Chapter 51 – Banquet

The craze for “He is a Dragon” continues, but Hill’s attention is no longer on it.

He hasn’t figured out what to do in his next film, but the general idea is to make a male-oriented subject. In between films he needs to free up his hands to do other things, such as restaurants, such as infrastructure. These are also very important things.

As dusk fell, the red-robed shaman of the tauren clan lit the torch, and they danced their family’s blessing dance around the flame, singing prayers in their mouths.

Tauren, blood, dark elves, sirens, black dwarves, and goblins belong to the demons with a relatively high level of overall development. They live in groups and have their own culture and beliefs, which are similar to different races in the human world. There are still some rare existences in the lower realm, such as death knights, tentacles, balrogs, dragons, and fallen angels, but they are all powerful. In addition, there are various orcs (such as the jackals that Hill saw earlier), ghosts, zombies… Although they live in groups, sometimes they are accidentally eaten by the stronger demons, almost worse than the human civilians.

Hill watched them pray and then asked the tauren elder to take him around the farm.

The current breeding situation is pretty good, and the poultry breeds fast. However, it is unrealistic to expect that the whole clan can eat poultry and poultry eggs immediately. Compared with other livestock, the cycle of poultry is already short enough.

In addition, Hill asked the Tauren to capture all the wild boars in this area and raise them. In addition to the blood-fang boar previously named, two other species were added: the black boar and the white-spotted boar. This is the name jointly given by the Paladin Carey and the Ghost Harkins, who wrote the encyclopedia, and Hill is quite satisfied with this fairly intuitive name.

Among them, the black wild boar is the smallest, but it has the best meat quality, fresh and mellow, rich in wild flavor, and good taste, but its meat production is only half of the blood-fang wild boar. White-spotted wild boar is the fatter one, meaning it has higher fat content, rich and tender taste, and rich fat flavor. However, it may be a bit too greasy for some people with lighter tastes. The blood-fang wild boar is somewhere in between the two, whether it is taste or size, it is more moderate.

Then Hill relocated a part of the succubus clan over, and let them do… you know what.

In short, the effect of accelerating the reproduction rate of wild boars is quite good. This reminds Hill of the time when he used to play “Minecraft”, holding wheat or seeds to let the animals infinitely estrus and give birth to pups… By the way, back then, every time they give birth, Hill kills one and then waits for the little ones to grow up before killing their fathers/mothers—anyway, the animals have no gender in the game—and then kill the big ones after they give birth. It seems a little too creepy now that I think about it, Hill thought.

After a few years, most of the Succubus clan moved to the Tauren Territory. The two clans got along well, and there were several interracial couples. Because of the cultural influence, interracial love is quite popular among the demons… So later, a beautiful bull-head beauty (…) was born. What’s more terrifying is that the [Charm] of the succubus is a talent, they are not the charm that depends on the appearance, but by magic. When these half tauren and half succubus walked into the human world, many people felt that they were going crazy: What the hell is my inexplicable attraction to a tauren?!!! So, this is the reason why I’ve been single for a long time… pondering.

In addition, Hill walked around in person, and then decided to designate the first layer of the lower realm as an agricultural area, and then sowed all kinds of seeds in zones. Although he also checked some pest control and the like, he felt that it was useless in the lower realm. The slimes are not particularly intelligent, but they have a keen sense of life, which makes them good at farming. Hill also transferred a lich to directly take charge of the agricultural area. The role of that lich was to call for the wind and rain… that is to play the role of water conservancy.

The rice seeds Hill wanted most were not acquired, Joan Baker said it will take some time.

Those seeds have been sown. As for whether they can germinate, let’s see again.

Harkins’ encyclopedia of flora and fauna in the lower realm is still being compiled, they also have a small experimental field for planting some native plants in the lower realm. This is also a long process, and Hill understands that he needs to be patient.


During this period of time, Hill did not make movies, but he was much busier than making movies. He ran around all day, conducting field surveys, and then suddenly got inspiration, looked up on the Internet, and then found some people and had a meeting on the spot. In short, a bunch of trivial things piled on top of each other, so much so that his head was about to explode.

Today, Hill left everyone behind, slept in, and then laid in bed to read web novels. Ah damn, because time is frozen over there, the new fanfic and web novel he wants to read have not been updated yet, and maybe it will never be updated. Sigh. At noon, he ate something casually and then asked Irvine to notify the current chiefs and the elders of all races to have a banquet together.

The theme and reason of the banquet? Unimportant. He wants to relax, wants to get together with everyone, he is the Demon King, he has done so many things for the lower realm, so he wants to do something within a certain range.

“Where will the banquet be held, My King?” Irvine asked.

“Last time it was held on the ghost side… this time, change the place,” he thought for a while, and said, “the blood clan’s side.”

