Sacrifice to the Devil 21

Chapter 21 – What if he really lied to him in the previous life?

Wen Yu looked at the messages on the phone, caressed the red tooth marks on his shoulders, and felt unclear emotions in his heart.

He didn’t actually think about escaping anymore, he just wanted to retrieve his memory and remember what happened to the two of them in their previous lives.

While Ying Chen, it’s as if he still didn’t believe him yet.

Wen Yu threw away the phone and remembered another thing. Ying Chen said in the morning that he would sleep with him tonight.

Wen Yu’s heartbeat also quickened a bit. It’s not fear, but a kind of indescribable nervousness.

However, there is no trace of Ying Chen’s breath in the house now.

Where did he go? Did he go to find his memory again?

Will he be back tonight? What should he do if he comes back?

Wen Yu lay on the bed thinking, unknowingly it was already 2 o’clock in the morning.

Ying Chen still didn’t come back, and he didn’t feel sleepy either. Time has simply become a torment.

He took a deep breath, jumped out of the bed, and walked out of the room. Standing in the empty corridor on the second floor, he tentatively shouted: “Lin An.”

“Yes, Young Master Wen.” Lin An suddenly appeared out of thin air in an empty corridor, standing in front of Wen Yu with his hands hanging down: “What’s your order?”

Wen Yu was taken aback: “You, where did you come from?”

Lin An: “I am your servant now. As long as you call me, I can appear immediately anytime and anywhere.”

Wen Yu: “…Forget it. Well, where did Ying Chen go?”

Lin An pursed her lips and lowered her head in embarrassment.

“Ying Chen won’t let you say.”

Lin An nodded.

“Afraid that he will punish you?”

Lin An nodded again.

Wen Yu narrowed his eyes and said with a serious face: “You are my servant now, he has to go through my consent if he wants to punish you. Tell me the truth, where did he go to find my memory? I’ll make sure you’re okay.”

Lin An hesitated for a while, suddenly looked sad, as if he had made some determination, and said: “Master he… he went to hell.”


Wen Yu was shocked.

Lin An: “He couldn’t find your memory, so he came up with the idea of looking for you from the memories of other living beings.

“These days, he goes to hell day and night to check the life and death book of all creatures.

“As long as it’s a creature who lived around you and the Master’s hall a thousand years ago, he will not let go. Even if it is a mouse, he will wake up their souls one by one, extract all their memories, and check them over and over in person.

“This method is like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it consumes a great amount of mana and exhausts the mind. Even if the Master’s… body can last for a long time, the physical body cannot bear it.”

Lin An asked, “Young Master Wen, please persuade the Master to at least let him rest for a day. The Master will definitely listen to what you say.”

From the memories of all living creatures, looking for his own figure a thousand years ago?

Wen Yu did not understand how Ying Chen extracted their memories.

Imagine for a moment, Ying Chen has been reading the memories of thousands of living beings all these days like watching a revolving lantern.

Among them are humans and animals.

Wen Yu muttered to himself: “…Why is he so attached to my past?”

“Because… the Master is afraid of losing you.” Lin An’s expression was serious and his tone was sincere: “A thousand years ago, you pulled him out of the endless dark abyss after he became a demon, and gave him hope and light for life. But again… He was left alone again.

“The Master wants to know whether you really liked him or just lied to him. If you lied to him, he probably won’t do anything to you.

“If you really liked him a thousand years ago, didn’t have any hidden agenda and leave, that would be great. For more than a thousand years, the Master can finally… end his suffering.”

When Lin An said the last sentence, he had hopes in his eyes. It is as if the second possibility is more desirable.

“I don’t know this either,” Wen Yu whispered.

Lin An will not lie, Ying Chen has really waited for him for a thousand years, but this too heavy feeling makes him unable to bear his empty memory.

He suddenly became eager, wanting to retrieve his memory quickly and figure out what happened directly to the two of them.

“It’s okay, you go down.” Wen Yu turned and returned to the room.

Lin An stood behind, carefully persuading him: “If you come back late in the future, can you tell the Master?”

Wen Yu: “Yeah, I got it.”

Lin An: “When the Master found out that you didn’t go home last night after school…he looked for you all over the city like crazy.”

Wen Yu stepped in and looked at Lin An and asked: “Didn’t he just have to think about me to find me?”

Before, Ying Chen was able to find out both times when he went to the Taoist Temple to look for Huang He.

Why couldn’t Ying Chen find him last night?

Lin An shook his head: “Without the presence of something that serves as a link between you and the Master, he cannot sense you and it is difficult to locate where you are. But now…” Lin An said in a soft voice: “You have his breath on your body, and he can sense you no matter where you go.”

Ying Chen’s breath.

Wen Yu first thought of the red tooth marks on his shoulders.

“It turns out that this can be a connection with him?” Wen Yu sneered.

Lin An nodded and said: “Yes. If you are willing to imprint the Master’s mark, then…the Master will never have to worry about you anymore.”

What he said in this sentence was somewhat persuasive.

Wen Yu pondered for a while, then asked: “Do you have his mark on your body?”

Lin An shook his head: “No.”

Wen Yu pursed his lips and returned to the room.

The time was approaching three o’clock in the morning, Wen Yu took the phone to open Ying Chen’s dialog box.

The information in the row above was all sent by Ying Chen.

He typed slowly: I should have a way to retrieve my own memory. Come home.

When he was about to send, Wen Yu suddenly felt that the words “come home” carried some kind of hint.

His face was hot and the last few words were deleted quickly.

When he was about to send, his finger started to hesitate again.

Ying Chen likes himself, he likes himself for more than a thousand years.

Sending a message to such a profound man will not cause him unnecessary misunderstanding and add to his expectations, right?

What if he really lied to him in the previous life?

The teenager stared at the edited message, his fingers hovering back and forth between the send and delete keys.

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