Sacrifice to the Devil 18

Chapter 18 – If only I could see

Wen Yu realized that he had been watching Ying Chen for too long, and quickly turned his head and averted his gaze, dissatisfied: “Can you…not sneak into my room while I am sleeping?”

Ying Chen put away the smile that curled his lips, and said faintly: “Isn’t this our room?”

“What?” Wen Yu was shocked: “You haven’t said it before.”

Ying Chen: “You and I should have been sleeping together. I was too busy a few days ago and didn’t come back. I can sleep with you tonight.”

Ying Chen is going to sleep with him tonight!

Wen Yu was shocked, hugged the quilt, and hid back, his eyes full of vigilance and resistance.

Even if he hides again, he is still on the same bed.

Ying Chen raised his slender arm slightly and was able to touch the boy’s sleepy red cheeks.

The temperature of the fingertips is not as cold as it used to be, and they are warm and soft, sliding down and up the curve of the boy’s side face.

Wen Yu wanted to avoid again, but Ying Chen’s finger raised his jaw one step faster when he turned his face down.

He looked down at the boy’s clear and guarded eyes and said, “I won’t do anything to you, don’t be so afraid.”

His eyes are deep and gloomy, and his voice is magnetically calm and low.

He was already touching his face, and he said he wouldn’t do anything!

Wen Yu suppressed his nervousness and asked him back, “Are you sure you can keep what you said?”

“That kind of thing, if I want to do anything I would have already done it. I’m afraid…” Ying Chen squeezed the boy’s jaw, and said quietly: “…if I make you cry, I still have to coax you.”

That kind of thing, what is it?!

Wen Yu looked at the man in shock and couldn’t say a word.

“Scared again?” Ying Chen helplessly raised his hand on the top of the boy’s sleepy head and rubbed it: “Get up, go straight to school today and stop running around, it makes me worry about you.”


Wen Yu didn’t go to school for a few days.

When he first arrived at the school gate, I met Zhao Xiaoliang.

Zhao Xiaoliang rushed over and grabbed him angrily and asked, “Where have you been these days? I’ve been sending you messages and calling you, but it’s either shut down or no reply! If I can’t reach you again, I’m going to tell the teacher you’re missing.”

Wen Yu: “I… something came up.”

Ying Chen’s appearance and what happened in these two days overturned all his previous cognition. He was so busy with these things that he hadn’t had time to get back when he saw Zhao Xiaoliang sent him a message.

Zhao Xiaoliang asked anxiously: “Are you busy moving? I waited for you in front of your house yesterday and didn’t see you come back at night. Where did you move?”

Wen Yu didn’t want to involve his friends in the matter between him and Ying Chen, and simply said: “I live near the university I got into. It’s all done, don’t worry.”

He apologized: “I made you worry. I will buy you lunch at noon.”

Zhao Xiaoliang breathed a sigh of relief: “Forget it, seeing you is fine. Don’t ignore my messages in the future.”

Wen Yu, a friend who lives alone, does not like to have too deep associations with others. Zhao Xiaoliang worried that if something happened, there would be no one by his side.

Therefore, he will often contact this friend who has grown up with him since childhood.

He asked Wen Yu again: “By the way, how is your new home? Take me over today to celebrate the housewarming with you.”


Wen Yu hesitated but declined: “That… the college entrance examination is about to come. You’d better study first and work on the questions. When the college entrance exams are over, let’s talk about the celebration.”

Sure enough, as soon as he talked about the college entrance examination, Zhao Xiaoliang stopped asking about Wen Yu’s house.

He frowned and sighed: “Oh, don’t mention it. It’s almost the college entrance examination, but I can’t do the problems at all.

“It’s so nice of you to get an early acceptance letter from the university you want to go to. It’s different for us. I stay up late to study every day and I’m too tired. I really want to end it soon and be freed.”

Wen Yu persuaded him: “You have no problem with your grades and you have extra points for your athletic skills. You have the ability to go to the university you want to go to.”

Zhao Xiaoliang: “It’s not a question of strength. The atmosphere of our school every day is really too depressing. You will understand when you go to the classroom with me and feel it.”

