Chapter 54 – What is the matter with you demons?

Hill, Monroe, Gormund, and Irvine, a group of people, were walking along the shore of the Endless Sea. Last night, there was a storm here. There were many shells and seaweeds on the shore. Irvine collected some shells, planning to fry mussels to eat.

In the morning, the sky was still rather gloomy, but as the sun rose, dense clouds rose quickly and melted above their heads. The coastline of the Endless Sea is very long, and its shapes vary greatly. At this time, they walked among a pile of messy reefs, this area is full of such reefs. On the other side is a vast desert, you can see the uplift of sand dunes not far away.

The desert by the ocean. Hill thought in his head. He immediately recalled that there is a weekly desert by the ocean on Earth as if it was caused by the Peruvian cold current, which he learned in high school geography class. Hill also remembered the high school geography class on ocean currents involved in the formation of fishing grounds. The Peruvian fishing grounds were formed due to the upwelling current of the Peruvian cold current… Should he also engage in fishing grounds? He can’t let the sirens just catch fish every time.

Hill stood on the coast and closed his eyes.

Blue sky, blue sea, and golden sands, Hawaiian style cabins, sparkling sea, speed boat, beach barbecue, hula dancing, campfire party, lazy and relaxing tropical style…

He opened his eyes and saw the empty sea and sandy beach in front of him.

There is a long way to go, he thought.

Right now, this place is indeed very suitable for building a modern kind of resort, but the lower realm is not ready for developing tourism at the moment. Hill, despite his own foolishness, understands that it is not the right thing to start craving for pleasure at this time. So, he had to hide this idea in his heart first, and then continued to go forward with everyone.

Soon the desert disappeared, and the beach narrowed up. You can see messy mountains and rocks not far away, and farther away, there is a towering cliff. The weather is very clear, and the rocks on the cliff are shining. It should be some kind of mineral. Hill stood there looking up at the cliff, feeling that it was suitable for building a villa.

Hmm…it’s also suitable for a murder in a secluded villa, or a secret house.

This scene is very much like in Conan, he thought.

Farther away is the forest. The forest is shrouded in faint fog, which looks a lot like the dark forest in the fantasy movies. But this is originally the lower realm, Hill thought.

Many birds have nested on the cliffs. They fly around from time to time, and sometimes they are connected together like clouds. Their calls are harsh, louder than the sound of waves.

Hill saw that one of the big white birds would suddenly dive into the sea, picking up a fish, and then his other companions would use their sharp beaks to directly divide the fish into corpses, and then share them again.

“Quite ferocious,” Hill said.

Gormund raised his head to look at the birds hovering in the sky, and said, “They are targeting us.”

In the language of the lower realm, “they” (inanimate objects) and “they” are different, Hill could not help but raise his eyebrows. Beside him, Monroe said, “Not bad for a bird of the lower realm.”

‘There are even more scary birds in the lower realm, do you want to see it?’ A silly joke appeared in Hill’s mind. But now there are too many people, and Monroe is not easy to provoke after becoming a death knight, so Hill swallowed these words into his stomach.

Monroe glanced at him, “What are you thinking?”

“Dirty jokes,” Hill answered truthfully.

“Thought so,” Monroe said.

Hill: “Pfft.”

What kind of nonsense conversation is this?

Gormon was still looking up at the flock of birds, “I’ve seen ordinary demons being dragged into the air by five or six of these birds with their clothes directly in their mouths, followed by other birds using their beaks to split them up.”

Hill was a little creeped out.

Then Gormund released the breath of the demon dragon, and the birds flying in the sky immediately dispersed. Gormund is right, they are really targeting them.

“Let’s turn around and clean these up,” Hill said.

“My King?” Gormund questioned.

“It’s them (inanimate objects), not them. This thing is just a bloodthirsty monster, not a part of the demon race.” Hill said, “Clean them up and drive them away. I will use this area in the future, I don’t want them harassing people here.”

“The higher demons are not harassed by these.” Gormund said, “It’s the lower demons that get killed.”

“Yeah. So, we have to protect them,” Hill said.

Gormund was stunned for a moment, “Protect them? The weak and the strong is the principle of the lower realm, My King…”

“Then this principle should be changed,” Hill said faintly. He raised his hand, his fingertips emitted a faint green light, and the light went straight into the clouds and spread out silently for a moment. In that area, the birds with red beaks and the birds with white beaks stood still in the air, and their vitality disappeared. “The principle in the future is to play the role of each race. I have the final say.” Hill lowered his hand. His tone was lighter and had no fluctuation, “I believe you have no objection, Gormund.”

The faint green light faded from the sky.

The waves are still there.

Gormund felt a little bit cold. He felt that the faint look of the Lord Demon King in front of him was more terrifying than his previous angry look.

“I will follow the will of My King,” Gormund kneeled on one knee and said.

Hill shook his hand casually, and the corpses of the birds that were frozen in the air fell like rain. Most of them fell into the sea and were eaten by fish. By the way, it is the kind of fish they ate before. Then Hill tilted his head, showing the usual smile without haze, even a little coy, “I’m hungry, it’s time for lunch.”

Gormund hung his head, he temporarily lost the courage to look directly at Hill.


