Chapter 46 – It felt like he had stumbled into some kind of Shura field.

From Joan Baker’s house, Hill and Monroe walked down the street.

At this time, it was raining outside, gas lamps in the rain emitted a hazy light. There were few pedestrians on the street, and from time to time, carriages passed by, their wheels occasionally sinking into the potholes and splashing rainwater.

“What do you think of Joan Baker?” Hill asked.

“A human being with no bottom line, greedy to the core,” Monroe replied.

“And do you like him or do you hate him?” Hill continued to ask.

Monroe turned his head to look at Hill, and after a few seconds, he said, “No feelings. Don’t care.”

“Oh.” Hill laughed, “You’re copying my words.”

The rain drizzled down.

Someone passing by with an umbrella gave them a curious look and saw that although they were walking unprotected in the rain, they showed no signs of getting wet. Could it be that they are very powerful magicians? Passers-by had such thoughts in their minds.

Monroe spoke over the sound of pattering rain.

“Because there are no longer any ties of the past, so the only thing I care about in this world now is you.”

The gas lamp flickered in the rain.

Monroe stopped, he did not look at Hill but looked ahead.

“And what about you, Demon King?”

Hill pondered for a moment and said, “I care about the demon race.”

“I see,” Monroe said.


After that, Hill went to look for Eri Dalle again. Now that the chef is in place, the restaurant should be opened.

At present, the only thing that can be stably provided in the lower realm is seafood. The framework of the fishery system has been established on the siren side, but Magnolia City is inland, and what is lacking is seafood. The rest of the ingredients, such as meat and vegetables, are supplied by Eri Dalle herself.

The seeds Hill had purchased so far were handed over to the slimes, and then a paladin from the countryside was sent to help watch them. Slime is one of the most common demons in the lower realm. They can eat other food, and if there is no other food to eat, they will devour the same kind. Hill felt that their clan should be the race that was most affected during the famine… The slime king was very supportive of Hill’s orders. He told Hill that they would work hard and restrain themselves from eating the seeds and paladins.

Eat the seeds… The corners of Hill’s mouth twitched twice.

Hill has read the news on Earth. Many countries have given enough aid to Africa and some Africans took the seeds and ate it like popcorn… The first time Hill heard it, he laughed and thought this it’s a joke, and after consulting the relevant information, he found that it was indeed a mess.

The restaurant’s menu is made by Hill, and there are very few types of food compared to the menu on Earth. In addition to some human food, Hill also specially added some elements of the lower realm. He named some fish in the Nether quite magical, such as “blue-scaled ghost fish” and “red crystal fish”… By the way, these names are copied from the male upgrade stream immortal novel by Hill, it sounded quite bluffing, but this is a feature of the restaurant, and Hill felt it necessary to do so.

Specialty foods are still very attractive. Speaking of special foods, Hill has seen a female armpit rice ball that has become popular in Japan before. Oh, yes, the beauty used the armpits to clamp the rice ball. It is said that this kind of rice ball is sold in various supermarkets, and the sales are good… At the time, Hill sucked a breath of cold air, he thought that the Japanese otaku was so terrifying. When Hill saw this thing, his first thought was the dark elf, Albrecht. He thought, he must not let the dark elf become so perverted, and he has to correct some of his behavior at any time.

The price of the meal is negotiated with Ms. Eri, which is much higher than the outside price, but if you take the movie ticket of the day, you can get a discount. After looking at the price, Hill thought for a while, and said, “Increase the price a little bit, make the discounted price become the original price.”

“You are really a…” Ms. Eri said with deliberation, “a person full of wisdom.”

Hill laughed at this, “If you want to say sinister and cunning, just say so.”

First, increase the price and then reduce the price, Taobao’s double eleven routines, Hill has seen it a lot.

Ms. Eri forced a smile and said, “You’re joking.”

Hill thought for a while, “Push another student package, with a student ID… I mean, students can enjoy the discount.”

The student set meal is similar to the kind of rice bowl set on Earth. Hill feels that it is necessary to start from the next generation to instill ideological and cultural invasion. So put anime on the agenda as soon as possible, Hill thought.

After discussing the restaurant with Eri Dalle, Hill thought of a question before leaving, he said, “Are you going to find Joan Baker later?” Eri’s restaurant is opened on the second floor of Joan Baker’s cinema. Hill gave them very little time, so they probably had to act immediately.

“Yes, first thing in the morning,” Eri Dalle said.

“Well, you can listen to his opinions more when you encounter problems,” Hill said.

“He…” Eri Dalle said with a curious expression, “Does Mr. Grindelwald trust him a lot?”

She has heard of Joan Baker. Joan Baker is well-known in the circle of Magnolia City, but not because of a good reputation. Those big nobles don’t really value people who buy titles with money, but he is indeed very rich and very smart, so many noble families had to have some business dealings with him.

“He,” said Hill, “is a man worthy of association, but not worthy of trust.”

This response… Eri Dalle was stunned, then nodded.

Hill and Monroe left the city after coming out of Dalle’s mansion. He wanted to see if there was a suitable place to build his large playground outside Magnolia City. As a result, he ran into a group of robbers directly on a dark path. The robbers were shouting lines similar to those in movies and TV shows. Sure enough, art comes from life, Hill pondered.

“Hahaha I’m so lucky today, I actually met two fat sheep! Just look at their clothes, you can tell they are nobles!” said one of the robbers.

Hill shook his head, turned, and walked to the other side, “I’ll leave it to you.”