The atmosphere in the classroom is really dull. Above the blackboard, the homeroom teacher writes a big countdown every day: There are still 13 days before the college entrance examination.

There are textbooks over a foot high and various mock test questions on each desk. Every student is buried in a pile of books, carefully memorizing and working on the questions.

When Wang Lei, his tablemate, saw Wen Yu coming, he lifted his head from the pile of books, revealing a pair of dark circles under his eyes, and greeted him listlessly: “Wen Yu, I haven’t seen you for a few days, you’re finally here in class.”

Wen Yu: “…Did you stay up all night studying?”

“He saw a ghost.” Zhao Xiaoliang laughed out loud heartlessly ridiculed: “A real ghost.”

Wang Lei was annoyed, and smashed one of his books over: “Don’t mention this to me again, all right!”

Zhao Xiaoliang smiled and avoided: “Okay, okay, I won’t mention it, buddy believes in you.”

Wen Yu wondered: “What’s the matter?”

In order not to irritate Wang Lei, Zhao Xiaoliang dragged Wen Yu aside and whispered: “Isn’t Wang Lei living in the school? He was studying in the classroom until midnight the night before. When he returned to the dormitory and passed the flower bed downstairs, he heard a girl crying.

“As a result, he said that he had gone around the garden several times without seeing a single figure, but the cry continued. This guy was so scared that he ran back to the dormitory and had a fever that night.”

Wen Yu frowned: “Really?”

Zhao Xiaoliang snorted: “What age is this, there are still people who believe in ghosts. He must have been too tired of studying recently and heard hallucinations.”

Wen Yu remained silent, but looked out the window.

“However, after Wang Lei told people about this, there were still people who said that a few years ago, there was indeed a girl who committed suicide by jumping from the fifth floor on the day before the college entrance examination. The place where she fell was on the flower bed.

“They also said that every year at this period, the ghost of the girl who jumped from the building will appear near the flower bed. It is more and more mysterious rumors. I don’t believe in this stuff.”

Wen Yu nodded in agreement with him: “Don’t believe it, they are all made up out of thin air.”

But he thought in his heart: I have to go to the flower bed for a while to see if there are any abnormalities.

After class, Wen Yu walked out of the classroom under the pretext of going to the bathroom.

The flower bed downstairs should be where Wang Lei heard the girl’s crying.

Looking down from the upper floor, butterflies and birds fly around the flowerbeds planted with various plants and flowers, and the greenery is lush. There is nothing unusual.

Wen Yu went downstairs and walked towards the flower bed.

During class, there are almost no students walking back and forth on the campus. The campus is so wide, empty, and quiet that the occasional appearance of one or two students can be especially noticeable.

The headteacher on patrol saw Wen Yu wandering around during class and asked, “What are you doing here and not going to class?”

Wen Yu calmly replied, “Teacher, I dropped something here, I’m looking for it.”

Headteacher: “If you find it, go back to the classroom and go to class. If you can’t find it, go to the Academic Affairs Office to report the loss.”

“Yes, teacher,” Wen Yu replied, pretending to be looking for something, observing carefully around the flower bed.

After the headteacher left, the surrounding area became even quieter, with an occasional gust of wind rustling the branches of the flowering trees and large blooming moonflowers swaying in the air.

The flower bed was indeed cooler than other places, but not as gloomy and depressing as his previous two encounters with evil spirits.

Could it be that Wang Lei really just heard hallucinations?

He was thinking so when another cool breeze blew across his cheeks, the coldness spread on his cheeks to the thin skin between his ears and his neck.

He suddenly found that the flowers, branches, and leaves in front of him were not swaying because of the gust of wind.

It wasn’t the wind.

It was the soul he could not see that was drifting around.

“You are here, aren’t you?” Wen Yu asked in a low voice.

It did not respond. Only the cool wind blew across the open space again.

Wen Yu said silently: If only I could see it.

He suddenly thought of what happened last time when Ying Chen held his hand, it made him see them too. If he takes something from Ying Chen, can he see it too?

For example, hair or something like that?

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