Chapter 49 – “Because I am a powerhouse and you are a meat seller.”

In the following plot, Mira did not hesitate to cut her hair with a sharp stone in order to climb into the cave, and then weave her long hair into a rope while humming.

This scene surprised the audience. They all felt that the heroine’s personality was too strong. The previous two movies were of the more moderate type of heroine, and now they are in sharp contrast with this heroine.

Hill couldn’t help laughing when watching many viewers sucking in a cold breath. After all, this is a Russian movie, a nation with strong force.

But there was a big problem when shooting this scene.

The heroine of the original movie must have used a wig, but there is no such thing as a wig in the lower realm, the succubus can’t make such long hair. The dark elf Albrecht Darkmoon said that his family had studied a kind of medicine in the past, but that medicine was discarded because the side effect is that it will grow hair, well it can be used now.

So, Hill asked the dark elves to take the potion, but the dose was wrong, causing the succubus heroine’s whole body to grow hair… Filming had to be stopped all afternoon. Hill thought to himself that if he filmed “Harry Potter” in the future, this would be useful. Oh yes, it was the time Hermione drank the compound soup to become a cat.

In the following plot, Mira discovers that Arman is a dragon. She is very angry about it, thinking that he has deceived her, but when she falls off the cliff, Arman turns into a dragon and saves her. In the scene where Arman turned into a dragon, Hill made it even more handsome than the original movie. After all, this special effect is costless. The red lines that appeared on Arman’s body intersected and staggered with the lines of his muscles, as he breathed violently, his body is vibrating…This is really a seductive body.

“Wow… Muscle…”

“Wow… I really want to touch…”

“So hot…”

The cinema is full of such emotions.

Gormund’s body trembled suspiciously.

This, what kind of nasty things are these lowly human beings talking about!

Demon King, Lord Demon King, I don’t want this kind of like…

The plot of the movie began to become clear. Mira and Arman got along and got close. Arman told Mira that he was a descendant of humans and dragons. He didn’t want to transform into a dragon after he came into contact with some of the human things. But some humans came to the island and killed his father in a sneak attack. His father was in human form at the time, and his anger prompted Arman to transform into a dragon. He could not control himself when he was in the form of a dragon. He worked hard for many years, as a result, at Mira’s wedding, Mira’s fiance sang “Song of the Dragon” to show the glory of his family and provoked the dragon. Arman couldn’t control himself, so he turned into a dragon and captured Mira.

“A hypocrite,” the audience whispered.

If “He is a Dragon” was the first movie they saw, some might have retorted, “Even if it was a sneak attack, they did kill the dragon,” but no one would say that now, because after watching two movies, their minds had been initially turned around, and they were even more psychologically aligned with the demons.

Next came some of their getting along. They began to salvage the sunken ships around the island to decorate their homes, chasing and playing on the beach, the sun was shining on the handsome man and woman. Arman threw the petals into the air, and when Mira saw the path of the wind, the siren’s song sounded in due course.

“There is a flame in your eyes, and my heart beats out of rhythm.”

With petals flying in the sky, they looked at each other, and then Arman said, “It looks like it’s going to rain.”

“Yes,” Mira said.

Then the rain fell for an instant, and they stared affectionately at each other in the rain.

The petals and rain fell on them at the same time.

The stunningly beautiful picture made everyone in the cinema open their eyes.

Gormund couldn’t help saying: “It’s so beautiful.”

Hill teased: “Didn’t you say this was a kid’s trick?”

Gormund was embarrassed for a second, and then sternly said: “In the end, I chose to follow the orders of My King, who is more intelligent than me, that is a matter of course.”

This time it was Hill’s turn to be embarrassed.

Well… The demons really like to praise…

This very sweet plot awakens teenage hearts.

Coupled with the beauty of the succubus and dragon, as well as the dreamy special effects, the beautiful world created by the movie can really make people forget all the troubles in reality.

Olivia stared at the screen in the movie, remembering the interview she saw in the magazine yesterday: what cannot be achieved in reality, this movie will give you the opportunity.

Is reality really…unachievable?

This seemed like a sign, Olivia thought that Mira was rebellious and she was also rebellious. Mira was the daughter of the duke, she was also the daughter of the duke, Mira was brave and passionate, and she was also brave and passionate. But Mira met a dragon, but she didn’t have a dragon to save…

But the fly in the ointment is that Arman actually put on clothes because he found a lot of supplies on the sunken ship.

Gormund clearly heard someone say: “Why do you dress him? How nice it is to be naked.”

“Yes, let the male lead stop wearing clothes next time,” another person said.

Hill: “Pfft.”

Gormund: …

These, these nasty humans!

Then Arman couldn’t help transforming and drove Mira away for Mira’s safety. He knew that Mira had never given up the idea of going home. After Mira left the island, he met her fiancé, Igor, who came to look for her. By the way, Igor had given up looking for her before that, and because of this he had a dispute with another person on the boat, and finally, he threatened everyone with a knife to return home, saying that he was fed up with darkness and rocks. His behavior was in stark contrast with Arman, and many people in the theater uttered curses.

