Chapter 53 – Is it a sin for food to be too delicious?

The two of them are indeed from the imperial royal family. Miss Paula’s name is Delia Lewis, the little princess of the royal family Lewis. Vera is her female companion. Vera’s identity is a bit special. She is not a servant, but the illegitimate daughter of the emperor’s sister.

Delia and Vera followed Theodore into the shopping mall. Vera was a bit disdainful. She wondered how could this kind of place sell things that Princess Delia can look at. Since Princess Delia was born, her food and clothing are the best in the entire empire.

As soon as Vera walked in, she was attracted by the sparkling jewelry in the cupboard.

‘…It seems to be different from what I imagined,’ Vera couldn’t help but think.

Delia, on the other hand, was attracted by the writing on the card: [Lady Magnolia] jewelry series, for the new generation of independent and confident, elegant and tasteful noble ladies of the Magnolia Empire. The design concept of this series of jewelry is to combine romantic feelings, trendy art, and traditional aesthetics together, they unite exquisite craftsmanship and excellent innovative design, a piece of jewelry you must have.

Delia looked at the necklace in the window with a little bewilderment. In this period, the fashion of the aristocratic ladies is the kind of elaborate and ornate style, which was noble enough, but Delia always felt that it was not girly enough and too heavy. The jewels she saw before her were relatively simple, but the carvings were surprisingly good. Simply put, it will give people a very fresh and elegant feeling.

And… a new generation of independent and confident aristocratic ladies?

Looking at such a compelling advertising slogan, Delia’s heart pounded a little.

Hill understood that jewelry, perfume, and other luxury goods are sometimes sold as a concept and idea, so Hill gave each jewelry series a name, wrote a slogan, and attached the target audience.

For example, [Lady Magnolia] belongs to the independent and self-empowered women, the series design is more atmospheric. And [Sea Love] is a series design with some ocean elements. The propaganda concept is that every girl has a blue dream in her heart, a pure girl who loves to dream… plus it fits the movie “Daughter of the Sea”, so it sells well. [Essence of Temptation] is a dark and flirtatious type of jewelry. Hill copied some gothic elements in it. The advertising slogan is also written by Hill himself: This is a sweet, bitter, and dark jewelry, sensual and elegant, mysterious and seductive, but also with hidden fervor and sensuality. Wear it to a ball, indulge in the mingling. It shimmers on your neck like a sign, attracting the eyes of all men and women. And at that moment, your eyes will be mesmerizing and carefree.

This ad slogan, those who know, know they are selling jewelry, those who don’t know, think they are selling aphrodisiacs…

[Essence of Temptation] This series of jewelry sells very well, anyway, the most famous socialites in Magnolia City have bought them. They think this series of jewelry is tailor-made for them.

By the way, in order to sell jewelry, Hill brazenly published a soft article in a magazine. He wrote it in the tone of a mother, saying that her daughter would give three kinds of jewelry as an adult gift.

The first one is the [Sea Love] series of jewelry, I hope my daughter can always remain innocent.

The second is the [Essence of Temptation] series of jewelry. My daughter has grown up and should have a feminine charm.

The third is the [Lady Magnolia] series of jewelry. I hope that my daughter can show an open-minded and elegant aristocratic temperament while maintaining innocence and feminine charm.

His soft writing is extremely deceptive, and for a while, it really became popular in Magnolia City to send these three series of jewelry to adult aristocrats…

Hill plans to make a wedding ring in the movie in the future, and then introduce the custom again. Hmm… As for the material of the wedding ring, use gems unique to the lower realms to form a monopoly.

What a pleasant way to make money. Hill thought at that time while writing down the main points in his parchment notebook.

Let’s hope that the money for the fourth batch of compensation will be earned soon…

Princess Delia thinks the jewelry here is unexpectedly good-looking, but it’s not so amazing, but she was originally a princess. If she likes it, then buy it, so she looked at them one by one and planned to pick a few pieces of jewelry that interested her.

After looking at it this way, she found that…all the series were quite interesting.

The slogans next to them all sound amazing.

Delia thought for a while and said, “I want…”

“Well, honorable lady, which one do you want?” the clerk immediately stepped forward and asked.

“All,” Delia said, and nodded when she finished, “Well, give me a copy of each.”

This statement shocked several people present, the clerk opened his mouth wide and looked at Theodore next to Delia – he naturally knew Theodore – and asked with his eyes: Is this person here to cause trouble?

