Sacrifice to the Devil 20

Chapter 20 – Afraid that he will never come home again

Wen Yu was held by Ying Chen and sat in the black car that picked him up last time.

It was Lin An who drove, and Ying Chen sat in the back seat with him.

On the way home, the car was quiet.

It’s just that this silence is somewhat a midst of insistent silence and repressed emotions, and a light touch can burst out unimaginable anger.

Lin An, who was driving, could sense the emotions of his master, and he was very uneasy.

The hand holding the steering wheel trembled slightly, and the cold sweat from his forehead kept flowing down his cheeks.

Wen Yu originally thought Ying Chen would touch him frantically again like before.

He was on guard nervously, ready to defend himself from the worst.

However, Ying Chen did not say a word while sitting in the car. Without even looking at him, he turned to look out of the car window. The street light reflected on his gloomy face was bright and soft.

Wen Yu couldn’t figure out what he was angry with. The suppressed atmosphere was almost suffocating.

In the end, he couldn’t hold back and was the first to explain, saying, “I was invited to dinner by my colleagues at my workplace today, so I was late.”

“I wasn’t thinking of not going home, or trying to escape you.” The teenager laughed at himself: “I also know that I can’t escape.”

Ying Chen finally moved his gaze, and his sharp eyes stared at him deeply for a long time before he said in a low voice: “There is still… a smell on you.”

Wen Yu: ??? What do you mean?

He raised his arm suspiciously, smelled the smell on his body, and frowned.

Staying for a few hours in places like barbecue restaurants and KTV, the body will inevitably be tainted with the choking smell of smoke and alcohol.

Is Ying Chen disgusted with him?

Wen Yu, who was originally nervous, became speechless: “…I will go home and change clothes.”

Ying Chen’s eyes narrowed: “I will remove it for you.”

“Remove?” Wen Yu hadn’t finished asking, he saw Ying Chen stretch out one hand and wave it slightly.

Suddenly there was a flash of fire in front of him, and in the blink of an eye, the intense and dazzling fire expanded, enveloping the teenager and burning him all over.

Ahh! Wen Yu hadn’t screamed out yet when he found that the flames on his skin were not hot at all, and even felt cool and comfortable.

The muddy smell of alcohol and barbecue on his body gradually disappears, instead, it is as fresh and refreshing as after a bath.

But Wen Yu quickly recovered from the surprise.

He panicked, his clothes were being swallowed by the flames, dissipating little by little without even a soot.

The skin on the body became more and more exposed along with the clothes engulfed by flames, the shoulders, collarbone, chest, waist and abdomen, and even feet, legs…

“You, what are you doing? Stop it!”

The boy’s cheeks were dyed red by the fire, his hands wrapped around his body, looking at Ying Chen in surprise and shouting.

The flame disappeared and the clothes disappeared.

And he was completely exposed to the sight of the man, in full view. The secret place was exposed to the coldness of the air and was blocked by the hands of the young man as it lost its security.


He bit and cursed Ying Chen: “Give me my clothes.”

Before the voice fell, a black shirt floated from his head, covering his shoulders and chest. The long hem was dragged on the thighs, also covering the most secret places.

But it is only covered and it can be exposed with a slight movement.

Wen Yu grabbed the clothes with both hands and wrapped them tightly around himself, the whole person alertly leaned towards the door and moved, asking in alarm: “You, you… what are you going to do?”

Ying Chen, who was sitting quietly by the side, began to move towards him, the tall figure leaning little by little to the teenager who was clinging to the car door.

He lowered his eyes, sniffed between the neck of the boy wrapped in his shirt, and whispered, “Now, the smell of that man is gone.”

The smell of that man?

Wen Yu reacted for a while, and thought: Is Ying Chen jealous because he saw him coming out of KTV with Xu Cheng?

Wen Yu lowered his eyes and began to worry about another thing, and said, “Don’t think too much about it. Xu Cheng is just my friend, other than that, I don’t have any relationship with him. He has been helping me all these years. You… don’t touch him.”

“So afraid of me touching your friend?” Ying Chen’s lips almost leaned close to the boy’s cheek, sneered: “It’s just a human being.”

In the seemingly contemptuous tone, hides deep jealousy.

Wen Yu did not dare to explain further, he noticed that one of Ying Chen’s legs moved, and it was stuck between his legs. The uncovered skin could clearly perceive the slightly cool texture of the fabric.

His nerves are tense, and every pore in his body is wary of the next man’s action.

He was afraid of provoking this demon into going crazy again, making him do something to him now.

He was even more afraid that he would retaliate against Xu Cheng.

The nameless fire that just burned on his body had no temperature, but if it burned on Xu Cheng’s body… Wen Yu didn’t dare to imagine.

Fortunately, Ying Chen’s movements did not continue. Sniffing quietly between the young man’s neck, the warm breath spread out between the neck, breathing out a whisper: “I will also give you a little bit of my taste, okay?”

It was a question, but without even a nod from the teenager, the slender fingers pulled the teenager’s tightly wrapped shirt, revealing a bit of his shoulder.

Wen Yu turned around and pulled it forcefully: “…don’t.”

Ying Chen’s lips were already on the shoulder of the young man, hoarse with longing: “Just a little, it won’t hurt.”

He opened his mouth and slightly and bit on it gently.


Stinging pain came from his shoulder, and Wen Yu frowned and let out a soft grunt.

Ying Chen also loosened his teeth immediately.

Inside the dark car, a shallow tooth mark was left on the boy’s white shoulder, surrounded by a moist light.

Ying Chen gently put his hand on the tooth print: “Now, it’s mine.”

Wen Yu pulled his shirt to cover his shoulders, and asked angrily: “Enough?”

The vague meaning: is this matter finished?

“Angry?” Ying Chen laughed lightly, stretched out his arm, and handed it to the boy’s lips: “You can bite it back.”

Wen Yu turned his head and looked out the car window.

He didn’t pay attention to Ying Chen again, and Ying Chen didn’t do anything anymore, sitting quietly next to him.

The tightness and suffocation in the car also dissipated with a bite mark.

The car drove until it reached the door of the villa, Lin An opened the door for Wen Yu and disappeared without a trace.

Wen Yu knew that after Ying Chen burned his clothes and bit him, today’s affairs are over.

He was no longer afraid. He avoided Ying Chen’s offered hand and jumped out of the car by himself.

With a thin body wrapped in a large shirt, he walked into the house without any scruples.

When he returned to his room, Wen Yu was worried about whether Xu Cheng would get home safely, and turned on the mobile phone to contact him.

He was surprised to find that there were countless unread messages on the mobile phone, crowding the screen.

All of them were sent by Ying Chen.

From 8 o’clock in the morning, he sent him:


[When will you go home?]

[Where are you?]

【I’m looking for you.】


The last one is past eleven o’clock: [Little devil, where are you?]

Behind every simple text, it seems like there is an extreme amount of worry and anxiety being suppressed.

It is easy to imagine what kind of emotion Ying Chen was in, spending more than four hours searching for him.

Ying Chen seems to be more afraid than him… Afraid that he will never come home again.

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Little Devil/Demon – term of endearment for a mischievous child

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