Chapter 48 – “He is a Dragon” is released!

On the day of the premiere, Hill, Gormund, and the succubus Letizia, who played the heroine, were also present. They sat in the first row and did a basic disguise.

The movie soon began to play, and Gormund, the dragon who had seen all kinds of strong winds and waves, was a little nervous. He couldn’t help but call out, “My King.”

“What?” Hill asked.

Gormund said uncertainly: “Will they like it…”

“Watch.” Hill smiled and said, “Here it goes.”

All the lights in the cinema disappeared, which marked the beginning of the movie. The first thing that appeared on the dark screen was a cute little version of the skull. It quickly ran from the side to the middle, but it fell apart because it ran too fast. It opened its mouth wide in surprise and dropped its chin on the ground. In the end, it barely picked up its own body and then turned into a silhouette—the cute version of the skull LOGO of the Demon King Studio that they saw previously.

This scene lasted less than ten seconds, but it made everyone laugh. This is the first time everyone has seen this kind of animation.

Hill nodded secretly, the effect of this attempt was good.

After the opening animation, the scenery of the endless sea appeared on the big screen, and then the original authors were printed on the background: Sergey Diacenko, Marina Diacenko, then the starring stage name, and then a location: Lower Realm, the Endless Sea; Lower Realm, small town of Cedar. Finally, the words Produced by Demon King Studio. This time Hill did not deliberately write the director, because most of his shots are directly copied from the original film.

As for why it is necessary to mark the location, this is to develop the future tourism industry in the lower realm.

Hill also plans to shoot next-world tourism promotional videos, as well as things like “The Taste of the Lower Realm”.

“There are only tears in their eyes, their skies are covered with the black curtain of death, and their precious things will become offerings.”

With the rather gloomy but artistic scenes, the film officially began.

Behind them, a girl whispered, “How come all the ones coming out now are men? Based on the legend, the dragons kidnap girls… Could it be that the precious thing refers to the virginity of these men?”

After hearing this, the demon dragon Gormund almost sprayed fire after hearing it, he coughed out directly.

Hill also twitched the corners of his mouth. Girl, you think too much. It’s suitable for serializing novels in “Magazine”.

However, the scenes in the next movie clarified her confusion—the people here sacrificed the girl to the dragon.

The cold snowy plains, the sad and wooden crowd, the beautiful maidens in white wedding dresses, their mothers braiding their long braids, the red fruits sprinkled on the white snow.

“Time is like a turbulent river relentlessly drowning everything

The bride waits for the arrival of the new wave like death

She is dressed in a white gown as if she were clothed in a white coffin

She is destined to die here. The wedding bells have rung.”

The ancient and mysterious ceremony, the black lake, the secretive and artistic shots, and the whispering singing…

“This song is so nice!” Hill heard someone whisper.

“It’s so nice!”

“The picture is so beautiful…”

“This picture switch is too beautiful! It’s like a dream!”

The picture is of course beautiful, after all, Hill completely copied the movie. The previous movies, including “Daughter of the Sea” are mostly played by himself, so Hill’s current level is certainly not as good as the original version.

And this is the song of the siren clan, can it be unpleasant? Hill thought.

But something embarrassing happened when Hill was teaching the sirens to sing. Because there is no sheet music in this world, Hill had to teach one sentence at a time, and Hill himself was a little out of tune… which was very embarrassing. After finally finishing it, Hill thought that he had to get the sheet music first, there seemed to be sheet music in this period, but it was a little different from the modern ones. Hill felt that he had to learn it, and then move a bunch of popular songs, he will make a siren girl group debut in the future.

It’s best to bring out all the races that are good at singing in the lower realms, and engage in various female group and male group idol singers. If they really fight in the future, let them rush to the forefront. The enemies will probably surrender without a fight… Think about it. The two armies fought, and as a result, when they saw that the other side was the girl group they were chasing, or their dance idols who happily danced before the two armies fought… The other side will probably lose morale. This can definitely happen ah.

The clip soon ended, and then turned into a shadow puppet show, saying that the girl’s lover found the dragon and bravely defeated it.

“This is not the same as those stories,” Hill heard the young girl whisper.

“Let’s take a look again,” another girl said.

In fact, it is not that they are making loud noises, their voices are very low and low, it is because Hill’s ears are too powerful because of race. This is also good. Hill pricked his ears while watching the movie and listened to people talking softly.

Everyone seems to have some doubts about the beginning.

Then the picture changed, time passed, and cruel rituals have now become the custom of weddings.