“Yes, My King,” Irvine replied.

In fact, the blood race is not a warrior race, and its status in the lower realm is neither high nor low. Compared to races like demon dragon, the power of the ordinary blood race can be said to be weak, but their life span is very long, and the strength of the blood race elders is also very impressive, and they are very smart, so they can establish a foothold in the lower realm.

By the way, the previous demon king did not like the blood race, so the blood race has always been outside the core of power.

But Hill quite like the blood race. Speaking of this race, a bunch of suitable movies appeared in Hill’s mind. On Earth, vampires have become synonymous with handsome men and women, and the entire race has been idolized. There are countless movies, novels, TV series, and anime… Well, let the other-worldly blood race also become such an existence, Hill thought.

The habitat of the blood clan is in the seventh layer of the lower realm, which is where the Blood Pond is. That layer was filled with mist, and the blood clan lived in the deepest part of the mist. The patriarch of the blood clan lives with his clan in the castle, while the other blood clan lives in wooden houses. They are actually quite isolated.

The blood clan arranged the banquet in the back garden of the castle. The style here is completely different from the ghosts’ Deathstroke Town. A faint blood-red mist diffused in the garden and a magnificent moon wheel hung high above the garden. The patriarch of the blood clan, a man with long silvery moonlight hair, placed a candelabra of wavering light and shadow on the table in front of Hill. In the rituals of the blood race, this represents submission.

Today’s main course is pork, which Hill offers a variety of ways to make and which is on the menu of the restaurant on the second floor of the shopping complex.

The first dish to be served was pork balls, which is relatively simple to make. First, mince the pork, and then add Hill’s various homemade soy sauce, sea salt, sugar, pepper, wine, and other appropriate spices to evenly mix. Stir, marinate for a while, then add radish and phoenix mushrooms, then rub them into small balls and fry them in the pan. After frying, remove them for seasoning. At this time, you don’t need to put too much seasoning, just add a little oyster sauce, sugar, and salt, then cook it until it tastes good, then put it on the pan.

This pork meatball is Chinese style, but it is not a traditional Chinese recipe. It also adds some western flavors. The appearance is beautiful, the outside is crispy and the inside is tender, the taste is mellow, tender but not greasy.

There is also a stir-fried pork with ginger beer, which uses black wild boar meat. This dish does not look good, but it tastes really good and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. Next is the spicy pork chop. This is the white-spotted wild boar. The white-spotted wild boar fried with chili is soft and tender, but it is rich in fat, and the oil and gravy fill the mouth under careful chewing, which makes the taste buds excited.

Naturally, everyone in the room gorged themselves, except for the vampires. Vampires really hate garlic, and not only garlic but everything that is overly stimulating. However, Hill’s three dishes are biased towards heavy flavors, which makes the vampires feel quite a pity.

The drinks served are still quite in line with vampire tastes – a variety of special juices: orange juice, blackberry juice, strawberry juice, and apple juice.

The wine in it is still made by humans. Hill felt that the current version of the wine is really not good. He has no interest at all, so just go back and make it by himself… Before that, he should drink juice. But the coffee process at this stage is good, Hill will sometimes drink some human coffee.

These juices are all freshly squeezed, and some are mutant species of the lower realm, but the mutant fruits that Hill sees at this stage are all quite delicious. Hill took a glass of blackberry juice and drank it. It was sour and sweet, and ice cubes were added to it—the source of the ice cubes was ice spells, which tasted pretty good.

Then came the golden fried eel, and another fish similar to cod. Hill simply called it cod. This cod fillet was topped with tomato sauce. Both the presentation and the taste were quite good. There are also roast suckling pig roasted into golden brown, pears boiled into strong wine, grilled bird skewers, roast goose, fruit salad made of cherries, blueberries, raspberries, mangoes, and coconut, onion cheese…

The garden’s moss grew in the cracks of the boulders, white vines climbed on the walls, green vines crawled along the corners and were dotted with small white, yellow and red wildflowers, which spilled out like stars.

The moonlight fell on the garden, like a veil over them.

The starry sky was enchanting.

What a pleasant night, Hill thought.

Sure enough, this kind of warm feeling can move people…

Hill was stunned and thought of what anime he should first shoot.

“I want to be a gentle person, because I have been treated like that by a gentle person, and I deeply understand the feeling of being treated gently,” the protagonist of the anime said.

It starts with a simple daily life, and there is no forced preaching of chicken soup for the soul. The painting style is full of fresh breeze and warm sunshine feeling, as if the breeze is blowing the leaves of the trees, inadvertently making people’s hearts shake slightly, and makes people unconsciously touched by gentleness.

This is an anime that radiates warmth from the inside out.

–“Natsume’s Book of Friends”

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