside the calmness and sophistication of the soul, he looks like a young man with a beautiful appearance.

When he doesn’t speak, he looks good and obedient.

He is an important person who died in order to save himself in the previous life, he cannot forget these. He must remember all the memories of his previous life.

“Put it in.” Wen Yu opened the door to signal him to come in, and then told him: “I will clean up this room in the future. Without my consent, you should not come in.”

“Yes, Young Master Wen.” Lin An set down the tray and took out the small glass test tube from his pocket.

He held it in both hands and handed it to Wen Yu: “This is for you.”

The test tube is empty. But at the mouth of the tube, there was a wooden plug tied with a cotton thread.

Wen Yu gently pulled the cotton thread and asked him: “What is this?”

“It’s my soul contract made by the Master.” Lin An explained earnestly: “As long as you pull the plug, my soul will be dispersed.”

Wen Yu: …

He looked at the plug that was almost pulled out by himself with his heart in his throat, and asked: “Are you doing this willingly?”

Lin An: “This is the Master’s order, he said that I can only be dispersed by you in the future. If you are not satisfied, you can disperse me directly. After that, he will find a more loyal servant for you.”

Wen Yu thought for a while, and said: “Okay, then I’ll ask you, where is Ying Chen now?”

Lin An was startled, and he stopped talking: “I… I don’t know…”

Wen Yu played with the cotton thread at the mouth of the glass tube, and sneered: “Aren’t you for me to disperse?”

Lin An had no choice but to answer with difficulty: “Mr. went to find your memory, all these days…”

Wen Yu hurriedly asked: “Where did he go to find it?”

“Mister said, I can’t tell you…” Lin An looked uneasy, and then knelt directly on the ground: “Please don’t make it difficult for me.”

Lin An is about the same height as him, and about the same age as him.

Such a person of the same age suddenly knelt at his feet in a very low posture, which shocked Wen Yu, took a few steps back in surprise, and said uncomfortably: “Forget it, you, you go out.”

Lin An crouched on the ground: “Thank you, Young Master.”


Until bedtime, Ying Chen did not return.

Wen Yu lay on the huge bed and looked at the chandelier on the top of the bedroom, thinking: Where did Ying Chen go to find his memory?

Still not letting people say, is it a dangerous place?

Should he tell him that as long as he disperses an evil spirit, he can get the memory of his past life?

Next to the pillow is his cell phone, which has Ying Chen’s phone number.

He only has to send a message for Ying Chen to receive it. It is actually easy for two people to contact each other.

But every time they met until now, he hardly said anything to Ying Chen.

Wen Yu looked away from the phone and snorted: What can he say to Ying Chen?

In Ying Chen’s eyes, he is a sacrifice. Ying Chen always wants to touch him and kiss him every time they meet.

If it weren’t for his firm attitude, he doesn’t know what’s happening to him now?

Wen Yu sighed and gradually fell asleep as if he had a dream in a daze.

In the dream, there is a hand holding the strands of his hair next to his ear, hanging it behind his ear.

The action was gentle and meticulous, repeating over and over again.

The touch of fingerprints rubbed the sensitive skin between the ears, and the softness tickled comfortably.

He couldn’t help but rub his cheek twice on that palm. The cool touch in the palm of the hand took away the heat of early summer and brought a bit of coolness to the hot-blooded teenager.

People in their sleep will instinctively look for a place that makes them more comfortable.

The young man rubbed his cheek on that palm twice and was not satisfied, he directly put half of his face on the cool palm, and fell asleep sweetly.

It wasn’t until he woke up, before he opened his eyes, that he felt the palm of a person’s hand pressed under his cheek and the strong, familiar breath.

Ying Chen!

Wen Yu was startled, remembering what happened in the haze of sleep last night, and did not dare to open his eyes.

He closed his eyes tightly, suppressed his heartbeat, and quietly rolled over and turned his back to Ying Chen. There was still a hot touch on his cheeks, and Ying Chen’s always cold hands were warmed by him.

How long did he sleep? Ying Chen was just sitting in front of his bed all night with his hand pressed against him? Not tired?!

Ying Chen also moved his body because the teenager turned his back away from him.

Only to bend down towards the teenager’s body, and gently slid the warm fingertips on the boy’s cheek with finger marks.

His lips came close to the boy’s reddish ears, breathing out the same mellow and deep voice:

“Pretend to sleep again to fool me… I’ll kiss you.”

Wen Yu opened his eyes suddenly in fright, and turned over and sat up far away from Ying Chen.

Ying Chen seemed to be in a good mood, as he looked at the teenager for the first time with a beautiful arc on his lips: “…so scared.”

The extremely handsome man suddenly lost his gloomy cold air, his impeccably beautiful facial features had a warm smile, and his cold, white, and flawless skin actually had a kind of unstained mortal-like divine beauty.

Wen Yu looked dumbfounded, and then felt very discouraged: no wonder Ying Chen would think he looks ugly!

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Yin Qi and Yang Qi – Pure Yin is a Ghost, Pure Yang is a Fairy(Immortals?), and Humans are half Yin and half Yang

Man, it took so long to finish this one heck long chap. XD

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