Someone said: “He can’t even compare to one-tenth of Arman!”

This surprised Gormund, what? In the eyes of those people, is there such a big gap between humans and demon dragons? Generally speaking… they should support their own race, right? He finally had emotions other than shame today.

Mira’s fiance, Igor, took Mira back and claimed that he saved Mira, so he was praised and admired by everyone, and the wedding continued…

Then came a monologue from Arman.

“You gave me hope so that I can accept myself.

Although that hope was fleeting, it was enough. “

And the words of Mira’s father, Lord Duke, to Mira:

“I have always regretted not telling you the most important things, being with the one you love, obeying your heart, and nothing else is important.

What is family glory? Being able to guard each of your family members is a family honor. Don’t worry about anything, I will always be your backing, my daughter. “

Mira looked at her loving father, startled and shed tears.

Olivia shed tears as she watched the movie screen.

In the end, on the wedding boat, Mira sat up directly, and she bravely said in front of everyone: “Igor, I don’t love you.”

“Mira, I saved you, don’t be foolish.”

Mira said directly in a roaring voice: “I don’t love you! I love the dragon!”

At this moment, she let out all the emotions of the audience outside the movie as well.

Then Mira stood up and took the initiative to sing the Song of the Dragon.

“Time is like a turbulent river relentlessly drowning everything

Come and take her

Come on

The pure maiden belongs to you forever”

Soon after, the dragon appeared.

If the first two times were with fear, then this time was undoubtedly with hope. Some people couldn’t help but start applauding, and then the applause swept through the entire cinema, and Mira opened her arms directly, allowing the dragon to take her captive.

Mira said: “Whether you are a human or a dragon, a human or a demon, I love you.”

In the last scene, Arman stood on the edge of the island and slowly took off his clothes…

“I’m going to faint!”


“Is it going to be that and that…!”

Hearing the excited whispers behind Gormund, he also felt that he was going to faint.

This group of humans… He really doesn’t expect humans to be afraid of the dragons anymore… But at least they should have respect for him… Gormund is about to cry. In other words, it is quite pitiful that such a fierce and domineering dragon has been mentally tortured like this. However, Hill only wants to laugh at this.

It turned out that it was not that, Arman had another handsome transformation, and Mira sat on the dragon’s body. The dragon took her away from the island, flew across the endless sea, and finally flew up above the clouds. And then Arman turned into human form, and the two kissed in a brilliant daylight, announcing the end of this movie.

The whole movie theater is boiling.

A perfect ending! What a delightful story! A movie without any regrets!

First, the lady behind Hill and her companion stood up and began to applaud, then the people next to them also stood up, and soon everyone stood up and applauded.

Hill turned around and saw that the audience was happy to the point of madness.

It’s really the only movie with a happy ending so far.

The movie has started playing the ending credits, but no one wants to leave.

Moreover, this is not over yet.

The ending credits soon finished broadcasting, the cinema was lit up again, and then Theodore appeared on the stage. He said to the audience with an enthusiastic smile: “Hello everyone, I am Theodore, a reporter from Magazine. I guess many people already know me, haha! By the way, I hope that the ladies will not beat me as a thief with a stick next time. I am really a reporter!”

The people in the audience suddenly laughed.

“Next, the cinema also arranged a special event.” Theodore said, “Please wait a moment.”

The audience who were about to get up immediately sat back.

Theodore paused for a few seconds deliberately, then raised his voice: “Next, I will invite our—Lord Demon King! Mr. Grindelwald!”

The people in the audience froze for a few seconds, and many women suddenly screamed—

“Lord Demon King!!”

Hill took a deep breath and walked from behind the scenes to the middle of the stage, then smiled and raised his hand to press, and said, “Calm down, everyone.”

There are various voices in the audience.

“Handsome”, “Noble”, “Domineering” and the like are the main words.

Fortunately, there is no “middle aged”, Hill thought.

“Every movie premiere in the future will have such a special event,” Hill first said a piece of news that made others extremely excited. This is of course to hype the movie tickets… Let the number of movie tickets for the premiere rise exponentially, Hill thought.



“Dreams come true! I have met Lord Demon King!”

Hill smiled, “Then I will invite our Mira and—Arman!”

Walking side by side on the stage is the dragon Gormund and the succubus heroine. By the way, Hill took off Gormund’s clothes and let him go on stage naked. Gormund had already emptied his eyes. He thought again that he had paid too much for the rise of the lower realm.

Then screams broke out from below.

The loudest scream is—”I want to touch!”

Hill looked at Gormund with a smile. Gormund’s face was already flushed. He noticed Hill’s gaze and his lips moved, and he asked: “My King, when they see you, why do they respectfully and enthusiastically call you ‘Lord Demon King’, but when they see me, they only scream ‘want to touch’?”

Hill said seriously, “Because I am a powerhouse and you are a meat seller.”

Gormund: “…”

He quit! Seriously!

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the fly in the ointment – everything is fine except for one small thing

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