The bandit who just spoke frowned, he rode his horse with a knife and rushed over, raising his hand to give Hill a blow from behind.

Then his knife was held directly by someone.

“I advise you not to mess with him.” Monroe said calmly, “make do with me.”

After speaking, he smashed the robber’s knife with his bare hands.

Hill felt the turbulent magic element behind him, and couldn’t help shaking his head.

These robbers are too unlucky.


Monroe didn’t kill everyone, he even returned with a man.

Hill took a look, and then became curious: “Mage?”

“Yeah.” Monroe dropped the man on the ground and said, “I thought you’d be a little interested in him.”

“This one does interest me quite a bit.” Hill all but rubbed his hands together in excitement, “Take it back.”

Monroe glanced at the man in the red robe who was lying on the ground. The man in the red robe obviously did not give up the idea of ​​running away, his eyes were still sneaking. Monroe said lightly: “I advise you not to run away, and follow us obediently… The one standing in front of you is the Demon King.”

The red-robed man froze.

What the hell is this?!

This is simply a misfortune, right?! Totally inconsistent, right?! How can a midnight robbery lead them to the Demon King?

It’s as if he made a little love action movie and then it accidentally got out, and then the next day he won an Oscar?

The man in the red robe rolled his eyes and fainted directly.

Hill looked at this scene and couldn’t help but touch his chin. The gap was too big, no sense of pretense, ah, he thought.

After returning to the lower realm, the red-robed mage was locked up, and Hill slept comfortably. As soon as he got up the next day, he started planning for the magazine. Joan Baker sent a letter to arrange for Theodore, a reporter from the Magazine, to conduct an interview with Hill. The interview was mainly about some questions about the demon king himself (of course, the Demon King in the movie), and the promotion of the next movie.

Hill thought it was a good idea, so he agreed to Joan Baker’s proposal.

In the afternoon, Hill saw the reporter, Theodore. When Theodore came, Hill was talking to Gormund. Seeing a guest, Gormund sat on the outside balcony to enjoy the sun.

As soon as he entered the door, Theodore showed a very excited expression. He looked at everything around him curiously. When Hill looked at him, he smiled quite happily: “It’s amazing. I’m actually in the legendary lower realm! I’m so happy that it doesn’t matter even if I die now!”

“Don’t die here, Baker will blame me.” Hill said with a smile, “I don’t want you to die here. I have read the interview you wrote. It is very interesting. I hope you can bring this joy to more people.”

“Okay, you are really a friendly gentleman, Lord Grindelwald.” Theodore said happily, “So, can we begin the interview?”

Hill made a “please” gesture.

“Your movie is very popular in Magnolia City and Josh Kenny, how do you feel?” Theodore asked.

Hill thought for a moment, “Gold will always shine, that’s what I expected.”

Theodore originally thought he would get regular answers like “excited” and “happy”. He didn’t expect that the other person would be extraordinary as soon as he opened his mouth. He couldn’t help being more curious about this demon gentleman and said, “But there are some golds that didn’t shine either.”

“That’s because they didn’t find the right way.” Hill asked after speaking, “Is this also part of the interview?”

“You are the interviewee and one of my employers, so you have the final say,” Theodore replied cleverly.

Hill smiled, “That’s the first part of the interview—” Then he continued, “If some people think they are gold but don’t have a way to shine, you might as well try it with me.”

The construction of the lower realm really needs a variety of talents. Hill thought of this and felt that he could publish some job advertisements in magazines, such as agricultural consultants, with a paid salary, including food and accommodation… But the work location was in the lower realm.

“I believe this, I’m a good example.” Theodore said with a smile, “The next question, can you tell us about the general content of the next movie?”

“I can only tell you that this is a love story between a human and a dragon. As for the others, I can’t say more, so please go to the cinema and see for yourself.” This kind of thing must be said so, so as to arouse the audience’s expectations. “But maybe we can ask our protagonist to say something?” Hill looked at the Dragon Gormund sitting on the window sill outside: “Gormund, what do you think?”

Hill found that Gormund had been meditating for a long time recently. He thought he might be thinking about the movie, so he just asked about it today.

Gormund was silent for a while and replied: “That may be the relationship that everyone desires, but cannot be realized in reality. The movie will give you this opportunity.”

“Huh?” It was Hill who was puzzled. He didn’t expect Gormund to say such a thing.

Gormund jumped off the window sill, and he continued: “Actually, I despised the dragon in the movie at the beginning. Why is he so weak and unable to face himself? Why did he even think of suicide after the heroine left? Later I found out, because there is no other important thing in his life, when the heroine appears, she is his everything.” Then he looked at Hill, “I have piles of gold and silver jewelry, and I have also stolen humans away. I have my own mountains and territories… But these are not important, just as the male protagonist owns the resources of the entire desert island but is indifferent. It is the female lead who came along with him to develop. But I, as the dragon holds the heroine, I hold you and the demon race.” He knelt on one knee, kissed the back of Hill’s hand, and said, “You and the demon race are my everything, My King.”

Monroe leaned against the door, the shadows of the window pane hitting his face.

Light and shadow intermingled, obscure and unclear.

Theodore, the human reporter next to him, blinked, then looked at the death knight in the doorway, then blinked again.

It felt like he had stumbled into some kind of Shura field.

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Taobao – it’s like Amazon, they have discounts every 11.11

Shura field – to describe a tragic battlefield; can also mean “a person who is fighting to the death in a difficult situation”

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