Chapter 45 – “For this reason, I am your King.”

Irvine soon brought the fire elemental spirits back to Blackrock Tower. Hill was too busy recently to take care of them, so he continued to let Irvine handle it, let the fire elemental elves go around, and then learn how to cook.

The fire elemental spirits were a little unhappy with the demon king’s cold attitude, but they showed obvious excitement when they heard that they could use the spices and ingredients in the demon king’s collection. Hill thought that they were too predictable, and then he thought about Irvine’s straightforward thinking a lot of times, so he realized that this might be the characteristic of the elemental spirits.

So far, Hill feels that the most insidious and cunning is human.

At the same time, Hill’s “He is a Dragon” filming came to an end.

In the kissing scene, the succubus who played the heroine screamed excitedly and fainted. Gormund was rather baffled by this. He said this several times in his heart, this is for the demon race, this is for the demon race, so he suppressed his desire to tear the leading actress into pieces.

In the middle of the plot, the heroine took off her clothes to put medicine on her back. The dragon couldn’t help but say “You are so beautiful”, and then was ordered not to look by the heroine, he asked blankly, “Why?”

“Why, don’t you know?” The heroine’s voice trembled with anger. In fact, the succubus was trembling because of excitement → Lord Gormund is looking at my body, so exciting~ But anyway, she was all trembling, so Hill let her go.

“I don’t know.” The dragon said, “I can look at the birds, why can’t I look at you?”

This is actually used to reflect the innocence and naivety of the protagonist who is the dragon. As a result, Gormund couldn’t help but complain after he finished the line: “My King, is this a dirty joke?”

“Huh?” Hill didn’t react for a moment.

“…But why is it a bird?” Gormund continued.

Hill: “…pfft.”

Well, he copied the original line directly. When Gormund said it, he felt that the line was quite subtle, and then he immediately changed it: “I can watch the birds flying in the sky, the fish swimming in the sea, and I can also watch the flowers blooming on the beach, why can’t I look at you?” This seems more poetic. Hill thought.

After the final scene was filmed, as Hill announced that he was “finished”, everyone showed obvious happy expressions.

Making a movie is not an easy task, especially when Hill began to be more and more strict with them. The pressure that the identity of the Devil King brings to them is self-evident.

The banquet was quite rich. This time it was made by the fire elemental spirits. Hill simply invited the patriarchs and elders of all races to a large number, and everyone ate a good meal together. Crispy roast duck, roast goose in honey sauce, roasted spiced chicken skewers, seaweed soup, milk bread, honey cake, eel pie, white sausage… In addition, there is also the golden liquor brought from the human world. Most of the patriarchs have tasted the Demon King’s delicacies, but there are also a small number of them full of praise.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Hill said at the banquet how to promote these foods, and then said, “But we cannot keep buying these things from the human world, we should produce them ourselves so that all demons can live a life where they can eat whatever they want.

The blood clan patriarch said: “This is very difficult, My King.”

“I can solve it, as long as you listen to me.” Hill put the glass on the table and said lightly: “For this reason, I am your King.”

Such a rigid and soft approach is still suitable.

After the finale banquet, Hill took Monroe on a non-stop trip to the human world to find Joan Baker, brought him projection stones, and reviewed the newly built shopping mall.

Hill was standing on the first floor of an empty mall. He closed his eyes and began to think about the layout of the entire mall. And then he opened his eyes and began to methodically say what should be laid out here, what is next to it, a painting of the siren princess hanging here, and a row of plants placed on the side…

The young man following next to Joan Baker jotted down quickly on the parchment.

Joan Baker listened carefully and made a few comments from time to time. His words were brief and concise, and his opinions were very pertinent, but in the end, it was Hill who made the decision.

“That’s all I can think of.” Hill said.

Joan Baker looked at the young man beside him, “Mike, did you write it all down?”

“Got it down, sir,” Mike said.

Joan Baker nodded, “For now, I’ll listen to you.”

“You say that as if there will be a day when you will not listen to me,” Hill said.

“Because I do have resentment inside, and even though I can put on a good face and try to persuade myself that I shouldn’t, but over time I can’t guarantee what will happen,” Joan Baker said.

Hill was a little curious: “Are you threatening me?”

“No, Mr. Grindelwald.” Joan Baker has always been almost neither humble nor overbearing. “I’m just stating the facts. You may be a demon with a high status in the lower realm, even more noble than I thought. But I was not born a stupid and obedient person. Maybe one day I will die because of this, but let’s wait until then.”

“Is there something more terrible than death?” Hill asked.

“How do I put it,” Joan Baker replied after a moment’s contemplation, “I love money, a lot, but I love what it can bring me, not the money itself. If those things don’t make my life a little better, if living is a very unpleasant thing, then death is nothing. But I’m holding on to too many things right now, so I fear death.

“You really are a rather calm human being,” Hill said.

“Thank you for the compliment,” Joan Baker replied.

They returned to Joan Baker’s mansion from the empty mall, and the servants brought cheese and mulled wine. Although Hill basically never touches the food here every time, Joan Baker asks the servant to bring it every time.

