Sacrifice to the Devil 19

Chapter 19 – …go home

Wen Yu thought about the possibility of pulling a piece of hair from Ying Chen’s head and laughed speechlessly to himself.

He held his breath and carefully felt the changes in the surrounding breath.

The spirit…should still be there.

It seems very weak, so weak that it doesn’t even have an ethereal form.

The boy sat down by the flower bed, took out his cell phone and called Huang He, and said:

“There is a girl’s spirit around the flower bed in my school, but it is very weak, and she can hardly be noticed. Do you know what’s going on?”

“Your school? I haven’t heard of any paranormal events at your school.” Huang He thought for a while, and said, “Maybe it’s just a remnant piece of consciousness, it’s harmless. It doesn’t matter if it’s there, but dispelling it can make it free.”

Since the girl can be freed, and he can also retrieve some of his own memories, Wen Yu grabbed a yellow talisman in his pants pocket, and said, “I can’t detect where it is exactly, can I still dispel it?”

Huang He: “This is not possible, the yellow talisman is useless if it is not directed at the target to be dispelled, so, I will go over tomorrow to show you.”

“Okay, then tomorrow…”

Wen Yu held the phone and said half of the sentence, when suddenly he saw the headteacher, who just left, return and reprimanded him, “Wen Yu! Come here! Didn’t you say you were looking for something? Why are you still playing with your phone here? Hand over your phone.”

Wen Yu was surprised, and quickly turned off his cell phone: “Teacher, I have an urgent matter to contact someone.”

The teacher said with a cold face: “No matter how urgent, can it be as urgent as the college entrance exam? How many times has the school said that you can’t bring a mobile phone, especially if you want to take the third-year exams? You are so good, sitting under the teaching building to play openly! You let the students who are sitting in the classroom and studying hard to see, what do they think in their hearts! Hand in your phone! In addition, write a 1,000-word review for me today.”

The school does have a rule not to use a mobile phone, but he usually needs to contact Xu Cheng to take orders to earn living expenses, and it’s impossible not to carry it with him.

Besides, he wants to keep in touch with Huang He again. The mobile phone can’t leave his body even more.

The teenager tried to admit his mistake: “Teacher, I’ll just do this once. I really won’t bring it anymore, okay?”

“No, hand it over!” The headteacher did not show any mercy: “The rules are the rules, and you can’t be an exception.”

Wen Yu couldn’t help but handed the phone over reluctantly.

It’s just that the headteacher hadn’t received it yet, and suddenly a cold wind blew between the two of them.

The half-old gray and white striped short-sleeved shirt on the teacher’s body was lifted in the corners by the wind.

Then a female voice sounded: “…Teacher Guo, hello.”

The gloominess was ethereal and creepy.

The teacher retreated suddenly, staring at the surroundings: “Who, who is calling me?”

What answered him was the intermittent sound of a girl crying.

The voice was small and muffled as if venting the grief in the heart.

At this moment, Wen Yu heard clearly and felt the originally weak spiritual energy suddenly rise, gathering around him.

But not hostile, floating gently and softly.

Just like Huang He said, it is a harmless spiritual trace.

The teacher was completely panicked.

He looked around the empty flower bed, his expression changed suddenly when he heard the sobs coming out of thin air. With a pale face and shaking voice, he asked: “Wen Yu, did you, did you hear something?”

Wen Yu looked in one direction and smiled: “Teacher, I didn’t hear anything. What’s wrong?”

“You really, didn’t hear anything?” The headteacher asked, completely forgetting about confiscating Wen Yu’s mobile phone.

He has also heard the rumors around the flower beds among students. But he didn’t take it seriously, thinking that it was all a joke made by the students out of boredom.

But now he actually heard the girl crying with his own ears.

So terrible!

He was covered in goosebumps, pulling Wen Yu back in horror: “No, it’s okay, let’s go, you also go back to the classroom.”

Wen Yu obediently agreed: “Okay, teacher. You go back to the office first, I’ll be right back.” Then, he looked at a part of the flower bed and said softly, “Thank you.”

The girl’s spirit was originally weak and harmless. The sudden pooling of power to scare away the teacher was probably to help keep his phone from being confiscated.

It’s just that, the gathered aura also gradually drifted away because it was too weak. Before it completely dissipated, a weak question floated out: “You will help me, won’t you?”

Wen Yu was taken aback and nodded: “I will.”


After school, he was stopped by Xu Cheng as soon as he walked out of the campus, and gave him a warm embrace: “Xiaoyu, brother is here to pick you up?”

“Brother Xu.” Wen Yu pushed him away and asked, “Is there another order from the studio?”

Xu Cheng: “Tsk, I’m looking for you just for the order? Tonight, our boss invites you to dinner ah, let’s go to the barbecue restaurant below the company office! Brother will give you a ride.”

Wen Yu: “Today?”

Xu Cheng walked around his neck and said, “Tomorrow’s the weekend so we can drink lots tonight.”

Wen Yu thought of Ying Chen who asked him to go home from school, and hesitated: “But I, I have something…today.”

Xu Cheng dragged him into the car: “When you get there, you will know that nothing is as important as barbecue. Today, everyone is going to celebrate your adulthood and give you a birthday party. Although it is a few days late…”

After Xu Cheng pushed Wen Yu on the seat, he took out a beautifully packaged box from the side and handed it to him: “Happy 18th birthday Xiaoyu, congratulations, you are an adult.”

“I…” Wen Yu was stunned. He took the gift and said softly: “…thank you, Brother Xu.”

