Chapter 47 – The time of its release is tomorrow.

The interview continues.

“Then Lord Grindelwald, can you talk about your expectations for “He is a Dragon”?” reporter Theodore asked, “After all, all three films are love stories between humans and demons, do you feel they overlap in subject matter?”

“Overlap? No, love is an eternal topic.” Hill said, “Every relationship has its own uniqueness, so they are different. Of course, I will make movies of various themes in the future. As for expectations, I am very confident in “He is a Dragon”.”

“A lot of people are curious about whether you are married, Lord Grindelwald. Or do you have a girlfriend?” reporter Theodore asked.

“Uh, no,” Hill said.

“What about boyfriend?” reporter Theodore continued to ask.

“…Neither,” Hill said.

The dragon Gormund over there raised his eyebrows with an unhappy expression on his face.

Hill twitched, “Hey man, there is a difference between a boyfriend and a male friend, wake up, Gormund.”

Gormund mumbled: “Human wordplay.” Then he went outside to bask in the sun again.

The reporter Theodore sensed a little gossip, and then he continued to ask: “Lord Grindelwald, are you popular with women or men in the lower realm?”

“Yes,” Hill said, after all, many female demons wanted to give him children, and then he said helplessly, “What’s with all these questions?”

“This is selected from readers’ contributions.” Theodore said, “Everyone seems to be more interested in your private life.”

“Well, I will try my best to answer,” Hill said.

“Then would you mind telling us about the last time you xxx?” Theodore continued to ask.

Hill; “…”

Hill: “…I mind. Forget about such a large-scale question, will you?!”

The reporter Theodore quickly wrote on the parchment: When asked about some more private topics, Mr. Grindelwald showed a sense of shyness and reticence. He is really a very reserved gentleman, in contrast to his hot performance in the movie, which made him look even more attractive in person.

Hill’s gaze drifted over Theodore’s parchment, then the corners of his mouth twitched.

What the hell is the hot performance… Well, the overbearing demon is really hot.

Alright… it’s fine to be casual.

“So, are you more popular with women or men?” Theodore asked.

Hill felt unable to be casual.

This interview is also too off the mark, right?


In addition to the interview, the issue also featured a preview of “He is a Dragon,” and released several promotional photos. Hill also specially made a large poster that can be hung on the wall to give away with the magazine.

The background of the poster is the turbulent waves of the Endless Sea. The hero and heroine stand on top of the rocks. Behind the hero is a huge phantom of the demon dragon. The heroine wears a beautiful white wedding dress and leans against the hero, who only wears pants, revealing a strong upper body, the surging muscles make people excited.

At that time, when Gormund saw the poster, he was completely stunned. He asked with difficulty: “My King, so will a human woman hang my naked body on the bedroom wall?”

“I think so,” Hill said.

Gormund: “…”

Gormund: I am dirty.

Later when he was shooting the poster, Gormund clutched his clothes and didn’t want to take it off. Hill said with a smile, “We are all friends, why are you wearing clothes?”

This sentence made everyone laugh.

In the end, Gormund looked at the camera blankly, his body was already exposed to the point where he could no longer be exposed.

He felt that he really paid too much for the rise of the demons.

As a result, in the poster, Gormund looked distant and desolate, as if it contained a moving story.

“That’s a good expression,” said Hill, looking at the finished product in surprise: “You still have a talent for acting, what were you thinking when you made that expression?”

“I was thinking that I was going to die.” Gormund said sorrowfully, “Why do I need to show so much? And you guys don’t need to?”

Hill thought for a while and then said, “The sirens obviously showed more skin than you. When the siren princess acted in front of the camera, she only wore underwear and didn’t wear any clothes on the lower body. They didn’t complain, what are you, a male, complaining about?”

Gormund was stunned, “Yes…”

“At least I asked you to cover your lower body,” Hill said.

“That’s right!” Gormund seemed to break out from the gloomy mood, “I understand, My King.”

After he left happily, the paladins who suppressed their laughter beside him finally laughed.

Lord Demon King, you are too bad… How can the sirens who have fishtails be compared with those who have human forms… But they have also seen how the Demon King used this logic to convince the demons under his hands one by one. One of the paladins named Albert said in a low voice: “The demon race is a bit too honest and stupid. If it were me, I would definitely not be convinced by the logic of Lord Demon King.”

“Albert, are you interested in participating in the next movie? Your physical fitness is the best among them,” the Demon King suddenly asked by name.

“Ah, I’m interested, but exposing the body… Uh, it doesn’t conform to the paladin doctrine,” Albert said.

“But you guys are almost apostasy now,” said the Demon King.

“Nevertheless, I’m a little embarrassed.” Albert said, “I always feel like being watched by a bunch of women…”

“What they like is the role you play, and what they yearn for is that. You don’t need to have too much psychological burden. The body is nothing more than a body apart from the person, and only by putting the identity through the top can the situation you described be formed,” the Demon King shook his head, “As a paladin, you should see these things more thoroughly.”