This time, Hill drank some wine and said, “I hope that the integrated shopping mall will be officially opened within a week, and I will deliver new jewelry goods in three days. The official opening a week later, as well as the premiere of “He is the Dragon”.

Joan Baker looked down at the liquor in the cup and said, “That’s the same tone you use for assigning tasks to your subordinates.”

“Sorry, I’m used to it,” Hill continued.

Now he had gotten so used to the way he spoke that even though he had just said “I hope” and now “I’m sorry,” there was no sincerity in it.

Joan Baker stared at him, “Mr. Grindelwald.”

“You’d better get used to it.” Hill put down his glass, then he smiled and said, “I’m actually a very nice person, but I have to stick to some… or rather, I have to be headstrong when it comes to cooperation. After all, you know, I don’t represent one individual.”

They looked at each other for a few seconds, and Joan Baker lowered his eyes first, “I see.”

Hill knew he had succumbed this time, but he didn’t know what he would do next time.

Sure enough, working with smart people is a double-edged sword. He thought.

Then just make it clear.

“I know you sometimes have grudges in your heart because at the moment you don’t have the slightest room for personal play, you are completely listening to all my instructions, and I also know that you have your own ideas, and you are very smart,” Hill said.

“I don’t deny it,” Joan Baker said.

Hill continued: “But you have to endure it now. I told you about my blueprint construction. If you do anything without authorization to make things deviate from… honestly, I may not have the ability to bring things under control and continue to build my blueprint.” Hill said with a slight smile, “After all, the demons are good at killing people, not scheming.”

“You are making threats,” Joan Baker said.

“I am stating the facts,” Hill said.

The conversation was reversed.

It was Hill who had just said to Joan Baker at the shopping complex that he was making threats, and Joan Baker said he was stating the facts.

The reversal now is quite amusing.

Hill couldn’t help but smile, and Joan Baker gave a slight chuckle.

They were quite appreciative of each other, but when it comes to their respective interests, this appreciation is irrelevant.

“I don’t want my cooperation with you to break down. I can save a lot of worries if you are there,” Hill said truthfully. “But you also know that you are not the only choice. We are not indispensable to each other. So, I think at this stage, you still have to bear with me and continue to listen to me. Wait when you can’t bear it anymore and just tell me. We will sit down and discuss how to solve this problem. For example, I’ll give you one project to complete, and I’ll find someone else for the rest.”

The two looked at each other again.

The cold gray eyes meet the red ones.

Joan Baker finally nodded: “Okay.” After a few seconds, he looked at Monroe who had been silent next to Hill: “This is?”

Hill nodded at Monroe, and Monroe said: “Monroe, former Paladin.”

Joan Baker finally showed an unexpected expression: “Human?”

“I used to be,” Monroe said.

Joan Baker paused for a few seconds and said: “I remember a newspaper from a month ago that a paladin of the Oitin Empire was burned to death because he was tempted by a demon.”

Hill couldn’t help but smile. “Are you paying attention to this kind of news?”

Joan Baker replied truthfully: “Because I am worried that a certain businessman will be burned to death by collaborating with the demons in the news one day.”

“It’s the Baron,” Hill said.

“At that time, the Empire will definitely strip me of my nobility, so I am still a businessman,” Joan Baker said.

Hill smiled again, “Indeed.”

Joan Baker looked directly at Monroe and asked, “So, is that paladin you?”

“You are a smart person, very smart,” Monroe said, and he raised his head and smiled at Joan Baker, his red eyes seemed to roll with black mist, and then he said indifferently with a special meaning: “So, what do you think?”

Joan Baker understood and said immediately: “I don’t think so, Mr. Monroe.”

“Hmm,” Monroe replied lightly.

Hill looked at him, feeling that Monroe was really handsome.

Then Monroe said: “I think you should have prepared a set of excuses. If people from the church come to the Magnolia Empire for inquiries, you will directly betray us all.”

Joan Baker paused for a few seconds and did not deny: “Yes, and that set of rhetoric is still being refined and changed all the time.”

Hill was surprised: “You actually said it so honestly.”

“Because my ‘betrayal’ does not bring you much substantial loss.” Joan Baker answered honestly: “I am not qualified to really hurt you, so in order to protect myself, I will choose to ‘betray’ you.”

“Very good.” Hill nodded. “It’s really good to work with you.”

Hill is telling the truth. If he can, he really wants to work with Joan Baker and try to find various solutions before they really have conflicts.

“You are also a very reasonable person,” Joan Baker said.

It’s another familiar sentence.

Hill smiled and replied, “Because I don’t care.”


“Because I don’t care about the human world, because I don’t care about you, and I don’t care about every human life, so I am very sensible, peaceful, and tolerant of everything,” Hill said.

Perhaps the saints tolerate everyone because of their noble character.

But Hill felt that he was tolerant of others because of his indifference.

Joan Baker was stunned.

Then Hill saw a trace of greed flashing in his cold gray eyes.

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