Chapter 38 – The distinguished guests of Mrs. Lestat’s salon

Hill received a very interesting submission that day. The other party’s submission was made of very high-grade indigo parchment paper. Most of the parchment colors seen later on Earth are milky white or yellowish kind, but in fact, there have long been artisans who have dyed parchment, including purple, red, peach, indigo, and so on. Hill also only learned about it after arriving in the other world, he looked it up on the Internet and found that it was the same on Earth.

Got another new knowledge point.

Speaking of just learning this, Hill’s first reaction was that Umbridge must like this pink parchment… Speaking of Umbridge, last time Hill thought of Harry Potter, he opened Baidu to randomly search Umbridge, and found that there was a related search in it, “What happened after Umbridge was dragged away by the centaurs”. Hill was shocked after seeing it at the time, thinking that everyone’s brains were really big. Moreover, there is actually a very serious analysis, saying that in the legend, centaurs will take away beautiful human brides and so on, and there are only males and no females among centaurs… But if the object is Umbridge, he just thinks it’s… um… indescribable.

Let’s talk about the submission again. The submitted letter paper has already explained the contributor’s extraordinariness, and the content inside has really stunned Hill—it is a plot analysis of the existing chapters of “A Song of Ice and Fire”.

The other party was sharp and concise in both the language and the wording, which gave Hill a feeling of reading a report. There are quite bold speculations about the next plot, and there are also concise comments.

“From the available information, it can be inferred that the author’s gaze is not only on Winter Stark’s house, and the overall framework of the novel is very large… I doubt whether this is really a novel.

In addition, I hope that the serialized content of each magazine can be longer. “

Hill looked at this letter and got some inspiration. He immediately decided to open a section at the back of the novel to discuss and comment on the content of the novel, which is like the comment section of a serialized novel on Earth… But in this world, everyone can only see the selected comments.

A big selling point of “A Song of Ice and Fire” is that people don’t know who will die next. The letter from this anonymous gentleman is indeed correct in some predictions about the future plot. Hill can’t let the reader lose his sense of expectation. So, he thought for a while, and began to write:

“I have different opinions regarding the opinion of the previous gentleman. The death of the mother wolf and the survival of the cubs is too rigid if it is directly interpreted that Ned will die and his sons will stay. The previous article also said that the winter wolves were originally legendary animals. I think their appearance may mean that the Stark family is about to take off, and that scene symbolizes “fading away from the old and welcoming the new.” …”

This is to stir up the muddy waters.

Let the readers do not know which side of the speculation is correct, thus arousing their interest in thinking and discussing, and then the novel will become more and more popular.

In fact, Hill’s method did arouse an upsurge in the discussion of the plot among the people. Letters were sent to Joan Baker’s home like rain, and Joan Baker had to find a few loyal servants to screen the letters first. These people wrote letters because on the one hand, they were really interested in the plot discussion, and on the other hand, they felt it was exciting to have their words seen by the whole town.

As for the contributor’s comment about adding more chapters, Hill does intend to do so. But at this stage, the cost is the main problem—the cost of parchment is too high. Parchment paper goes through a rather slow and complicated process from material selection to completion. First of all, high-quality sheepskin is originally rare and not always available, and then processes such as hair removal and peeling are carried out… By the way, sheepskin manuscripts actually often have holes in them, and the only remedy is to carefully stitch them.

When parchment was the most expensive on earth in the Middle Ages, a parchment bible might be equivalent to a vineyard.

Of course, parchment in the other world is not as expensive, but the cost is still something that Hill does not want to accept now.

Then…just make paper.

It just so happened that Ghost Binns had just finished studying the copier when Hill handed over the papermaking theory he found on the Internet, he just let him take full charge. After doing some written research in the library, Ghost Binns went directly into the dark elf forest to experiment. The dark elves blew up at him because he had cut down some of their favorite big trees.

The technological content of paper-making itself is not very high, this world has a magical bonus, Hill felt that it would not take long to study it. As for whether to spread the papermaking technology, this is a question worth pondering.

In fact, the first reaction is definitely not to spread, this kind of thing, he can only make money if he monopolizes it, but one of the advantages of large-scale spread of papermaking is that a wide variety of books will increase exponentially. In short, what do rulers hate most since ancient times? Literati—because they spread ideas. And the cheap price of paper and books provided those literati with some basic conditions, and the consequence of this was that various speeches and ideas flourished…

This is not conducive to the unity of faith, ah.