Then the Duke’s youngest daughter, the heroine, Mira …is going to get married at the beginning?!

“Wow, this…” said the girl behind him.

“It can still be played like this!”

“And it’s the daughter of the Duke, the same as you ah, Olivia.”


Hill couldn’t help feeling that people in another world are so easy to deal with, a simple story like this can already make them feel novel. In the age of information explosion on Earth, everyone feels familiar with everything.

“Igor, the grandson of the Dragon Slayer, is about to marry the Duke’s youngest daughter, Miroslava.”

On the eve of the wedding, a few words outlined the heroine Mira’s different aspects from ordinary people, and her stern sister. Then her father, the Duke, appeared and said a line that made the audience a little restless: “What is not important is your little dragons, princesses, and fairy tales, with them in you will never grow up, your childhood should be over. You’re going to become a Duchess, you need to understand that and do what you need to do. I know what you want, you need Igor, and he needs you.”

And Mira lowered her head and thought, no, you don’t know what I want. What you see is only the daughter of the duke, you only care about my identity, that is not the real me. It is the daughter of the duke who needs Igor, the grandson of the dragon slayer.

These lines were deliberately added by Hill, who wanted to give more substance to the film.

And Olivia, who was sitting behind Hill, and other noble ladies were a little startled when they saw this line. Olivia’s feelings are even more obvious. She is the daughter of the Duke. She is considered by many people to be inconsistent with her identity. They don’t care about what she really wants, what she really thinks, they will only blame, they will only criticize, they will only say how a duke’s daughter should be.

At this moment, many noble ladies resonated with Mira.

However, the wedding has already begun.

The others were smiling, putting all kinds of gold and silver jewelry on Mira’s boat. But Mira just lay blankly on the boat, waiting for her end.

If the fairy tales of ordinary civilian girls in “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”, then “He is a Dragon” seems to be the story of these noble ladies. In terms of commercial value, the latter is definitely higher than the former.

In just a few minutes, many aristocratic ladies already felt that they were Mira.

“Come out dragon, take her away,” an aristocratic lady said softly.

Hill couldn’t help smiling. He said to Gormund next to him: “Look, they are expecting you to quickly take the heroine away.”

Gormund moved his body a little uneasy, his mouth was stiff, “These human women are too ignorant…” But he was actually a little happy in his heart, after all, this is his own affirmation.

Then, the dragon really appeared.

“How wonderful—!” a noble lady whispered.

Hill couldn’t help smiling, it seemed that the initial adaptation was quite successful.

The next plot is very simple. Mira was caught by the dragon and taken into a cave, and then the dragon disappeared. There was a man behind the hole next to the cave. The picture was very dark. A ray of moonlight shone into the cave, the audience saw the appearance of the man behind the cave—

“It’s the one on the poster!”

“Wow…so handsome…”

Hill saw Gormund move his body again.

But only such a time of less than a second is enough to make the audience remember.

After all, the image of Gormund is too rich in hormones.

And now everyone has guessed the identity of the man outside the cave, but it makes them even more curious: Isn’t the dragon evil? Why give Mira wound medicine? Why is he acting so naive?

“My name is Mira, what is your name?”

“I don’t know, I don’t remember.”

“How could you forget your name?”

“You will, when you don’t need it.” After saying this, the man said: “Does your name and your identity really represent you completely?”

Mira was stunned, her mind flashed back to the wedding and her sister’s comment when she was being naughty, “If you weren’t the Duke’s daughter, everyone would hate you,” and she lowered her head and said sullenly, “I don’t know.”

This is of course Hill’s original creation, in order to further arouse the resonance of the noble ladies.

Go ahead and doubt, go ahead and doubt your identity, go ahead and rebel, come on and obsess over the demons. Hill thought wistfully, you are welcome in the lower world.

To be honest, Hill considered political marriage.

Then Mira gave the dragon a name, “Arman”, and then Mira stretched out her hand to the entrance of the cave and said, “Give me your hand. Now that you have a name, we should get to know each other. It’s nice to meet you, Arman, I am Mira.”

Her enthusiastic attitude moved the audience… Ah, this is such a bold girl.

And Arman also stretched out his hand cautiously and said, “It’s nice to meet you, Mira, I’m Arman.”

The moonlight shone on their clasped hands. A very beautiful picture, like a fairy tale.

“How nice, he tore her bonds.

She gave him the name of existence.”

In the cinema box, Helen Lestat murmured.

“Well, let’s start this movie review with this.”

There were several other ladies sitting in the box, who were members of the film critics.

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