Chapter 39 – My King, I want to make a movie!

“Lord Demon King!”

“It’s really the Lord Demon King!”

“Oh, Lord Demon King, you appear in my dream every night…”

Most of the girls in the hall showed the wolf-like fervent gaze (…). The Demon Dragon Gormund’s first reaction to this scene was that they were the Church of Light fanatics, and they would harm the Lord Demon King! So, he stopped in front of Lord Demon King in an instant, ready to stretch out his hand to tear those human women apart.

However, a hand lightly covered the back of his hand.

Then, he slowly pressed his hand down.

It’s Hill.

“Calm down, Gormund,” Hill said.

In fact, to be honest, Hill didn’t react to what was going on right away. Then he felt that the scene in front of him seemed familiar, and then Hill was startled when he heard the “you appear in my dream every night”, and then he suddenly realized that this is the same as the female fans on Earth who guarded the plane when some popular stars got off the plane.

As soon as he reacted, he felt that the Demon Dragon Gormund beside him was emitting an unusually dangerous aura, so he had to stretch out his paw to stop him.

“…as you wish, My King.” The Demon Dragon Gormund tried his best to suppress the dangerous aura.

“They just, uh, they like me so much,” Hill explained. After the explanation, he felt a familiar sense of shame again. He thought he wouldn’t be ashamed since he finished that movie. He didn’t expect himself to be too naive.

“So that’s how it is…” Gormund nodded. He also reacted at this moment, and then he was quite surprised, do these human women like the Lord Demon King because of the movie? Do they know that the Lord Demon King is really a Demon King? They shouldn’t know, but they at least know that the Lord Demon King is a demon… They actually like a demon?

Gormund felt a little absurd.

But the facts are here.

“Uh… ladies, please calm down,” Hill said.

Hill’s words brought a bit of compelling magic. The ladies were originally nobles, but suddenly they were agitated when they saw the Lord Demon King, and there was a leader who called out, so everyone formed an impulsive group effect. Therefore, after Hill said that, they all came back to their senses.

“Okay, Lord Demon King,” said one of the beautiful noble ladies with blond hair and blue eyes, “I will obey your words.”

“Lord Demon King, your will is my will,” another noble lady said.

Gormund next to him is quite confused, they are nobles right, they are humans right…

“It would be great if everyone could do this,” Hill said with a smile, “Thanks to Mrs. Lestat’s invitation I can appear in this salon, it is a pleasure to meet you charming ladies on this charming evening. I would like to thank Mrs. Lestat here.”

Mrs. Lestat shook the ball fan and said gracefully and reservedly: “It is a real pleasure to have you in my salon, Lord Demon King.” But in fact, she was crying out in her heart: Lord Demon King appeared in my salon! My salon will be a unique salon! My salon will be the top salon in Magnolia City—I will achieve an eternal classic!

“Lord Demon King, are you really Lord Demon King?” a noble lady over there asked.

Hill did not answer, but said, “You can call me Grindelwald.”

Here, Hill abruptly turned Mrs. Lestat’s salon into a fan meeting, and Mrs. Lestat did not stop this. In fact, she later went down for real (……) and fell to being one of the fans inside.

The Demon Dragon Gormund watched this scene in a complicated mood.

The last time he saw so many people was still on the battlefield when he roared and burned a bunch of human soldiers to death. Those people feared him and hated him. He had long been accustomed to this attitude. He also lived in the human world a long time ago. He used to sleep in the mountains all day long, but he doesn’t know why the story of him kidnapping young virgins circulated outside, and then there were groups of dragon-slaying warriors coming to kill him. People looked at him with greed at that time—it was greed for his treasure.

Now these humans looked at the Lord Demon King with a bit of greed… but Gormund felt that this seemed to be greed for the Lord Demon King’s body… which is too vulgar. The Demon Dragon Gormund muttered in his heart. Greed for the flesh of the Lord Demon King… Well… seems to be understandable. Gormund fell into a deep thought.

Then he found that his thinking was off the track.

In his opinion, the demon king and the demon race should be feared and hated, but this is obviously not the case now. The young girls here do indeed…love the Lord Demon King.

He thought of what the Lord Demon King had said to him.

Make many human women like you, worship you, and go crazy for you.

Develop fame and glory in the human world.

Make new mistakes if you want to.

Seeing the love of those human women for the Lord Demon King, Gormund’s thinking suddenly became clear.

He heard that the movie has been released in two big cities. There are so many people who are obsessed with Lord Demon King in this small salon. How many humans are there who worship him outside? The Lord Demon King who can do this is really amazing—!

As for Gormund himself, now he can’t wait to grab the hand of the Lord Demon King and ask him when he will make a movie for him.

At this moment, a noble lady asked: “Mr. Grindelwald, this one next to you is…”

Gormund was taken aback for a moment and looked at the questioner, ah, an ugly woman, he thought in his heart.

Then he heard the other person say: “He is so handsome, is he also a movie actor?”

…Okay, let’s say you have some vision. Gormund thought. Let’s not say you’re ugly.

“Yes.” Hill replied, “He is also one of my best friends.”

“He looks so strong,” a noble lady said with a twinkle in her eyes.

Hill felt that this sentence sounded weird, but instead of taking it to heart, he continued: “At the same time, he is also the star of the next movie “He’s a Dragon”,” Hill smiled slightly when he said this. “Please give your support to this film when the time comes. In addition, I am looking forward to publishing your film reviews in the magazine, and I have some nice gifts to give away.”

Moreover, Hill feels that mixing up with these madams and young ladies can also confuse the Church of Light and make them think that they are obsessed with pleasure and lustful people… Speaking of which, he spent a huge sum of money to buy the “male pet” Monroe, the image is almost set up, right?

The gifts Hill prepared for these people were jewelry made by the dark elves. These pieces of jewelry have nothing to do with the movie now. Hill feels that their competitive advantage in the jewelry market today is not great, but he wants to make money (……), so he advertises this way first.

Just imagine, even the ladies in the Lady Lestat’s salon wear the jewelry in this shop. Doesn’t that mean that Joan Baker’s shop is now the most popular jewelry shop in Magnolia City?

At present, Joan Baker’s cinema has a place to sell magazines, merch, and jewelry. In the next movie, Hill plans to expand the production of jewelry and add some other trinkets. The cinema will be placed on the third floor. The second floor is set up as a place to eat.

This is somewhat similar to the layout of a modern shopping mall. Hill deliberately put the stairs to the deepest point on the first floor, so customers need to pass through a dazzling array of jewelry when they come to watch the movie before they can walk to the second floor, and then they can smell the smell of delicacies on the second floor on the way to the third floor…

This is a road full of trials.

Hill felt that most people couldn’t hold on.

He has to admit that his idea is too scheming.

In addition, Mrs. Lestat can also organize a film critic group for him, which can probably be classified as gunman on Earth. Hill thought.


Coming out of the residence of the Viscount Lestat, Hill asked, “Do you have any thoughts, Gormund?”

Gormund looked at Hill with piercing eyes: “My King, I want to make a movie!”

Hill looked at him, and the famous line appeared in his mind for an instant: Coach, I want to play basketball!

This is really the same thing, haha.

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Gunman/Gunner – it mostly refers to people who take exams or write papers on behalf of others and get corresponding pay

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