Hill’s development path requires the lower realm to change some of the habits they continue to this day. This has nothing to do with kindness and compassion. Hill only considers it for the benefit of the lower realm. It is unrealistic and impractical that all the residents are soldiers. The original lower realm, that is not called development, but maintenance and survival. And human beings, who constantly create new things, are called development. Sooner or later, there will be no need for angels to descend, the humans will be able to annihilate the demons, Hill thought.

But having said that, forcing others to do that in the identity of the demon king is actually a kind of weakness, right?

Lunch was eaten on the beach. Irvine picked some huge leaves and spread them on suitable rocks to make a simple dining table. Then everyone found some edible ingredients together, and Irvine also found some sea salt in the recesses of the rock, which was just right for cooking.

The main dish is mussels. The shells are inherently rich in fresh flavor. It is delicious without adding much seasoning when cooking. Adding more will lose the fresh taste. But if you like the flavor of the seasoning, let’s talk about it separately. So, Irvine made more original boiled mussels, and made stir-fried mussels with more ingredients. The stir-fried mussel was delicious, crispy, and very refreshing.

In addition, there is the grilled fish that you can never tire of.

Irvine also boiled fish soup, a soup made from pure wild fresh fish. The taste is extremely delicious and fragrant, the taste is excellent.

When Gormund was looking for food, he accidentally found a beach full of black shells. Hill took Monroe over, and Monroe recognized that it was a mussel. Hill later checked his cell phone and found that mussels were suitable for farming. After he returned, he decided to set up a large mussel farm there. Of course, the siren clan is in charge of this.

So, the farming on land is given to the tauren clan, and the farming in the sea is given to the siren clan.

This division of labor is good and professional enough, Hill thought.

Mussels on Earth have strong vitality and are suitable for artificial large-scale cultivation. They are a popular seafood product with high nutritional value and medicinal value, and they are delicious to eat. Hill intends to produce them on a large scale and turn them into one of the main foods in the lower realm.

In fact, many mollusks can be eaten directly, but Hill is not very keen on it, so he did not develop this way of eating.

There was no drinking water nearby. Monroe used magic to condense the water vapor to fill the glass, and then put the glass in front of Hill. Hill blinked and wondered, is this considered distilled water?

Gormund stared at Monroe: “Where is mine?”

“Do it yourself,” Monroe said concisely.

Gormund almost sprayed Monroe’s face with fire. He is a demon dragon, he can’t do such a delicate manipulation magic.

At this moment, Irvine brought up the braised mussels and brought a few sliced coconuts.

Hill did not like the taste of coconut milk itself, he thought it tasted strange. It would be acceptable if the flavor was adjusted, but now it wasn’t, so he is still drinking Monroe’s water.

Monroe seemed to raise the corner of his lips.

Irvine snorted.

Quite cute, Hill thought.

Hill likes walking with them like this, looking at the scenery in the lower realm, and then looking for what to eat… Um… the latter seems to be the point… Well, in short, it feels pretty good, very relaxing, and also havesome inspiration on how to do construction.

After all, infrastructure needs to be adapted to local conditions, Hill thought.

Eating the local specialties—this food is really local, enjoying the sea breeze and chatting, it is more than pleasant.

“Speaking of which, Monroe,” Gormund asked, “what do you humans write about the demons?”

“There is a record that the demons have horns on their heads,” Monroe replied.

“Part of it is true.” Hill said, “but many races obviously don’t. Do you let slimes have horns? Don’t take slimes as demons?”

“Those books are mostly speculations.” Monroe said, “and they said that the thicker the horns, the stronger the demons.”

“… Then shouldn’t I be topped with a giant horn (M)?” the corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, “The hill (M) on top of the heads of previous Demon Kings?” After saying that, he was amused by himself. Irvine saw the Lord Demon King laughing, so he also laughed, and for a while, the beach was full of joyful atmosphere (…).

Gormund pondered for a moment and then said, “This statement is biased.”

Monroe nodded, “Well, I think so too.”

Gormund continued: “If you have to say that the thicker an organ is, the stronger the male is, then it’s not really impossible.”


Hill looked at Gormund in shock: “…Are you driving, Gormund?”

“Just talking about the matter,” Gormund said solemnly.

“No, I don’t think you are just talking, you are driving along the way,” Hill said.

“But this is also with the help of ‘potential’,” Gormund said, “Some martial philosophy from the mysterious East that you taught me, Lord Demon King, I’ve been studying carefully every day and understand some truths.”

“Those reasons are not for you to make excuses for driving.” The corner of Hill’s mouth twitched, the old master Jin Yong in heaven probably wanted to slap him away, “…I did not expect you, a person with thick eyebrows, to actually also have such a side.”

“That’s to blame Monroe, he was the first to bring it up,” Gormund said.

Hill thought for a while, “Okay, blame Monroe.”

Monroe over there finally couldn’t help but speak: “…what’s the matter with you demons?”

Hill chuckles, “Now you are also one of us!”

Monroe looked at the sky with both eyes, regretting becoming a demon for the first time.

This group of people is a bit too silly.

…However, I feel very relaxed, he thought.


At the same time, Delia Lewis took a group of imperial relatives (which are literally imperial relatives) into the shopping mall. She frowned and assured her brother: “The food here is so good, it’s like it has hallucinogens.”

Her brother, Caesar Lewis: “…”

Sister, you’re making your brother a little flustered with that statement.

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Driving/Driving a car – talking about something dirty or sexual

Jin Young – a famous author of several martial arts novels

Gormund is lowkey bragging about his “strength”. XD

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