Sacrifice to the Devil 22

Chapter 22 – Secretly painting Ying Chen

Rationality eventually lost to reason. Wen Yu slowly put down the phone.

After Ying Chen appeared, he gave him unspeakable fear and anxiety several times. Sending such a message at this time is equivalent to asking him to come back and sleep with him.

And that Ying Chen, he may decide what to do to himself.

Until the morning, Ying Chen did not come back.

Wen Yu thought of the remnant spirit wandering beside the school flowerbed, and made an appointment with Huang He to go to school.

On weekends, parents of students who live on campus can send their children in and out of school and use this as a reason for entering.

Huang He changed out of the Taoist robe, dressed in a shirt, trousers and leather shoes, acting like Wen Yu’s parent, and followed him in.

He looked around, stroked his beard, and meditated: “Your school is very clean, clear and lively, and full of energy. Evil things generally cannot easily invade.”

After touching half of his chin, he remembered that his goatee was shaved clean in the morning. He coughed uncomfortably, lowered his hand, and said: “It is indeed a key high school in the city.”

Wen Yu asked him: “How? Do you see it?”

Huang He laughed and said, “See what, these words are all routines that you must say to people when doing Feng Shui.”

Wen Yu glanced at him speechlessly.

Obviously, he has the real power to exorcise evil spirits, but why does he look like a scammer?

Several people stopped to chat near the flower bed.

However, Wen Yu saw a girl sitting on the flowerbed at a glance.

The girl is wearing a school uniform like him, sitting on the flowerbed and looking at the sky, her eyes were hollow and lifeless.

The breath on her is incompatible with the breath of the classmate standing next to her.

But Wen Yu couldn’t tell exactly where it was different.

Until he saw the girl’s swaying feet, there was no shadow cast by the sun.

She is not human.

Wen Yu’s eyes suddenly widened, and he paused to observe the girl in disbelief.

At this time, the classmates who were talking next to her were about to leave, passing by the girl, talking and laughing as if they hadn’t seen her.

Because it was too close to the flower bed, the bodies of several classmates penetrated the girls’ swaying legs. There were also two playful students, pushing each other and staggering towards the girl.

The girl didn’t hide, she looked blankly at her classmate’s body fall into her illusory body and fall onto the flowerbed.

She wanted to reach out and help him, her slender arm became transparent when it touched the classmate’s body, and she could not grasp anything.

At that moment, she was like a phantom.

Wen Yu suppressed his voice and said, “Huang He, I saw her.”

Huang He: “Huh? What did you see?”

Wen Yu pointed her finger over: “Remnant spirit, the girl sitting on the flower bed, I can see her now.”

Obviously, it was difficult to detect even the breath yesterday, but now he can see a real person sitting in front of him as if she was alive.

He unconsciously touched his shoulder, where Ying Chen’s teeth still remained.

Can he see these as long as he has Ying Chen’s breath?

Huang He also noticed the difference. He followed Wen Yu’s sight and chanted a few vague spells before he found the girl Wen Yu was talking about.

“The aura is very weak, I have to concentrate to see it.” He asked Wen Yu strangely: “You can’t see the strong evil spirit the day before yesterday. How come you can see the weak remnant spirit that can be scattered with just one blow?”

Wen Yu didn’t explain, he touched his shoulder and walked towards the girl.

The girl seemed to perceive the sight of others watching her, and turned towards them.

At the moment of meeting Wen Yu’s eyes, the girl’s hollow eyes emitted a light, and she shouted: “Wen Yu?”

Wen Yu nodded.

The girl’s voice was the voice of the remnant spirit that scared the headteacher away yesterday and helped him get his phone back.

He saw the girl eagerly jumping off the flowerbed, her pale face filled with expectations and eagerly asked: “Are you here to help me, can you really help me?”

Huang He interjected: “Ho, you already know each other?”

Wen Yu: “I just found her here yesterday.”

Huang He: “You’ve been at this school for almost three years, how come you only found her yesterday? You didn’t even notice before?”

Wen Yu hasn’t answered yet, the girl giggled: “I have seen you ah, and often heard the girls mention your name. They all like you, but you are too cold to chase.”