In the end, Hill made the decision: to temporarily hold the papermaking in his hands, wait until he earns enough money in the treaty, and some of the investment money for the next project, and then throw out the papermaking art.

This does not bring economic gains but can bring more long-term benefits.


The preliminary preparations for “He is a Dragon” have already begun. There are many suitable small islands in the Endless Sea of the lower realm, but they are too far from the shore. Hill and the “technical consultant” Lich Aligeli discussed, and after a while, Aligeli decided to use magic to move a suitable island over.

What Hill saw at the time made the corner of his mouth twitch. Such a big move, if seen by the directors on Earth, they would surely die of envy right, haha.

When Hill was preparing for the crew of “He is a Dragon”, the Demon Dragon Gormund was always by his side, and Hill still seemed a little at a loss when he saw him.

“It still seems like you don’t have faith in me,” Hill joked.

“No, My King.” Gormund frowned slightly. He said, “It’s just that I feel… to be honest, I did feel great with the first movie, but I wasn’t that fond of the second one and I was worried that I’d mess up your plans.”

Hill knew it. It turned out that the other party was worried about this.

It is only natural that a tough guy like Gormund would not like “The Overbearing Demon Falls in Love with Me”. If a man on Earth tells you that he likes to read overbearing president novels, your first reaction will generally be “freak”.

Hill pondered for a moment and said: “We have seen so many things, we have seen how the blood moon rises in the wasteland, we have seen wars burning on the front lines, we have seen the angels’ swords shining in the darkness, and we’ve drunk strong wine and sung in the gale too…” All he said were what Gormund had told him, but after a pause, Hill continued: “I am tired of all this.”

Gormund frowned.

“I want to see new scenery.” Hill said, “And the fact that we lost means we made a mistake in the first place. And that is, make a new mistake if you want to make it, Gormund.” He smiled at that, “You can have no faith in yourself, but at least have faith in my judgment. Come on, I’ll show you something.”


Mrs. Lestat’s movie-themed salon.

Mrs. Lestat’s salon has been the top salon in Magnolia City for the past several years, and the Royal Family of Magnolia occasionally appears in her salon, which is her proudest history. And this time, before she held her salon, she announced to the public that there were two unprecedented big names coming into the salon.

This made all the people who followed her salon instantly curious. Their first reaction was, is there any royal family member coming? Or is it Emperor Magnolia himself? Not to mention, this is really possible, after all, Emperor Magnolia himself likes such flashy and extravagant things.

With such doubts in mind, many people squeezed their heads to join this salon.

In a room in the residence of the Viscount Lestat, the Demon Dragon Gormund was a little fidgety. The Lord Demon King suddenly dragged him to a gathering of humans. He thought he had heard it wrong… what is the purpose of the Lord Demon King? After arriving at the human mansion, Lord Demon King became what he looked like when he was in the movie (Hill changed his appearance when shooting the movie), and Gormund felt vaguely aware of what the Lord Demon King was going to do.

And the beautiful Mrs. Lestat was full of enthusiasm at this time, she received every visitor as gracefully as possible, and then smiled and said that she kept it secret for the time being.

After everyone took their seats—most of the invited guests were ladies—Miss Olivia finally couldn’t help asking: “Who is the mysterious guest this time, Mrs. Lestat?”

Mrs. Lestat concealed her face with a ball fan. This movement seemed elegant, but it actually concealed the unnatural curvature of her mouth: “This person is someone you all know and yearn for…”

“So, is it really our emperor?” Olivia felt bored. As a duchess, she had met the emperor many times.

“Not so.” Mrs. Lester said, and then she raised her voice abruptly: “It’s our—Lord Demon King!”

The door at the end of the living room opened, Hill and the Demon Dragon Gormund walked in side by side.

White hair, red eyes, handsome face, luxurious cloak embroidered with dark gold patterns.

The flame was slowly burning in his eyes, but there was a light in the middle as if soaked in the dew, and his pale collarbone was reminiscent of the unruly poems of a troubadour.

Exactly the same as in the movie, the Lord Demon King.

There was silence in the hall for a few seconds, and then a noble lady directly burst out with a shriek: “My Lord Demon King!”

…So many young ladies immediately lost their original reservations.

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