Chapter 50 – Everything is already on the right track.

When the three of them appeared on the stage, the whole movie theater was boiling, and the succubus next to him was amazed: “This is the first time I have seen other people be so fanatical to me without using my charm talent.”

Just after watching the movie, and seeing the male and female protagonists standing side by side, everyone felt that this scene was really moving.

Gormund saw some women in the front row with tears, and a woman said to them loudly, “You must be happy!”

A human being blessing the demons to be… happy.

He looked around the entire movie theater, everyone was watching him with fiery eyes. Mankind was considered a lowly existence in the past, but after the defeat, it had to be admitted that mankind is also very powerful. The shame of the unequal treaties, the tragic situation of the lower realms… these made Gormund hate humans.

In addition to the glory of the humiliation, the lower realm needs to pay too much compensation. Many unequal treaties on Earth are guaranteed by tariffs. There are no tariffs in the other world, but there are corpses of higher demons and some treasures of the lower realms’ various clans.

The compensation was divided into six batches, and three batches have been paid so far. One batch is from the original treasury, the second batch is from the treasure house of the Siren Patriarch, and the third batch is income from movies and the like during this period. Gormund saw the Lord Demon King’s plan, Lord Demon King wanted to earn human money, and then compensate the human beings. He remembered the “sale of local products” mentioned by Lord Demon King during the negotiation, and he suddenly realized that the Lord Demon King had planned this since that time.

Moreover, in addition to making a lot of money, there are many more things to gain.

The movies have affected reality and people’s perceptions.

As one of the five elders of the demon race, Gormund can naturally understand the political significance of this attitude of the human race towards the demon race in Magnolia, but at the same time, he also has doubts. Even if the common people are kind towards the demon race, but they cannot stop the superiors, the Church of Light, to continue to fight with the demon race. Lord Demon King should have his own thoughts, Gormund thought. And aside from this, it’s pretty good to be able to make so much money.

As an intelligent creature with a desire, Gormund himself likes to be paid attention to, he used to like others to look at him in awe, now… Seeing that humans worship him so much, he is a little more proud. Cough, even though some humans are really outrageous.

Next, Hill had some interaction with the audience, mainly answering the audience questions, and everyone’s questions were pretty much what Hill expected.

“Lord Demon King, what kind of person are you in real life?”

“Just call me Grindelwald.” Hill said, “What should I do if someone from the church comes to arrest me if you always call me Lord Demon King?” He made a deliberate joke, and everyone in the audience laughed. “In real life… I think I’m still very easy-going.”

“Mr. Grindelwald, do you have any hobbies?”

Hill said solemnly: “I like to eat delicious food and sleep if I’m free. But unfortunately, I always have something to do.”

Everyone was amused by him again.

“Mr. Arman, are you and Mira really a couple?”

Gormund’s face was a little stubborn, and Hill quickly whispered: “We are not a couple, we are just acting in a movie, so everyone present has a chance—just kidding.”

Gormund was stunned.

Hill said solemnly, “This is an order.”

Gormund had to say so bitterly…then everyone in the audience was boiling.

After picking up some questions, Hill signaled everyone to calm down, and then he said: “There is another thing, the future recruitment of film actors will be open to the public. If you are interested in acting in a movie, you can come over and sign up… Well, specific advertisements will be published in the “Magazine”, so please pay attention to each issue of the magazine.”


Hill and Gormund returned to the lower realm, and the influence of “He is a Dragon” continues to ferment.

The first is the large number of letters from the audience that Joan Baker has received.

“I want to watch this movie five times! It’s really wonderful!”

“Who created the music in the movie? I asked the college teacher and she said she didn’t know.”

“I have fallen in love with Arman, I envy Mira.”

The letters from the audience of the first two films also had some negative things—it was aimed at the tragic ending, but this time everyone was unanimously praised. However, there are also some male audiences who wrote letters saying that the three films are all about love. Are there any films that favor men?

There are also some courtesy letters to Hill himself:

“I am willing to sing “Song of the Dragon” for you! Please take me, Lord Demon King!”

“I applied to sing “Song of the Dragon” at my wedding with my father, but my dad beat me and my fiancee ignored me…”

Pfft… This is too much.

Hill cried and laughed.

“Song of the Dragon” is a song that summons the dragon in the movie. What about the lines inside… The big day is too unlucky. Why the bride wears a white wedding gown as if she wants to enter the coffin? He should really be beaten.