Theodore smiled bitterly and said, “Wrap it up, Mike, this is a noble lady.”

“I can see it,” said Mike, the clerk, and then said with a smile: “You really have the aura of the Lord Demon King, Miss.”

“Lord Demon King?” Delia was taken aback for a moment and repeated.

Theodore knew that she had never seen a movie, so he quickly explained, “It’s the demon king in the movie. He had a scene like this when he was buying jewelry for the heroine. He first pointed to two of them, and the clerk asked ‘Do you want to wrap these two?” The Demon King replied: “No, I want everything except these two.””

“Oh. That’s the case,” Delia nodded. Mike, the clerk over there, had already started to pack, but Delia asked for too much, so he couldn’t finish packing for a while.

Theodore said, “Miss Paula, why don’t we go up and get something to eat first, then come back down and get it.”

“Yes,” Delia said, and then she asked curiously: “Is the hero of that movie the Demon King?”

“Yes.” Theodore said while leading Delia and the others upstairs, “It is about the love story between a demon king and a human woman.”

“Ridiculous, absurd.” Vera said with a sneer, “The most fantastic fairy tales wouldn’t write such ridiculous things.”

Theodore was not angry. He smiled and said: “It is precisely because some things cannot be achieved in reality that we put our dreams on the film. The film conveys these beautiful things to us.”

Vera was stunned: “I didn’t expect you, a commoner, to say such reasonable things.”

“This is not what I said, it is the creator of the movie, Lord Grindelwald said.” They have reached the second floor, and Theodore continued: “He also said that, in fact, it is not impossible, as long as there is a dream in your heart, and if you work hard for this, you can always move closer to your dreams.”

“Who is this Lord Grindelwald?” Vera asked.

Theodore thought for a while, and answered truthfully: “He is a demon, and he is also the actor of the protagonist Demon King in “The Overbearing Demon King Falls in Love with Me”.

Vera frowned suddenly.

They have a special identity, but they also know some of the contents of the treaty between the demons and humans, so they are not very surprised that the demons are doing business over here, but the human stereotypes about the demons are originally very deep… maybe that is not a stereotype either.

“Miss Paula,” Vera called.

Delia was still thinking about what Theodore had just said, and she drifted off for a moment when Vera called her, she said: “What’s wrong, Vera?”

“Don’t you care?” Vera asked.

“Care,” Delia said, “But there’s no need to care too much.”

“That’s the demons!” Vera raised her voice slightly.

“So what?” Delia said, “We won, they lost. It is them who should be afraid, not us.”

Theodore was startled, the princess’s thoughts were very powerful.

Then Delia continued to ask: “I saw the description stated that those jewels were carved by elves?”

“Yes, Miss,” Theodore replied.

Delia nodded. It seemed that those jewels could not be worn directly after they were taken back. First, let the imperial mage find out whether there is a curse on them. As for the meal that was just served… Delia looked at Theodore, “You taste it first.”

This time Theodore was stunned, his eyes widened.

Delia smiled gently at him and said: “This is my will, Sir, I hope you can abide by it.”


Theodore returned to Joan Baker’s mansion in a daze and directly ran into Joan Baker himself.

Joan Baker frowned and asked sternly, “Where have you been? The Magazine has a desk full of manuscripts to review, Theodore.”

Before Theodore woke up, he said in a fluttering tone: “Master Baker, I met the Imperial Princess.”

“Imperial Princess?” Joan Baker raised his gray eyebrows.

“Yeah.” Theodore said with a squishy smile: “I took her to the shopping mall for a meal. She seemed to like me, so she asked me to eat first.”

Theodore successfully made Joan Baker amused, “You kid, you are so whimsical.”

“Isn’t it?” Theodore asked.

“She’s asking you to test the poison.” Joan Baker shook her head, “Get your head out of your ass and get to work, that’s what you should be doing.”

Theodore was immediately awakened by Joan Baker’s words.

Before and after the connection… it seems like that.

Joan Baker continued to ask, “How did the princess comment on the food?”

“It’s not easy to say…” Theodore showed a tangled expression. “She and her companion…it should be her maid, ate two bites and hurried away.”

Joan Baker was a little surprised: “They don’t like the food served by Lord Grindelwald?”

“No.” Theodore said with a tangled voice, “It may be because it is so delicious, they suspect that some spiritually fascinating drugs have been added to it, or they have been cursed. In any case, they went back with a pale face, probably to find someone to lift the curse.”

Joan Baker: “…”

…Is it a sin for food to be too delicious?

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