Chapter 52 – Theodore

At present, there are three main types of bread sold in the human market. First is white bread, which can only be afforded by ordinary nobles. It is made by grinding wheat very finely and after sufficient screening. Second is the famous stone-hard bread that can be used as a murder weapon, the black bread. Black bread is made of rye or bran. The third is horse bread, which is the worst quality, it is made of peas or oats. Because the poor and horses often eat this, people called it horse bread.

It’s similar on Earth, Hill thought.

But all three types of bread were not very good for Hill – because they were not fermented.

It is very easy to make baking powder. In the past, Hill, who did not touch cold water, thought that it was related to the existence of fungi such as yeast. That must be a very high-tech thing. After checking the Internet, Hill found that it was actually quite simple, and there are many methods, all of which are quite easy.

Hill uses the raisin method. He took a sealable crystal bottle from Binns, put the raisins and sugar in it, and then added some purified water before sealing it. Then open the crystal bottle once or twice a day, while shaking the bottle to allow the air to flow freely—this can promote the cultivation of yeast. After three or four days, bubbles will appear, and after a week, the bubbles will grow and the smell of fermentation will be released, and the yeast solution will be ready.

Hill easily made fluffy and soft bread with this yeast liquid, and then added a few regular staples/desserts to the restaurant: cheese and butter bread, honey buns, grape juice bread, and so on.

Hill sometimes thinks fortunately that he has become a demon king. The other demons in the lower realm are all praising him blindly, so when he brings out some new things, everyone will think “deserved to be the demon king” and “as expected of the demon king”, without doubting where this thing came from. On the human side, they naturally understand that these things are already available in the lower realm.

Otherwise, this plug-in is really hard to explain.

The other is winemaking. This is a long-term process. Hill originally planned to start immediately, but after thinking about it, he decided to develop agriculture in the lower realm first.

Wine for health, Hill thought. Speaking of health preservation, health preservation is quite popular on Earth, and there are all kinds of weird health preservation methods. Hill also saw a chrysanthemum sunbathing before… Ah yes, it’s exactly what you are thinking. It is said that the scientific name is “anal sunbathing”. It originated from a beautiful PO master on the Internet. This person claimed to be a health therapist, but also a trendsetter… People around the world took off their pants, facing the sea, the chrysanthemums were in full bloom, a real picture of their own health preservation.

…So, the spicy post was filled with “high-energy alert”.

Hill almost went blind after seeing it and wanted to pay a lot of money for a pair of eyes that hadn’t seen those pictures.

In the words of those people, this is to allow sunlight energy to enter the body and prevent life energy from leaking out of the body to make the body healthy and long-lived.

Experts say that there is no evidence that this behavior is helpful to health, but it is true that some people have sunburned their *. This really complied with Jay Chou’s lyrics.


Magnolia Empire. Magnolia City.

Theodore walked happily on the street, and passers-by who recognized him on both sides would greet him from time to time. Even the noble ladies who hadn’t looked at him before would ask him when he would start recruiting actors with a smile.

This greatly satisfied the vanity of the once poor boy.

But he also understood that he had gotten to where he was today mostly because of luck, and he had to thank Mr. Joan Baker and Mr. Grindelwald, who are his new parents, for that. He thought with a hum.

Once when he was an orphan, he was begging for food when he met Joan Baker. Joan Baker saw that he was clever and took him in. Since then, he has been working in his mansion. He thought he would live like this for the rest of his life, grow older, save a little money, marry a maid, and have children, who would surely continue to be servants. Master Baker is a stern person, but he is not unsympathetic, and it is good to be able to follow him.

Then came the second chance, Lord Grindelwald.

Lord Grindelwald said that their business requires a lot of manpower, and that everyone has to be carefully selected by him. Then Theodore was picked and served as a reporter for “Magazine.” Soon after, because he did a good job, he was promoted directly to the deputy editor of the magazine.

The editor-in-chief is of course Lord Grindelwald himself.

Theodore has always had all kinds of whimsical ideas. The master who took him before would scold him for this, but Lord Grindelwald liked some of his ideas and encouraged him to experiment. He gave some ideas to “Magazine”, and most of these ideas were adopted by Lord Grindelwald, and they had a good response.

Theodore was a little proud and felt that finally, someone could understand him, Lord Grindelwald recognized gold.

But later, after Lord Grindelwald talked to him about some ideas, Theodore felt that the ideas that he thought were quite powerful, were simply heaven and earth compared to Lord Grindelwald’s ideas. His pride immediately disappeared and turned into full respect for Lord Grindelwald.

Theodore turned a corner and came to the shopping mall, and then he saw two noble ladies standing at the door, they seemed hesitant. Theodore thought for a while and walked forward and asked, “What can I do for you, Madam?”

His smile is confident and enthusiastic.

One of the young ladies was stunned. She didn’t expect a commoner to have such a temperament. Then she said, “I heard that this place is now the most popular place in Magnolia City.”

Oh. Theodore understood, the other party hadn’t been here yet.

But now there are actually noble ladies who have never been to the shopping mall, it’s really rare.

“Yes, this is indeed the most popular place in Magnolia City right now.” Theodore said, “There are beautiful jewelry made by the elves, fine clothes, delicious food, and most importantly, there are movies—!” He raised his voice at the end of his sentence, his heart full of pride.

“Bold! How dare you talk to the p—I mean Miss Paula like that!” the lady next to her raised her voice directly.

The other party obviously changed his words. Theodore understood that this was a pseudonym, and he was a little confused, but he still apologized, “Sorry, two honored ladies.”

“Enough, Vera,” The lady called Paula said, and then she looked inside the shopping mall curiously: “Is this place really interesting?”

“Really.” Theodore nodded, “You can go to the movies, the tickets are not expensive.” At least for the noble ladies like them, Theodore said in his heart.

“How long does the movie take?” Vera asked.

“One hour and forty minutes,” Theodore replied.

Vera shook her head, “Miss, we don’t have so much time.”

Paula lowered her head with regret in her eyes.

Theodore thought for a moment and came up with an idea, “How about tasting the food in the restaurant on the second floor? The food here is especially great, more delicious than what the king and princess ate!”

He said these words casually but never expected that after hearing this, the soft-looking Miss Paula suddenly raised her head and gave him a cold look, then she returned to her soft appearance and said to Vera, “I would like to go over and taste it, Vera.”

Vera hesitated and nodded, “Okay, miss.”

Theodore’s cold sweat suddenly fell.

The majestic look just now… he thought he figured out the identity of Miss Paula in front of him.

She is an imperial princess.

That’s why Vera changed her mouth just now. She was going to call her “princess” and then changed her name to “Paula”.

While the cold sweat came down, Theodore had another thought in his heart.

Of course, he knows how delicious the food in the restaurant on the second floor is. If he can take the princess to taste it and get the princess’s approval… Then next time he advertises, will he be able to say “The imperial princess ate in the restaurant and said all the food was good”? And this is an advertisement created by him!

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High-Energy Alert – online terms referring to the barrage warning that appears when watching a video, if the next video or audio will have a certain impact on the player’s or audience’s psychology, it will remind the audience to be psychologically prepared.

Hill, who did not touch cold water – Hill, who did not enter the kitchen

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