Speaking of which, Hill thought of the background music of some weddings on Earth. The wedding planners really put it in a mess for the atmosphere. Hill has heard the theme music of “Pirates of the Caribbean” at previous weddings, the episode of “Inuyasha”, the battle anthem of Germany’s first armored division, and the theme of the American blockbuster “Top Gun”, the United States used that music once as the background music for the Air Force recruitment ad… Wedding planning can not be so messed up ah.

Under such circumstances, the movie tickets of “He is a Dragon” sold even faster than the previous two movies. The first two movies are sad at the end, so some people dare not watch them again after watching them once, but “He is a Dragon” is different, many people watch it over and over again.

At the same time, some of the things contained in the movie have also aroused many people’s thinking.

Jackson House.

At breakfast, the old duke reads the “Magazine” while drinking coffee. Usually, he will read the contents of the newspaper several times, but now he only reads it once. The other reading time is given to the “Magazine”.

“Father.” Jefferson Jackson said, “I went to see the movie yesterday.”

“You’ve watched that kind of meaningless thing three times,” the old duke said, “you should focus your time on more meaningful things.”

Olivia Jackson interrupted and said, “Dad, you have read this magazine five times.”

The old duke glared: “This is different! “A Song of Ice and Fire” is a magnificent work! Your love story can’t match it!”

Olivia wanted to laugh a little. She knew that the old duke was secretly writing to the magazine to express his opinion, and there was always someone in the book review area who was opposed to his opinion, so the old duke continued to write a letter to refute, and the two of them stayed in the magazine. The debate began on the previous day, and they all have their own followers. Of course, the old duke didn’t know that it was the Demon King Hill himself who scolded him.

The excitement of the book review area of ​​the magazine is also a contribution of the old duke.

God knows how unwilling the old duke is to write a report to the emperor, and now this behavior… Olivia chuckled for a while and didn’t say a word.

Jefferson Jackson coughed and said: “There is a line in the movie. The heroine’s father said that you don’t need to care about the family glory and do what you want to do, because the true family glory is to protect every family member.”

After hearing this, the old duke pouted his lips, “Farce.”

“Huh?” Jefferson didn’t expect his father to say this.

“That’s not wrong. The problem is ‘protect every family member’.” The old duke explained impatiently: “If you really want to do something, even if the family protects you, other family members will be dragged down by you.”

“Ah…that’s true,” Jefferson Jackson nodded thoughtfully.

He is also worthy of being the old duke, he can see at a glance the confusing meaning of the line that Hill deliberately added, so he gave such an evaluation of “farce”.

“And what if the behavior is not harmful to the family?” Olivia blinked and asked.

The old prince snorted, “I haven’t taken care of you much when you do those deviant things.”

Olivia was happy, “Dad, I love you.”

The old duke was a little surprised.

He has always been very strict with Olivia, he knows Olivia has opinions towards him, but he doesn’t care, he thinks she will understand naturally when she grows up. But now Olivia’s words are very sincere, and his heart is touched.

“After watching that movie, I feel that I can understand some of your thoughts,” Olivia said seriously.

The old duke nodded.

Hmm… looks like watching the movie still has its benefits, he thought.

“The other thing is, that,” Olivia said tentatively, “Can I be an actor?”

Old Duke: “…”

“Didn’t you say that I can do whatever I want if it doesn’t harm our family?” Olivia continued to ask.

The old duke had difficulty understanding his daughter’s thinking.

His daughter, the daughter of the duke, wants to make a movie with the demons.

The old duke slowly got up.

The next day, there was an ad slogan in the actor recruitment information in “Magazine”:

“Miss Olivia: In order to be an actor, my father beat me out of the house again”

—Jackson live advertisement, join in.


The film critics of the movie led by Helen Lestat soon came in place.

“True love is probably about finding or giving meaning to each other’s true existence.


In times like these, I don’t know what can tear apart the layers of bondage that cover us, maybe it’s numbness—as Arman did at the beginning, maybe death—as Arman himself fell off the cliff at the end, but “He is a Dragon” gives us a brand-new answer: love.

They watch a brilliant firework together, and they hold hands while the firework is still fading.

Then the fireworks withered in the air, but then bloomed forever in their hearts.”

Hill satisfactorily reviewed the sample manuscripts of this issue.

Everything is already on the right track.

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