“Why are you so polite with your brother?” Xu Cheng jokingly punched him on the shoulder and smiled: “Fasten your seat belt, let’s go!”

Only when he arrived at the barbecue restaurant did Wen Yu realize that tonight was indeed a birthday party that their studio was hosting for him.

The separate compartment was carefully decorated into a warm meeting place, and the wall was decorated with colorful stickers: Happy Birthday Wenyu.

As if to surprise him, everyone pulled together the small party poppers in their hands the moment he came in and cheered in unison, “Happy Birthday Xiaoyu.”

Colorful ribbons flew from the air, floated in front of him, and fell softly on his shoulders.

The brilliant colors came into the line of sight, the cheers of blessings surrounded the ears, and a slight warmth flowed through Wen Yu’s heart.

Since Xu Cheng introduced him to this studio, he has been working with them for three years.

He is a student, so the boss will arrange orders for him according to his time.

When he is in his free time, everyone will give him the priority list so that he can make money.

In the past three years, he has made his living by taking casual orders at this studio.

Xu Cheng and everyone here helped him in a discreet way.

Wen Yu said softly: “Thank you.”

An older sister took her seat and said, “Thanks for what, why don’t you come over first, blow the candles and make your wish.”

Except for Wen Yu, everyone is in their twenties, and after a slightly melodramatic opening, they started to cheer.

Eating barbecue and drinking beer, talking about various interesting topics nowadays, Wen Yu also drank a few glasses of beer between them, gradually got a little drunk, and forgot the time.

Because tomorrow is the weekend, the boss proposed to go singing after eating barbecue, and by the time the venue was closed, it was already eleven o’clock late at night.

Xu Cheng was so drunk that he staggered and was helped by Wen Yu to walk out, saying with a big tongue: “You secretly… you didn’t tell me after you moved, I know you never regarded me as your brother.

“We grew up together all these years, and it hurts my heart that you still see me as an outsider.

“Go, I must take you home today to see where you moved? In case someone bullies you near your home, how to do? Ouch, f*ck!”

Xu Cheng only cared about blaming Wen Yu, did not stabilize his body, and banged his head against the wall in front of the KTV shop.

Wen Yu simply put his arm on his shoulder and walked with him. Quietly said: “Drunk like this, I’ll take you home first. When Auntie sees you, she will have to scold you again.”

Xu Cheng seemed to have heard something particularly scary, and immediately said: “No, cannot let my mother see me drunk, Xiaoyu, you have to take me in and let me live in your house.”

Wen Yu: “…no way.”

Xu Cheng circled his neck and shook him, begging: “Xiaoyu, just let me stay at your house for one night, just one night…”

He was originally held up by Wen Yu, and his whole body weight was pressed on the teenager.

And this action, which looks more like hugging Wen Yu, looks intimate.

Wen Yu frowned and was about to reject helplessly when suddenly a strong gloomy and cold breath came towards him.

He looked up in shock and saw a man standing under the streetlight from afar.

Ying Chen.

Black clothes and black trousers, the shadow cast by the street lights at night is also black. The shade is like a leaden cloud wrapped in a storm, with stormy oppression.

They were ten meters apart, but Wen Yu clearly saw the man’s cold eyes, staring at Xu Cheng’s arm around his neck, glowing with a chilly, cold light.

In the morning, Ying Chen smiled at him for the first time. It made him feel that if he got along well, Ying Chen might be a gentle man.

But now, he suddenly returned to the suffocating gloominess when they first met.

Wen Yu inexplicably panicked, as if his body knew something dangerous, and instinctively pushed Xu Cheng away from him.

Xu Cheng staggered and almost fell, muttering dissatisfiedly with his big mouth: “Aiyoo, Xiaoyu, what are you, why did you throw your brother away?”

When his swaying body was about to hold Wen Yu’s shoulders again, he suddenly sobered up, stood up straight, and tightened his back, and asked in surprise: “Xiaoyu, what, what’s going on, ah?”

Xu Cheng’s drunken demeanor dissipated, looking around in horror.

It is clear that there is nothing, but he feels that he is being pressed tightly by countless invisible ice knives, sharp and cold blades pressing against him everywhere.

As long as he moves slightly, the sharp blade can instantly pierce his skin and penetrate the flesh of his body.

In the sultry heat of the early summer night, Xu Cheng’s whole body was trembling from freezing, and he asked in a shaking voice: “Xiaoyu, uhh, it seems that something is going to kill me… Why am I so scared?”

Wen Yu tightened his hand and glanced at the man in the shadows in the distance.

Standing still and looking at them, the deep penetrating eyes are flooded with cold light, like a heavy pent-up hostility, ready to burst into a frenzy like when they first met.

Wen Yu’s heart became more uneasy. He dared not let his friends know about Ying Chen’s existence, because he was afraid that they would also be affected.

And Xu Cheng’s current fear is obviously because of Ying Chen.

If he stayed any longer, he didn’t know what danger Xu Cheng would face.

He pretended to be calm and pulled Xu Cheng to leave quickly: “Brother Xu, you’re just drunk, I’ll call a car to take you home.”

Ying Chen stood under the street lamp, looking at this side quietly.

Watching the teenager help the staggering man walk to the curb and raise his hand to call a cab, watching him open the car door for the man to help him sit in.

Watching him pay the driver and give the man’s home address.

After watching the teenager do everything, he stood far away from him, looking at him warily, not daring to come closer.

A trace of unspeakable gloom was pressed behind his eyes, which was stained with hostility.

He walked over to the young man, took the hand that was closed tightly because of nervousness and vigilance, his voice dark: “…go home.”

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