Huang He echoed the girl and looked at Wen Yu and sighed: “That’s right, I haven’t seen you smile since I saw you, and even the female ghost dared not approach with your cold and frowning face. If you have a gentle personality, your girlfriends will definitely exceed ten fingers.”

Wen Yu: …

He changed the subject and asked the girl: “You said yesterday that you wanted me to help you, what do you want?”

The girl felt sad: “I want… relief.”

She can’t remember why she jumped downstairs.

She only knew that she was standing on the top of the building, leaning her body slightly… and then she completely lost everything, everything.

After, there is endless regret, guilt, and remorse.

These emotions kept her trapped here for several years, spent years in painful entanglements, and watched away batch after batch of schoolchildren.

She really wants to be completely relieved.

But when she saw that Wen Yu took out a yellow symbol from his schoolbag, she took a few steps back pale with fright, and pleaded in a small voice: “But, can you show me around the school before then?”

“Take you to see everywhere in school?” Wen Yu wondered.

Huang He understood the psychology of the remnant spirit better and explained: “She probably left her last wish in this area, which made her stay and become a remnant spirit without being freed.

“A weak spirit like her can be scattered directly with the help of a yellow talisman.

“Of course, one can also grant her request to help her fulfill her last wish so that she can transcend naturally.”

He persuaded Wen Yu: “Anyway, just promise to take her around the school. If you can help her transcend naturally, it will increase your cultivation level. Maybe it will make you remember more memories of your previous life.”

The latter words of Huang He are extremely tempting to Wen Yu.

He now cares more about the relationship between him and Ying Chen in his previous life.

But the two times he scattered the evil spirit, he could only recall some fragmented memory fragments, not enough to remember what really happened between them.

If helping this remnant spirit can make him remember more memories, he might as well try it.

He asked the girl: “Can I really take you out of here?”

The girl affirmed, “You are different from others, when I saw you yesterday, I knew that only you could take me away.”

After getting Wen Yu’s consent, the remnant spirit stretched out her arm and carefully pulled up Wen Yu’s short-sleeved shirt.

Just as she thought, when she touched other students, she could only be a phantom and couldn’t grasp anything.

Wen Yu, on the other hand, she was able to grasp. She followed Wen Yu’s footsteps carefully out of the flower bed.

One step, two steps, three steps…

Farther and farther away from the flower bed, her expression became more nervous.

When she walked to the middle of the campus, the girl suddenly squatted on the ground, covering her face and crying.

It is like squeezing too much sadness and weeping with joy. The soft crying sound contains long-term suffering, saying: “I really…can leave that place now.”

How many years, she can only be trapped around the flower bed looking at the vast and lively campus, but cannot take a step out.

Wen Yu seldom plays with girls and has never seen a girl cry like this.

Although she is just a remnant of consciousness, Wen Yu still stands beside her a little bewildered, holding the strands of hair beside his ear, not knowing how to coax.

Huang He was observing the girl carefully and whispered: “Look, she is already showing signs of transcendence.

“Only leaving the flowerbed where she has been trapped for a few years can make her satisfied like this. After she is completely freed, you and I will definitely get a higher level of cultivation.”

Wen Yu: “How come, I didn’t send…”

Halfway through his words, he stopped abruptly, and suddenly a scene of the hall was clearly reflected in his brain.

The hall is wide and grand, everywhere is solemn and sacred. In the middle of a place like a warm pavilion, there was a soft couch carved with curly cloud patterns.

A man was sleeping on the couch.

The man wore a black robe embroidered with golden patterns, and a dark velvet blanket was loosely placed around his waist. The long blue hair lay beside the pillow like a waterfall, scattered down the couch.

The incense burner was burning on the side, and green smoke curled up around the man.

It is the appearance of the ancient Ying Chen, handsome beyond words.

On the table next to the couch sits a teenager who is painting.

It is himself… secretly painting Ying Chen.

It’s just that, he was holding the brush and looking at the man dazedly, his face gradually becoming red.

Then, as if unable to suppress a certain emotion, he put down the brush extremely nervously, approached the couch, and squatted down on the tiptoe.

He cautiously kissed the sleeping man’s lips.

Wen Yu: ???!!!

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