Albert suddenly realized: “I understand, Lord Demon King, then I am willing.”

“Good.” The Demon King said with a smile, “Then wait for me to contact you.”

“Yes,” Albert said.

He suddenly felt a little strange after the demon king was gone… what just happened? What did he promise?!

Albert recalled the conversation he had just had, and then was petrified.

Then, the other paladins next to him let out unbridled laughter.


The scientific research institute of Ghost Binns has researched the papermaking technology provided by Hill, and Binns has also made improvements in combination with the characteristics of the photocopier. Hill studied the paper, the quality is definitely not as good as parchment paper, it needs to be improved, but it is cheaper and more durable than papyrus paper.

Papyrus paper is not paper in the modern sense. Its main raw material is the stems of papyrus. This kind of paper is quite fragile and easily decayed in wet places. It has a longer history than parchment. But it has not been eliminated now, because the price of parchment is too high.

With this technology in hand, Hill added a lot to the content of the magazine.

In the past, “A Song of Ice and Fire” only dared to serialize one piece at a time, because if it was thicker, the cost would be really high. This time Hill published three chapters directly and plans to publish this many each time in the future. Anyway, “A Song of Ice and Fire” is so long that it can be published for a while. At the same time, he found a Western-fantasy male YY novel on the O-dot male-frequency literature website, and the male lead is from the East.

He did so with his own ideas.

This other world seems to be biased towards the Western side of the Earth. Perhaps Eastern culture can be found somewhere, but undoubtedly most people are blank about Eastern culture. Under such circumstances, Hill would definitely suffer from Waterloo if he directly introduced things of Eastern culture. Therefore, he specifically found such a male YY novel, the main character is from the West, but the male protagonist still bears the inheritance of the East—this subject matter of the novel is quite popular—so that it can slowly instill some oriental things to the people over here.

Then he thought since there is “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, what about a similar movie? He figured he could.

The new cinema has a total of five screening halls, one of which is closed, Hill wants to make a 4D out later, so he first reserved one. In addition, 3D movies should also be made. This is a world with magic, after a good study, the effect of 3D is certainly much better than the effect on Earth.


After this thick magazine went on sale, of course, it caused a lot of waves in Magnolia City.

The magazine has brand-new materials and rich content. The sudden increase of “A Song of Ice and Fire”, the newly opened male YY novel, and the interview about Hill himself all make the people who buy the magazine excited. And the most important thing is that the price of the magazine has actually been reduced, and it also comes with a large poster!

Joan Baker was surprised to find that the sales of the magazine had actually increased by 1.7 times.

Hill has never wanted to make money with magazines. In his opinion, the cheaper the magazine, the better, and it is best if everyone can afford it. The important thing is that the magazine’s promotion and advertising of movies and other things in the lower realm make people who bought the magazine want to buy other things. This is the most important thing.

Isn’t this, two birds with one stone…

Hill smiled silently.

In the magazine, the most attractive one is of course the interview about Hill. Of course, everyone is very curious about the actor of the overbearing demon king. Many girls look at the above questions and think about themselves. By the way, the reporter Theodore did ask Hill’s favorite male/female type. Hill thought for a long time and couldn’t think, what he needs most right now is someone who can build the lower realm with him. He didn’t say he wants to build a family together… This answer is a bit funny, but it’s also Hill’s current real thoughts.

In addition, “He is a Dragon” also attracted everyone’s attention.

First, the demon dragon lead actor’s phrase that was written by Theodore, not only attracted the attention of women, but also aroused the interest of many men. After all, his words were also sent with emotion, “That may be the relationship that everyone desires, but cannot be realized in reality. The movie will give you this opportunity.”

This quote is a true and heartfelt sentiment of the Demon Dragon Gormund.

Even the old Duke of Jackson, who has never liked this kind of romance movie, began to think when he saw this sentence: “It is because it is unreal, so it is beautiful… So that’s it, this is the meaning of making movies.”

Others certainly don’t think so deeply, most of them are attracted by movie posters.

The female protagonist’s fingers, seemingly, trace over the male protagonist’s toned muscles, their upper bodies leaning together, and they look into the distance together. Behind them is the phantom of a huge dragon, but the dragon does not look ferocious, on the contrary, it appears mighty and domineering… Of course, this is Hill’s handiwork, Hill made the devil dragon Gormund look like that. Behind is the magical sky of the lower realm and the endless sea that rolls over with huge waves. Naturally, this huge wave came from the hand of Lich Aligeli. As the chief special effects artist, he is now familiar with these things.

The popularity of “He is a Dragon” was already high, and these posters completely detonated it instantly as soon as they came out. The first two showings of all the screening hall tickets have been sold out, Joan Baker was also threatened by some nobles, they did not buy tickets so implied Joan Baker said we XX Duke / Count / Viscount is very angry, you look after yourself. Joan Baker is quite helpless, this is still the first time in his life he was threatened like this, you really see more the longer you live.

In general, countless people began to wait in anticipation of the release of the film.

The time of its release is tomorrow.

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